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Gaining insight on what are oracle cards begins with discovering the meaning of spiritual techniques.

Spiritual tools are often used to focus and pinpoint our energy for a great goal, purpose, or intention. When combined with tuning into your intuitive energy, angel oracle cards provide us with great knowledge regarding higher-level decisions.

Using images, symbols, and meanings of an oracle deck, individuals can connect with their higher selves and decipher spiritual messages.

An oracle card reading helps people understand what the next steps to obtaining a goal are, which life direction to take, and what their higher purpose is.

Answering the question of, “What does oracle do?” is up to the user.

Assigning meaning to the spiritual messages provided by each card comes from your understanding from the guidelines and outline given.

In this article, you will learn how to comprehend the unique meaning your guides want you to perceive from your oracle deck.

Read further to determine what are oracle cards and how performing a consistent oracle reading can positively benefit your life.

What Are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a spiritual tool you can use when beginning the journey of tapping into your spiritual guidance.

Oracle cards can be used as a way to stimulate your intuition, practice trusting in yourself, and believing in the abilities you have.

When discovering what are oracle cards, it is important to recognize that they rely on conviction in yourself. They assist in supporting emotional and spiritual health by reflecting the user’s deep inner knowledge and spiritual abilities.

The combination of belief in your abilities and faith in the message being received creates a strong, powerful meaning. Oracle decks are a beneficial technique to use to eliminate anxiety and stress regarding a particular situation.

For instance, have you ever wondered if the decision you made set you back or pushed you forward in your spiritual journey?

Investing in a spiritual business or effort in a goal can cause a fear of the unknown from time to time.

Oracle cards help stamp out anxiety regarding an important decision. By connecting with your intuition and inner knowledge, you can use oracle decks to find a better solution and direction. In other words, they assist in expanding your intuitive knowledge.

There are a variety of different types of oracle cards that center around archangels, animals, or emotional needs.

As you broaden your understanding of what are oracle cards you’ll discover they connect you to your higher self and spiritual support team as your energy and intuition disperse and guide you through choosing specific cards.

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What Are Oracle Cards and How Do They Differ From Tarot Cards?

  • Tarot cards have a traditional structure.
  • Most tarot decks have consistent themes/messages, but the art may vary.
  • Though Oracle cards have a guide book with the author's definition, they leave room for an individual's unique interpretation.
  • Tarot cards have a universal definition and umbrella organization for each card.
  • Specific meanings can be found for tarot decks.
  • Typically, oracle cards are broad and can be interpreted in a variety of ways.
  • A tarot deck contains 78 cards, while an oracle deck can have any number.
  • Oracle cards tend to be read with a more loose structure.

Remember, it’s important to pick a deck that resonates with you the most.

There is no right or wrong! Oracle cards are a wonderful way to use your intuition and energy to sense an interpretation. Connect with your inner knowledge and feelings to tap into your highest self for guidance.

You may be asking yourself, “What Is Oracle? What does oracle do?”

Using an oracle deck allows you to connect with your intuition and unlock spiritual abilities. Tuning into your intuition to perceive spiritual messages from guides helps further our ascension journey.

Similar to the answer to the question, “What are oracle cards?” Oracle lies in having faith in your guides, intuition, and the interpretation of the message received.

Performing an oracle reading provides great insight into the spiritual direction that would be best suited for us. An oracle card reading brings us a step closer to comprehending what life lessons are pertinent to our purpose.

Interpretation on oracle cards is at the discretion of the user. Doing this will tap into a lot of different gifts such as seeing a picture or image.

When starting, individuals may read in the book or the back of the card for the author’s interpretation.

Recognize that it’s important to build up an inventory of images, sequences, and messages that are unique to your own life. This comes with practice!

Feel free to use the given meanings until you familiarize yourself with special symbolism and interpretations that are exclusive to your individualistic journey. Everyone has different paths, approaches to situations, and higher purposes.

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The given oracle deck meanings can be used as a backboard for your intuition. Maybe you see a painting of an image and are drawn to a particular pattern or color.

