Soul Success Unleashed: Cultivate Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities

Build confidence and trust in your spiritual gifts, amplify your intuition to overcome obstacles and navigate life ease

Elysia Headsot
An all too familiar story among empaths and intuitives…

I know being highly sensitive and empathic can sometimes feel like an overwhelming  burden, however with the right tools and support it truly is your greatest gift!

Having leaky energetic boundaries will leave you spinning in your mind with anxious thoughts, physically and emotionally overwhelmed  and in some cases completely frozen and stuck unable to take action.

I remember prior to my awakening, I had no idea I was absorbing my clients energy all day long, taking in their feelings and mistaking them for my own. It created so much confusion and overwhelm.

When you are unaware that you are taking in other people’s energies and emotions as your own you will feel disconnected from your own intuitive knowing which leads to frustration and uncertainty about what steps to take in life and biz.

I remember when I first woke up to my intuitive gifts I was so happy and excited hearing my grandparents and feeling  angels all around me. Then very quickly even though I was “awake”  I felt as if  I was alone in the dark.

Suddenly, I also became aware of all the not so nice darker energies looming all about. I felt afraid and I didn’t feel equipped to handle it all as I became even more sensitive.

Fortunately, I was synchronistically guided at just the right time to learn the tools I needed to manage my sensitivities and feel empowered in my gifts and I learned that I have seniority over my energetic space and there’s nothing to be afraid of!

What we weren’t taught in school

I get it, It’s not your fault, we weren’t taught in school how to manage our sensitivities  or to understand, value and trust our intuition and spiritual gifts.

We all have these spiritual gifts inherently within us… they ARE us,  it’s who you truly are.

When these gifts begin to awaken, you may experience the proverbial “dark night of the soul”,  feeling as if  your world is crumbling right before your eyes.

Even though you may feel fearful or uncertain of what your future will look like, trust this is actually the first step, releasing you of all that is no longer serving your highest good, so that you can experience much more peace, joy and fulfillment.

Sometimes this part of the journey can be lonely as many around you may not understand your newfound view of life.

Like many people, I was raised in conservative religious upbringing that did not allow me to safely explore or have understanding of my intuitive gifts.

These abilities are lying dormant just waiting to be fully tapped into.

Work For Everyone

This is why I created Soul Success Unleashed: Cultivate Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities

You will gain conscious awareness of your spiritual growth and expansion as we move through the Soul Success Unleashed Roadmap together.


Meditate to Be Present

Learn to effectively ground and meditate so that you can be truly present, even amidst chaos. This will allow you to slow down the monkey mind and alleviate anxiety, creating much more clarity, focus, happiness and overall well being.


Transcend Limiting Patterns and Programing

This allows you to stop going in circles creating the same unwanted experiences and liberate you from painful cycles. You will also gain more accuracy and confidence in the information you receive which will save you precious time, energy and money.


Activating Your Spiritual Gifts and DNA to the Next Level

Focus on meditations and activations around your 6 chakras to awaken your spiritual dormant. As you deepen your practice you will notice more synchronicities, new opportunities and be able to consciously create the life and biz you desire.


Strengthen Energetic Boundaries and Mastering Psychic Abilities

Strengthening your energetic boundaries is essential to master so that you can own your intuitive power without burning out or feeling overwhelmed. This will support you in mastering your psychic abilities and discernment of what you are hearing, seeing, knowing and feeling.


Tapping into Collective Learning to Accelerate Your Ascension Process

Working in groups allows you to move through more energy and move more quickly into mastery, so that you have the confidence and certainty to take action on your intuitive guidance and give more accurate readings for yourself and others.

Whether you are completely new to your intuitive gifts or already use your intuition, this program will support you to cultivate your abilities to the next level!

During our time together you will…

Exponentially speed up your ascension process and become a conscious creator whose living your highest path and souls purpose you were born for. Imagine how elated you will feel standing in your full power, sharing your gifts and making an impact in the world.
Learn to do readings and clearings for other people professionally if you choose, as well as for yourself, and family. This is an invaluable skill set to hone and by far the best time, energy and money I have personally ever spent!!
Experience deep levels of transformation allowing you to experience new levels of success, joy, purpose, abundance and the freedom your soul longs for.
Gain confidence and trust in your intuitive knowing, so that you can take action on your big vision, making an impact in the world whether it’s speaking on stages, writing your book or leading workshops.
Identify and move through your self defeating patterns that keep you spinning your wheels and playing small. These sneaky hidden fears and resistance can show up in many ways such as: perfection paralysis, working really hard, yet yielding little results, procrastination, feeling like a fraud or the dreaded compare and despair.

