What is an Angel Card Reading?

This is a very commonly asked question that we hope to educate everyone on. Angel card readings bring forth messages that are both empowering, calming and reassuring.

They will illuminate a new perspective that brings forth clarity of direction and comfort while you are facing a difficult or uncertain time.

Angel card readings will offer guidance, support and encouragement to keep moving forward on your path. They are also a great way to also begin to cultivate your intuition and communication with your angels and guides.

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Within this post, we hope to provide insight to you on what to expect during your angel card reading. Now that you know what an angel card reading is, there are a lot of other factors to consider.

If you are looking at receiving guidance through an angel card reading then you can signup for a free angel card readings or enroll in our training program to offer readings of your own.

Enhancing Your Intuitive Gifts and Doing Angel Card Readings

In testing times, it’s important to turn to spirituality and receiving insights from an online angel card reading is an effective tool that highly sensitive people and empaths are utilizing to understand how to navigate their life and overcome challenges to follow their soul path. It offers new ways to see the situations we’re in and offer better ways to make decisions to avoid unnecessary suffering.

The potential of online angel card reading is huge as it extends beyond the traditional limitations. People from all walks of life sitting in any corner of the world can take advantage of online angel card reading. The practitioner taps into the energy of the people that will tune in to the reading which then transmits a divinely guided message.

This explains why so many people are surprised as to the accuracy of the readings, even when watching a “replay” of a session from several months in the past!

How Does it Work?

With many people facing job-related challenges, anxiousness for the health of their loved ones, and uncertainty about the future, accessing an online angel card reading has become even more significant. This is particularly true for those in the process of spiritual awakening as they are receptive to the message being channeled.

First off, online angel card reading will help you acclimate to the broader perspective of the challenges you’re facing, what exactly you’re going through, and probable reasons.

Its effectiveness is much more than just motivating you to tackle the issues. It will help you dissect your issues and the reasons your conscious mind is unable to understand. That is because the information is received and transmitted beyond the physical realm.

An online angel card reading helps you interpret the whole situation, accept it wholeheartedly, and embrace the positivity lying underneath. In times like these when we are surrounded by uncertainty, online angel card reading helps people to make life manageable.

At Soul Success, Jen Ghilcrist is offering free group reading where you can connect through a communication channel.

It’s important to keep an open mind to whatever your angel is saying during your reading. While we will be communicating on behalf of the angel, they will be the ones guiding the conversation
through the cards.

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How does an Angel Card Reading of the Current Energy Apply to Your Life?

If you are experiencing a transition within your life whether that be with your home, career, or a relationship, your angel card reading will provide you with the guidance that you need. You can come with a specific question or you can just be open to the different signs that they bring forward to you.

When coming for a reading, the most important thing that you can do is have an open mind and listen to the signs that are coming your way. These readings can help you tune into subconscious thoughts that you are experiencing and tap into different emotions and visions, bringing you closer to living your fullest life.

The message that you receive from your angel will depend on a few things including your overall well-being, the state of life that you are in, your emotional and mental health, and others. Regardless of your current circumstance, you will certainly gain from an angel card reading, as long as you stay open to the signs.

Angels are often very compassionate so their messages typically reflect that care. Whatever they say to you will be full of grace but will always be powerful to hear.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about angel card readings, reach out to us today.

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How To Start Offering Readings - Developing Your Intuitive Gifts to Give Readings to Others

One of the major aspects of an angel card reading is connecting with angels and getting guidance. But how do you begin doing readings for friends, family or clients as a spiritual practitioner? When you read an angel card, you call an angel, and immediately your minds start to receive answers to your questions.

The practice of angel card readings enhance your intuitive gifts by constantly bringing your psychic powers to use. Often, people are unable to tap into their intuitive gifts because they have never used them or given attention to their intuition.

However, doing an angel card reading requires you to be at peace, focused, and ready to listen to your intuition — resulting in strengthening your intuitive gifts.

hand reaching out to another hand
If you are new to doing readings, I recommend that you start the session by utilizing the spiritual tools you already possess. This can be meditation, saging, clearing techniques, chanting, calling your guides or practices from other modalities.

At Soul Success Unleashes, Jen gives you access to the right tools and programs for strengthening your intuitions, clairvoyance, and intuitive gifts.

Jen has a passion for helping people awakening their inherent intuitive gifts. More importantly, she’s qualified and dedicated enough to teach you to develop your intuition so you can learn and start offering angel card readings.

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How to Identify Angel Messages

Angels, our divine protectors, love to help and interact with us. In doing so, they often send their angelic guidance through channeled messages, dreams, or insights.

Angel messages are constantly drawing your attention to a sign and they leave you with clues to place you in the right direction in life.

