Avoid Energetic Overwhelm: Activating Your Healing Energy and Abilities

Oct 6, 2023

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Have you ever felt, at some point, that you’re a bit more intuitive, sensitive, or emphatic than the people around you? Well, you’re not alone. Sometimes, these qualities can be a lot to handle. But you can make your unique gift a source of strength rather than something that weighs you down. It’s about providing the right tools and support to navigate your sensitivities.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share how to protect yourself from feeling overwhelmed by the energies around you and how to tap into your natural healing energy. By the end of this journey, I want you to feel equipped with the tools to embrace your unique gifts fully.

Introduction to Vibrational Healing

If you’ve been following along with my journey, you’ll know that it started with an awakening. I began seeing angels, hearing messages from loved ones who had passed, and feeling an overwhelming connection to the energies around me.

It was fascinating, but it was also a bit like waking up in the middle of the night without a flashlight. I had no tools, support, or understanding as I was navigating the waters.

One significant moment in my spiritual journey was when I visited a psychic who predicted that I would be doing what she was doing within 5 years. At that time, it seemed like an unrealistic dream. I was just starting to explore my intuitive abilities, let alone share them with the world.

Fast forward, that prediction came through. I found myself on the path to becoming a healer, teacher, and spiritual guide. But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I encountered challenges that you might relate to.

I struggled with combining my “normal” life with my spiritual journey, and I was afraid of public speaking. The turning point came when I realized my fears were holding me back from fulfilling my purpose.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Vibrational healing is connected to the journey of self-discovery. It’s about recognizing your energetic boundaries, understanding how we absorb these energies from others, and learning how to manage our sensitivities.

Whether you’re a hairstylist, nurse, massage therapist, or in any profession where you work closely with people, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed and drained, even affecting your well-being.

But here’s the beautiful truth: You have the power to activate your healing energy and thrive with your sensitivities. Energetic healing on a vibrational level is about being in tune with the rhythm of the universe, where every frequency carries a message of balance, health, and happiness.

Vibrational healing helps you to find your harmony, remove any blockage, and enjoy complete spiritual wellness. Your sensitivities become a guiding light on your journey, leading you to frequencies that resonate with the essence of your true self.

In other words, it is the key to unlocking the healing potential within and around you. It’s about nurturing your intuitive gifts, aligning with your soul’s purpose, and inviting divine guidance into your life.

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How Healing Energy Works

Understanding how healing energy works is a bit like discovering a hidden treasure within yourself. It’s a profound journey that can bring clarity, balance, and peace to your life.

In the process of vibrational healing, you may start noticing the things you weren’t aware of before. You become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings, and sometimes it feels like you’re in a daydream or getting sleepy during meditation practices.

That’s perfectly okay; it’s a sign that you’re touching those parts of yourself that have been resting in the shadows. It’s all part of the journey of healing and awakening. Everyone’s experience is unique, and what matters is that you’re taking a step to understanding yourself better.

Some people find it easier to stay awake during these meditations by sitting up. What is most important is that your intention is to explore your inner world and become more aware of your feelings and thoughts.

As you continue in your healing energy journey, you might start feeling emotions or sensations in different parts of your chakras. It could be a feeling of pressure or tightness in your body. These sensations are like signals, telling you that there’s something inside you that is waiting to be noticed.

Using energetic healing techniques like TLC meditation practice can be helpful. This practice will help you pay attention to these emotions and release old energies that have been stuck inside you.

Remember, the healing journey doesn’t need to be rushed. Your journey is about discovering your healing abilities at your own pace. Embrace it with kindness, and with consistent practice, you will unlock your true potential and live a more fulfilling life.

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Amplify Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities While Releasing Doubts and Fear of Judgments

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Benefits of Energetic Healing

It is truly exciting to recognize that your sensitivity is not a flaw but a precious gift. For a long time, many of us have been made to feel like we’re somehow “too much” or that something is wrong with us because we perceive the world differently.

But the reality is that our heightened sensitivities can be a gateway to a world of spiritual gifts and awakening. Healing energy work helps us embrace these sensitivities without feeling overwhelmed.

One of the ways to do this is by learning how to ground your energetic center. Think of this as your daily energy shower - just as you cleanse your body, you should also clear your energy field.

When you practice grounding techniques, you can take control of your energetic boundaries and be more empathetic to others without absorbing their energy.