Jennifer was fast paced, covered a tremendous amount of ground, was absolutely accurate about all that she shared with me.

” I recently had an aura reading with Jennifer Gilchrist. As a psychic intuitive, healer, and Akashic reader myself, I loved this session with her! Jennifer was fast paced, covered a tremendous amount of ground, was absolutely accurate about all that she shared with me. One particular message that she shared with me was particularly precise and powerfully communicated through her choice of words. To paraphrase, Jennifer stated that I normalize the focus on spirituality as a ‘normal,’ every day approach to and perception of life. …. which is unequivocally accurate. Jennifer also set the space by broadcasting energies.

Given my own sensitivity, I could immediately feel these Divine, uplifting energies at the very start of our session which brought a sacred quality to our session container. I would recommend this reading with Jennifer for anyone who is in transition, is just learning about their personal / spiritual growth experiences, and someone who is ready to better understand the current components of their life. It is very valuable to have someone articulate our life experience so that we can have greater confidence and clarity as we emerge on our path. “

Sasha Sabbeth

Business Success Intuitive, Healer, Soul Purpose , Entrepreneur Soul Coach

I know that following your spiritual path isn’t for the faint of heart and can feel lonely much of the time.


You don’t have to go at it alone.

It’s so healing to be seen and feel understood as a part of a like-minded soul driven community.

Creating and deepening the connection with your spiritual support team will give you so much more courage and confidence to take leaps of faith into the direction of your dreams. It’s so fun and reassuring to know you are never alone and can tap into your divine guidance at any time!

It allows you to go deeper into your inner work and move through your fears and blocks much more quickly and easily.

Allowing yourself to be supported in your spiritual growth will allow you to save a lot of time, energy and money (and alot more fun too!

The synchronicity of the soul family that answers the call and comes together in support of each other within each group is so special and powerful to witness!!

Your guides, I and others on the journey of awakening like you are waiting for you!

You can have it ALL!

In fact you are meant to experience abundance in all forms.

When we awaken and align with who we truly are, miracles abound allowing you to experience new levels of freedom, fulfillment, joy, peace, love and financial freedom!!

You will raise your frequency, awaken more fully, receive more of what you want, align to purpose, become an even more conscious creator, awaken the collective just by being YOU.

Your vibration heals not only yourself but others all around you! It is so amazing to watch family and friends shift, as well as answering the call as a lightworker to create healing for the collective at large with your unique gifts!

I have grown exponentially in my energetic healing and clairvoyant abilities but the biggest thing Jen has helped me with is releasing all my old patterns, ansestial patterns…

“I was searching for a mentor and teaching for my spiritual gifts as well as a business mentor. I thought I may have to find two mentors, one to teach healing and clarivoant skills and one to teach me about business.

Jen is both of these! She has helped me understand my unique spiritual gifts and to hone and expand them. She has taught me how to know the difference between my energy and if I have taken on someone else’s energy. This was HUGE for me as I was unaware I was doing this but it was impacting me deeply in my everyday life.

I started off with the Soul Success Circle, and found it empowering and educational, I then joined the Soul Success Unleashed training program and worked with Jen one on one coaching. She is amazing at every level and I continue to learn from her with each encounter that I have in all the programs and coaching I am doing with her.

She continues to help clear this and my skills grow each time. It is different from any other teacher I have worked with in the spiritual realm. Jen is the real deal, I and many others I know have been deeply wounded by teachers in this demographic, Jen empowers you, lifts you up, reflects your own brilliance to you and is always your biggest fan. “

Lorie Avery

During Soul Success Unleashed you will…

Develop your clairvoyance so that you can read auras, chakras, past lives, family agreements, patterns, energy of your business and relationships for yourself or others. Mastering your 6th chakra abilities allows you to see and know the truth of any situation which is an invaluable gift of discernment .

Being intuitive and trusting your intuition are two different things.

Cultivating my intuition enough to take action on the guidance has saved me time, energy and money by allowing me to make wise choices in who and what I invest in for my business, as well as, my personal wellbeing within my life and relationships.

