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Jul 13, 2021

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Spiritual signs involve the universe sending messages when a strong desire to have spiritual awareness evolves and manifests within an individual. These messages are  divine guidance and are here to support you and have an impact on the direction of your life path and soul alignment.

Many individuals have a variety of gifts and capabilities that rely on intuitive insights. These intuitive abilities may be harnessed and utilized into seeing truth in situations or other individuals. Awakening the clairvoyance within you can bring positive opportunities to your life. 

After accessing one’s intuitive knowing and spiritual sight, individuals will be able to direct their abilities toward positive change to align with their highest path.

Spiritual Sight

Spiritual sight is similar to clairvoyance. It involves seeing your spiritual truth, the truth behind other individuals’ actions or words, and the spiritual reality around a situation. Spiritual sight is the ability to see the unseen. All individuals have gifts and talents - no one is excluded.

Clairvoyant or spiritual sight abilities can manifest in visualizing an image, sensing a particular feeling, having strong intuitions, or even perceiving a situation from the most unbiased, truthful perspective. All of these components and more can be used by the individual to perceive situations for what they are, which is to primarily direct yourself toward your own highest possible path.

When situations become spiritually clear, we are then able to choose the right decisions that will align us with our higher purpose. 

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A Message from Archangel Raziel: Awaken Your Spiritual Sight

Nourishing the natural spiritual abilities we are all born with can not only help guide us to our most fulfilled life and path but can also help in areas of discernment regarding other individuals. Having a holistic vantage point of situations has varying advantages.

Firstly, you are now able to fully assess the truth of the matter and how that integrates and affects your energy. You may decide to pull back from a person or situation that is draining or affecting your energy negatively. Alternatively, we may lean closer to individuals that possess similar goals, truths, and energies to help heal our spirit.

How can a person awaken their spiritual sight or intuitive insights?

Strengthening your crown chakra and 3rd eye will aid in building your spiritual sight and thus, align you that much closer with your spiritual truth.

The crown chakra is associated with connection to your higher self but also with connecting to universal wisdom and all the blessings it has to offer. The benefits of tapping into this power and focusing on cultivating this connection between your body and spirit is so empowering because you realize that you truly do have all the answers within.

You begin to let go of the “how” on a mental level and begin to trust your inner “knowing” instead.The primary idea to understand when working on the crown chakra is that you can tap into universal wisdom at any time.

Your human perspective doesn't need to have your plan all figured out before you can take action on your dreams and goals. Instead as you work with your crown chakra you build more trust in your intuitive knowing and are able to tap into this wisdom that will lead you to take one or two steps at a time that will come in the form of divine guidance from Source, your spiritual support team or your own  inner knowing.

Recognizing and trusting this innate wisdom that you always have access to will allow you to take leaps of faith in the direction of  your dreams which will fast track your success to reach your highest path in life.

The 3rd eye is located in the middle of the head and houses essences of focus, concentration, clairvoyance, and spiritual perception. Active use and training of the 3rd eye will allow the individual to perceive situations from the most unbiased point of view. This is a beneficial side effect of using the 3rd eye because the highest or most spiritual truth is now revealed.

Accessing different chakra points, harnessing the 3rd eye, and honing your spiritual sight and abilities can be rewarding pursuits that will raise awareness and abundance in every aspect of your life.

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Individuals may awaken their spiritual sight and fully access seeing the truth of situations by calling upon Archangel Raziel for guidance. Beginning your spiritual voyage can look like building up a spiritual community of teachers and guides. Additionally, you should be consistently learning and integrating new beliefs to uplevel your mindset.

One way to do this is by seeking out Archangel Raziel through various means to receive guidance on your highest path or even simply a decision you need help making. Archangel Raziel assists in awakening your spiritual sight so you can receive heavenly love and support.

Heavenly love is full of abundance, positivity, and growth. Great opportunities or even new connections can result from accepting heavenly love from archangels and those in your spiritual community that offer guidance. 

Archangel Raziel is the angel of spiritual sight, wisdom, and knowledge. He can help enhance your intuition and guide you to your correct path. Raziel not only helps you receive spiritual information but helps individuals interpret the messages given as well. Sometimes, along our ascension journey, messages and signs can either be missed or very muddled. Raziel aids in illuminating situations and truths to help you make sense of everything. He brings light into darkness and helps us decipher confusing aspects of life.

Specifically, Raziel can also assist in increasing your ability to cultivate your clairvoyance and cognizance. This is the innate ability to know and understand. Raziel can help remove blocks on spiritual abilities, clearing the way for divine potential and psychic perception.

He can also aid in awakening all chakras to create a pillar of light. Messages and receiving a hello from heaven are all areas of spirituality that Archangel Raziel can guide in.

