Clairvoyants: Importance of Clairvoyance to Empaths

Understanding how to tap into the gifts of clairvoyance will be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Following the Soul Success Unleashed Program can build your talents, perceptive abilities, and energy skills; as well as cultivate your own spiritual journey.

Clairvoyants and HSP, Types of Energy, How to Preserve Energy

Clairvoyance is synonymous with terms such as: opening the third eye, 6th chakra, and finding spiritual truth. All allow for clairvoyants to see the unseen, tap into spirits, energy forms, their own prophetic dreamscape, and sometimes envision or interpret messages given.

Clairvoyants and highly sensitive people (empaths), are those that have an increased sensitivity to cognitive and emotional stimuli, have the ability to connect with their higher aligned selves and perceive the divine truth. Recognizing different spiritual energies, noticing sequences of specific numbers, or even having quick flashes of images can be ways clairvoyants perceive and utilize the signs sent to align with their highest self.

There are different types of energy with varying capacity levels attached to being a clairvoyant. Having enough energy to expend on the significant aspects of one’s life can feel free and liberating. Many individuals have found impactful ways to utilize their energy, however, it is important to recognize unbeneficial ways we are giving out too much of our energy, so we can then redirect more intentionally, promoting our goals, or living out our most desired life path. Recognizing that need for growth and taking back control of your energy is a significant component of reconnecting or aligning with the true inner self.

The spiritual journey of healing oneself begins with awareness. This encompasses recognizing that something in your life needs to be changed – whether it’s an entire situation, habit, relationship with an individual, or even your particular role in a relationship. The next step is accessing your point of power as a clairvoyant. This involves more of a dive into one’s inner self. A sense of self responsibility in regard to the situation must be established. Only then can clairvoyants further understand their role, the perception of the people involved, and grasp if the energy they are putting into the situation is being fully reciprocated.

Using the Soul Success Unleashed Program spiritual guidance, individuals can learn how to better harness their clairvoyance by incorporating methods like journaling to delve into root issues. Get the intuitive gifts freebie to utilize in tandem with the Unleashed process to promote maximum spiritual growth. In time, recognizing your true feelings surrounding a situation will get easier. Eventually, clairvoyants are able to look at a spiritual scenario from an unbiased, all encompassing perspective. With this clarity and a combined conscious desire to change the unwanted habit or belief, a fruitful spiritual journey is likely to occur.

Why is it Essential to Master 6th Chakra Abilities for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People?

Empaths and highly sensitive people perceive and are affected by their emotions or emotions of others to a greater degree than the average person. The 6th chakra is associated with higher knowledge and increased visual perception.

Mastering the 6th chakra abilities and tools given in the program can assist empaths and highly sensitive people when situations may feel too overwhelming. This overwhelming sensation can cause a disconnect for these individuals and even hinder spiritual growth.

Gaining 6th chakra access and skills allow the empaths and highly sensitive people to discern the spiritual truth, even in highly emotionally charged situations.

This is due to the fact that harnessing the 6th chakra allows the individual to access the ability to see different perspectives from a neutral, unbiased space.

Then, wounds and feelings become easier to heal because the empath or highly sensitive person can now see things for what they really are. One exercise within the program focuses on reading negative energies and channeling them by means of 6th chakra abilities.

The goal is for the clairvoyant to no longer feel triggered by the volatile emotions of a circumstance.

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Ways to Cultivate the Clairvoyance and 6th Chakra Abilities

One prominent way clairvoyants use their abilities to see energy and perceive situations from a different view is by utilizing visualization techniques. How to see energy, read other individual’s energies, as well as your own, are all life changing outcomes that can come from these practices. Through visualization, the clairvoyant can use 6th chakra skills to train the mind to see images from our third eye. Examples consist of picturing the fine details of an image you drew, or meditating by using deep, controlled breaths and expanding images of light and essence in the mind.

Crystals and stones can be placed on or near the clairvoyant individual when partaking in these techniques to increase the visualization and clarity aspects. It is important to be aware and open to accepting clairvoyance gifts and all of your abilities. Trust in your own information as it comes through you.