Master your energetic boundaries as a highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive person, so that you are not matching and running other people’s emotions and beliefs through your body. This is essential to have discernment, accuracy and not burn out!

So often I’ve noticed that untrained psychics and many healers lack awareness and energetic boundaries which will limit your ability to heal yourself and others.

Leaky energetic boundaries will also lead to weakened boundaries within your relationships, such as having trouble speaking your truth, giving more than you are receiving and feeling undervalued, which can lead you to feeling frustrated and resentful.

This pattern will often unconsciously sabotage your success as you will not want to take on more “responsibility” both energetically and physically, thus unconsciously push away potential new clients.

You will learn transformative healing techniques to use for yourself and others that will teach you to identify and heal patterns, fear, behaviors or any situation you want to understand and heal more deeply for so that you stop spinning in self defeating patterns.

Connect and Communicate with your own spiritual support so they can guide you in what next steps to take in your life and biz. This truly is the fast track to success. It feels so great to know that you are truly never alone and do not need to have all the answers figured out before taking action on your goals and life purpose.

Learn a process to access the Akashic Records is a powerful space to gain wisdom, knowledge and insights to navigate your life with. You will also learn to read and access past lives both to resolve karmic patterns and access your empowered wisdom.

You become the leader in your life and biz as a conscious creator by learning to set the energy of your life, business, relationships, program offerings.

You will gain the courage and confidence to trust your intuition and take action on your big vision whether it is writing a book, speaking or leading workshops.

Activate your Chakras to the expanded 5D frequency to accelerate your ascension process and awaken your spiritual gifts to the next level. This will raise your vibration allowing you to transcend limiting cycles and access all of your intuitive gifts with more certainty.

And so much more!

Soul Success Unleashed

Get started on this 2 month Program Journey


BONUS#1 Energetic Mastery for Highly Sensitive People and Spiritual Entrepreneurs program ( $297)

Energetic Mastery is a digital course that is designed to teach you how to thrive in the world as a highly sensitive and empathic person, without burning out!

This is a self paced program that includes video training modules, guided meditations to support your practice, clearing activations + attunements to spiritual tools.

This program is perfect for you if…

You feel overwhelmed by your sensitivities

Tired of keeping yourself small in your business for fear of burnout

Find yourself emotionally eating or drinking to manage stress

Lack energetic or physical boundaries

You will learn spiritual tools and processes that will teach to you clear your own energy field, ground into the present so you can meditate easily ( even for those who don’t think they can quiet the monkey mind. )

These energetic tools are life changing!

They will help you manage your sensitivities so that you can sustain your energy and are foundational tools to utilizing your intuitive gifts.

You will also learn how to energetically set your intentions so you manifest more quickly, clear and set the energy of your home, manage the energy while speaking and so much more!

BONUS#2 PLUS 2 live Energetic Mastery calls to answer questions and deepen experience and mastery ( $197)*

BONUS #3 Intuition Activation: Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success digital course (Value $297)*

This program will give you a transformational overhaul of 8 main chakras and correlating layers of the aura so that you can be aware of to move through your ascension process with more confidence and ease.

This program is designed to not only activate your intuition, but also to give deep healing on old, outdated programming, fears, karma and beliefs.

8 video training ~ tangible tools to cultivate your intuitive gifts ( 5 clair’s) You will learn about both the gift and shadow qualities within each chakra, so you can learn to perceive where your energy needs to be brought into balance. This will allow you to move through life with more grace and manifest your desires more quickly.

Weekly Alignment Activation and energetic clearing with the Archangels to support each chakra, as well as, mental, emotional and spiritual growth

Learn to work with your spiritual support team by receiving and interpreting divine guidance

“Play”book with weekly Alignment Activities to Cultivate your intuition and bring your chakras into balance.

BONUS #4 Level 1 & 2 DNA activations ($197)

These activations will accelerate your ascension process by both releasing the old outdated programming, while also awakening you to remember your inherent wisdom and divine knowledge.

People also report experiencing enhanced psychic senses, faster manifesting abilities, releasing of old habits and addictions and an overall sense of more peace, joy and wellbeing.

Soul Success Unleashed

Get started on this 2 month Program Journey


8 Live calls with deeper training, live activations and guided experiences

We will have live weekly classes on zoom where we dive deeper into that week’s content. I will be leading live clearing activations and attunements that correlate with each lesson and expedite your growth with more ease and grace. You will get a recording of each call.

