Understand and Cultivate Your Psychic Abilities

When people hear the word “psychic,” they imagine a room decorated with crystal balls, animatronic contraptions, and a lady sitting inside claiming to have supernatural powers bestowed upon her from her ancestors.

In reality, a person with psychic abilities or psychic energy is able to see, hear, and feel beyond the boundaries of the world.

If you think you’re an empath and want to tap into your psychic abilities to help yourself and others, then keep reading this.

Soul Success Unleashed helps you fine-tune your intuitive abilities and ultimately leads you to strengthen your psychic abilities. With the Energetic Mastery Program, you learn to build up your energy resiliency, ground fully in your body, and develop strong energetic boundaries. Then, several teachings are used to unearth your spiritual gifts and put them to practice to strengthen them.

When you have strong psychic abilities, you are able to make better choices and decisions because you receive messages and perceive the future correctly — helped by your spiritual gifts.

Do I Have Psychic Abilities?

Psychic abilities are found in everyone, but not all people truly understand the significance of these gifts. Different psychic abilities a person has include:

Crown chakra (claircognizant)

Your ability to see and feel about things without knowing the “how” and “why”. Primarily, it’s an epiphany.

Sixth chakra or third eye (clairvoyance)

The sixth chakra is a psychic ability that can be strengthened through meditation. It enables you to see energy, see auras, and get messages from your intuition. 

When your third eye is open, you get guidance constantly, even while doing seemingly mundane tasks. Your clairvoyance might speak to you through visual signs you see while driving to work or home. These are a few instances that being a clairvoyant may often experience. Once, Jen was driving through hectic traffic, determined to get to the coffee shop, even though she was told that coffee was bad for her.

On her way, she saw a tire shop with a big signboard saying “get your alignment”. Jen realized that this was actually her clairvoyance giving her guidance that she mustn’t ignore the fact that she’s been told to avoid drinking coffee. 

In her exceptional Energetic Mastery Program, Jen teaches how to seek from intuition and strengthen your clairvoyance.

Throat chakra fifth chakra (Clairaudience)

This is responsible for your ability to speak, communicate, express yourself, and share your personal truth

Second chakra Navel chakra (Clairsentience)

With this psychic energy, you become a better empath and feel the emotions of others.

The fourth chakra (Clairempathy) Heart

This psychic energy is similar to Clairsentience. It’s responsible for love, compassion, and forgiveness.

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How Do I Know if I Have These Traits?

If you are wondering whether you have these traits or not, then look for the following signs to confirm or negate your suspicion.

arrowGut Feeling Presence
Many people think of intuition and psychic abilities are two completely different things. However, both are somewhat similar. If you have strong gut feelings and always receive guidance from your intuition, then you have psychic abilities.

arrowVivid Dreams and Visions
People with the traits mentioned above often see prophetic visions and vivid dreams. These dreams give them guidance about decisions or choices they are about to make.

arrowFeeling Others’ Emotions
If you are an empath and feel others' emotions and feelings strongly, then you have strong Clairsentience and Clairempathy.

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What does it mean to be a Psychic Person?

If you experience prophetic visions, sense the feelings or emotions of others, and see things that give you guidance, then you are likely a psychic person. 

When you hear something or see something and use your intuition to decipher if it’s actually true or not, you are using your psychic abilities to put an answer in your mind. When you are aware of the unseen world, that’s when you know you have psychic abilities. 

Psychic abilities come to you when you have a strong intuition(Learn how to trust your intuition). You can strengthen your intuition through Jen’s free Success Kit.


Channeled messages and light language transmissions from your Galactic Spiritual Council on your soul’s mission.

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What Does Having Psychic Power Mean and How Does It Impact Your Life?

One of the biggest psychic abilities is the ability to perceive the future. Did you ever have strong gut feelings about an event that hasn’t happened yet — and occurred after your prenomination? This is a sign that you are a psychic person. 

When you have psychic gifts, it is important to normalize them to achieve the maximum benefits.

With psychic abilities, you are able to decipher between your spirit and body. Your psychic abilities stem from your intuition, which helps you connect with your higher self and understand who you are. You can use your psychic abilities in your energy field to help others develop their psychic abilities, take control of their feelings and emotions, and empower them with better psychic sight. 

Apart from impacting yourself, those around you can also be impacted by your psychic power. Since you can feel other people’s emotions, you can share their pain and sufferings and help them heal. The key to impact others’ lives is to connect with the community of like-minded people willing to join you on your journey.

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How Can I Practice My Psychic Abilities?

Developing psychic abilities takes patience and practice. Your psychic abilities are like a muscle that is strengthened by repetition.

Here are a few tips to develop your psychic abilities and master this craft:

Visualization Exercise

To strengthen your psychic abilities, pick one ability like Clairvoyance and work on fine-tuning it. You can start by placing a flower in front of you and focus on its details. Then close your eyes and let your imagination draw and alter the imagery of the flower. This exercise strengthens your psychic sight.

Practice Telepathy

You can practice telepathy by trying to connect with others. Begin by imagining your close friend. Attentively imagine all the details you know about them, and then send them a message through your guides to seek a connection with them.


Both fun and effective, daydreaming is a great way to practice your psychic power. Close your eyes and ask your spirit guides to visualize serene images. Don’t instruct your mind to limit its imaginations but let it wander.

Meditate Daily

Meditation is the single most effective tool to strengthen your psychic abilities. Mediation grounds you and connects you with your higher-self, which lets you fine-tune your psychic abilities.

Release Expectations

Expectations put pressure on you, so you need to forget every odd thing you have seen about psychic power in movies.

Close your eyes and let your mind create visions and daydream without expecting certain things to occur in your vision.

Give Readings Often

To become confident about your psychic abilities, you need to give readings on a regular basis.

Focus On Your Third Eye

The third eye is a major part of your psychic energy. It’s responsible for showing you the unseen world so focus on your third eye and trust your intuitive abilities. At Soul Success Unleashed, Jen helps you to cultivate your clairvoyance and channel your healing abilities.

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Final Thoughts

Psychic abilities open up a gateway to better perceive the future, see beyond the boundaries of the physical world, and sense the feelings and emotions of others. Everyone has psychic abilities; it is just a matter of recognizing and fine-tuning them. Some people are born with a few psychic gifts so they see it as who they are and never realize that they actually have psychic power.

Even if you are not born with psychic abilities, you can develop psychic abilities through practice and patience. You can follow the above-mentioned practices to tap into your psychic abilities, fine-tune them, and share your psychic energy with others.

If you want to develop and strengthen your psychic power, Soul Success Unleashed has programs designed to help you.

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