Use this as a springboard into your spiritual ideas and inner feelings. You may form a unique idea from the card itself or the message given by the author. Possibly, a new feeling arises that gives better insight into a situation.

Oracle decks can be used as an outline to develop novel ideas that provide unique messages to help navigate your life direction. The cards are utilized to tap into intuition and inner knowledge that stems from your higher self or spiritual support team.

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How To Read With Oracle Decks

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What are oracle cards?” Let's explore how they can be used as a training tool and a positive way to check in with your alignment each day.

It’s beneficial to have a productive morning routine to set your day up for success. Adding oracle cards into that routine builds a connection with yourself.

This routine will allow you to tap into your intuition, energetic levels, and goals for the day. Visualize the card and intertwine your energy to decode its symbolism and higher message.

Ask open-ended questions. Practice noticing all of the intuitive insights and abilities that come to you. Connect with the card and image presented. Allow your hands to hover over the card and allow yourself to receive and anchor into its message.

Doing this consecutively as practice will strengthen the connection with your intuition and reading your energy.

Oracle cards encompass building the ease at which you recognize the energy of other objects and people. Also, it helps your energy stay harmonized and connected.

Aligning yourself to a higher degree through the use of oracle cards is a positive way to begin understanding how your energy feels.

Stand In Your Value

Understanding The Foundation of Oracle Card Readings

Clear the energy and set your intentions when practicing with a new set of angel oracle cards for the first time. Create a space of positivity and warmth with your energy. Tap each of the cards three times to remove all residual energy from others.

Calling on Archangel Michael is a great way to have a protective spiritual connection that is consistently cleansing the energy of your cards. Archangel Michael ensures that the space remains positive as a grounded central force of energy.

Hold the deck between your hands and visualize a golden light cleansing the energy from the source. Touch each of the cards and set the intention that each of the cards will relay information that is in the highest and most positive regard of yourself and others. Set your prayer or intention.

It’s also good to set an intention for your readings. Figuring out what does oracle cards do lie within your intentions. Set certain guidelines and goals that stand with what you wish to achieve. Ask your guides, “What message do I need to receive today?”

Doing this will solidify your intentions. If you want to feel more love, abundance, career growth, or whatever the case may be, pinpoint your motive. Connect with your spiritual support team to understand what are oracle cards and align with the amount of power they hold.

Begin with the cards either shuffled or spaced out but have them lie face down. Trust your
intuition to guide you toward a particular card to pull and turn over. Then be open with all of your intuitive senses to receive insights.

Harness your intuitive energy to relay any messages, images, thoughts, or visions that go along with the cards. Notice what thoughts are coming to you and which ideas are associated with them. Reach deep into your intuition to begin recognizing the guidance that is being sent to you.

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Should I Create My Own Oracle Deck?

Oracle decks come in a wide variety and range. Choose what inspires you the most. Picking an oracle deck that aligns with your inner feelings and intuition is advantageous.

The most important part is connecting with what deck resonates with the highest part of yourself. There is no correct or incorrect choice!

Remember, oracle decks are simply a spiritual technique to harness the energy within you. Oracle cards are used as an extension of yourself to perceive spiritual messages at a higher volume.

Imagine you’re a stereo with full capabilities and oracle cards are a way to crank the volume up to hear the song better!

Spiritual tools help us learn to communicate with our spiritual team more efficiently. Powerful energy already lies within you. Occasionally, we need the means to channel it properly.

It may be beneficial to use a premade deck when starting. Doing so will allow you to understand meanings better.

Connect with your energy by filling in any gaps within the card’s explanations. Using an oracle deck created by someone else provides structure and a foundation for understanding what are oracle cards and how to interpret them.

However, creating your own oracle deck is an innovative way to tap into your intuition on a deeper level. It is by no means necessary but can be a fun way to creatively cultivate your spiritual intuition.

Here’s how you can get started building a personalized oracle deck - if that resonates with you!