8 video pre-recorded trainings delivered each week

Each week you will receive a video training module that will be combined with content, spiritual tools and processes.

I will be available to answer your questions– If you can’t make it live you can send them in ahead of time!

Practice All your learning with a partner from the program

The practice time is where rubber meets the road. It is where you gain certainty, accuracy and validation and receive healing for yourself at the same time within a safe container of our community.

Weekly workbook with alignment activities to fully integrate the lessons

These workbook and alignment activities support you in integrating the content, as well as, guided clearings and activations to support deeper clearing and intuitive awakening.

16 Alignment Activations to experience deep healing

Each week you will receive deep healing through these alignment activations to awaken your next level of awareness at a soul level and clearing away stagnant energy so you don’t get stuck in old patterns. They will wake up dormant spiritual abilities and ancient wisdom allowing you to anchor into the 5D and above frequencies.

5 Spiritual Tool Attunements to enhance your ability to create readings

You will be learning how to work with simple yet powerful spiritual tools that will allow for more ease and accuracy. Receiving these attunements will allow you to have more ownership and certainty while using them.

All Live classes will be recorded

You will also learn many processes and clear protocols allowing you to use all these tools together to create powerful transformation in your own life, as well as, for clients if you choose.

Inside your 8 Week Soul Success Unleashed experience …

Week 1: Setting the Energy for Optimal Outcomes + DNA Level 1 and Earth Star Alignment Activation

This week’s topic is all about the importance of using your spiritual tools to set the space for you, your home, or your energetic bubble if working virtual with clients.

The beauty and magic of the 6th chakra ability is “Neutrality”.

This is a game changer for sensitives and empaths to not feel overcome by their gifts. Neutrality allows us the freedom to not be overcome by the energy or growth we are experiencing.

It allows us … to see things objectively and from a spiritual vantage point and bird’s eye view and not become the effect of your growth period and emotional energy.

Learn the spiritual tool, Truth and Lie Decoder, you can use to see a truth from a lie from both yourself and others thus giving you clearer discernment of your intuitive information.

This creates confidence in your decisions and clarity in your relations to others, so that you are able to make good decisions for yourself in both your life and biz.

Learn a simple and highly effective tool to “unmatch” from the collective energy and match with Source instead.
This immediately begins to clear your energy field of lower frequencies and other people by “matching” the Divine. This automatically begins the healing process of transmuting and releasing that which is not truly YOU.

Receive a best practice protocol for setting energy and safe space for yourself and while working with clients.

Learn to transform any unwanted situation and step into your personal power so that can create the change you seek and stop the suffering of feeling like a victim and powerless in a situation

DNA Level 1 and Earth Star Alignment Activation

Week 2 : Reading the layers of an Aura and Chakras + Root, Sacral and Navel Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activations

You can look at the energy of most anything through the lens of an aura. Energetically speaking they emanate energy from your 7 main chakras .

The beauty of this style of reading energy is that it creates an energetic shift to yourself and your client immediately. When you learn to use this method to read energy, you are literally speaking soul to soul while simultaneously appeasing the human mind and personality of the individual.

This creates a space where you are showing them and holding them to a higher space of consciousness true to who they really are which allows an immediate upgrade and shift in their energy and awareness.

Root, Sacral and Navel Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activations

Week 3: De-activate and Elevate Tool + Activate Your Reading Triangle

This week we are going to learn and be attuned to 2 powerful spiritual tools

Deactivate and Elevate: learn a very powerful clairvoyant healing tool to support you in clearing away your own fears and patterns, as well as, those you may be reading for.

You can use this spiritual tool to clean up anything that is holding you back so that you can be in more alignment and in the energy of receiving that which you are creating.

Reading Triangle: You will learn to use this tool when you are giving readings. This ensures greater accuracy and clarity of the information you are receiving.

We are also going to focus on looking at and clearing beliefs and patterns around using your gifts, clearing on where family energy affects you or agreements that are holding you back.

Week 4 : Identifying and Clearing family programming and limiting beliefs + Solar Plexus, Heart and High Heart Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activations

Learn a method to read and identify family programming and agreements with your biological mothers, biological fathers and your own souls experiences you are carrying forward.

