Being Clairsentient: Sensing Someone’s Energy

Clairsentience means “clear feelings”. In other words, it is your ability to distinguish and understand through the intuitive gift of feeling energy and emotion.

This ability is largely housed in the sacral chakra and has a strong tie to the physical aspect of the body.

Feeling Energy

The sacral chakra embodies a lot of the physical components of the self. This is where, if energy is blocked, the body can have issues with digestion, menstruation, fertility, fatigue, difficulties with finances, or problems in the realm of creativity.

Clairsentient Abilities and What It Can Do for You

Your feelings are a barometer for your intuitive knowledge. Some people may feel their inner knowing or clarity through their solar plexus or heart chakra. The solar plexus, put in simple terms, is an intuitive or energetic center located right below your sternum in your stomach area.

We often hear that practicing a good diet and exercise are key pieces of stabilizing our digestion. The energy within the solar plexus functions the same way.

A flow of energy within the solar plexus serves to aid in digestion, concentration, and focus. When this energy is out of spiritual alignment, a variety of issues can arise.

Other individuals may feel their clairsentience through the heart or body. When accessing clear feelings through the heart, keep an eye out for a sense of expansion or contraction. This may be your clairsentience trying to guide you by feeling your alignment in a particular direction or towards a higher path.

If you are one of the individuals that experience clairsentience throughout the body, practice discernment as much as possible. It is easy for minuscule outside environmental factors to have an impact on how we feel physically.

Practicing discernment can begin to implement the habit of differentiating between an outside effect on your body and a call from your clairsentient abilities. Once incorporated into your daily routine and fully harnessed, your clairsentience will feel different than an emotion derived from an extraneous factor.

The feelings from your clairsentience lead you to a different path or a choice. So, if you have a tug in a certain direction that follows a feeling, it is most likely the power of your clairsentient abilities coming to light.

Having clairsentience is about receiving information intuitively, through your own emotions, and the emotions of others. Clairsentient individuals go beyond the five senses to have their instincts guide them.

A key piece of cultivating clairsentience is recognizing that a great deal of perception comes with it. There is a higher level of knowledge that was not present before these abilities awakened.

Ideally, as a clairsentient, it is important to pause and fully listen to everything around you. Incorporating discernment is crucial when cultivating your abilities. Clearing the space around you and tuning into the connection between your environment and any rush of emotions occurring within you.

Sometimes we can perceive the source to our feelings. For example, if there is a layer of discomfort surrounding how you feel at the present moment, take a moment to stop what you are doing to fully pay attention to all that is around you.

Ask yourself if there is a current situation or individual making you feel negatively. If so, then you have successfully pinpointed the origin of your emotion. If not, a deeper dive into the feelings of others may need to take place.

You may be inhabiting the emotions of others without recognizing them.This is the empathic component of clairsentience that must be refined into a usable tool to enhance spiritual alignment. Practice discernment to separate the feelings of the self from the feelings of others.

Sometimes people will have energetic cords that connect in from coworkers, family or even past lovers that transfer energy and emotions of others. This can create confusion as to what are your true feelings versus others feelings. It is important to have daily practice to clear out these energies so that  you have a clear discernment.

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Clairsentience can begin as early as childhood. It is not uncommon for children to call it out and  announce, “I can feel you’re sad.” When we are young, our souls are purer and have a greater deal of spiritual alignment.

It is as we age and grow older that we begin to separate more from our remembrance of our original pure soul essence and connection to source energy. As a child, we are not clouded by a multitude of outside influences and are free to be exactly who we are at the core.

Feeling a spirit’s presence or seeing energy as a child can feel overwhelming. These are the children that are usually deemed “too sensitive”.

While it may feel natural to perpetuate the narrative that feelings do not matter or hold much weight, it is important to harness your gifts, even as a child. Allowing yourself to feel lets you perceive more. We are not only able to classify feelings easier, but we may have the ability and spiritual alignment to determine whether what we are feeling is our own or someone else’s.

Sometimes a child will simply state that you look sad or unhappy, seemingly out of nowhere. Perception is a key indicator of clairsentience in youth. As a parent, you probably did not give off any indication you were in a negative state of mind, as to not burden your child.

However, clairsentience goes beyond so the individual can sense energy on a deeper level. No matter how hard you try to cover the emotion, your child will probably be able to infer how you are feeling. Due to this, it is beneficial to allow your child to harness their clarity. Practice meditation and the correct emotional regulation for their age range to tune into their abilities, rather than shutting them out.

Feelings frequently get discounted, but they hold a lot of knowledge and powerful energy that aids in spiritual alignment. Use emotions as powerful tools to recognize feeling someone’s energy from a distance by harnessing clairsentience.

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Signs of Being A Clairsentient

Your feelings are always there to tell you something. At times, they persist to give us information on our thoughts or ideas. They can provide insight into key pieces of knowledge about the self. It can be difficult to navigate through a mass amount of emotions at one time, especially if the emotions are not particularly pleasant.

Feeding into your feelings and accessing the root problem that is causing your hardships is a form of liberation. You will feel much lighter after properly dealing with the core source of your negative feelings.

It will be easy to pick up the emotions of others, especially within an individual that has the power of clairsentience. Seeing the energy and feeling someone’s energy from a distance will greatly impact your daily life.

This is when discernment comes into play because it is crucial to be aware of which feelings belong to you and which belong to another individual that you have simply internalized. A clear indication that you have clairsentience is when feeling a spirit’s presence and seeing energy become incorporated with your normal life.

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Indicators of Clairsentience

You may cry a lot in movies or have a high sensibility to most aspects of life, especially ones that others may deem “insignificant.” This is not always the case because some individuals that hold the power of clairsentience may disconnect from their abilities or the negative parts of life.

