The Soul Purpose: Align, Embody, and Express Your Divinity

Feb 27, 2021

your soul purpose in life

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Soul Contracts, Unconscious Healing Agreements and Karmic Patterns

Your soul purpose is your truest self and it’s the ideal way to live a fulfilling and happy life. It’s important that you feel your soul purpose, be aware of it, and align yourself with it.

Here, we are going to talk about the soul’s purpose, how to be aware of it, align with it, and how it affects your life.

How to “Find Your Soul” or “Feel Your Soul”

Do you ever wonder what you’re doing here in this world or what your soul purpose is? Some people find their soul purpose earlier in their life while others find it later on. Discovering your soul purpose can be the result of a joyful experience you had in childhood or it might stem from a trauma you encountered later on in life.

To live a fulfilling life, it’s imperative to find your soul purpose, feel your soul purpose, and align your spiritual awakening to your soul purpose.

But how does one find soul purpose and how can you find your soul purpose?

To find your soul purpose, you first have to understand it.

Tapping into your intuition will help you get answers to your Soul’s Purpose.

Soul Purpose

The definition of soul purpose is becoming consciously aware of who you are as a soul, so you can evolve by allowing your divine nature, or source energy, to be expressed through you. Another way to think of it is expressing ourselves in the simplest way.

Your soul purpose is the answer to some of the shortest yet most complicated questions about yourself. Your soul purpose is who you are, why you exist, and what you’re seeking. You will find your soul purpose when you find the answer to these questions.

If you have yet to find your soul purpose, then learning about your soul is the stepping stone. Let’s talk about how to feel your soul, find the meaning of your soul, and the purpose of your soul.

How to Feel Your Soul

Your body is your communication and if your soul flows through you, creating that communication channel within your body is an important aspect to begin to feel your soul. When you are able to tap into your body’s needs then you can more easily feel your soul.

The existence of the soul can’t be denied and when you feel it and are content with it, your life becomes simpler. When you are aligned with your soul, life flows more naturally, and you no longer face struggles while taking action.

Your soul talks to you through your intuition and tapping into your intuition is the most effective to feel your soul.

Here are a few ways to feel your soul and get more in touch with it:

1. Spend Time in Nature

When we are caught up in worldly affairs, we miss out on signals our soul sends us because we are not connected with our intuition. Escaping the usual hectic routine and spending time in nature helps us to be in the present moment.

Nature has calmness and peace in abundance, which signals us to slow down our thoughts and be in the present. There are many ways to spend time in nature. Go for a hike, walk on the grass in a park, walk on the beach, or meditate by the water.

2. Keep a Soul Journal

Journaling is a great way to keep track of the thoughts, feelings, and signals we receive from our mind and soul. It is just like writing a diary, the only difference is you’ll go deeper. To feel your soul, you need to pose questions to it. Ask questions that are related to your personal life and pen down the immediate thoughts that come to your mind.

3. Take Yoga Classes and Meditate

Yoga and meditation are two of the most powerful tools that bring you to the present. Both align your mind with your body and help you focus your attention on your breathing, which is the perfect way to be in the present.

Once you are in the present, you start feeling your soul and listen to what it says. You can meditate in the form of deep-breathing to bring calmness and inner peace to yourself.

If you’re unable to meditate, TLC Meditation is a great practice to “feel your soul.” It can quickly shift your energies to help you connect with yourself and focus on the present.

4. Travel

It can be as little as taking a different route to get to work, or as big as going on a world tour. Regardless of the form of traveling you adopt, it is going to benefit you. When you mix up your routine and enjoy new experiences, you get out of your comfort zone. This helps you tap into your intuition, which is the perfect way to feel your soul. Intuition plays a big role in discovering your soul’s purpose, but you need to activate it.

5. Take Long Walks

One of the quickest ways to clear your mind is to go on a long walk. It gives you a chance to pay attention to things around you and feel your inner guide.

6. Help Others

It’s a natural phenomenon to feel happy and content with your life when you help others. Giving your time, energy, and affection to others helps you forget your problems. With a clear mind, you align with your spirit and feel your soul.

7. Lose Yourself in Something You Love

You will always find yourself in you and peace when you do things that you love. Whether it’s dancing, singing, writing, cooking, or something else, lose yourself in doing it.


The Meaning and Purpose of Your Soul 

The most wonderful, accurate, and complete description of your soul is that it’s an invisible part of your existence that connects you with divinity or God(See Angel Card Reading for inspiration). Its meaning goes beyond eternal things as it has a lot to do with your humanity, how you see yourself, and how you connect with others around you.

Whether someone is religious or not, he or she has a soul. Its existence is true.

How Does Spiritual Awakening Relate to our Soul’s Purpose?

