How to Start Your Spiritual Journey

Aug 2, 2021

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey
Spiritual signs involve the universe sending messages when a strong desire to have spiritual awareness evolves and manifests within an individual. These messages are  divine guidance and are here to support you and have an impact on the direction of your life path and soul alignment.

A Spiritually Enlightened Quest

A spiritual journey looks different depending on the person. Sometimes it can look like education through the spiritual development of enlightenment. Determining what is a spiritual journey lies within the parameters of the individual. The only criteria is expansion. This can look like career growth, integrating new knowledge into your perception, increasing your social sphere, or even picking up a new hobby that brings you great joy.

What Is the Spiritual Journey?

Discovering how to be spiritual is continuous. While a certain problem may prompt starting a journey of ascension, typically a single question is not answered. There is more of a complete change of perspective, due to the expansion of knowledge or mindset transformation.

Seeking change can often provoke a reevaluation of lifestyle. A lack of fulfillment may have been creeping more as the days pass. Sometimes the emotion is not that glaringly lacking, but it is closer to the feeling of wanting more. There is nothing more your current perception and way of living can do for you. Other times it can be a subtle change that drives people close to their highest spiritual path.

Having no balance or energetic boundaries in place can also cause strain in multiple aspects of life. Closer to a feeling of accrued chaos or panic, not giving yourself proper relationship regulation, or even giving yourself a shortened window of time in crucial decisions regarding important people or steps in life can create a feeling of stress or anxiety.

Finding spirituality can come after a dark night of the soul moment, which is typically an abrupt or unexpected life experience that catapults you into a big change. The previous way of living is no longer suitable for the individual as they take an honest look at the way life is currently laid out. There is often a conscious period of waking up following this time, where the idea of change is welcomed. We begin to challenge old concepts and ways of thinking and see the world through a comprehensive lens.

The rose-colored glasses are removed as a spiritual journey ignites and shifts our perspective to a truer light. We can clearly visualize what the problems or missing pieces are and once we recognize that they exist, a reclaimed sense of purpose and energy revitalizes our being.

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Signs You’re Called to The Spiritual Journey

Synchronicities can indicate the beginnings of spiritual awakening and the start of your journey of spiritual alignment. Repeated numbers, patterns, and sequences are all signs that a higher power wants you to shift your perspective or way of life. Seeing the numbers 111 or 333 are often placed subtly in our lives, to guide us to reaching  our fullest potential. Flashes of colors, images, or patterns can also be an indicator that a spiritual journey is approaching.

Having points of view suddenly shift or allowing for new ideas to coat your current understanding to expand your knowledge of the particular topic or circumstance is also a sign that your spiritual journey has begun.

An overall sense of recognition that you are no longer as fulfilled in varying parts of your life will also serve as a signal that it is time to shift gears or take life courses. Morphing into a reality of conscious awareness illuminates all of the issues we have been ignoring. It blatantly puts aspects of your life that are misdirecting or hindering progression at the forefront of your vision.

Once you are made aware of these problems, the spiritual journey of resolving them and expanding yourself begins.

Dreams may become more intense and picturesque. Dreams often give us clues about our unconscious mind and guide our spiritual development stages.

A tip is to write the dreams that you found impactful down in a journal. Take special note of any specific imagery or patterns. After several dreams have been recorded, reflect and review all of your entries.

Determine if there is a repeated symbol, sign, or theme present in your dreams. If you struggle to remember your dreams, view the tips below to interpret your dreams better and unlock your spiritual gifts.

Ways to Remember Your Dreams When Beginning A Spiritual Journey

  • Keep a documented account of your dreams whether it’s through a journal, notebook, voice memo app, or creative writing.
  • Actively talk about your dreams. Sometimes dreams are easier to remember when you relay them to another person.
  • Research the meaning of images and symbols within your dreams. While looking up the meaning of certain dreams on Google can be useful, it is important to keep your inventory of dreams at hand.
  • You will have the best perspective when it comes to your dreams. Decide what a specific element of a dream means to you and how it pertains to your life. Online meanings may be too broad to be applied or they could represent an issue that mimics your battle. The overall message is that you are the final determiner.
  • Starting a journey of spiritual trips can get convoluted, especially when you are working on changing multiple aspects of your life. Don’t overthink things.
  • Try to look at the bigger picture to decipher what your dreams mean. For example, look at shapes and settings that are frequently repeated in your dreams.
  • Rivers, oceans, and lakes are common settings for dreams, but hold different meanings depending on the dreamer. Someone may feel calm and at peace, while another individual may feel fear.
  •  Look for any connections between your dreams and current life situations. Maybe you are feeling stressed at work so you have an anxious, action-packed dream that can provide a key clue as to the true perspective of the situation. Deciphering what is a spiritual journey lies in uncovering hidden aspects of the self’s inner wants and wishes.  

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The Spiritual Journey

What Are Stages of Spiritual Development?

We are constantly on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and often, the incitement of the “dark night of the soul moment” ushers in a conscious state of awareness.

A spiritual journey can begin with a responsive action of noticing what is not bringing you complete joy in your life. Simply contemplating what is no longer serving you can begin the transformation of your old life entering a plane of spiritual enlightenment.

Your new perspective sparks innovation, creativity, and a sense of freedom, as well as independence from all material aspects and components that are no longer useful to your higher purpose.

Typically, individuals will start their spiritual development stages within their spirit journey with a sense of urgency to shift their life experience to one that is filled with a sense of peace and hope.

At times, it can feel lonely in the beginning as if you are stuck between worlds in no-man's land with no one to talk to about these newfound changes. This too shall pass as you will begin to attract others into your life that understand and are on a similar path as you.

A perspective shift from living unconsciously to being fully aware of all current situations and surroundings is a significant sign that you are awakening your spiritual enlightenment.

