How to Read Oracle Cards

Jul 21, 2023

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Oracle cards are divination tools you can use to communicate with your spirit guides when starting your journey. Gaining insights on how to read oracle cards can positively benefit your life in so many ways.

Spiritual tools, like oracle cards, are used to focus our energy and intention toward a goal or purpose. When combined with your intuitive energy, oracle cards can help you navigate any situation in life.

Using images, symbols, and meanings in an oracle card deck can help individuals connect to their higher selves and receive spiritual guidance.

Read this article to understand “what are oracle cards used for?” and how to read oracle cards to cultivate your intuition.

What Is an Oracle Deck and How to Choose an Oracle deck?

An oracle deck is a collection of cards with messages and guidance that can be used to guide our life experience. But unlike traditional tarot decks, which come in a pack of 78, oracle cards can include any number of cards.

There are many types of oracle cards. When working with archangels, oracle card reading can be used to learn and recognize archangels, as well as seek their protection and guidance. Other specific oracle card decks are used to work with dragons, masters, Starseed realms, faeries, animal spirits, etc.

Oracle cards can be used to activate our intuition, navigate life experiences, and practice trusting ourselves. They also reduce stress and anxiety associated with making a tough life decision.

For instance, if you are wondering if a choice will take you forward or set you back in your spiritual path, connect with your intuition and use oracle card decks to find a better direction.

Working with oracle cards requires setting your intention to notice which deck you are drawn to and if they are drawn to you. As you discover how to do an oracle card reading, you’ll see how they connect you to your higher self and spiritual team and guide you through choosing specific decks.

Trust your intuitive information to guide you in living your highest path and purpose

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How Do Oracle Cards Differ From Tarot Cards?

Oracle cards and tarot cards are similar but not the same:

  • Tarot cards have a traditional structure - 78 cards split between major and minor arcana, while an oracle deck can have any number.
  • Oracle cards can be more loose and interpretative.
  • There are fewer rules when reading from an oracle deck, and more freedom to let your intuition guide you.
  • Tarot cards have a set universal definition, organization, and specific meanings for each card.
  • Oracle cards are generally easier to use as meditative tools.
  • While tarot cards are named according to clear-cut systems (e.g “ace of pentacles,” “kings of cups”), oracle cards tend to have straight-forward names.

There are different types of Oracle decks:

  • Spirit Animal Oracle Deck: To work with the spirit of animals.
  • Archangel oracle deck: To seek support and guidance from specific Archangels.
  • Gateway Oracle deck: This great deck is used when learning how to read oracle cards.
  • Monologue Oracle deck: Use this deck to get into alignment with the moon and manifest better.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking “What are oracle cards used for?”

Performing an oracle reading allows you to connect with your intuition and unlock spiritual abilities.

It brings us a step closer to understanding the life lessons pertinent to our purpose. Tuning into this spiritual message helps further our ascension journey and connection with our highest self.

Remember, it’s important to pick a deck that resonates with you. Feel free to use the author’s interpretation as a guide, especially when you are just beginning your journey. As you practice often, you will familiarize yourself with meanings, symbols, and interpretations that are specific to your situation.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Read Oracle Cards

Before we talk about “what are oracle cards used for?” Let us explore how to read oracle cards and use them as a training tool to develop your intuition every day.

Adding oracle card reading to your morning routine will set you up for success and allow you to develop a deeper connection with yourself. It will help you tap into your intuition, energetic vibrations, and goals for the day.

It’s important to start your reading with a clean house.

  1. Take 5 to 10 minutes to connect with your body, mind and spirit, and set the space and intention. That way, you can declutter your mind and be in the spirit to receive their messages.
  2. Come to the oracle cards with a clear, open mind.
  3. Release your need to have a certain answer before you start so you can be neutral and free from bias.
  4. Then, when holding the deck in your hands, consider the areas you could use their guidance.
  5. Work with all your senses and connect to the energy of the cards. Your intuition will always tell you what to do at that moment. You could be guided to a particular image or symbol.
  6. Take your time to feel, see, hear, and notice the ideas coming to your mind. Journaling is a great way to record these thoughts and information.
  7. Ask open-ended questions.
  8. Connect with the image and card presented.
  9. Practice noticing all the intuitive insights that come to you.
  10. Allow your hands to hover over the cards and anchor them to a message. Pull out the cards and receive guidance and insights.

Learning how to read oracle cards can be a fun, positive way to help your energy stay harmonized and connected.

As a practitioner, you can do a reading to understand a person’s energy field and how they can further their healing journey. You can use this information in a healing session to help clear the person’s energy block.

Oracle cards can help you see where your energy blocks are and how to connect with your intuition. Performing an oracle card reading will help you get closer to your spiritual support team.

Set the space and intention before every reading to see what resonates with your energy. There will be decks you’re drawn to based on author, illustration, artwork, aesthetics, or definition.

Quick tip for picking an Oracle Card deck

When facing so many Oracle card decks it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it is rather easy!