The soul is your higher self. Unlike your ego, it’s not attracted to materialistic things.

Our soul purpose defines what we are and what we want in life. If you are unable to find your soul purpose or to feel your soul purpose, you are the prisoner of your lower soul, which is your ego.

Being spiritually awake means you’re looking beyond the confines of your ego. When you are in such an awakened condition, you connect to your soul and feel its purpose.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is the single most powerful tool that can help you get rid of your false beliefs, heal old wounds, and transform you into a completely different person who finds yourself as a complete human being. Spiritual awakening nullifies your illusion that you’re separate from oneness.

When spiritual awakening is realized by someone, their energy starts to transform, old wounds start to heal, beliefs correct, and a truly positive shift happens in life. They start to express themselves in the truest way and start to live life to its fullest.

The best part about spiritual awakening is that it’s realized throughout the body as your heart, mind, and soul start to see how limited your view of life was. When we have a spiritual awakening, we identify disbelief, negative energy, and illusions quickly.

How is Spiritual Awakening Connected with the Purpose of Our Soul?

Spiritual awakening is connected with the purpose of our soul because it often occurs when we hit rock bottom. An awakening always happens when we experience the Dark Night of the Soul, and that awakening always calls us to follow the purpose of our soul.

Each person experiences their spiritual awakening in a unique way. The Dark Night of the Soul comes in iterations. The first one is realized when you realize that something is holding you back from what is in your best interest. The experience might be splitting from your partner, letting someone go, losing a job, etc.

Once you let it happen, you realize that it’s actually a blessing. That’s when you experience spiritual awakening and identify that it’s connected with your soul purpose. This can be tricky to identify. Allow your inner joy, passions and interests to be your sign posts, as they will lead you one step at a time to your soul purpose.

Even after being spiritually awakened, you will face fears and doubts. Whatever the reason that brought spiritual awakening to you in the first place might still be in your mind causing these fears and doubts. This, however, is where your inner strength comes into play if you allow it to transform you.

How Does Spiritual Awakening Work?

Often, we are unable to go beyond the confines of ego. It’s our exclusive self. When you are confined by your ego, you either overestimate your abilities or under-estimate the skills required to achieve what you want. You lose touch with reality and tend to miss opportunities that are out there for you.

Spiritual awakening lets you realize that there’s a dimension of reality beyond ego. As a result, you let go of your ego and your higher self arises within you.

Ego is your lower soul while spiritual awakening rises your higher soul. When you live a life following the purpose of your higher self or soul, you feel more fulfillment and happiness.

Your lower soul’s appetite is insatiable and it goes on for eons when it stays unchecked. Fortunately, you don’t need to try controlling it when you can awaken or connect with your higher soul which is compassionate, calm, and neutral.

Here are some signs that you have started on the path to spiritual awakening:arrow-iconYour behavior starts to change for the better.

arrow-iconYour emotional wellspring deepens and you become more authentically human.

arrow-iconYou start to prioritize spiritual values and concerns over materialistic things.

arrow-iconYour inner world becomes your primary aspect of life.

arrow-iconInner freedom comes to you.

arrow-iconYou become honest with yourself and take personal responsibility.

What are Different Methods and Tools to Help People with Awakening?

If you’re on the path of becoming a lightworker, then you certainly need to be aware of the methods to help people with awakening. Having the right tool in your hand will teach you how to help people with their own spiritual awakening. Here’s what you need:

The Energetic Mastery Course

This course is a huge help for those that find it difficult to meditate because of their inability to sit, relax, and focus in order to listen to their intuition. It offers a strong foundation to empathic people. The Energetic Mastery Course teaches you to feel your soul, listen to your intuition, and break free from the feelings of overwhelm

With this tool, you can learn to manage your energy, differentiate your intuition from your thoughts, and switch yourself from undesirable to desirable energies.

The underlying goal of this course is to help people through active mediation and embodied meditation, which is helpful for people that find it difficult to meditate. If a person is clogged up with undesirable thoughts, it’s almost impossible to connect with your soul, listen to your intuition, and find the true meaning of your soul’s purpose.

A major factor that limits your forward march on the path of awakening is your limiting energies, fears, and doubts. Once you are able to identify them, you can take them out of your mind.

Often, once you start moving forward on your path, break the boundaries, and start to express your higher soul, your fears jump in. The fear might be of “judgment” or “approval.” When you hit such an experience, a lightworker will help you continue on your path by finding ways to diminish your fears, express your higher self, and feel safe sharing your truth.

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What is Dark Night of the Soul and Does Everyone Experience it?

Did you ever feel lost, alone, and unable to bear what’s happening in your life?

Have you ever lost all hope and found yourself clueless about where to go?

Have you hit absolute rock bottom?

