What's the purpose of an Akashic Record Reading?

Jan 15, 2022

Soul Reading


The Akashic records are thought to be only accessible to certain people like psychics or guru’s , although the truth is anyone can access them at any moment.

There is unlimited potential and divine wisdom housed in the Akashic records. Intention, prayer, and Akashic records meditation can all be used to get access to Akashic records.

Akashic reading is a powerful tool to obtain information about yourself and how to live your highest potential and manifest your dreams.

Learning how to access the Akashic records and receive the information through your intuition is the surest way to understand what empowering information your Akashic record has available to offer you.

A teacher skilled in accessing the Akashic records can be of great assistance to people who are new to meditation and manifesting or simply want instruction of what best steps to take at this time.

Learn how to access and confidently read the Akashic records. Jen Gilchrist’s Soul Success Unleashed program can help you go through a full journey and attunement to support you in accurately receiving intuitive insights in the records for yourself and others.

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What Are Akashic Records?

Akashic records are a live energetic database that holds your soul’s and all other souls’ information from the present lifetime, past lifetimes, parallel lifetimes - all lifetimes. Basically, Akashic records can tell us what is happening, potential future possibilities, or has happened any time in the past. Akashic records are a vast energetic center with infinite possibilities of any choice you could make to live to your highest potential.

Akasha or Akash in Sanskrit means space, sky, or ether. It is a higher dimension than the dimension where we all currently live. In the Akasha dimension, every idea, thought or action from the past, present, and future is stored ad infinitum. The rules of time do not apply in the Akasha. In any Akashic record, the information from past centuries is as accessible as what happened to you yesterday or just five minutes ago.

The akashic record gives access to your soul gifts and has endless possibilities. The information you gather from the Akashic record can support you in living your highest potential and accessing your inherent wisdom. Having access to the Akashic record, you can access any information that you might need in order to consciously create the life and business that you desire.

With the Akashic reading, you can also go back and clear at the root, recognizing the root patterns and karmic cycles. Accessing your Akashic record will help you stop continuing to repeat all those patterns and cycles, and bring forward the wisdom leaving the pattern and the pain behind.

Having access to your Akashic record may be overwhelming at first. You need to have a very clear intention of the information you want to pull out of the Akashic records. Without a clear intention, you might start pulling from the Akashic records the things that may not be relevant for you and will only make you feel overwhelmed and more confused.

Another pitfall people have when they begin going into their Akashic records is asking yes-no questions. You need to go in with open-ended questions and more curiosity about the possibilities that Akashic records reading can offer to you.
You have a free will of choice, instead of asking a yes-no question, ask an open-ended question and wait on the universe to give you the answer. You need to have a clear intention and ask the right question.

Because there is so much information in every Akashic record, it is vital to keep in mind that the information you receive may not always be exactly what you are looking for. If you are willing to accept your difficulties for what they are and are completely aware of what you want to know, you may be able to get knowledge about your relationships, your health, your soul path, and any other aspect of your life.

It is also possible to read someone else’s Akashic records. Keep in mind you do need permission to go in and read someone else’s records about their choices and their life decisions.

It is extremely important to have clarity of ending your sessions of Akashic reading. When you go in the Akashic record, you need to have a conscious completion. You may want to see yourself closing the book or walking back down the staircase – whatever your completion ritual is. You should have your own process or journey to complete the Akashic record reading session so that you do not end up feeling drained.

After the Akashic reading session, you need to really re-ground yourself into your body and the Earth into the present time. Otherwise, you can leave yourself feeling a little bit spacey and open-ended, which does not really serve you. Always have a clear ending to your Akashic records reading sessions.

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How to Access Your Akashic Field

You can access your Akashic field through intention. Your intention for accessing your Akashic field should be very clear. Akashic field is the realm of the Akashic records. Akashic field is a field of possibility where you can access your Akashic record. When you have a clear intention to access your Akashic record, you arrive in the Akashic field.

Akashic field can be imagined as a library where you can pull the book for your soul – your Akashic records. It is a field that encompasses everybody’s Akashic records. In the Akashic field, you are in a 5-D vibration.

Once accessing their Akashic field for the first time, some people may have a hard time staying present and grounded. Initially, you may have mixed experiences in the Akashic field, especially since your vibration may not be not used to being in the high frequency of that 5-D energy. You might get very spacey, tired, or ungrounded.

Raising your vibrational frequency will help you access your Akashic field more easily. When you raise your vibration, you are operating from a place of love and gratitude, which is going to make this work come more naturally. Akashic records meditation, inner child healing, pranayama, some forms of yoga, prayer, mantra work, and creative endeavors are some of the ways to raise your vibrational frequency.