Violent images or stories are sometimes too overwhelming for you. Certain depictions of blood, gore, trauma, or cruelty may cause a cloud of grief or sadness because you are embodying the emotions of the actors that had inflicted upon them within the movies.

Stories could cause issues as well, depending on how graphic and detailed. Clairsentient people can also tune in and sense energy from individuals that are not even in the room.

This all depends on how much the clairsentient traits have been cultivated.

Individuals with clairsentience often avoid confrontation. They know exactly how each action impacts each individual, in the realm of feelings, and do not want to rock the boat in a sense.

In part, this is in place as often an unconscious coping mechanism to avoid feeling the discomfort of the reaction the person may push back with.

If you are clairsentient it may be hard for you to speak your truth at times. This is because people with clairsentient traits know a lot of emotional outcomes, especially based on the actions they apply. So, clairsentients would rather avoid a difficult situation because it could cause a lot of undue stress that may seem unmanageable.

Being a people-pleaser or codependent in a specific relationship is another common pattern that shows up for those with strong clairsentience. This often leads to an imbalance in the relationship, since you are giving more than you are receiving, which can cause unhappiness or a lack of spiritual alignment.

Keep in mind that most of those things listed above are common patterns that many people struggle with as an unconscious coping pattern prior to discovering they have clairsentient traits. When clairsentience is in full power and you have total control, there will primarily be peace and positivity that comes with your gifts.

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The Difference Between an Empath and A Clairsentient

Some people can be empathic and clairsentient. The empathic ability to decipher someone else’s emotions, as well as your own, can be included in the gift of clairsentience.

We all have the spiritual ability of clairsentience, which is the communication between your feelings and your spiritual self. Some people might be an empath, which is more tuned in to other people’s energies.

An empath can clearly discern the emotional state of another person or animal.

Determining what an empath means has to touch on how to feel the energy, especially feeling someone’s energy from a distance, and not fearing it. It is a gift that reveals just how much of your soul is in spiritual alignment.

In that way, there is a difference in that we can all become empathic. Sometimes an empath is unaware of this, completely numbed out and disconnected because other’s emotions are too intense.

We can develop empathic abilities and understand what an empath means, however, since all human beings are born with clairsentient traits. They consist of being able to sense energy, navigate through the complexities of how to feel the energy, and discovering feeling someone’s energy from a distance.

Comprehending what an empath means involves a look inward. Self-reflection is a key piece to our clairsentient journey so you can feel your energy realign with what it is meant to be. Your energy will flourish and blossom once you cultivate it.

Everyone grows their spiritual abilities differently. Decide if you need to go out in nature to harness these abilities, write pages of gratitude, or work on something creatively.

What an empath means to do or yearns for is an outlet or a way to channel all of the overwhelming emotions of other people.

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Feeling a spirit’s presence, or an entity apart from your own can feel scary at first. Understand you can feel your energy and no matter how harsh or intense feeling a spirit’s presence may be, you are in full control.

Once you practice grounding techniques and have a complete list of spiritual tools in your inventory, you will be able to conquer many emotionally charged situations.

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Ways to Strengthen Your Clairsentient Abilities

Clairsentience is a particular ability that allows the individual to sense energy and can enable feeling someone’s energy from a distance. Oftentimes, clairsentience is sometimes difficult for people to discern and trust because people are enmeshed with other people's energy making it difficult or overwhelming to read.

We are often told not to rely on fleeting feelings. However, feelings often provide clues or key insight into a situation. If we learn to lean into our clairsentient traits and discover how to feel the energy, a new decision may become clearer. Higher paths illuminate once we can perceive a circumstance from a novel perspective.

Tuning into your clairsentient traits can be so empowering and healing. Be aware and present of the feelings that flood you. Decipher whether they are your own or if you sense the energy of a different individual. Once you become aware of your abilities, they are much easier to utilize.


How to Increase Levels of Clairsentience

The TLC full-body meditation method allows the individual to reconnect their mind, body, and soul. The whole purpose is to recognize that all three make up the self and identity.

We can realign all components of ourselves by clearing out any negative thoughts, taking deep breaths, and releasing any pent-up energy, all while in a calm, cool environment.

Connect with your body regularly through meditation, centering your energy, or journaling in nature. Exercise is also important for empathic and clairsentient individuals because it helps regulate their energy.

For these types of individuals they may collect tension within the body due to consistently feeling the emotions of others and embodying them within their being. It is after we release these built-up feelings that we can then practice discernment to decipher which feelings are our own and which are the feelings of others. Then, we can claim our power and energy back by directly calling out.

Clairsentience: The Link Between Feeling

Recognize that asking for your energy to return to you is a key element of staying rejuvenated and grounded. Enroll in energetic mastery programs to learn how to harness this energy.

The embodied meditation I teach is important for reconnecting the body back to the soul, so we do not continue to drown in the overwhelming intensity of other people's energy and to process our own feelings. Seeing the energy and establishing within your mind that you do have the gift of distinguishing how you can feel your energy will put you in full control of your abilities.

Your body is sensitive, so practicing self-care like regular massages, getting a lot of sleep to give your body time to repair, and soaking in hot salt  baths are a great way to give your body the attention it needs to regain spiritual alignment with your soul.

You want to take an “energetic shower” in a sense, every day, or as much as possible because your soul sponges up a majority of the essence and energy around you. It is good to consistently cleanse and call your energy back to your being.

Without clearing your energy, a lack of clarity will occur. It is important to take the time and practice to incorporate an energetic flush so you can practice discernment and comprehend how you feel. Once you harness the strength of these abilities, spiritual alignment will be achieved.

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