Ask to be guided toward an oracle deck. A particular deck may resonate with you if you are needing support to move through a period of anxiety or stress. You may be drawn to another oracle deck during the period you are more relaxed and need help making a decision.

Another way to pick a deck is to determine the type of energy or spirit guides you want to work with. If you are working actively with Archangels, then picking an Archangel or Angel deck is a natural choice! Working with dragons? Dito!

How to Use Oracle Cards

We’ve talked about how to read oracle cards and how to do an oracle card reading to help you connect to your higher self. Let’s look deeper into “what are oracle cards used for?” and how to utilize oracle decks in a way that positively benefits your spiritual life.


Oracle cards are a powerful way to connect deeply with yourself and be more in tune with your spirit guides.

Draw a card and put it in front of you. Focus on the card for 10 to 15 minutes while slowly breathing in and out. Don’t try to decipher the meaning of the cards. Simply notice the color, shapes, forms, etc. Allow them to float away from you while you cleanse your mind.


To begin pathworking, sit in a dimly lit room, light a candle, and place it at the base of your card. Practice breathwork, ground yourself, and gently focus on the card. Then, imagine yourself stepping into the card. Notice the landscape, and atmosphere, and try touching objects within the card. If a person or animal is within the card, start a conversation with them.

Pathworking is a fascinating and effective way to gain deep wisdom, self-insights, and solutions to problems. While some people find this technique difficult, it feels natural for others. Practice and discover the power of this method for you!

Inner Child Works

Another answer to the question “What are oracle cards used for?” is inner work. Using oracle cards for inner work can be eye-opening, nurturing, and supportive.

This is the practice of connecting, exploring, and dealing with your inner child. We all have a soft part of ourselves that sees the world with childlike wonder and an open heart. Reconnecting with your inner child creates deep transformation and healing.

Before using an oracle card deck for inner work, think of the questions you want to ask your inner child. You can ask for guidance, nurture, and support. Once you pull out your card, pause and reflect on them. Journal the feelings, thoughts, or memories that come to you.


To use oracle cards for self-love, do a draw in which you pull a card every morning and reflect on its message. Ask questions like “What do I need to appreciate more about myself?” “How do I feed my soul today?” “What do I need to release?”

As with all inner work and meditation practices, keep a journal and record your reflections. Also, practically act on the guidance and messages you receive from your spiritual support team. Seek to ground the discoveries you make and apply them in your daily living.

Calling all lightworkers, change agents and spiritual entrepreneurs, your time is now!

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Steps For Using Oracle Cards to Tap Into Your Intuition

You may be wondering, “What are oracle cards used for?” “Can it help me develop my intuition?” Using oracle cards is a powerful way to tap into your intuitive and psychic abilities. Working with graphic cards enhances clairvoyant abilities. Hearing messages or sounds from your spirit guides strengthens your clairaudience ability.

As you learn how to read oracle cards and make these readings part of your routine, your various Clair abilities will be developed. Practice asking and receiving to stimulate your ability and access to information from your higher self.

An oracle card reading helps us connect with our spiritual community. They assist us in achieving the next phase of spiritual alignment. Whether we want to progress in our career or relationship, connect deeply with ourselves, or need help making a decision, oracle cards help us gain clearer insights.

The power of intuition can be harnessed and psychic abilities will guide us through difficult life situations. They connect us to a higher spiritual vantage point. You can do an archangel oracle card reading to seek their guidance and help you achieve your aspirations.

Use these oracle decks to familiarize yourself with the spiritual community, angels, archangels, Starseed realms, ascended masters, dragons, and spiritual guides - that make up your team. From this, you’ll learn who to call when facing particular challenges.

At Soul Success Unleashed, we urge you to incorporate oracle reading regularly to maintain a consistent link with your intuitive activities.

Getting Started With Your First Reading - What You Need To Know!

Before starting your first reading session, take a brief moment to connect with yourself. Practice meditation and tune into your heart to set your intention to connect with your higher self. Invite them for support and let them guide you throughout your journey.

Start by asking something simple every morning. It could be “What message do you have for me to experience more joy today?” or “How can I be more self-compassionate today?” Rather than starting with huge life-changing decisions, keeping it simple will set the foundation for deeper connections.

Also, it is important to know that your spiritual team providing guidance does not take away your free will. You are encouraged to ask open-ended questions rather than questions that require a yes or no answer.

Oracle cards should be treated like sacred objects. The more you care for your deck, the more accurate your readings will be. Remember, these cards help you get in touch with your higher self and spiritual guides. So, pay attention to the images and messages of each card you pull out.

You can embrace your inner strength and focus through oracle card readings. They are also helpful if you feel insecure or anxious. The wisdom and understanding gained from the readings bring forth solutions to many questions about your lived experience.

These readings compel our minds to embrace change and become open to new ideas. Grounding our energetic fields and transforming our energy helps us gain intuitive insights and greater trust in our abilities.

At Soul Success Unleashed, Jen gives you access to the right tools and programs for strengthening your clairvoyance, intuitive gifts, and psychic abilities.

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