Connecting with Angels

Jul 21, 2023

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The word “Angel” derives from the Greek word “Angelos” which means messenger. Angels serve as God’s messengers to bring us divine guidance, provide protection, and facilitate healing for many people in need.

One way to describe angels is to say that they are spiritual guides eager to help us. They guide us with symbols, visions, and numbers to provide us with incredible insights and wisdom.

Connecting with angels can bring us clarity in our lives. Conversing and communicating with angels can be an important part of your spiritual journey. This guide will help you learn how to communicate with your guardian angels and angelic spiritual support team as well as receive guidance from them.

Cultivate clear communication with your angelic advisors to create clarity, trust and confidence in the messages you receive and experience deep levels of transformational healing along the way.

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Communicating with Angels: Ways to Communicate With Your Angelic Spiritual Support Team and Guardian Angels

There are many kinds of spirit guides and people tend to resonate with some more than others. There are angels, archangels, guardian angels, spirit animals, affinity with ascended masters, goddesses, and even starseed realm beings.

Angels are non-denominational light beings with the primary purpose of helping people achieve peace and fulfillment in the earthly realm. Angels are there to offer support to anyone in need, regardless of their religious affinity or traditions.

Each Archangel has their specific specialty, and learning the different types and personalities strengthen your spiritual awareness. For example, whenever you feel anxious, calling on the Archangel Chamuel will bring peace and calm. Even though calling specific angels can provide more benefits and quicker answers, there is nothing wrong with communicating with angels that aren’t specialized.

Remember, being open to receiving guidance and consistently connecting with angels will create a closer relationship between you and different angels. Over time, you will be able to recognize what each angel means to you and your current situation.

Perhaps you seek answers to your questions, hope to contact a loved one, seek healing for your soul, or need protection. If so, consider these powerful tips as you begin your journey and learn how to contact your guardian angel and angelic spiritual support team:

Pay Attention to The Physical Sensations or Emotions You Feel out of The Blue

When you’re connecting with angels, you might feel a physical sign. This could be getting a goosebump or shiver or feeling a slight breeze brush past you. An example of an emotional sign is feeling an overwhelming sense of emotion. This taps into your clairsentient gift and is connected to the sacral chakra. You may also feel guidance through your heart and body as a divination tool.

Cultivate an Open Mind

You don’t have to be specifically gifted to connect with angels and receive divine guidance. As messengers from the divine, they are here to serve humanity. Because we have free will of choice you must consciously ask the angels the type of support you desire, cultivate an open mind and be ready to receive their message wholeheartedly.

Connecting With Angels Through an Open Heart and Clear MindAngels radiate light, healing, and love. To communicate with angels, you have to be present and open to receiving their help and guidance.

Try to practice mindfulness in all aspects of your life. Make this part of your daily routine, and you will begin to harness your mind and release fear based thinking. This will increase your vibrational frequency and open you up to receiving messages. . Daily meditation is a great way to develop your intuition, release positive energy around you, and communicate with your spiritual support team.

Set Sacred Space Before Connecting with Your Angels

It is important to set the energy and tone before you connect with your angels and guardian angels. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated!

Know Your Motivation

Ask yourself why you’d like to connect with angels and the issue you want your angel to help you with. Be specific, as your thoughts and intentions create the energy needed to support your connection. Remember, we each have free will and angels cannot intervene without your explicit request for support.

Practicing Gratitude Towards The Angels

Thank them for their presence, and what they are doing for you. By doing this, your energy and thoughts will be naturally trained to acknowledge and expect to recognize their presence and signs, which makes it easier for connecting with angels.

Additionally, creating a sacred space and harmonious environment can help you to feel, see and hear your angel’s presence. Create an environment that feels good to you. You could play soft music, light candles, or burn incense to create an ambiance that feels soothing to you. You could set the tone by gathering angelic symbols like crystals, porcelain angels, fresh roses, and angel reading cards to symbolize the angelic connection.

Even if you are not deep into meditation, grounding and breathwork are powerful ways to remain relaxed, calm, and still. The time between your deep breaths opens space for the angelic connection to occur. On the inhale breathe in peace and on the exhale release your thoughts or heavy feelings.. With your intention and imagination, send a grounding cord from the base into the center of the earth. This can be a golden beam of light or tree root. Imagine whatever feels good to you.

Invite the Angels to Be With You To Start Your Session

This is important as it sets the sacred vibration and tone of your connection. Call the angels to be with you and request clear signs you can easily understand such as physical sensations, images, or sounds.

Try purifying your inner sacred space by visualizing bright light entering into your crown chakra, then cleansing through every cell of your body to clear your mind and elevate your energy.

connecting with angels

How To Connect With Angels and Your Guardian Angels

There are many ways to discover how to communicate with your guardian angels and angelic support team. Your spirit will feel nourished every time you do.

How to know your guardian angel and how to connect with your angels are both dependent on what resonates with you and your strongest spiritual gifts. There are methods of journaling, direct communication, or spirit guide meditation that will become clear to you through consistent practice. As you go about your day be aware of messages and symbols that validate the information that came through angelic communication.