You no longer rely on the energy of people or your surroundings to determine how you feel. Instead, you become a radiant presence and stay in full control of your energetic and emotional state.

Another beautiful thing about activating our healing energy is that it allows our psychic gifts to flourish. We all possess these spiritual abilities, but some people may be more attuned with theirs than others.

By consistently cultivating your spiritual toolbox, you can awaken and channel your spiritual gifts to be your number one guide in navigating this world. It’s all about clearing the noise so you can tap into your psychic gifts.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with being emotionally sensitive - It’s a gift waiting to be fully unwrapped. You’re not alone on this journey, Soul Success Unleashed is here to support you with energy healing techniques and uplift you every step of the way.

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Types of Energy Healing

There are many types of energy healing modalities, I’ve included a few of the most common techniques.


This is a Japanese technique where you lay on your hands to channel your healing energy. It helps you feel calm, reduces stress, and can heal both your body and mind. Think of it as a warm, comforting energy flowing through gentle touches.

Chakra Healing

This practice focuses on balancing the body's energy centers or chakras. It involves meditation, visualization, and crystals to help you find your harmony and balance.

Crystal Healing

Crystals have unique vibrational energies that can promote healing and balance in our bodies.

Sound Healing

This utilizes vibrations from musical instruments or the human voice to balance and heal energy. Sound healing creates a peaceful atmosphere for your inner self to thrive.

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Practical Applications of Healing Energy

Oftentimes, we unknowingly become silent healers at a young age, soaking up energies from the people and things around us. We weren’t taught about maintaining a healthy energetic space until much later in life, but today, we’re going to clear some of these patterns,

These activation practices will help you work on issues like giving more than you receive, energetic overwhelm, or battling fears and doubt.

Vibrational Healing Practice: The "Deactivate and Activate" Tool

This powerful tool will help us release deep-rooted beliefs and patterns that have been passed down through family lines. Although we choose these family lines to grow and evolve, we also need to break free from limited beliefs and patterns that have been holding us back.

I want you to think of this practice as a gentle, nurturing steam of energy flowing through your hands.

Your throat chakra will be our main focus. We’re unlocking your natural healing abilities, and by doing so, you’re unleashing your creative potential.

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and reconnect with the Earth’s grounding energy.

Visualize your higher self expanding through your body, connecting to the core of the universe. This connection is where the healing begins.

We’re calling upon Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, to work through your hands and cleanse your heart and throat chakras. These are not just energy centers; they’re also your creative channels.

Feel the energy flowing as you are empowered to heal and create.

The Energy Ball Activation

Now, we’re moving toward the heart of our practice. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine building your energy ball. You might not visualize it, but that’s okay. Just focus on what you feel.

Rub your hands together to awaken the dormant energy centers within your palms. As you set your intention to activate your healing energy, notice the sensation.

Now, gently pull your hands apart and then bring them closer together. You’ll start to feel a subtle energy growing between your palms.

What color do you perceive? Is it warming, comforting, and soothing, or does it have a cool quality? Does it have a particular texture? Pay close attention to your senses.

Now, we’ll share this energy. Pass it to the right, and feel the differences between yours and your neighbor’s. Then, send it back.

The energy ball is a great tool in your healing journey. It’s a gift you can use whenever you need to clear your unique healing energy, raise your vibration, or activate your intuition.

Remember, this is YOUR healing journey. You can come back to this exercise whenever you wish. Your vibrational healing energy is a gift, and it is always there, ready to support you on this beautiful path.

Conclusion: Finding The Right Energy Healer

As you start your journey to activate your healing abilities, remember this: your sensitivities are your wellspring of strength. They're the key to a life filled with abundance and spiritual harmony.

When you heal your energy field, you bring forth your unique power and authentic voice. Your presence spreads positivity and healing to those around you. There's nothing quite like living your life's true purpose and fully embracing your highest self.

Finding the right energy healer on your journey is important. They will offer you the tools, support, and a nurturing environment for your spiritual growth. They can help eliminate barriers and obstacles while ensuring that you continue developing your own abilities so you don't depend on the practitioner.

At Soul Success Unleashed, I provide you with a lot of tools and resources to help you transform emotional overwhelm into a strenght and for you to thrive as a sensitive person. To become your own energetic healer, I invite you to join hundreds of students that have embarked on this beautiful journey through my Soul Success Unleashed training program

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