Switching to a more conscious viewpoint allows for the individual to have more control. You begin to come into your power through spiritual enlightenment and uncovering the truth that you can guide your destiny.

Starting to comprehend that your future is moldable and all you have to do is decide it, will it, and then have a full-faith belief in it will push your spiritual journey that much further along.

You feel more empowered through the realization that as a co-creator of your destiny, you can choose your life. You can decide the next direction in your spiritual development stages. Seeking knowledge to grow your perspective is a natural progression of the next stages of a spiritual journey.

This is when people have the desire to take full responsibility for the fact that they’re a conscious creator and that there's a much larger spiritual force that is now accessible and supportive at all times. You start co-creating your life. It moves into a space of service where people eventually will start to awaken to this idea that they want to serve the world or humanity in some way through their life purpose.

Giving back to the world and sharing what their journey has been may provide spiritual mapping for someone else starting a journey or determining what is a spiritual journey. Laying out a blueprint for other people’s spiritual development helps them decide how finding spirituality will lead to the highest version of the self. Assisting others in their spiritual journey will also further your own ascended path.

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Phases of The Spiritual Journey

After the initial phase of the spirit journey and the quest to determine how to be spiritual, individuals will feel more in all aspects of their lives. Having emotions awakened throughout the spiritual journey is one way a lot of people fall into their gifts.

Emotions can also be used as a tool of navigation to wade your way through the murky waters of a spiritual journey. While there is clear sparkling water ahead, the beginnings may seem confusing if all of your feelings begin to bubble up and you do not feel equipped to process them or allow them to be fully expressed.

It is important to realize a deep sense of inner knowing that was not previously present will happen. After letting your emotions come to fruition, it is good to find a positive way to channel them. Learning the truth about how you feel regarding certain topics that you didn't know were of value to you before your spiritual awakening can stir up a lot of new thoughts and perspectives.

Keeping track of how your feelings and mind are changing through writing or meditation will help you control your thoughts and take the reins of the newfound power and knowledge you have gained access to. Get free angel card readings to fully comprehend all your profound abilities and energetic strength.

Once we recognize our new feelings and channel them through a healthy avenue, certain patterns or behaviors in our actions will become more apparent.

While a component of the spiritual journey and coming into spiritual enlightenment involves gaining a wealth of wisdom, another massive portion involves weeding out aspects that no longer serve your higher purpose as a novel spiritual being. This can involve reevaluation of boundaries with people in your life or setting limitations on work by freeing up some of your creative space, but sometimes it only involves ourselves.

When we start to notice how certain habits or actions impede our daily activities, it is time to transform that behavior into a more beneficial aspect of the self. Clearing our minds of inner toxicities will also cleanse our energy and further spiritual development in the process. 

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The last phases include raising your spiritual ego when a copious amount of new knowledge is gained and then subsequently grounding yourself to release part of that ego.

Undergoing spiritual enlightenment is a lifelong process, so the healing must be continual. Always work on rebuilding your energy and remind yourself what is a spiritual journey.

Walk in your highest path once you discover what your spiritual purpose is. Maintain and build a positive routine around providing a remedy to yourself and others that are also starting a journey or embarking on spiritual trips.

Soul Mapping

How To Start Your Spiritual Journey

Establishing your spiritual journey will start with you finding spirituality. Decipher what it means to you and how you can live your most authentic life while learning new information and expanding yourself as a spiritual being. Spiritual development stages often include varying levels of soul mapping or spiritual mapping.

Spiritual enlightenment awakens when you consciously acknowledge it. Starting to discover what is a spiritual journey and actively responding to it in your daily life will fuel the process. Recognize that embarking on the path of how to be spiritual is the first step in your spiritual journey. Feed your energy into this journey of growth and expansion. Begin research into spiritual trips or finding spirituality to start the phase of wisdom development.

Seeking like-minded groups can be helpful. Having a supportive group of people that believe the same spiritual ideas or looking for individuals that have experienced a quest of their spiritual development and ascension can be beneficial. It is always helpful to have a tight-knit community that always lends aid and advice to each other.

Going through spiritual development stages and starting a journey alone can be scary. Look for information on how to discover your highest purpose and build a community. The more that you stay aligned and on your path, the more abundance and joy will appear. You never have to settle because you have the power to change your own life for the better.

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Soul Mapping

Soul mapping involves a spiritual overlap between the physical and psychological inner aspects of the being. It delves into integrating practical components into the mind using spirituality.

Building the foundation for soul mapping starts with taking an in-depth look at the past, present, and hypothetical future versions of yourself. Spiritual mapping can be created with diagrams, written responses, drawings, bubbles, or any innovative form that allows you to examine your past, present, and future actions or behaviors.

Once the concrete pieces are laid out, it is time to dive further into finding spirituality and determining what is a spiritual journey. Holistically evaluate your feelings and perspectives of your previous and current self.

Spiritual mapping will cause you to critically think about how your viewpoints have changed throughout your spirit journey. It will look at the evolution of relationships, careers, and events that have helped shape the different versions of you.

Soul mapping can also be utilized as an entirely creative technique. Going through the spiritual development stages by accessing all of the pertinent information you have known at every piece of your life will drive your spiritual trips toward total alignment.

Often, a specific shape or network of interconnected webs is used as a diagram to examine how all the elements in your life lead to the current version of you that is trying to go about starting a journey of how to be spiritual.

Using the interconnected web, diagram, image, and various colors will ensure that you take a look at how your inner circle of family members, friends, acquaintances, secondary family members, and coworkers all impact different components of your life.

Spiritual mapping asks specific questions about how these bonds affect other components of your spirit journey. After completing your soul map, be aware of signs or clues from the universe that are seemingly guiding you toward an answer for your queries. 

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