If you ever felt this or are experiencing this right now, you may be experiencing your Dark Night of the Soul. This is the miserable part of growth and growth without it is inevitable.

It’s a stage in personal development when the person finds himself bearing sufferings and difficulties. It is often a wake-up call that leads to a transition phase that takes you to your deeper truth and perception of life. Previous conceptual frameworks developed in your life make it challenging to develop a deeper and better perception.

This might sound like something unfamiliar, but you already know about it in other forms. You can find similar conceptions in religion and psychology. If you are aware of the conditions like “existential crisis” and “forms of depression,” you are familiar with the Dark Night of the Soul. What you experience in an existential crisis is very much relative to your state in the Dark Night of the Soul.

Everyone experiences the Dark Night of the Soul at some point in life. Some might recognize it quickly, while others keep stranded looking for answers. Typically, personal development starts when you’re going through the Dark Night of the Soul, so it can be regarded as an integral part of personal growth. While everyone experiences the Dark Night of the Soul, the way they experience it varies from person to person.

Everyone experiences it with its own unique set of circumstances. What’s true for someone might not be true of another person. But one thing that can’t be denied is that everyone experiences it at some point in life and it is your opportunity to rethink how you have been living your life and to allow yourself to embark on the spiritual awakening it offers.

How to overcome Dark Night of the Soul

Are you going through a tough and challenging time or recently been through one? It happens to everyone and you’ll find your friends, family, and yourself going through tough days. The fact is hard days or dark days can be quite confronting and challenging. But the good news is, like happy days, bad days also pass. There are ways to get through challenging times efficiently.

When you’re encountering your Dark Night of the Soul, you feel lonely, hollow, and lost. You start questioning everything around you and wonder where you are. Can you recall such an experience at some stage in your life?

If you’re going through such a time, say to yourself that it is okay. There’s a way to overcome this and you’ll find immense light and pleasure beyond the experience. Take it as a transition phase where you’ll go from your worst to your best. As you keep overcoming and getting through this transition phase, you’re leveling up. As you keep going, you start to get expansive views of brighter and more appealing things awaiting you.

“The endurance of darkness is the preparation for great light.” - St John

Here are some tips to support you through a Dark Night of the Soul:
arrowWithdraw, Isolate, and Pullback
Your Dark Night of the Soul is there for a specific reason. If you didn’t encounter it, you might not grow spiritually as much as you should.
This is an integral part of your growth. Most of the time, we enquire and seek information from the outside world. We are too distracted looking at the glitz and glamour of the world that we forget to look inside us.

By withdrawing, isolating, and pulling yourself back from worldly affairs, you should start to look within and listen to your soul. You can do so by avoiding unnecessary social commitment, asking your soul questions, and being kind and gentle to yourself.

arrowSit in Stillness and Meditate
The Dark Night of your Soul often occurs when you have strayed far from your truth. To overcome this, all you need to do is to connect to your deeper truth. You connect to your deeper truth and find your true self that’s beyond the conditioned identity only when you’re in deep states of consciousness. To overcome the Dark Night of your Soul and connect to your deeper truth, meditate 10-15 minutes every day.

arrowSound Sleep
Sleep is one of the most powerful tools that help to overcome almost any barrier blocking your growth or healing. A big factor of the Dark Night of the Soul is stress. Sleeping helps you get rid of stress.
If you’re always distracted on the internet late at night, watching TV, or drinking, then you may be purposefully distracting yourself from the purpose of the Dark Night, which is to find your deeper truth.
Sleep restores balance, purifies your thoughts, and reprieves your soul and mind. For this reason, you should go to bed early and have a sound sleep.

arrowGround Yourself in Nature
One of the ways to bring peace and calmness to your body and mind is to ground yourself in nature. You can lay on the grass, walk barefooted on the grass, or sit and meditate in the open air.

arrowWholesome Food to Nourish Yourself Both Mentally and Physically
When in the midst of the Dark Night of your Soul, you don’t feel good and it’s easy to ignore your health. You’re drawn to low-grade foods.

Consuming low-grade and unhealthy food to relieve stress and agitation is not the right way to go about recovery. Sugary food, alcohol consumption, and fatty foods are inappropriate ways to feel elevated. Understand that your body needs balanced meals containing sufficient minerals.

Switching to wholesome and healthy foods is a way to overcome stress, which eventually leads to overcoming the Dark Night of your Soul.

arrowMost of the Solutions Come to You When You Seek Knowledge
Lack of knowledge stems from a lack of quest for knowledge. Seeking knowledge is the ideal way to get yourself out of the Dark Night of the Soul.