This is really valuable information to be aware of and clear out because family beliefs, programming and even traumas are passed down through our genetics and create a limiting filter for which we view and create your experience of life.

Solar Plexus, Heart and High Heart Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activations

Week 5: Meet Your Spiritual Support Team + Throat, Third Eye and Crown Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activations

Meet Your Spiritual Support Team

Creating a close relationship with your spiritual support team is so empowering and fun! They will guide you and open doors of opportunity for you.

Cultivating this relationship will give you so much courage and confidence to stretch through your comfort zone, allowing you to take leaps of faith in the direction of your dreams.

Guided experience to meet your personal guides. Even if you have been working with your guides, you will likely meet a new one here to support you as you elevate to the next level.

You will learn how to open up your ability to channel divine guidance through speaking and writing.

Throat, Third Eye and Crown Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activations

Week 6: Spiritual Growth Integration Method + DNA Level 2 Activation

Spiritual Growth Integration Method It is so easy to quite literally “become” the effect of your growth period which is no fun at all!

You will learn how to consciously look at your current spiritual growth cycle and then make energetic separations from it so you can process your transformational growth and experience the amazing benefits of the deep healing you have created.

DNA Level 2 Activation

Accessing the Akashic Records + Spiritual Gift Alignment Activation

You will receive a guided process and attunement to support you in accessing the Akashic Records and meet your Akashic records guide. You can use this guided meditation to enter the records at any time.

Learning to access the Akashic Records and utilize the vast and limitless information to guide and inform you in every area is life changing and miracle making.

Spiritual Gift Alignment Activation: This clearing and activation will clear fears, blocks and past lives that area affecting your ability to

Week 7: Past Life Readings + Causal and Soul Star Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activation

Learn a powerful protocol to read past lives, both, empowered and karmic lifetimes.

Past life experiences can yield both empowering information as well as reveal where the root cause of a lifelong pattern is stemming from. To make it impactful and healing, learning to read both empowering and karmic past lives from the perspective of how this life is either helping or hindering the current life situation. This allows you or your client to use this information to help them in their current life.

Causal and Soul Star Expanded 5D Chakra Alignment Activation

Week 8: Christ Light Healing + Using all of your tools together to create powerful Transformation

Christ Light Healing: Working with high vibrational Christ Light healing is one of the quickest ways you can transform and shift the energy of yours or others.

You will receive an attunement to this energy so that you can easily access this frequency for yourself and others.

Using all of your tools together to create powerful Transformation

Learn how to use all of your tools together to create powerful transformation for yourself and others.

Ready to join Soul Success Unleashed? Enroll Today!

Soul Success Unleashed: Cultivate Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it to all the calls live?

All of the calls will be recorded so you can listen at another time. We also have a private facebook where you can ask questions to get further support between calls and connect with community members.

I have a lot going on right, can I wait until a later time?

It is easy to let life get in the way of us doing what we actually want to do. It is up to us to choose to prioritize time for our goals and dreams or they won’t happen.

This is often where patterns, fear and resistance can sneak in and run the show, keeping us stuck in the limiting same cycles year to year.

If you feel a calling here and now, I would invite you to lean in and take the leap. I do not know when I will be scheduling this program next and can’t guarantee this price when I do.

I have never done any spiritual training; will this program work for beginners?

Absolutely! I include all the basic tools and information you will need to support you in having success with this program and creating a safe, solid foundation to explore your spiritual gifts. You may be more apt to one or two of your intuitive gifts, but we can cultivate all of them.

I am already intuitive; am I too advanced for this course?

This course will meet you where you are at and increase your intuitive and psychic abilities to the next level. Many students have come in already using their intuition and have reported feeling much more confident, certain and accurate about the information they receive and while giving readings to their clients. This program is also very transformational in accelerating your own ascension process.

My extensive training in a wide range of modalities gives me a unique perspective and way of mentoring people that enables them to utilize their spiritual gifts in a grounded tangible way enhancing their existing tools both in day to day life and business.

I don't know if I have spiritual or intuitive gifts. Will I learn what they are in this program?

We all have spiritual gifts, it’s who we truly are! Our intuition is the communication between our spiritual self (soul) and our physical self (body). Your intuition is how you discern the “unseen”. Your gifts also allow you to open your communication between yourself and your angels, guides, God and the Universe. You may be more apt to one or two of your intuitive gifts, but we can cultivate all of them.

