What Happens After Spiritual Awakening?

Feb 6, 2023

spiritual awakening


Spiritual awakening is the stage at which you gain a higher perspective and awareness about things that happen in your life. The process of spiritual awakening varies depending on the individual, but the awakening is necessary for spiritual enlightenment.

So, then, what is spiritual awakening?

What happens after spiritual awakening?

And how can you handle life after awakening?

When spiritual awakening occurs, you may be experiencing a mix of emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed until spiritual growth and development are encouraged.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into spiritual awakening to help you understand how long does spiritual awakening last, ascension symptoms, and what to do after awakening.

What is Spiritual Awakening and What Happens After?

Have you ever felt as though you’re in a hopeless, confusing situation, and then all of sudden, you get the answer, right in front of you?

For example, you may be struggling with your career choice and just when things are looking bleak, you come to a new realization that offers excitement or hope.

Or maybe you experienced the loss of someone you loved. You relied on that person for support, guidance, and advice, and now you suddenly feel hopeless.

Just when you think you’ll never recover from that loss, you gain a higher perspective on life that helps you cope with such a burden. That is spiritual awakening.
Spiritual awakening is simply the state of achieving a higher perspective and being enlightened about the situations happening in your life.

Spiritual awakening happens when you start to see things holistically, notice the subtle details, and view those negative occurrences as an opportunity for spiritual growth, enlightenment, self-healing, and empowerment.

Sometimes, there are events in our lives that we simply cannot control. It’s almost impossible to avoid illness, disappointment, and loss of people we love. When these tragic events happen, we sometimes get so caught up in the situation that it prevents us from thinking clearly.

Spiritual enlightenment allows us to achieve a better outlook on life. When we encounter negative situations, spiritual enlightenment reminds us that we are eternally connected to the spiritual world and that we are capable of things beyond the physical realm.

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What triggers the spiritual awakening stages?

Traumatic event

Tragic events are one of the most common triggers of spiritual awakening, The initial awakening process can happen after a traumatic occurrence like a job loss, the death of a loved one, a car accident, or something that makes you desire change in your life.

Seeking clarity

Asides from sadness, your eagerness to explore the truth and achieve clarity is also a common reason for spiritual awakening. Your thoughts and actions can motivate you to explore the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Life-threatening events

If you’ve witnessed a life-threatening event like a near-death experience, the way you live your life after may be different. You may have thought of death as a distant occurance, but a near-death experience may inspire you to make changes.

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What happens after spiritual awakening?

As discussed earlier, the initial awakening generally happens after a traumatic event, like a major negative life event or a realization that prompts the desire for change in your life.

During the spiritual awakening process, you may feel the initial excitement of exploring your spiritual journey. You may be enthusiastic about recognizing angels, opening up your intuition, and connecting with your higher self.

After the initial feeling of excitement, it is not uncommon to then have feelings of being overwhelmed. You may feel things get worse before it gets better. This usually happens because you notice the subtle details that are out of alignment.

These details were causing you pain before, but likely you were numbing or unconsciously disconnected from your repressed emotions or misalignments, you never felt overwhelmed. However, now that you are becoming more conscious, you’ll notice these as areas in your life that need change.

As you go through awakening, you may have tremendous opportunities to do healing work. You’ll want to work on things that weren’t serving your highest good and change them to be more in sync with your new self.

When you are awakened, you’ll be able to utilize your intuition, angel guides, and synchronistic numbers easily. You will also develop deeper body awareness, individual experience, and spirituality with the unseen world.

Thereafter, you may seek spiritual awakening books, youtube videos, and blogs to find like-minded individuals to support you along your journey. Although there are lots of changes that happen after a spiritual awakening, these changes will inevitably make us happier.

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How long does a Spiritual Awakening last?

This is a common question: how long does a spiritual awakening last?

Well, spiritual awakening, much like spiritual awareness, actually happens instantly. However, it may take some time for our brain cells and the human personality aspect of ourselves to process this sudden awakening.

When we go through the process of awakening, we need time to fully integrate and anchor it into our new way of being. Our initial spiritual awakening is a big jolt and a catalyst for us to move from unconscious to conscious.

When we become conscious, we are going to have small or big awakenings that continue as we go along the path of awakening. As we shift, evolve, and heal, it’ll take a while for these things to unfold.

So, if you’re currently in a spiritual awakening and have been wondering, how long does spiritual awakening last? Keep in mind that it’s an ever evolving journey that will continue to unfold over your lifetime.

This is a good thing because it means you are continually aligning more and more with who you truly are and can to be. The more awareness and tools you gain the easier it becomes to navigate them with more ease and grace.

Ascension symptoms you must know and understand

Just like the question, how long spiritual awakening lasts, not being a definite answer, ascension symptoms also vary.

As you may guess, ascension symptoms are going to be different for everyone.

However, the sooner we start to make the changes our soul is whispering to us, the quicker we can evolve through them. In the same manner, the more we resist or ignore them, the longer our ascension journey is going to take.

It’s up to us to determine the actions we should or shouldn’t take, and this determines how quickly things integrate for us in terms of spiritual growth.

Spiritual ascension symptoms most people usually experience is a flu that is manifested into a physical form. This spiritual growth cycle or ascension symptom happens when your spirit takes a leap.

When you’re working on your healing on a mental, physical, or emotional level, working on these different layers creates a big change in your spirit. To anchor in that spiritual growth, you need to connect with your body, treat yourself with kindness, and make your body feel safe through pampering, self care and rest.

