Types of Psychic Abilities

Jan 20, 2024

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When many of us hear the word “psychic,” we imagine a neon-lit room decorated with crystal balls and other worst possible stereotypes.

If you’re reading this, it’s crucial you understand two key points:

  • In reality, being psychic is the ability to see, hear, know, and feel beyond the boundaries of the physical world.
  • Everyone has psychic abilities to some degree.

Today’s post is here to explore the types of psychic abilities, and my goal is that you become aware of your unique, inherent gifts, and use them to support yourself and the people around you.

It’s never too late to tap into your intuitive gifts. While it may not be easy, with practice, guidance, patience, and self-love, you can develop your psychic power and see results.

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What is Psychic Power?

A lot of people have the wrong idea about what being psychic entails. It’s not about crystal balls, mirrors, or stones. It has nothing to do with taking the “Am I psychic quiz” to reveal your gifts in 30 seconds.

A psychic is a person who can see, feel, know, and hear beyond the boundaries of the physical world, both knowingly and unknowingly.

  • Need convincing? Think about this:
  • Have you ever turned around because you felt someone staring at you?
  • Or maybe, you’ve simply gotten bad vibes open entering a place?
  • Or, has the thought of a certain person randomly popped into your mind, and you receive a call or text from that person later in the day?

All these are examples of your psychic gifts in action.

Regardless of your stance on psychics and their powers, you likely possess your own intuitive, psychic powers, we just need help learning how to develop and tap into our unique gifts.

How Does This Impact Your Life?

We can become a much brighter, stronger, and more vibrant version of ourselves by activating our psychic abilities. You can connect with your higher self and discover who you are.

It can be an incredible, practical tool to help us navigate our life experiences, whether it’s the career we choose, the relationship we’re in, the artistic gifts we have, or whatever passion we’re drawn into.

When you consciously choose to harness your intuitive gifts, it won’t just affect your life, it creates a chain reaction that positively impacts the lives of others around you. You can use your psychic abilities to empower others with better psychic insights.

Since you can understand their emotions, you can empathize with their pains, and sufferings, and provide emotional support to help them overcome their struggles.

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Types of Psychic Abilities That You Need to Know

If you want to be more intuitively connected in life, you have to explore your psychic side. Here are seven different types of psychics and the abilities they have:

Sixth Chakra or Third eye (Clairvoyance):

Clairvoyants can see visions through the Mind’s eye. Very often, we see these visions as mental flashes or oddly vivid dreams that provide messages in the form of pictures of people, scenes, spirits, objects, and symbols, amongst others.

These visions give us insights into the past, present, or future that normal people cannot perceive.

Throat Chakra or Fifth chakra (Clairaudience):

These types of psychics can ‘hear’ messages from the spiritual realm. Messages that come from clairaudience may sound like a thought, but louder and more pronounced.

The voice will never be harsh or tormenting, but clear and calm. At times, during readings, you may hear a faint voice calling your name and giving you direct information.

Crown Chakra (Claircognizant):

Have you ever known something even if you have no logical explanation for why you are convinced? Or, maybe your gut feeling always leads you in the right direction.

These types of psychics with “psychic knowing” are called claircognizant.

Claircognizance is all about having an intense gut feeling or hunch even without knowing the “how” or “why.” For some people, it manifests as a weird feeling, while for others, it comes as full knowledge. People with psychic knowledge can tap into the energy of a person or situation, and “energetically download” information about the past, present, or future.

Second chakra (Clairsentience):

These types of psychics have the ability to sense and feel emotions, both positive and negative. Gut instincts, the ability to read people’s emotions, or sense energy comes under this gift. These feelings are transmitted from your spirit guides and are different from yours.

For example, when you shake hands with someone and their touch sparks a sense of comfort like you’ve known them your entire life. Or, you walk into a room and feel uneasy.

These vibes are meant to clue you into a particular feeling. You can receive warnings when you get a feeling that something isn’t right, or get an excited, ecstatic feeling when something wonderful is about to happen.

Empathic Ability (Clairemphathy):

Everyone can sense emotions, but emphatic mediums have a deep understanding of feelings from individuals, animals, or spirits. It is closely related to “clair feeling.” It’s responsible for love, compassion, and forgiveness. These types of psychic abilities are more in tune with the vibrations and energies that other people or spirits give. You can sense their joy, sadness, pride, anger, fear, etc.

It can be extremely exhausting to be constantly in tune with other people’s emotions, so it is important to practice self-care and create healthy energetic boundaries to protect yourself from emotional overwhelm.

Aura Reading

Everybody has their own aura. Aura represents an individual’s energy and it’s one of the types of psychics that can be perceived with the ability to see or read a person’s energy. Experienced aura readers can tell a person’s character by reading and interpreting their aura.

When you use this in combination with other types of psychic abilities like clear empathy, you’ll be able to identify someone who needs spiritual support and guidance from a crowd.

In my Soul Success Unleashed program, I teach students how to do aura readings and provide multiple practice sessions per week to hone your skills.

Psychic Tasting (Clairgustance)

Do you often remember what you tasted in dreams? When you think of your loved ones, do tastes appear in your mouth?

If you said yes to the above, then you have the gift of clarity.