I want to take this program, but I am not sure my partner will be on board financially or otherwise.
If you feel it is necessary for your partner to be on board financially or otherwise, my suggestion is to sit with why you are excited to take this program and how you feel it will benefit you. Write it out so you are really clear.

Then when you begin the conversation, you can ask them if they would support you in this and share why it is important to you sharing how you feel it will support you.

I find when you come from this open honest space of asking to be supported versus going into it afraid they will resist the financial commitment and just not “get it”, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by their response.

I come from a religious background, will this work for me?

Yes, I can relate to this fear and confusion as I was raised in a conservative Christian upbringing. It was through a prayer when I pleaded to Jesus to “please help me to just be happy and at peace” when my gifts began to open up. I was at a point in my life when every single area of my life was falling in shambles.

I quickly began hearing my grandfather and seeing angels. I had no idea when I spoke of this that my family would not understand. I struggled with being in the spiritual closet for many years, confused as to what was “right” and “wrong” in the eyes of my family whom I love.

I know in my heart my life has only gotten better as I have walked my unique spiritual path and created my own relationship with God, even though many may be afraid or don’t understand it. It is a different level of awareness and understanding and that is ok.

I still have questions, can I talk with you?

Yes, I would be happy to answer any questions and see if  this program is a fit for you. There are 2 options. 

  1. You can email me any questions at
  2. You can book a 15 min chat
Once I activate my spiritual gifts, will I be able to control or turn them off?
Yes! In fact, you will have much greater control over all of your gifts. That’s the beauty of getting trained in using your gifts and psychic senses.

When you do not have the proper tools or training, your gifts can feel like a burden or something that only happens spontaneously.

In truth, we all have all of these abilities already available to us, as it is the core of who we are as spiritual beings.

Often I’ve worked with people who shut them down and block their abilities from a young age because they got frightened or energetically overwhelmed.

Many sensitives have struggled with addiction on some level as an unconscious coping mechanism to dull their senses.

When you consciously take ownership of your sensitivities and learn how to manage them, they no longer run your life and truly become your greatest gift!

Will I be able to use the skills I learn with my family and friends?

Absolutely! Your intuition can be used to support anyone you’d like including family, friends and paying clients if you choose to use them professionally in your business.

How will I know that I'm making progress as I advance in the program?

You will cultivate so much confidence and trust in the intuitive information you receive. Many participants have shared having much more awareness in recognizing their limiting beliefs and trigger points.

With the tools in the Soul Success Unleashed course they learn to transform these patterns and programming quickly and easily creating lasting change that increases their joy and sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Developing your psychic skills in a group setting is so powerful because you will be practicing in a safe container with other like minded people.

During these partner practice sessions, you will get so much validation about the readings you give others while you are learning the tools. You will also receive readings that will give you valuable insight, so it’s a win win!

How much time will this require?

One weekly live call 60-75 min and approx 30 min weekly video training to do on your own time.

I do highly suggest you participate in practicing the weekly activity with a partner to deepen your skills and fully integrate the learning.

How long practice sessions are up to you, usually about 30 min. Some people love this aspect and gain a lot of value and choose to spend a little more time in this space.

In total 2-3 hours spread out through the week as time allows in your schedule.

Love From Our Clients

I now have focus and clarity which has given me so much more peace, joy and passion in my life.

“Before coaching with Jen, I really didn’t have certainty about my purpose and I didn’t even know how to tap in and find it. After our time together, I was able to tap into my heart’s desire and purpose. Not what others thought, but my true purpose that lights up my soul.

I now have focus and clarity which has given me so much more peace, joy and passion in my life.

I would absolutely recommend Jen’s mentoring because she is a real joy to mentor with. She helped me to build on my strengths and work with my personal challenge areas. Jen does it with grace, love and precision. As a result I am living an empowered life, with greater freedom and purpose than I ever thought possible.

Samantha Wilson

I recommend this program whether you are experienced or brand new, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to excel.

“I am so happy that I signed up for Jen’s Soul Unleashed Group. I was already doing clairvoyant readings for my coaching clients. I quickly and easily learned to do aura readings and past life readings! She gives you many different tools to use that assist with healing for yourself and your clients. I signed up with the intent to help my clients and yet, all the practice and readings are also helping me heal, ascend and center. I recommend this program whether you are experienced or brand new, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to excel.”

Crystal Lynn Perez

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