Highly Sensitive Person

How to recognize it and tips to be less sensitive

With around 20% of people being highly sensitive, you likely are one of them. If you have heightened sensitivity, heightened awareness of the happenings around you, and you notice subtle details that most miss, then you’re a highly sensitive person.

This article talks about what makes a highly sensitive person, how to recognize whether you’re one such person, and ways to be a less sensitive person.

Being an HSP is by no means a medical disorder, mental illness, or a personality flaw. It’s a temperamental variation; a highly sensitive person is an empath that can use his high sensitivity to do well for others.

However, to do so, highly sensitive people need to identify themselves as an empath, amplify their intuitions and thoughts, and develop a coping mechanism to deal with their anxious and overwhelmed states. That’s where Soul Success Unleashed comes to the rescue. Jen has several programs and tools for highly sensitive people and empaths to embark upon their spiritual entrepreneurship journey.

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

A “Highly Sensitive Person” is a scientific personality of someone who has a heightened awareness of the happenings around him/her. 

Remember that being a highly sensitive person is not a bad thing at all, what matters is how you carry yourself. It’s entirely possible for you to live a fulfilling life as a highly sensitive person. 

First off, you need to identify whether you’re a highly sensitive person or not. You can do this by assessing yourself for the traits that highly sensitive people have. 

Let’s look into them…

Traits of a Highly Sensitive Person

According to studies, around 20% of people are highly sensitive and they share the following common traits:


Because of their ability to sense the happenings around them with more intensity than others, highly sensitive people easily feel overwhelmed and overloaded.


Highly sensitive people are deeply affected by their surroundings, meaning their nervous system processes subtleties that most miss. This means that they are adversely affected by bright lights, loud noises, etc. They often feel exhausted and strained.

Sensory Sensitivity

A person with this personality type notices subtle details that others easily miss. Some strong sensory inputs that highly sensitive people notice more intensely than others include bright lights, loud noises, rough textures, etc.

Worry and Anxious

Anxiousness and worry are the most common traits of a highly sensitive person. It is more prominent in an HSP when there’s a lack of secure attachment and training to deal with transition phases and instances of overwhelm.

Cry easily

Another common trait in highly sensitive people is that they cry easily. It can happen to them in both pleasant and unpleasant situations.

If you happen to have all these traits in yourself, you feel overwhelmed most of the time, or feel stressed even when experiencing pleasant situations, then you’re a highly sensitive person.


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What to Do If You Are a Highly Sensitive Person?

Highly sensitive people face a lot of challenges because they are often overstimulated and emotionally exhausted. The challenges HSP face may impact their relationships with others and themselves. However, these can be easily remedied with regulation tools and practices.

How to Navigate Being an HSP

Something incredibly extraordinary about highly sensitive individuals is that while some of their traits have the potential to make things harder for them, they can be immensely beneficial when embraced.

Seek Calm

Being a highly sensitive person, you feel overstimulated. Seeking calm can help manage the stress in your life. While doing so, you can become a calming force for others. Highly sensitive people are very empathic, which helps them emotionally identify with others. This makes them trusted and helpful to the people around them.

Think Through Decisions

Highly sensitive people are more aware of subtle details that most miss, which helps them make informed decisions when “gut feeling” or “intuition” can’t be listened to. People with such a personality type are highly likely to lead effectively and bring progress and success.

Allow Emotions to Inspire Your Passion

Highly sensitive people often feel deeply, which is why they are very passionate about the things that matter to them. Allow yourself to be very perceptive and creative in your approach.

Connect to Others

Such people connect well with others and create a supportive environment around them. They navigate conflict ideas by being courteous and conscious.

Being an HSP is overwhelming in several ways where emotions, sensory inputs, and other people seem larger than life. All this makes you stressed and easily bored in relationships. However, when you lean into these approaches and make space for them to flourish, you tend to do better at maintaining relationships with yourself and others. You can learn the ideal approaches to accepting being an HSP and empath through the Energetic Mastery Program by Jen.

How to Overcome Being a Highly Sensitive Person?

Being highly sensitive is not a symptom of emotional weakness, it’s a temperamental variation and the characteristic of a compassionate human being. You might be asking yourself “why do I cry so easily?” or “why am I so sensitive?” It’s just that subtleties are more prominent for you than others and you feel more deeply. But, you’re not alone in this.

How to Be Less Sensitive and Make Peace With Your Highly Sensitive Being

Here are some tips to stop struggling with your highly-sensitive-being and start thriving:

Highly Sensitive Person

Embrace Yourself

Embrace yourself. Remember that high sensitivity is temperamental variation, not a disorder. Highly sensitive people may be sensitive to certain things, prone to overstimulation, and quicker to be stressed, but that is what makes you, you. There’s no need to search for a fix. Tell yourself that it’s okay to be highly sensitive.

Treat Yourself With Compassion

Usually, it’s second nature for highly sensitive people to put others' needs above themselves. Treating yourself with the same compassion that you feel for others is imperative to positively take control of your highly sensitive personality.

Create Healthy and Energetic Boundaries

We are trained to admire those who show grit and survive through terrible plights. Being a highly sensitive person, you need to create healthy and energetic boundaries to save yourself from sufferings. Embody gentle and firm personal boundaries, which might involve learning to say “no” with love, taking alone time, and feeling good about yourself.

TLC Body Meditation

Being an HSP, stress and anxiety are common experiences. The best way to manage both is through mindfulness and meditation. TLC Body Meditation is a great tool to connect with yourself and be in the present.

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How to Find Peace

For many highly sensitive people, it’s common to ignore the messages of their inner body. It is often easy to ignore your inner self asking you for acceptance. An HSP will often misinterpret these signals for stress and overwhelm.

Being a highly sensitive person, it’s important for you to find and embrace inner peace.

How to Find and Cultivate Inner Peace

Focus on the Present

Most of the time, inner conflict and worries multiply because we dwell on the future. By simply being in the present, inner peace can be cultivated.

Simplify Your Life

You have probably heard it a thousand times, but less is really more. Removing complexities from your life and simplifying it equals less anxiety and more comfort. Being an HSP, you often think about others more than yourself and your empathy wants to do something for everyone. Create boundaries and operate within them to simplify your life.

Learn to Accept

Learn to accept that you can’t do everything and not everything can be controlled. By doing so, you’ll be more at peace.

Make Positive and Healthy Choices

If you want to embrace and find inner peace, it’s important to practice healthy habits like sound sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, and setting energetic boundaries.

Final Thoughts

Are you a highly sensitive person? If so, then work through the above tips to identify this personality type in you, learn to make peace with it, and find inner peace. As you work through these tips, keep in mind that the key to thriving as an HSP is to recognize that it’s perfectly fine being a highly sensitive person.
Use your traits as a tool to recognize hidden understandings, use them to help yourself and others, and focus on positivity.

Besides finding and focusing on positivity, stay within your optimal range of awareness by using your deep-feeling body. Your heightened sense of awareness is a great trait that might do wonders for you. The only thing you need to do is to embrace it, tune in your sensations, and learn to make peace with it.

At Soul Success Unleashed, Jen offers education about many tools and approaches to develop and amplify intuition to become a successful sensitive person.

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