Privacy Policy

Concerns and context regarding this policy

We understand that your privacy and sensitive information is important to you. Our intention is to use your information in a responsible way and in a manner in which we would like our own information to be handled. To comply with various legislations we are required to define certain use of your information according to prescribed terms as well as to protect ourselves in today's highly litigeous society. For example, the policy mentions that we may sell your personal information although the simple act of sending data to Facebook through their tracking Pixel, in order to display our ads to an interested audience as well as to avoid displaying the same ad once you've signed up to the promoted content such as our masterclass series, is considered the sale of personal information although we do not receive any cash payments from Facebook. We utilize the Facebook Pixel in order to reach more people that can benefit from our teachings and resources.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out at

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