Twin flame separation

Mar 8, 2024

twin flame separation

Meeting your twin flame is one of the most powerful soul experiences because of the incredible opportunities for spiritual growth and ascension journey. However, sometimes twin flames go through a twin flame separation period. And whether it takes months or years to reconnect it really depends on the level of spiritual growth.

Nearly every twin flame relationship willo undergo the separation stage at some point, simply because separating from your twin flame is part of the healing process. These relationships are packed with intensity because your twin flame mirrors your deepest insecurities and fears.

So, how then can you navigate your twin flame separation stage and evolve in your relationship?

That’s why I’ve written this guide to help you understand twin flame separation, the stages in your twin flame relationship, and what to do if it happens.

What is a twin flame separation?

In every twin flame relationship, core wounds, insecurities, and deep-rooted trauma are exposed. As a result, most twin flame relationships initially go through some sort of triggering phase after the “honeymoon” phase.

A twin flame separation is a period where twin flames are redirected from one another, giving you each time to work on your spiritual growth. It simply means when two people, not necessarily in a relationship or in close proximity, meant for each other, need to do their separate healing and growth.

When the separation stage is done, they start harmonizing their energy on a spiritual path, which draws them together in the physical world. Depending on where they are, they’ll expand into each other's spiritual journey for support.

Some people experience lots of separation stages at the early onset of their relationship before they reunite, while others advance in their spiritual journey quickly and then come together for the final part of their lives.

One of the main purposes of a twin flame relationship is to help us evolve spiritually and become the best-healed version of ourselves. No matter how complex or unfamiliar a twin flame relationship can be, it is a catalyst for growth.

Your twin flame will expose the hidden part of ourselves that we need to work on, and this can be profound and enriching when we make the most out of it.

Twin flame relationships have a lot of push and pull. However, there will typically be a time when one partner eventually pulls away, and this causes separation. Making your way back to each other depends on the pair. Each relationship is different. Some take mere months, while others take years.

Does the twin flame connection get even deeper in separation?

The separation period from your twin flame relationship occurs so that each person can grow and evolve spiritually within themselves. .

When there is a twin flame break up, they work on themselves, their souls’ purpose, their spiritual journey, and their self-development until they are at the stage where they can reconnect with each other without any toxic or unhealthy patterns of behavior.

If you focus more on your healing, rather than the healing of your twin flame, you’re going to attract your highest and best for you. It’s best to focus on your growth and allow things to evolve gradually as you do your healing.

Toxic relationships should not be misconstrued or tolerated as a twin flame relationship. Sometimes, it could be a karmic relationship meant to spark your growth. Allow yourself to work on your alignment without obsessing over what should or shouldn’t be.

At the end of the day, allow things to gradually unfold at their pace. If it is meant to be, the magnetic attraction between you and your twin flame will deepen.

Out of all the twin flame stages, the separation stage is necessary for your shared souls to grow individually. Twin flames reunite when they are emotionally and spiritually ready for high-level commitment.

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Stages of Twin Flame

The twin flame journey is an emotional, bumpy ride that can be described as intense, packed with lessons, and necessary for spiritual growth. Twin flame stages are as unique as the relationship. However, there are general up and downs that we can call the twin flame stages.

Attraction stage

This is the stage where you feel an intense connection with your twin flame.They are often romantic in nature, but not always. Once you meet them, you will be instantly connected to them with a strange, familiar feeling. You often think about them and you want to spend a ton of time in their presence constantly.

In this stage, the relationship is peaceful, loving, and almost like a honeymoon. Even though you try to resist this connection, but eventually, you’ll accept the reality that you are strangely connected to your mirror soul. This attraction is because you’ll realize they are a lot like you, since you share the same soul.

The separation stage

One of the most important twin flame stages is the separation. Sooner or later, core wounds will emerge and differences arise in the relationship. You’ll notice differences in opinions and personality that might trigger your insecurities and rock your relationship.

While our twin flame mirrors our deepest desires, needs, and dreams, they also tend to mirror our shadow selves.
Often, these challenges are a reflection of the soul work both of you need to do on your own. Your love will be put to test as you dive deep into your shadow side to do inner work. Sometimes, this stage involves phsycial separations, ending the relationship, and emotional shutdowns.

However, if you focus more on your healing, rather than the healing of your twin flame, you’re going to attract your highest outcome to you. It’s best to focus on your growth and allow things to evolve gradually as you do your healing.

The seperation stage for every twin flame journey is unique. Some twin flame separate often in the early stages of their relationship, while others evolve spiritually and reunite with their twin flame after the initial separation stage.

This separation period can go on for many years but working on your triggers, insecurities, and deepest fears will bring you back together if that is what your souls planned to do this lifetime.

The reunion stage

The time apart from your twin flame is when you’re supposed to grow, reflect, and expand your spiritual journey. The seperation stage should be seen as positive, allowing you to heal your core wounds completely and fulfil your spiritual path.

The seperation can go on for months or yearss, but if it is meant to be and they do their innerhealing work as well, you’ll reunite with your twin flame and help each other on your respective journeys. As you reunite, there will be room for soulful expansion, and your relationship is strengthened.