The most important thing is asking for support. The angelic realm will not interfere unless you request their assistance. Angels are helpful to alleviate the small day to day stresses, as well as, seemingly hopeless situations in life to bring you hope, joy, and harmony.

After you’ve asked, be prepared to welcome their support into your life. Pay attention to the messages you receive in the form of signs, feelings, or intuition. You could get a goosebump, shiver, or feeling in your body as a divination tool.

These feelings are perceived through clairsentient and are connected to your sacral chakra. Answers can also be received through clairaudience. For instance, something a friend or stranger tells you, or in a lyric of a song that perfectly resonates with your being. A car could pass with a message that speaks to your situation, or something could show up in your dreams. Pay attention to visual signs throughout your day as this one way your clairvoyance shows you signs .

Messages can be received through claircognizance, which is knowing. This could be strong for empaths and highly-sensitive individuals. This intuitive download of knowledge can happen at any time, and when it does, you will receive sudden clarity and insights.

Another way in which angels speak to us is through “repetitive thoughts.” A particular phrase could pop repeatedly in your head, or you may see specific numbers at random times during your day. It’s important to pay attention and develop the spirit of discernment.

You may also see repetitive numbers such as 11, 333, and 444, coins, rainbows, or spotting a pattern such as bird feathers. These synchronicities make you consciously aware that your angels and guides are around you.

If your intention is clear and your heart is open, connecting with angels will be effortless. It is important to trust that you will receive all the information you need in the perfect time and way for you. You always have angels and guides around you to love, guide, and protect you. You just need to remember to call upon them.

Throughout our lifetime, we all have at least one guardian angel dedicated to our needs. However, other angels come for specific reasons and purposes, depending on your situation and what you are seeking through intentions. Discovering how to know your guardian angel will help you notice their signs easily.

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Meditation to Connect with Your Angels

Sit somewhere comfortable with your feet flat on the ground. Slow down your breathing. Breathe in, filling your belly and expanding your rib cage. Gently exhale. Feel your connection to your breath and mother nature through your feet. Recognize the environment around you as a walking meditation to clear your mind. Open the top of your energy field above your head to establish a divine connection.

Now, ask an angel to come to be with you and state your intention or request. You can choose a particular angel or let them choose you. Soon, you’ll feel their loving presence. Nothing the warmth you feel when they are close. Ask them for their name and sign or a message. Believe in what you hear, feel, and/or see.

Just notice the first visions, thoughts, feelings or ideas that come to you. This will often be a backboard for a deeper knowing or understanding. Take your time with this process until you feel the connection is complete. This may take 10 to 15 minutes or even an hour. What matters is that you create a safe space for yourself.

When you are ready, thank them for their guidance. Close your energy field by placing your hand on your heart, focusing on your body and breathing, and gently open your eyes.

When you are finished with your meditation, you may want to journal your experience or savor the feelings. Giving yourself a few minutes to really take in the experience can often yield deeper insights. When you are done, trust that your prayers have been answered for your highest good.

From birth to our last breath, our guardian angels are always close by, ready to guide and serve us. Our job is to accept their unconditional love and companionship. Open a dialogue with your angels just as you would with a new friend. Ask them questions, and you’ll receive answers. With time and practice your messages will become more clear.

The benefits of creating a strong connection with angels are countless. They can help you attract the perfect life partner, guide you to live your soul's purpose, give you clarity on a tough decision, and in harsh times, they will calm your fears and worries.

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Why it is Important to Communicate with Your Angels

There are many benefits of communicating with angels. Talking to your spirit guides is an opportunity to connect the physical and spiritual worlds. Connecting with angels as you navigate through life, fosters greater clarity of the mind and ensures you make good decisions.

Angels are here to assist humanity in evolving in a way that feels good, therefore, asking for support is your birthright. At any time, you may ask them to improve your relationships, foster the courage to make decisions, or to keep you safe.

By communicating with angels, you get the perspective that you are not alone. When you go through a dark night of the soul, angels will support you throughout the journey to spiritual awareness. Your spirit guides will help you stay aligned on your path.

If you feel stuck in your head or you’re spinning the wheels, discovering how to connect with your angels will bring you peace of mind and divine guidance. They will remind you of your beauty and value. Difficult times are often a blessing in disguise that can serve as catalysts for awakening and transformation.

Have faith in your angels, and remember that you are never alone and your spiritual support team is happy to help you create the life you desire and deserve. By connecting with angels, you will receive energetic support.

Imagine a golden light encircling your being and you will experience a spiritual shielding from their high vibrational loving light. Angels are happy to protect your spiritual and physical bodies, belongings, and loved ones. For example, they may intuitively tell you to stay away from something or someone as a way to prevent danger.

Angels also inspire you by energizing and transforming your dynamics. When connecting with angels, you will receive inspiration, intuitive insights, creativity, and flow. Inspirations may come in myriad forms such as hunches, synchronicity, visions, signs, messages, or other happenings inspired by your angels to support you.

Connecting with angels is so empowering and fun! Angels have a sense of humor, and you can treat them like a best friend who understands your life purpose, gift, and aspirations. They are with you for lifetimes and eternity. It’s a gift!

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