When you increase your frequency with meditation or in another way, you will be in a space where you will start to awaken your intuitive senses more fully. If you do not receive any sensations yet, just be kind to yourself and do your best to follow your trust and intuitive instincts.

Keep trying if you do not feel like anything happened the first time you tried to reach the Akashic field. The easier it will be and the more knowledge you will receive the more time you spend raising your vibration and being comfortable with the sensations you receive from doing your spiritual work.

There are many ways to access the Akashic field, just as there are several ways to meditate. With your intention and practice you will access your Akashic field. If none of these pieces of advice works for you, you may discover your own individual technique to access your Akashic field.

Practicing being in the Akashic field as it is actually an energetic healing. With time it will start helping you dissipate fear-based energy. Just being in that high-frequency vibration will start to transmute some lower energies and raise your frequency.

If you practice going into records for the first time, you may go unconscious, or get unaware and not really connect – that is normal. This is what a lot of people experience when they initially attempt accessing their Akashic field.

The more you go back to that point and learn how to ground and be present when you are in that high energy, the sooner you will start to actually be able to pull in the information with more awareness of what you are wanting. If you are not getting it, there is value because you are tuning your frequency to be able to be in that energy. The Akashic field is a healing space.

You can go into your Akashic field without opening your Akashic record and just connect with your angels and guides.

However, when you are wanting to heal yourself or get clarity of your life path you may want to access your Akashic record.

When you are in the Akashic field and your Akashic records are open to you, it opens up that whole little window of opportunity and helps you have a more focused pinpoint on your information versus the spiritual wisdom. When you go into your Akashic records, you can really connect with divine wisdom and ancient consciousness.

Accessing information within the Akashic field is all about being able to have a grounded clear intention. As with all spiritual work, you need to get present with yourself to access the Akashic field. You can use meditation, space grounding, and be in a clear meditative space to begin accessing the Akashic field and receiving intuitive insights and messages.

You can have a ritual saying a prayer or inviting your angels and guides to help you connect with the highest vibration.

Connecting to the highest vibration will support and guide you to your Akashic record once you have a clear intention to go into the records for your highest good.

When you have the intention to go into the Akashic field, your spirit will go there.

Access the Akashic field through a full journey and attunement with the Soul Success Unleashed course created by Jen Gilchrist where you learn how to access the Akashic records of yours and others.

Jen’s Soul Success Unleashed course has a full training module on accessing the Akash, as well as how to read both empowered soul gifts and clearing karmic past life patterns in the Akashic records. This course will help you get into and read your Akashic records with more ease, confidence and accuracy of your intuitive information.

Every time you enter the records you heal and clear more of the fears and doubts and blocks. With time you will have awareness in the Akashic field and be grounded there. It will open up the channel for you to be able to pull what you want to from your Akashic records.

From the information you received from your Akashic record, you will experience an increased level of connection to your intuition. Once you have a more solid process, you will learn to walk yourself through and clear the channel to be able to be in the Akashic field more easily.

Akashic field

How Soul Reading is Connected

When you practice Akashic reading, essentially, you do practice your soul reading – you are reading about yourself. You can look into the past of your soul, read its history. If you have a clear intention, with your Akashic record you will read about your soul and core cause patterns of your blocks. That is a powerful way or reason to practice your soul reading.

When you practice soul reading, you may get to the places to consider the root cause. They can often be any unhealed wounds or fear or unhealed emotions fear wounds from the past. From this lifetime or past lifetimes. It could be coming down.

A lot of us are practicing soul reading to clear our generational patterns. These are the patterns that you have learned or inherited even through your DNA from your family line from your mother or your father. It could also be social programming, religious and programming agreements, or rules.

We do not necessarily agree with all those patterns but they may fill us with fear, guilt, and shame over, and over again. That can be different if we heal by getting to the root cause through soul reading, feel into our bodies, and feel the vibrations that will guide us to our soul’s next steps in the Akashic records.

Every Akashic record reading empowers and transforms us by providing us with the insight, direction, and energy assistance we require in this lifetime. For centuries, mystics, saints, and scholars had privileged access to the records, an active archive of souls' past, present, and future possibilities.

Now everyone can access his or her Akashic records and practice his or her soul reading. The human race's collective mind has been expanding, changing, and maturing. Individuals who recognize they have direct access to their spiritual source and who cultivate that holy relationship are considered spiritually independent.

You can go into your Akashic records to access energy or information that you want to create in your life. For instance, if you are at a point in time where you want to have a career change or go into your spiritual work, you want to have that confidence and courage for that.