The more we do that, the less suffering and pain we’ll go through during these ascension symptoms.

However, when we ignore them and try to resist burnout, physical exhaustion, or headache, we end up feeling the flu or getting sick.

So, it is best we take care of ourselves when doing spiritual work, pay special attention to our bodies, and nurture every part of ourselves so we don’t experience those discords.

The spiritual awakening process

So, what is the process of spiritual awakening? What happens after spiritual awakening? What kind of experiences would you likely undergo to be spiritually awakened?

For most people, the spiritual awakening process starts with an unwanted difficult situation. Such situations serve as catalysts for spiritual awakening because they cause us to pause and reflect on our everyday lives.

These situations could be as dramatic and extreme as the death of a loved one, losing a job, or as subtle as missing your job interview. However, those grave situations create an urgency for change and they, in turn, become a catalyst for spiritual enlightenment.

If the inner guidance is ignored long enough, it will get louder and louder until you answer the call for spiritual ascension. Once we are caught up in a negative situation, an opportunity to know how to start your spiritual awakening journey will be offered to you.

Getting caught up in a misaligned situation is the first stage in the spiritual awakening process. This stage is characterized by cloudiness or fogginess because you have no idea what is happening to you.

Finally, when it sinks in, you could feel a myriad of emotions: anger, disappointment, anxiety, stress, and a general sense of disorientation. It feels confusing, almost like the walls are closing down on you without any means of escaping.

Once you go through this initial stage in the spiritual awakening process, the next process will heighten your perspective on life. Your soul will bare itself to you and you’ll be able to make sense of these negative situations.

When you start becoming aware of your soul’s guidance, things begin to shift. You’ll see situations for what they really are and you can release yourself from negative perspectives.

The last stage that occurs is attaining spiritual awareness. At this stage, your body catches up with your soul, and at that moment, you gain spiritual awareness. You are more capable of resolving the unwanted situation so that you can begin the process of healing.

So, how long does spiritual awakening last?

And what happens after spiritual awakening?

The spiritual awareness you gain from it depends on the attention you give yourself during the entire process.

However, awakening shouldn’t be rushed. Think of spiritual awakening as a long process that unfolds gradually during the course of life.

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What to do after a spiritual awakening

What happens after spiritual awakening depends solely on the individual, but there are common ways to cultivate your awakening. The best thing to do is to cultivate your awakening.

Spiritual awakening doesn’t occur once, rather, it happens throughout your lifetime. The intensity of the awakening depends on the situation but they all contribute to your growth and development.

As discussed earlier, facing a negative situation or tragic occurrence can be unpleasant and overwhelming, but these experiences can serve as a catalyst for your development that enables you to gain spiritual awareness and contact with your higher self.

You should also ask God/Universe, your higher self and spirit guides for help and support. As you evolve in your journey, you will realize that not everything is within your control. It’s perfectly okay to allow things to unfold naturally and ask for help from your spirit guides, angels, and mentor.

It’s not enough to gain positive insights from the problem you are facing if you do not take action. Act on thoughts that reflect these positive insights and show that the person who faced those negative experiences has grown to be better than before.

What happens after spiritual awakening will help you realize your growth and level of spirituality. You’ll see yourself grow after facing hardships in life, and this will teach you so many valuable life lessons.

What are the signs of spiritual awakening?

The body is of the material realm while the soul extends to the spiritual realm. Because of this, we can contact spiritual beings for guidance and support.

For those who have begun their spiritual awakening journey, spiritual guides can serve as their guides. You can connect directly with God, the universe, the Archangels, and angels to provide you with divine wisdom. Your higher self is your own spiritual being that exists to guide and protect you.

There is no right or wrong way to ask for guidance. What matters is that you ask them for spiritual signs that will help you navigate your journey.

So, what are these spiritual awakening signs?

The most obvious of them is the feeling of disorientation and loss of awareness. Such feelings happen during the initial stage of spiritual awakening.

Then you move into a new level of peace and clarity where you begin to experience a higher perspective about your soul. We become more aware of our situations and synchronicity follows.

Why do these feelings serve as spiritual awakening signs? What happens after spiritual awakening (or even during the process) is how spiritual beings inform us about the profound changes we are experiencing.

Once you acknowledge these feelings and signs and let go of such negative experiences, you create more space for positive emotions and inner healing to happen in your life.

These spiritual awakening signs can be overwhelming especially for those undergoing an intense life-changing crisis for the first time. However, aiming for spiritual enlightenment makes our lives immensely better.

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Final Thoughts: What is life after awakening?

What happens after spiritual awakening is empowering. When spiritual awakening happens, you no longer feel like a victim of circumstances. Rather, you’re able to properly discern why situations happen and the lessons they bring.

Spiritual awakening brings a sense of awareness. We live with the consciousness that we are not merely our physical body but we are connected to the spiritual realm, and we have spiritual guides and angels ready to support us.

We feel more aligned with ourselves. You start to experience peace, joy, abundance, prosperity, and overall happiness because we make aligned decisions that yield fruitful results.

Furthermore, the synchrony we experience helps us become conscious creators. We can achieve all our bigger dreams because we are not alone. We feel empowered to do what we want. You are ready to expand and elevate your life beyond what you thought was possible.

In the end, spirituality will help you become a better, upgraded version of yourself. It is like rising out from the ashes and becoming better, stronger and more fulfilled.

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