Grab Some Inspiration from Other Oracle Decks

It can be valuable to have an outline and gather ideas from traditional oracle decks. Gaining insight from the types of messages, images, and symbols provided is helpful when determining a potential theme.

Connect and Create A Theme

Brainstorm and jot down oracle card themes you took inspiration from. There is no judgment during this process!

Let your creative energy flow without restraint. If you resonate with animals, construct a deck with symbolic animal images and descriptions.

On the other hand, maybe mythology is a subject that has always piqued your interest. Research and build a deck based on mythological goddesses and gods from a culture your ideals align with.

Pick Your Materials and Assign Meaning

This is where the fun really begins. Angel oracle cards are entirely customizable to the user. Choose a material that lines up with your inner feelings. Notecards, cardstock, cardboard, and laminated paper are common personal oracle card materials.

From that, use paint, markers, glitter, or photographs to decorate each card! Individual oracle cards are unique, and all hold a special meaning. Write the explanations and assign roles to assign meaning for each card.

Design The Front and Back of The Cards

For you, what are oracle cards in your deck is based on your own personal beliefs and ideas. Choose the previously chosen images and theme to construct a unique design for the front of the card if you choose.

On the back of each card, create different pictures with people, animals, symbols, shapes, or sequences. Each picture should match and make sense to you the meaning you have assigned.

Discovering the answer to what are oracle cards relies on the extent to which you delve into your higher perspective and inner intuition. Use your energy to connect with your spiritual support team.

Doing this will help you decide which images and designs hold the most personal value to your soul and purpose.

Are Oracle Cards Right For You?

Oracle cards help you see where your blocks are, what actions to take and connect with intuition more. Performing an oracle reading helps build trust between yourself and your intuition.

Trust yourself and what you’re drawn to. Set your intentions for going in and see what resonates with your energy. There will be decks you’re more connected with based on the artwork, author, illustrations, aesthetic, and explanations.

Asked to be guided towards an oracle deck.

You may be drawn to different oracle decks, depending on the life phase you’re in. A particular deck may resonate with you when you’re feeling stressed, versus another deck’s energy may call out to you more during the periods you’re relaxed or creatively inspired.

In short – oracle cards are empowering for everyone! There’s a variety of different types available so you can find a deck that resonates with you, no matter what you’re feeling.

Soul Success urges everyone to partake in an oracle card reading to discover what does oracle do and how it can benefit your life.

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Types of Oracle Decks

  • Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck - Is great to begin to work with your spiritual support team
  • Spirit Animal Oracle Deck – A great deck that works with the spirit of animals
  • Gateway Oracle Deck - This is a great deck to use when first discovering what are oracle cards! It’s a great deck to receive guidance in your day to day life.
  • Moonology Oracle Cards - supports you in getting into alignment with moon cycles to manifest easier.
  • Work Your Light Oracle Deck– Another beneficial deck when beginning to discover what are oracle cards. These are great cards to help you align on your spiritual path.

How an Oracle Reading Can Help You

An oracle card reading helps us connect to a higher spiritual vantage point. They assist with the next phase in our alignment. Whether we want to gain a new experience, progress in our career, or understand a topic on a deeper level, oracle cards help us gain insight.
An oracle deck helps individuals connect with their spiritual abilities. The power of intuition can be harnessed and used to guide you through a variety of difficult situations.

Angel oracle cards are a great guidance tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams. You can use premade decks as a structured outline to guide you through an oracle card reading.

Angel oracle cards have depictions of angels, archangels, and spiritual guides that may be a part of your spiritual support team.

Use these decks to familiarize yourself with your spiritual community. From this, you’ll learn which angels and guides hold what particular abilities and who to call on in the face of particular situations.

For example, Archangel Michael is a beneficial angel to seek communication with if you desire courage, bravery, and protection.

Continue to clear the energy of your oracle cards as you progress through your spiritual journey. Perform an oracle reading regularly to maintain a consistent link with your intuition.

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