The types of psychics who experience clairgustance, “psychic tasting,” can experience the sensation of taste, even without anything entering their mouth. Spirits can transfer or we can decipher a character or behavior to us and it sometimes comes in the form of flavor. The taste isn’t always food, it could be a tree, a place, or even a person’s scent. It can make us feel nostalgic, happy, sad, or homesick.

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How Do I Know if I Have These Abilities?

Now we’ve explored the different types of psychic abilities, how do you know if you have intuitive gifts?

Everyone has all types of clairs but each person will have stronger psychic abilities, either because it comes naturally or because they’ve trained themselves.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have developed any of the types of psychic abilities listed above, look out for the following signs:

  • Vivid dreams and visions: Your dreams are vivid, intense, and often have hidden meanings. It’s hard to distinguish them from reality. These dreams may give you guidance about a decision you’re about to make.
  • Gut feelings: You make decisions from your gut. You know the right or wrong answer without having to overthink it. If you have a strong gut feeling and often receive guidance from your intuition, it is a sign that you have psychic abilities.
  • Place-related feelings: You’ve walked into a place before and instantly felt uneasy. Something about the place doesn’t feel right, and when you leave, you feel a sense of relief. Just like how you get vibes from people, you get them from places as well.
  • You have strong intense emotions: Most psychics are highly sensitive to the emotions of other people around them. People in loud places make you tired and drained. You often need time to process your emotions.

You see auras: You can associate certain emotions or people with colors naturally. You can tell a person’s behavior or how they are feeling because you can read their energies right away.

Psychic Development: How to Develop Your Own Psychic Abilities

Not everyone notices their “sixth sense” or psychic abilities from an early age. Developing these types of psychic abilities takes practice, patience, and dedication. If you’re ready to turn up the volume of your intuitive dial, here are four tips to develop your psychic abilities:

Meditate Daily

We always have things to do, places to go, and activities to complete. Because of this, we rarely make time to stay in tune with ourselves.

Meditation is an effective way to slow things down and strengthen your psychic abilities. It grounds you and connects you with your higher self. When you actively practice mindful meditation, you will feel your body releasing negative energy and stress that’s holding you back.

Take a few minutes every day to sit down in silence and absorb natural energy.

Practice Visualization

Feeling and reading people’s energy aren’t the only ways to use your psychic sense. You can also practice your clairvoyance or psychic seeing.

Next time you want to visit a new place, close your eyes and imagine what you want to see at that location. Let your imagination draw a picture. You’re likely to find out that what you imagined was there. It could be very specific or subtle.

Practice Reading People’s Energy

Reading a person’s energy is one of the types of psychic abilities you can develop. Challenge yourself to interpret the energy of new people you meet by looking beyond their appearance and tuning in to their energy for information.

Simply be in their presence and listen to your thoughts and feelings about them from a non judgmental place. You can do this even before interacting with the person. For example, if you’re standing in a line at a restaurant, tap into the energy of the person in front of you. Then, strike up a conversation to see which energy nuggets you picked were correct.

In Soul Success Unleashed, we practice reading energy extensively. I’m always delighted at seeing the progress of my students. This is what some of my students have to say about their experience

Release your Fears & Expectations

Expectations put pressure on you. Close your eyes and let go of everything you’ve learned in psychic movies. Allow your mind to create visions and daydreams without expecting a certain vision.

People get so scared of exploring their intuitive abilities, but these things aren’t scary. They’re here to lead you to your highest path and be your number 1 guide in life.

The first step in doing this is simply being willing and open to tapping into your psychic gifts. Declare to the universe that you are ready and do not let fear hold you back.

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Where to Get Psychic training

There are different types of psychic abilities you can develop with good psychic training. When you have strong psychic abilities, you can make better decisions because you receive and interpret messages correctly, helped by your higher self and spirit guides.

If you’re having a difficult time tapping into your psychic gifts, you’ll find it useful to speak to an experienced psychic, attend workshops, and get programs and tools to help you.

Soul Success Unleashed helps you fine-tune your intuitive abilities and strengthen your psychic gifts. We have several teachings to build up your energy resilience, develop strong energetic boundaries, and clear stuck gunk from your chakra system. We have specialized workshops that are an easy and affordable way to get started, make gains and specialize on a gift/topic, and feel if you are in alignment with Jen's way of teaching.

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Importance of Developing Your Potential Psychic Talent

Developing your psychic abilities will help you better perceive the future, see beyond the boundaries of the physical world, and steer you in the right direction in life.

It makes the world feel like a better, more liberating, and more exciting place to be. You’ll be able to do things you never thought were possible. You can become a better spiritual healer, a better teacher, a spiritual coach, etc, to help others tap into their gifts.

When we overcome our fear, we start to unleash our potential. One aspect of this is our higher self. Being in tune with our higher self and following its guidance will help us succeed in our spiritual journey.

A good way to do this is to connect with a group of like-minded individuals willing to join you on your journey, such as in the Soul Inspired Leaders Collective with Jen Gilchrist Facebook Group. Discussing your visions, dreams, and feelings with others will help you learn how to interpret spiritual messages, and their collective experience will make you achieve rapid spiritual growth.

If you want to develop and strengthen your psychic gifts, Soul Success Unleashed has programs and tools that can help you.

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