Becoming Claircognizant, the Ability ‘of Knowing’

This article is about becoming claircognizant- the ability ‘of knowing’. It defines what it means to be claircognizant and explains various ways of recognizing divine intuitive abilities.
It also discusses how to develop those abilities fully to unleash one’s potential towards success. It teaches how one can connect with their divine guides or angels through card readings.
It explores acceptance of the abilities within and how successful meditation and spiritual practices can help to get clarity on life goals and success.

Claircognizance, which means clear knowing, can be described as having a light bulb moment or epiphany. Sometimes, you may know the answer to something but have no idea how you know it as it was not learned in the traditional sense through study. 

Clairsentience helps one discern intuitive information through feelings and emotions. We are all born as spiritual beings that can access our  claircognizant and clairsentient abilities, even if you are unaware of these gits within you. This may require some practice to cultivate this skill set so that you can use this information as a way to navigate your life with more ease.     

Life becomes so much more exciting and fun when you begin to develop your spiritual gifts and consciously create your life.  Your intuition guides you to align to your highest path and the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Being able to access your intuition on demand while making big life decisions is so empowering and allows you to have the trust and confidence to follow your dreams. 

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Developing Claircognizance

Being claircognizant is being in a state of deep inner self-knowing. It is a psychic ability where you know things. You cannot place logic or reason to this inner knowing. For example, in the morning, without listening to the news broadcast, you feel the need to change your normal route to work.
Later, you can confirm that you did the right thing as there was a pileup in your normal route. Being claircognizant is only obvious to you and not to others. It is not something you can explain to another party – it is often described as an out-of-the-blue notification.

Being Claircognizant and clairsentient are inherently part of who you are. Often as children you are more naturally tapped into your gifts and through your upbringing and societal beliefs these gifts can be forgotten.

It is possible, however, to tap into these energies and develop your intuition and intuitive gifts as an adult. Developing them takes patience and practice in order to build awareness and trust in them.

How do you know you are claircognizant?

People with claircognizance have strong gut instincts that prove to be true. You just “know” things and you cannot explain why. You may wake up with a flash of insight or solution to a problem seemingly out of nowhere.

You will likely find yourself finishing people's sentences because you already know what they are going to say.

Keep a Journal of Intuition

To develop claircognizance, write down in a journal the intuitive ideas and insights you experience. You can do this over a week or month. Compiling the list will help you realize how many intuitive instances you experience and can confirm your claircognizance.

At first, it may seem weird to write your conscious mind but stick with it. Your mind is the only spectator and no one besides you will read your entries.

With persistence, you will begin to channel your intuitive insights. As a result, you will find clarity and wisdom in your thoughts.

Meditate - Guided By Your Spirit

Meditation quiets your mind and helps you to connect and recognize the voice of your own soul to guide your path.

But how?

Start by setting an intention to connect with your higher self spirit for guidance and to listen to your inner knowing. Have faith that you can connect with your spirit.

During meditation, make use of essential oils like frankincense or cedarwood. When you have calmed the mind and are in a relaxed mood, you are ready to utilize your intuition as a form of guidance.

There are various meditation guides you can find in Jen Gilchrist’s community.

Believe In Your Claircognizant Abilities

Just by acknowledging that you have claircognizant abilities is an important step to more fully develop them. The more experiences of an intuitive nature you receive, trust in yourself begins to develop.

If you feel you are being claircognizant, do not ignore the message but act on it. For example, an urge to check on a family member probably means that they need your presence in some way.

At first, a thousand reasons will crop into your mind why you should not do it. Being claircognizant lives within you waiting to be recognized. When you become aware of your intuitive thoughts, act on them, as this will confirm them you will begin to cultivate trust in your ability.

Being Claircognizant and Its Connection with Spirituality

People with spiritual backgrounds know or see things not possible to their 3D worldly perceptions. These are the psychic gifts that are inherent to who you truly are as a spiritual being.

Your intuition is simply the communication between you and spirit, whether that be your own higher self, spirit guides, God or the Universe. It is your ability to interpret the “unseen” world all around you.. Your divine belief helps to find your claircognizant ability to interpret messages from your guides.

Spiritual guides, such as Archangels, appear when you need them on different occasions of your life. You also have guardian angels that are specially assigned to you for the whole duration of your life.

When you have developed your intuitive nature, you will sense their presence and feel their energy within you. For example, the archangel Raphael’s energy is healing. Guardian angels have no denomination. They work with all faith and spiritual beliefs.

How do Angel guides use your intuitive gifts to guide you?

Your spirit or angel guides you through signs or numbers. Signs of synchronicities or coincidences will quite often happen in your life. For example, perhaps you begin to think that you need to improve your relationship with your family.

Then the next day at the bookstore, you come across a book on how to improve family relationships without specifically looking for it. Your angel guides also communicate through numbers and sequences.

For example, 111 or your lucky numbers. Your angel guide sends messages to you through these signs and numbers. This is to give you knowledge of how to navigate through certain situations. Your angel guides can also come to you in dreams.

Use Your Spiritual Guides to Achieve Goals

.You can learn how to use your spiritual guides to achieve your goals. Spirit guides will always send opportunities your way. They do this through communications that need action on your part.

But how can you achieve this?

You have to recognize the messages they send by being aware and present in everyday life. Plan to have a quiet moment in your busy schedule. Be alert to the signs your guides give you. Practice meditation and spiritual practices to develop your abilities and awareness.

For example, draw an oracle card to receive a message and inspiration every morning. This will create a relationship and intimacy with your spiritual guide.

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Clairsentience and Signifying Divine Guidance

When you are clairsentient, you feel physical and emotional energy from your environment. You deeply feel your own emotions and feelings and often those of other people as well.

How can you guide this divine gift? It starts with you and your belief in those feelings.
Start by guiding your reactions. For example, if you wake up and have a strong sense that your boss will not be in a good mood that day or that a certain report will get you into trouble, you can plan ways to stay away from your boss’s direct negative energy or rectify the report in time.

hand reaching out to another hand

Recognize the Signs

When you are clairsentient, you experience the energies in your physical body. This could be through a tingling feeling, sudden stomach aches, instant anger, or even a swing when your heart beats with a fluster. These signs are common. They show a heightened clairsentience of feeling.

These emotions could belong to someone else and not you if they seem to appear out of nowhere. This is when you need to check in with yourself and ask, “ Is this mine?” This will help you to sort your feelings from those of others as an empath.

Empathy and Clearing Techniques

Empathy is when other people’s emotions and feelings overwhelm you. This can be confusing.

It is easy to become overactive in your handling of these feelings, causing you emotional exhaustion.

How do you clear the emotions and feelings that don’t belong to you?

First, learn to determine which emotions are yours and which belong to someone else.
Next, it is essential for empaths to take the time to clear their body and energy field daily.

Just like you take a shower each day, you must energetically clear out the energy you absorb from others. You can do this through meditation practice and learning to create strong energetic boundaries. This becomes easier as you develop conscious awareness to recognize the differences in the energy you experience.

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Expand Into Higher Consciousness

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Develop your Intuitive Gifts

In conclusion, your intuitive gifts are about you and your divine spirituality. You can develop them through listening and awareness of the surroundings. As a result, you gain clarity for your goals and your purpose in life. Join Jen Gilchrist Soul Success Unleashed community on Facebook and YouTube. You will find various resources and programs to awaken your psychic abilities.

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