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The content on this website is created to help highly sensitive person thrive without burning out. I’m excited for you to awaken your inherent soul gifts and help you clear soul-level blocks so you can fully show up in all your brilliance. I will guide you into practical and actionable steps to and create thriving purpose driven businesses that aligns to your unique soul’s purpose.

I’m excited to support spiritual and intuitive entrepreneurs to gain clarity with their unique soul gifts and message, teach them strategies that will take your business to next level of visibility so you make a bigger impact in the world while experiencing new levels of freedom of time, energy and money in your purpose driven business.

Setting Your Energy and Intentions for 2021 and Beyond

“I have prepared a lot of resources to help you on your journey and I’ve created this page to help you exactly what you need with ease.”




Free Activation Series: Amplify your clairvoyance, channeling and healing abilities while releasing doubts of fear and judgments

4 days to regain total connection, confidence, and trust in your inherent spiritual gifts as you cultivate energetic boundaries.

I have always seen my empathic sensitivity as a great strength…though for some, empathy can become overwhelming. That’s why learning to cultivate your energetic boundaries and clear karmic and ancestral agreements is so important…to free your inherent spiritual gifts!

To help, I’ve created this free, 4-day activation masterclass series to support your journey into greater freedom, alignment with your higher self, and towards your full creative potential in life and business.

You’ll participate in a guided mentorship experience to open new paths and exciting possibilities for yourself. Plus receive a BONUS “3rd Eye Clearing and Activation to Release Fear and Doubt Around Using Your Gifts” when you register.

Free Masterclass: Energetic mastery for life and business success as a highly sensitive person, intuitive or empath

3 Tools and practices you can apply in your life today to raise your vibration and navigate life with ease

The most useful skill I learned when I uncovered that I was a highly sensitive person is my ability to manage my energy and create healthy energetic boundaries. Prior to mastering my energy I would easily get overwhelmed as I took on the energy of others.

Managing your energy is so important which is why I created this free masterclass. When you attend you'll gain easy and practical tools to support you in not taking on the energy of others, both in your personal and professional life!

You'll learn how you can turn your gift as an intuitive into a valuable tool to tap into your inner guide.

Included in the masterclass is a guided healing process to clear cords and other people's energy from your space. You'll also receive 2 popular meditation mp3s to release at the end of your day and to help you release stuck energy.



In this Free bundle Embrace your Spirit Guides and Archangels you will…

Learn how to recognize the intuitive signs and messages from your archangels and spirit guides so that you have more certainty in knowing what steps to take in order to manifest what you want in your life and business.

Feel more confident and at ease as working with your angels and spirit guides is so comforting because you recognize that you are never truly alone.

Know that your spiritual support team is always ready and willing to support you at any time which allows you to take bigger leaps of faith in the direction of your dreams.

Fast track your success as you won’t have to figure out the “ how to” on your own. Instead you will learn to trust your intuition and recognize the guidance of your angels and spirit guides to lead the way.

Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

It's designed to help individuals awaken and activate their spiritual gifts, release fears related to using these gifts, and align with their higher self. The audio includes guided meditation with theta music for a deep experience and also a version without music for quiet contemplation. Additionally, the audio assists in resolving soul contracts and karmic patterns, preparing for higher ascension, and amplifying intuitive gifts.

Jen Gilchrist, the mentor, emphasizes the transformational aspect of the experience with the support of archangels and her collective council.


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Read our resources about different spiritual guides and topics that will help lightworkers, empaths and highly sensitive person overcome obstacles in life.


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Receive free angel card readings, angel messages and several intuitive insights and inspirational messages that will help you align to your higher self.


Programs for Highly Sensitive Empaths, Intuitives and Lightworkers

Archangel Alignment

Archangel Alignment Activation Series

You will enhance your communication and heal with 15 angelic advisors to receive guidance on demand to support you with clarity and next steps.
You will cultivate clear communication with your angelic advisors to create clarity, trust and confidence in the messages you receive.

Energetic Mastery Program

Elevate Your Mindset to Soul Success

Are you ready for a 21 day journey to support you in stepping further into soul alignment so that you can be an energetic match to receive everything you are asking for?

A 21 Day Journey to Upleveling Your Mindset to Align with Your Next Level Goals


Amplify Love and Money

Love and Money at the core are so closely tied in terms of how capable we are at receiving. So much of it comes down to creating awareness and clearing of the root cause that is causing the limitation in the first place. That’s why I’m so excited to offer this 4 week digital course

Energetic Mastery Program

Energetic Mastery for Sensitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your sensitivities?

Are you tired of keeping yourself small in your business for fear of burnout?


Intuition Activation ~ Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success

The Intuition Activation Program includes...

  • Weekly video training ~ tangible tools to cultivate your intuitive gifts ( 5 clair’s)
Soul Success Unleashed-Clairvoyant, Channeling and Healing

Soul Success Unleashed: Clairvoyant, Channeling and Healing

Build confidence and trust in your spiritual gifts, amplify your intuition to overcome obstacles and navigate life ease



So often, you can find yourself looping into the same old patterns and it can be very frustrating to not know why. If we don’t fully understand and clear these at its root cause you, it will feel like you are constantly chasing your own tail. These unhealthy agreements and patterns can be passed down through the family line, brought forward from past lives or present life experiences. They are derived out of some kind of fear and can be acting as a coping pattern. The problem is we often do not understand this and therefore accept it into our life experience.

Getting clear on the root cause is really important, so that we can release the story, heal the emotional wounding and take back your personal power by making a new choice that is in alignment with who we truly are.

Grow Your Intuitive and Psychic Gifts through Laser Focused Workshops

Interested in developing your psychic gifts and abilities?

Workshops are perfect as they are affordable, focus on specific gifts and can be completed within a couple of hours.

Check out my guided workshop for a complete and easy training with workbook and alignment activities. In here you will be able to cultivate your psychic abilities to support you in aligning to your highest potential.

Success Stories from Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

I now have focus and clarity which has given me so much more peace, joy and passion in my life.

“I would absolutely recommend Jen’s mentoring because she is a real joy to mentor with. She helped me to build on my strengths and work with my personal challenge areas. Jen does it with grace, love and precision. As a result I am living an empowered life, with greater freedom and purpose than I ever thought possible.”


I recommend this program whether you are experienced or brand new.

“I quickly and easily learned to do aura readings and past life readings! She gives you many different tools to use that assist with healing for yourself and your clients. I signed up with the intent to help my clients and yet, all the practice and readings are also helping me heal, ascend and center. I recommend this program whether you are experienced or brand new, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to excel.”


I am so thrilled with the Soul Success Unleashed program.…

"I am so thrilled with the Soul Success Unleashed program. It went beyond my expectations. I gained so much knowledge and understanding from this course. Thank you for enhancing my life by creating this safe space to allow me to step fully from my shadows into my light. You and this course are greatly appreciated."


Are you ready to gain confidence and trust in your inherent spiritual gifts and cultivate your energetic boundaries?

Join the FREE 4-Day Masterclass Activation Series - Amplify Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities While Releasing Doubts and Fear of Judgments

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Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

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  Live Activation Masterclass Series:

Amplify Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities While Releasing Doubts and Fear of Judgments