You can anchor into, tap back and read your soul through your intuition. Jen Gilchrist teaches how to read an Akashic record. When you practice Akashic reading, you are reading about yourself and tapping into the energy frequency. You are tapping into that innate, knowing that somewhere you have experienced a time when you are in your power of confidence as a healer and leader.

When you go back, you already know what your soul gifts are. You know the time and space where you had mastered and felt confident with your gifts. If you are not feeling confident with your soul gifts yet, a great thing is to start to really tap into and connect back with a time and energy frequency of being in that confidence.

With some practice, you will start bringing in remembrances and that innate knowledge of that download of the information of how you knew something before you have forgotten it. You can bring that information from your soul reading to help you create the life you want or the business you want.

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How to Access the Akashic Records

Same as with the Akashic field, you can access your Akashic record through your clear intention. If you wonder how to access the Akashic records, you should know that basically, everyone can access his or her Akashic records. However, you need to find the right meditative frequency to connect to channel the information through your subconscious mind in the conscious mind.

When you attempt accessing your Akashic record, it is critical to set your intention and have crystal clear clarity on the questions you want to be answered. The key to unlocking your Akashic record is often breathwork, active Akashic records meditation, exercise, or divination.

Some form of meditation practice has proven beneficial in helping acquire confidence in accessing your own intuition. Learning and practicing Akashic records meditation can help you open up intuitive passageways. Eventually, it will lead you to understanding your Akashic record.

Here are some simple tips on how to access the Akashic records:

    1. Make your intentions and queries clear. Begin your journey with a short prayer of your choice, followed by appreciation and a request that you remember the knowledge given to you.
    2. Listen to binaural beats (when you play a tone with a little different frequency into each ear). This is the frequency that will stimulate your pineal gland, which is linked to your crown chakra.
    3. You can meditate while sitting in a comfortable position. It is ideal to start with guided meditation until you can easily achieve the desired mental state with practice.
    4. In your mind, state your question (it is preferable to start with one) clearly and specifically. Allow yourself to quiet the mind and just be present with what thoughts, ideas, feelings or visions come to you.
    5. During your Akashic records meditation, you may hear a voice, see images, feel emotions, or just have a deep sense of understanding as you connect with your Higher Self. Do not worry if you float off or you are not clear on what it all means initially. Taking a moment to journal your experience can often help you to bring through more clarity into your conscious awareness. Trust the process and know that the clarity will come with consistent practice.
    6. Close your session with a completion ritual. Reground yourself in your body, the Earth, and the present to avoid feeling ungrounded and open-ended. Always end your sessions with a firm conclusion and gratitude.

    The ultimate goal of accessing your Akashic records is your spiritual healing and empowerment.

    Confronting your unresolved trauma takes courage and can feel intense and overwhelming at times. While it is vital to confront unhealed areas of your soul and mind in order to break patterns of behavior, it can be challenging to navigate on your own at times.

    With time, you can experience the whole spectrum of the Akashic records' loving energy throughout your reading, leaving you with an optimistic sensation as well as a profound sense of empowerment from understanding the truth about your circumstance and the possibilities that are developing in your life.

    If you would like assistance with accessing your Akashic records, contact Jen Gilchrist. Jen’s Soul Success Unleashed teaches you a step by step process to navigate the Akashic records. During the course, you will learn how to access the Akashic records easily and go through a full journey and attunement.

    Akashic Record

    Final Thoughts

    Reading your Akashic record is a wonderful tool that everyone with an open mind may benefit from. You can inquire about anything in your Akashic records, from your job path to living to your full potential.

    This live energetic database holds all souls’ information from all lifetimes. The akashic record gives you access to your soul gifts to help you start living your highest potential, and access your inherent wisdom.

    Accessing your Akashic records can be initially overwhelming. Without a clear intention, you may start pulling irrelevant things from your Akashic records and get overwhelmed. Akashic records are located in the Akashic field that has a high frequency of 5-D energy. Accessing it for the first time, you may feel spacey and ungrounded.

    Practicing being in the Akashic field is energetic healing itself that will help you raise your vibrational frequency. You can access the Akashic field just to connect with your angels and spiritual guide. However, accessing your Akashic records in the Akashic field opens a window of opportunity to connect with divine wisdom and ancient consciousness.

    Having clarity on ending your Akashic record reading session is vital. Think of your own completion ritual and follow it every time you access your Akashic field. It will help you avoid feeling ungrounded and open-ended after accessing your Akashic record.

    If you need an Akashic records course to access your Akashic field and your Akashic records, Jen Gilchrist’s Soul Success Unleashed, is an Akashic records course that will provide you with a guide on your journey to attunement. Heal yourself clearing your fears, doubts, and blocks through access to your Akashic records.

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