How to awaken clairvoyance and why is it important?

Opening up your spiritual sight and clairvoyance abilities is beneficial for improving your own life, relationships with others, and how you perceive certain circumstances.

Clairvoyance and seeing the truth can be achieved by harnessing innate abilities. The good news is that everyone has these capabilities, it is just a matter of whether or not you wish to practice and hone your craft.

Connecting and redirecting all information through your mind. Using the mind to put the body in a state of ease or delve deeper into our inner truths can provide a wealth of benefits. The individual will understand themselves on a more profound level and can thus perceive and integrate information into our energy or space properly.

If channeling energy properly through the mind out to the body is blocked at first, those may need to be cleared before progressing in your spiritual journey. Additional journaling, meditation, positive thinking redirection, and a healthy amount of certainty may need to occur. 

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How Seeing the Truth Can Improve Your Relationship with Others

Seeing the truth of situations can help you not have knee-jerk reactions. Allow space for seeing the truth and for processing your negative and positive feelings as much as possible. Recognizing information and the facts of specific circumstances can help you recognize deceit and thus, protect and preserve your energy.

Why is it important to see the truth and awaken your clairvoyant space?

Seeing the truth is crucial to helping further our divine route.

We may then utilize the salvaged and redirected energy from  misaligned or unhealthy situations by putting it toward a goal or a more empowered objective.

Clearing out blocks and negative aspects of your energy can leave room for a healthy clairvoyant space. Seeing the truth and harnessing your spiritual sight will help you leave a situation that is not working in your higher power. From that newly recharged clairvoyant space, proper meditation, manifestation, and healing can occur at a faster rate.

How does it help improve your relationship with people?

Also, seeing the truth allows us to put the right amount of preserved energy into building positive relationships. Once things are clearer and there is less negative or fear based energy in your clairvoyant space, you become a better friend, mom, or relative. You will be able to understand the actions of others easier or the meaning behind their actions. This will help you respond more appropriately.

For example, if your child is having a tantrum, as long as you have cleared enough space and weeded enough of the emotional charge out of the situation by accessing your spiritual sight, you can understand their reasoning and find a resolution.

It may be due to the fact you have been working late or have less time to play. Then, a better response to the perceived action will become clearer. It creates a more coherent means of communication and connection for all relationships.

How can you awaken your intuitive gifts and clairvoyant space?

Intuitive gifts may be harnessed by using the innate abilities we all have. Intuitive gifts can come in the form of visualization, perception, understanding a situation to its fullest capacity, and healing others.

The key is to determine which method works the best for accessing your spiritual abilities. Searching deep within yourself in a quiet space, while applying deep concentration to either the component of the self you are trying to heal or the goal you are attempting to accomplish, can create a clairvoyant space. Your clairvoyant space is a high vibrational energy space where slipping deep into your intuitive abilities or spiritual work comes easily. This is due to all the previous work done to create a fresh, reinvigorated place of energy where clarity of your truth, positivity and high alignment can occur. Join Featured Programs to Amplify your Intuition and learn how to properly process your abilities to create a positive energy space that enables healing and transformation.

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​A Message from Archangel Uriel: Trust Your Inner Knowledge

Shifting your mindset is the key to happiness. Archangel Uriel urges individuals to trust their inner knowledge and act upon it without delay. Trust your innate, intuitive abilities and take action. This requires a level of courage, dedication, and stretching your comfort zone. Uriel will point you in the direction of aligning with purposeful work that brings about change.

Uriel helps individuals move out of that area of comfort and into an action-packed and motivational clairvoyant space driven by intuition and inspired ideas. He is the archangel of light, prophecy, wisdom, and insight. Wisdom helps us gain higher levels of consciousness. It gives us the strength to take on new responsibilities and find the security and stability we all possess.

How to tune in and trust your intuition and intuitive guidance?

Uriel will help individuals find their inner strength, clarity and certainty. Trusting in your abilities will occur while building up your inner strength.

Once full faith is put into the idea that we have skills and traits that project our own life and the lives of others forward, the spiritual sight will begin to awaken.

Uriel will provide the inspiration and motivation to seek out our clairvoyant abilities and have certainty in them while helping us to make wise decisions after fully processing our emotions.

Your clairvoyance is still working, even if you don’t see clear or direct images. Your abilities may lie in your knowing or access to wisdom. This capability allows you to know the truth without directly seeing pictures. A voice, almost like your consciousness or inner thoughts, will guide you to the highest truth. Trust your intuitive guidance.

Teaching is a large part of spiritual work. Assisting others in awakening and in seeing the truth behind their abilities will also further you on your spiritual journey. Obtain a free success kit for the intuitive entrepreneur to help others find their most true path.

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