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Helping Highly Sensitive Empaths, Intuitives and Lightworkers Manifest their Vision









I’m Jen Gilchrist…

I’m Jen Gilchrist, Soul Alignment
and Success Mentor + Speaker.

It is my gift and passion to awaken people to their inherent soul gifts and help them clear soul-level blocks so they can fully show up in all their brilliance. I teach my clients tools and processes so they can use to create actionable steps so they can create new levels of success in their purpose driven businesses that aligns to their unique soul’s purpose.


This is for you if you are…

… highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive service based women who is feeling confused and overwhelmed by your sensitivities

… struggling with having clarity of your unique purpose and spiritual gifts

… feeling your “inner alarm clock” is going off and you are feeling the call into being of service in the world with your unique gifts and message

… feeling invisible to your ideal clients and JV partners

… know you are meant to be speaking on Big stages, become a best selling published author or blogger on the Huffington post.

Programs for Highly Sensitive Empaths, Intuitives and Lightworkers

Energetic Mastery Program

Energetic Mastery for Sensitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your sensitivities?

Are you tired of keeping yourself small in your business for fear of burnout?


Intuition Activation ~ Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success

The Intuition Activation Program includes…

  • Weekly video training ~ tangible tools to cultivate your intuitive gifts ( 5 clair’s)
Soul Success Unleashed-Clairvoyant, Channeling and Healing

Soul Success Unleashed: Clairvoyant, Channeling and Healing

Build confidence and trust in your spiritual gifts, amplify your intuition to overcome obstacles and navigate life ease

The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get Started Is With Our Affordable Workshops For Highly Sensitive Empaths And Intuitives

Get Free Resources And Engage With Other Highly Sensitive Empaths, Intuitives And Lightworkers In Our Online Community

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I now have focus and clarity which has given me so much more peace, joy and passion in my life.

Samantha Wilson
5 star

I now have focus and clarity which has given me so much more peace, joy and passion in my life.

“I would absolutely recommend Jen’s mentoring because she is a real joy to mentor with. She helped me to build on my strengths and work with my personal challenge areas. Jen does it with grace, love and precision. As a result I am living an empowered life, with greater freedom and purpose than I ever thought possible.”

I recommend this program whether you are experienced or brand new.

Crystal Lynn Perez
5 star

I am so happy that I signed up for Jen’s Soul Unleashed Group.

I quickly and easily learned to do aura readings and past life readings! She gives you many different tools to use that assist with healing for yourself and your clients. I signed up with the intent to help my clients and yet, all the practice and readings are also helping me heal, ascend and center. I recommend this program whether you are experienced or brand new, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to excel.

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Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

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