The power is not within the signs themselves, but the messages that the sign reveals. These angel messages are there to comfort, uplift, encourage, inspire, prepare, strengthen your faith and enhance your spirituality.

You simply need to open your heart and look out for them. Here are some common ways angels convey their messages to us:


This is a common sign of angel messages. If you find a feather on your path, especially a white feather, the angels are letting you know that they are offering angel guidance.

Feathers can also be found in different colors like green, brown, gray, pink, yellow, orange, red, black, etc. Each color is a sign of their presence and message.

Sight, smell, and sound:
Angels often send us messages through our sixth sense. Seeing angel shapes, clouds, and sparks of light are also signs of their presence.

If you notice a rainbow, angels are bringing you validation and encouragement. If you detect an odor like a rose or flower, it's a sign that angels are there to calm you in your time of need.


Repeating sequences of numbers are another way angels communicate with us. One example would be you see a license plate with 444 and then at another time you look at the clock at 4:44. If you begin to notice a number sequence that stands out to you, there is a chance that angels are trying to get a message across to you.


Angel messages can appear to us in our dreams. Since the subconscious mind is active when we sleep, it is a great way for angels to appear and talk to you directly.

Try asking for angel guidance to come to you in your dreams and then also that they help you remember your dream upon awakening.

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Angel Guidance and its Impact On Our Daily Lives

Angels are spiritual guides that can help you navigate your adventures on earth.

Think of them like spiritual coaches that appear frequently to guide you on the right path in life. Once you get to know your angels, it will be easier to sense their presence and recognize their guidance in your life.

For example, if you get lost while hiking and you silently pray for help, and then suddenly a stranger shows you the way, or you are faced with an improbable solution and then someone offers a solution out of nowhere - this could be your angel offering you guidance through another person.

There are many different ways a spiritual angel may be guiding you. Angels work in our lives in very profound ways.

Ever wondered what you should do about a particular situation?

Do you seek validation about something in your past or future?

Are you longing to understand your purpose in life?

Need help coming to terms with a traumatic incident?

Angels also bring us words of comfort and encouragement. The messages they bring us are a tool to connect to the divine - it is like guided communication.

Angel messages give us insight into many areas of our lives like our finances, relationships, career, and work while giving us peace of mind, clarity, and confidence to make decisions that will be for our greater good.

They support you with encouragement, love, and answers to your sought-after questions in life. In challenging times, angels are there to show a clearer picture.

Here are some ways angel guidance can impact our daily lives:

  • We gain clarity and a new perspective on life.
  • Find peace and balance in whatever situation we find ourselves in.
  • Nurture your relationships.
  • Helps us understand the next step needed to achieve our soul's purpose.
  • We get a new sense of awareness and knowledge through their guidance.
  • We can access our subconscious mind to reveal things we didn't know about ourselves.
  • In uncertain times, we can turn to angels for some support and guidance.

Where to Get a Free Angel Card Reading

Connecting with your angel guides helps you receive clarity on everything from finance, work, health, relationship, and lots more!

There are moments in life when we need reassurance and validation from somebody we love. This is when you should turn to your Angels.

At any given moment Angels are around us, waiting on our call for help to guide us through difficult times. Whatever issues you are facing, Angels are at the ready to give you a clearer picture - and they do this with love.

Through my Free Angel Card Reading, you can connect with the guidance of your spiritual Angel. Their mission is to guide you with love and support through love so you can be your most authentic self.

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Asking for your Angel's help is one of the most spiritual practices. Your Angels are always happy to communicate and offer you guidance in any situation.

In my Free Angel Card Readings I allow the angels to guide me in sharing the messages that can best support those who feel called to listen at that time. Often people say it is like I was giving them a personal reading.

So when receiving Angel Card Readings Free, you can ask your Angel either specific or vague questions.

For example, you may want to ask, "How can I align to my highest path today?" The Angels will answer your questions by turning up a card that holds the answer.

However, it is important you receive messages from an Angel Card Reader that can understand messages and differentiate channeled messages from their thoughts and feelings.

If you are looking for Angel Card Readings Free and to receive guidance through an angel card reading, then you can sign up for a free angel card reading or enroll in our training program to offer readings of your own.

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Best Angel Card Reader Online

It’s important to receive guidance from an Angel Card Reader that can differentiate between the channelled mesages and their own thoughts. If you do not find the best Angel Card Reader, then you may have readings that are misaligned with what your soul is truly interested in.

Wether you receive Free Angel Card Readings or train with Jen Gilchrist, you will not have to worry about that issue at all. Jen has trained coutnless practitioners and is masterful at helping highly sensitive people tune into their intuition.

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Final Thoughts

Anybody can talk to Angels, at any time, but it takes a specific type of communicator to be able to really hear and relay the messages of Angels without letting their thoughts get in the way.

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