What is Space of Neutrality for an Empath?

Space of neutrality for an empath coincides with why it is important to harness 6th chakra abilities. Space of neutrality is when a clairvoyant individual is able to look at a spiritual situation objectively and more clearly after they have crafted their chakra skills and clairvoyance gifts.

The purpose is to get to the point of not being easily triggered by one’s own emotions or the emotions of others. Seeing situations from a higher vantage point and different perspectives (variances in your emotions versus others and the human ego versus self) opens up a lot more opportunities and options for healing.

Answers the individual has been seeking become more coherent, due to the lack of judgement and biases coming from this clairvoyant space.

How to see energy, the true integrity of individuals, and spiritual truth is all accessible through discernment made possible by this space of neutrality.

In turn, clairvoyants will be able to address deeper levels of the healing process to the fullest extent by choosing to enroll in the Soul Success Unleashed course.


How Being A Clairvoyant Is Life Changing

A clairvoyant gains consciousness through their spiritual journey guided by the program. Individuals can feel liberated about finally reaching their highest path.

There is actual healing and growth that is able to take place, due to breaking or shifting patterns and habits you have been cycling through on repeat. The gift of clairvoyance empowers the conscious creator. You are able to create your own life and align with the highest version of yourself that is possible.

Additionally, after proper guidance and practice from the program, you become your own coach and healer through the gift of clairvoyance. Empaths and highly sensitive people benefit by being able to properly channel their own energy, and clairvoyance allows these individuals to navigate through others’ energies properly, instead of feeling completely bogged down or negative.

Clairvoyants are able to take action through fear and choose their highest path by seeing the divine truth. There are less limitations and more opportunities gained when an individual begins their spiritual journey of growth and healing through the program.

These positive aspects of life begin to unfold when setting intentions, tracking energy, reflection, journaling, inner work, visualizations, and many more skills taught throughout the program are utilized.


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Clairvoyant Tuning: How Do Psychics Tap Into Their Clairvoyance

Learning to harness your psychic powers for spiritual growth opens up a space for abundance and opportunity. You will feel less overwhelmed by certain stimuli and will be more in control of your life direction. Developing your clairvoyance starts with your open minded willingness and desire.

As children, we have a direct link to our intuition – it’s simply in our human nature to perceive situations and people at greater lengths early on. This is partially due to the lack of biases and influence from the outside world. It’s also because we rely on these instincts to survive.

While we still have gut instincts as adults, we are often told to not rely on our less tangible perceptive abilities to gain a deeper level of insight. However, tapping into your clairvoyant and intuitive abilities has beneficial outcomes.

If you learn to trust yourself, the information, and the subtle messages being sent to you by a higher power, you will create a reliable bond. One of the most important steps to harnessing your clairvoyant abilities is believing that you can.

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Clairvoyant Tuning

Practice cultivating your clairvoyance by reconnecting with your intuition. Treat your intuition like an old friend and study the way your abilities work.

A simple daily practice you can use to do this is take note of the emotions you feel throughout the day. Take a moment to tune into the emotion and ask what color it represents today.

Doing this will get you into the habit of tuning in to make a connection between your conscious awareness of your feelings to your clairvoyant ability. This will stimulate your spiritual sight and begin to cultivate trust with what you see with your spiritual eye.

Psychics and individuals learning to develop their clairvoyant abilities can work on using their senses to perceive the emotions in a room before directly interacting with anyone. Focus your psychic vision to encapsulate and perceive the energy of others.

Tap into your clairvoyant abilities through dreams. Contact and connect your subconscious inner self to the conscious version of you via the dreamscape. Dreams are a great time to learn about your true inner feelings, without any environmental influence.

Practice writing down your dreams in a journal, and focus on how you felt in the dream. As you create the space to reflect you will gain deeper meanings and subtle messages that may have been overlooked in your waking life.

Cultivate your clairvoyant abilities by tuning into your surroundings, reflecting inward, and understanding the influence of the outside world on your innate spiritual abilities.

Remember – clairvoyance is a positive and natural part of who we are as a spiritual being that helps us connect better with ourselves and others.

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