However, if you haven’t done enough work, the separation stage will keep occurring until you are at the right stage in your life where you and your twin flame can stay together in balance and harmony.

Once you have evolved more spiritually, integrated your own masculine and feminine energy and completed enough of your own healing individually, you’ll experience peace, love, and reciprocal understanding in your relationship.

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Reasons For Twin Flame Separation

Now that we’ve covered the necessary twin flame stages, let’s discuss the cause of twin flame separation. Read more about twin flame symptoms to discover what leads to separation from your twin flame.

1. It’s not the right time

For many twin flames, one (or both) person isn’t ready for the relationship. Sometimes, twin flame separation occurs because the time isn’t right. The intial meeting may just be meant as a catalyst of growth for each person.

There is a lot of self-reflection and realization that the relationship is deeper than usual. It can be challenging to love someone unconditionally and still have healthy boundaries - not everyone is happy about that.

Sometimes, other journeys need to be completed, and we need to meet other people. The best thing we can do in this situation is to accept what is and focus on your own happiness and well being. Trust that this experience will help you become wiser and stronger.

2. A need to increase self-love

One common reason for the separation of the twin flame is a need to increase self-love and self worth within each person. This can manifest in the relationship, whether as codependency, jealousy, and insecurity.
We cannot provide unconditional love to our partners if we don’t provide love for ourselves first. This is where much of the inner work and growth needs to be done. We need to realize that we don’t need anyone to complete us and we are inherently worthy of love. .

3. Unhealed wounds

One of the causes of separation in many twin flame stages is unhealed wounds, , whether spiritually or emotionally. This can show up as the egos fears and doubts or unhealthy patterns in relationships. The twin flame journey is meant to be a catalyst of healing within yourself so that you can transcend these unhealed parts of yourself.

Twin Flame Separation Signs And Symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms of the twin flame pain stage (separation) will help you prepare mentally and emotionally for it.

1. Increased arguments

Twin flame relationships can be challenging since you are forced to confront your deepest fears and deal with emotional baggage. While this helps you heal and move forward, it can lead to increased conflicts. An escalation in arguments may be a sign that you are entering the separation stage.

2. Absentee communication

If one twin flame starts actively distancing from the other by reducing contact, it is a tell-tale sign of separation. For example, the ‘runner’ may block the person on social media, stop answering calls, or refuse to meet in person. While this may feel painful, sometimes these separation phases are needed to move forward on the twin flame journey.

3. Twin flame separation blues

Being away from your twin flame causes separation blues. You may feel hurt as your mirror soul is away from you, and the feeling is similar to that of a breakup. It is common to feel gloomy, alone, and sad initially during this period.

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How To Deal With Twin Flame Separation

Although separation may not be permanent, it is the perfect time to focus and prioritize your personal growth and self-love. It is important for each person to find themselves and their own happiness.

During the twin flame separation, try to find fulfilment with oneself and get out of codependency. Align with your highest purpose and focus all your attention on inner work and self healing.

Sometimes, you could be stalling your twin flame journey by not listening to your soul’s calling. Search deep within yourself and find your soul’s purpose. Practice self-love and develop a personal alignment with your higher spiritual calling.

When that work is done, twin flames can often rekindle because they are emotionally and spiritually ready to approach their relationship in a mature and balanced way. This growth cannot be bypassed, so trust that at the appropriate time, what is meant for you will be.

If you’re truly meant to be, you’ll find your way back to each other.The separation period is also a great time to nurture the relationships you have with yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do twin flames hurt each other?
The separation stage may likely bring pain or discomfort to one or both partners. While it can be painful for both twins, it is never with the intent to cause hurt.

In a twin flame relationship, your twin flame may mirror your own issues, habits, or imbalances. To learn and grow, you need to confront your deepest wounds and insecurities. Doing this can be extremely hurtful and challenging for the twins. 

Why is twin flame separation so hard?
The separation is painful because it forces us to go through a grieving process and learn to surrender the need to control things in regards to the relationship. During this time you are being shown the deeper inner healing work your soul is calling you to do next on your ascension journey. However, this separation is an important part of the journey. It is not just about the connection and the relationship, but the profound inner transformation and spiritual awakening we receive. It strips us down to our authentic self, life purpose, and sacred soul contracts. 
Can twin flames forget each other?
Many times, when we are in separation with no contact, the mere thought of our twin flame forgetting us can feel painful. After all, time goes by and they show no signs of remembering us. However, according to the universe, you and your twin flame constitute one being. Therefore, your twin flame cannot forget you or ever lose the connection with you. It would be like forgetting themselves.
What do you do when reunited?
If twin flames reconnect and decide to try again, it is a beautiful thing and can produce a deeply intimate relationship. To keep things going, keep your eyes out for repeating patterns or behaviors.

Some twin flames have multiple separation periods, so it is not impossible that issues reoccur. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to eventually overcome them.

If you’re trusting each other, developing independence, and communicating openly and honestly, then that is a good sign. If not, you may not be ready.

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