Try to figure out what your soul or the divine is trying to tell you through the experience of the Dark Night. You can read books that inspire you to do things you love and help you to connect with your deeper truth.

arrowSeek Counsel
Many people have already walked down this path and they are willing to share their experience with you. They know what is needed to get the best out of this and how to overcome this phase while helping you to transform positively at the same time.

Get in touch with someone who won’t judge you and is professional in this subject. You can find a coach, counselor, mentor, or mentor experienced in healing and energy work. Jen is an excellent professional that has various training programs, which might be valuable for you to encounter your Dark Night of the Soul.

When you are encountering the Dark Night of your Soul, be assured that it’ll pass with time. It’s not a random experience or punishment but a chance for you to connect to your deeper truth. It is a journey that makes you a more enlightened person and strengthens your faith in yourself.

To overcome this phase, have strong faith that there’s something great on the other side that awaits for a better life.

Remember that you’ll arrive at the clearer side soon. This is just evolution and a learning experience.
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Why is it Important to be Aware and Aligned with Your Soul Purpose?

When you are aligned with your soul purpose you are going to experience more joy, peace, and abundance. That is at the core of what we are as human beings. It is our ability to express ourselves which will have us experience joy, freedom, and happiness.

Expressing yourself is communicating with integrity in your communication with yourself and with others, and how you express yourself through creativity and work. Expressing yourself from an energetic standpoint means allowing your higher self and your soul energy to move through you.

This means that you are manifesting more quickly, you are connecting with your intuition, and you are leading and directing your life in a more conscious way that brings joy, ease, and fulfillment.

Here are a few benefits that emphasize the importance of soul alignment with your soul’s purpose:

arrowYou Stop Wasting Time
When you are not aware of your soul purpose and not aligned with it, you spend much of your time thinking about what you want. There’s nothing worse than getting up every day and dreading your purpose in life.

When you’re aligned with your soul purpose, you listen to whatever your soul asks and you act on it.

arrowYou Get Definitive Directions
To remain on the right path to get to where you want to be without wasting time, you must be aligned with your soul purpose. It gives you definitive directions to your purpose, stopping you from running in circles and not getting anywhere.

arrowIncreased Happiness
When you are happy in life, there’s nothing else you wish for. Happiness comes and goes because sometimes you get what you want and other times not. Often, happiness is somewhere else while you keep searching for it in a different place.

The right way to find happiness is to be aware of your soul’s purpose and be aligned with it.

arrowYour Hopes are High
If you want to get to your goals, you need the motivation to keep going. Much of the motivation and courage to keep going stems from hope. If you don’t have hope in life, you’re in a terrible place.

When you are aware of your soul purpose and aligned with it, you see the possibility of living the best life. Seeing this possibility gives you hope and impacts your life positively.

arrowYou are Motivated and Passionate
When you are aware of your soul purpose and align yourself with it, you find possibility and hope. When hope and possibility are around, you are more motivated and passionate about things you want.

Passion drives motivation, which becomes your source of getting to a place of contentment.

arrowYour Definition of Success Changes
Typically, we associate success with wealth and recognition. The reality is far from this. When you are aware of your soul purpose and aligned with it, you know what’s important and what is not.

That’s when your definition of success changes and you stop yourself running after materialistic wealth. Forging your own meaning of success means you’re no longer relying on others to tell you your worth.

arrowNo Regrets
Living a regretful life is the worst thing that can happen to you. When you are aware of your soul purpose, you no longer run after things that don’t bring any value to your life.

When you are trying hard to achieve something but find yourself thinking of giving up, ask yourself whether you’ll regret the decision at the end of your life or not. Continue your efforts based on the answer you get from your intuition.

The only way to get a satisfactory answer is to be aware of your soul purpose. When you are aware and aligned with it, you know what’s valuable for you and what’s not.

soul affects

How Connecting with Your Soul Affects Your Daily Life

To live a fulfilling and happy life, alignment with your soul purpose is very important. Your soul and its purpose is your divine essence. It never dies and is eternal. Our body is just a visitor passing through the soul.

If you want to live a fulfilling life and keep your body and mind relaxed, then it’s important to feel your soul and listen to what it wants.

When we are aligned to the purpose of our soul and do what it wants, we get fulfillment and happiness. Ignoring the soul’s purpose and not aligning with it makes fulfillment evade us.

Both fulfillment and happiness affect our daily lives. When you’re aligned with your soul purpose, you are no longer attached to unnecessary things and don’t expect things to behave in a certain way. It means you let go of control and live freely.

Final Thoughts

Finding your soul purpose and aligning with it gives you better chances to live a life of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction.

When you are aware of your soul purpose, you’re no longer a prisoner of materialistic things and don’t expect others to behave in a certain way around you. For these reasons, awareness of soul purpose and aligning with it is something you should try right now.

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