Spiritual Signs

Jul 12, 2021

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What Are Spiritual Signs?

Spiritual signs involve the universe sending messages when a strong desire to have spiritual awareness evolves and manifests within an individual. These messages are  divine guidance and are here to support you and have an impact on the direction of your life path and soul alignment.

What Are the Spiritual Signs That One Should Be Looking For?

You have to remember to ask your spiritual support team – whether that’s God, angels, the universe – to send you these signs. You must ask for guidance to receive it.

Open yourself up to the spiritual signs and invite them in because we all have the freedom of choice to direct our energy toward the goals and decisions we set intentions to.

In my morning routine, I ask for loud clear spiritual signs I can easily understand to help me align with my highest path. This is an example of how one must not only connect with their spiritual guides and request support, but must also then be an active participant by paying attention throughout the day so that they can receive their spiritual signs to guide them.

5 Ways to Receive Signs


This is what is called having clairvoyance or spiritual sight. It could manifest in you seeing things in dreams, obtaining flashes of insight, or quick images while meditating or while going about your daily routine. These visual signs are there to guide you one step at a time to find the answer you are seeking.


Hearing is a clairaudient ability. This is the gift where you can hear your angels, spiritual guides and higher-self which can provide a clear message or illuminate a path. You may hear a song on the radio, a video, or a show reaffirming that you are on the correct path and making the right decisions.


Being aware of your feelings and the feelings of those around you is a clairsentient ability. Empaths and highly sensitive people feel a lot through their 2nd chakra and physical body. They interpret spiritual signs in the form of strong emotions. You can interpret intuitive information through how you feel, and perhaps how your body feels.

You may either feel a contraction if your guides are sending you a sign to step away from a certain choice or an expansion if your spiritual support team urges you to continue to follow a course.


This is another way in which you can use your claircognizant ability, which means to have clear knowing. It is often identified as having a knowing out of the blue or full understanding of a circumstance or decision. They can be epiphany moments that bring new thoughts to life. Even if you don’t have the answer, there could be a distinct idea sent your way to help steer you to the proper life path.

Repetitive thoughts

I always like to remind people that we have about 80,000 thoughts a day. Though not all of them are divine guidance, you must learn to discern between a basic thought or a divine message that has been sent to you. The way to recognize if the thought is a spiritual sign is to examine it. If the message or thought continually occurs and has clear concise steps on how to solve your problem, then it is most likely a spiritual message.

Keep in mind that you may receive multiple types of signs. It is crucial to recognize that these spiritual signs are often short and show up in small phases. Typically, only one to two steps are received at once, which can make the message seem unrelated to your issue.

It is advantageous to take a step back and try to critically evaluate if your problem or query can be connected to the minimal steps sent through the divine signs received. Once awareness of the existence of spiritual signs happens, individuals will unconsciously open up their hearts and energetic fields to positivity and more signs will be sent.

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Types of Spiritual Signs and the Importance of Recognizing Them

Occasionally, people will see feathers at the beginning of their spiritual journey and, oftentimes individuals will start noticing a multitude of messages, which can be a sign that your angels and your guides are with you and you are not alone.

Number sequences are also a common feature of spiritual signs. An individual or spiritual being may see eleven-eleven a lot on the clock or different number patterns, which do have different meanings behind them.

Ultimately, when you start asking for signs, you want to pay attention because you will start building your library of unique symbols only recognizable to you. You will pick up on the repetition of certain symbols, numbers, messages, or thoughts. We have the ability and freedom to assign our unique meanings and interpretations to our individualistic collection of spiritual signs.

What Would Be the Definition of an Enlightened Person?

An enlightened person is someone who is spiritually awake. This is a journey and a continual life process. Individuals that are beginning to learn how to be spiritual are truly rising out of the fog of our prearranged lifestyles and mindsets.

There are not only societal mantras to overcome, but how you have raised the components of your family’s belief system you internalized must slowly dissipate. This does not mean you are no longer allowed to have these ideas, but you are more so unfolding the other piece of the puzzle. Once the biases, trauma, and others’ beliefs are unpacked and set to the side, you are able to see things from a higher, all-encompassing perspective.

Self-enlightening individuals recognize their spiritual feelings. The spiritual feelings serve to remind us that we are more than just a physical body and mind or even two separate entities. An enlightened individual will start to realize that they are energetic, spiritual beings with eternal souls. It goes far beyond physicality.

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How Would You Describe A Spiritual Being?

All individuals experiencing human life are also spiritual beings. As humans, the energy, as well as the spiritual abilities are always present. If we begin to develop our intuition, bridging the mind and body, we can become a fully realized spiritual being.

Individuals will begin to identify less with their ego as they expand their spiritual knowledge and viewpoint. Human capacity has a limited lens and once individuals begin to reach beyond that point, everything becomes clearer. Life may be viewed through a higher, unbiased perspective that allows us to make the best decisions possible.

How Can I Tell if I Am Living As a Spiritual Being?

How can you recognize if you are fully expressing your spiritual being?

Those who are aware and connected to their spiritual being, you embody a high sense of self. They are interconnected in all aspects of the mind, body, and soul. Spiritually aware beings realize they are a part of something larger and more cohesive with their great expanse of energy.

Traits of a Spiritual Being

  • Everyone and everything has an energy that is intertwined. You are a part of something more collective.
  • You trust in life’s wisdom and take the guidance of your spiritual signs or spiritual guides.
  • Your heart is full and at peace. You no longer have to look outside of yourself for fulfillment. You recognize that you are enough, and your energy is healing.
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Are There Steps You Can Take To “Ignite” Spiritual Awakening?

Being aware that signs are present and exist is the best way to spark your spiritual awakening. If individuals take the time to pause, look around, and observe, they will begin to notice the subtleties. Life has nuances and minor details, so if we stop to breathe and look, we will see them.

It is essential to consciously set your intention and ask the Divine for clear signs you can easily understand to guide you to your highest path. Once this awareness manifests, the next step is to recognize what each of them means to you.

Pick up on the synchronicities. If you see repeated sequences or images, ask yourself if there is a certain situation or happenstance that typically follows it. You can also ask your higher self, God or angels for continued clarity on what these signs are telling you. Then pay attention to the feelings, ideas or visions that come to you.

Eventually, with practice and patience, you will have the ability to receive spiritual signs, interpret them, and turn those interpretations into solid actions and steps to take towards your goals or life path.

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How Can You Refine Your Spiritual Feelings?

Take time to lean back and investigate your feelings as a spiritual being and see if you want or if it is even necessary to take action on it. As you start to do that more synchronicities will happen. You start to create intentionally and thus, start to manifest and attract more of the things that you're wanting to have in your life. Trust in your feelings and spirituality. Believe in your guides and energetic community.

Meditation and journaling practices can be implemented in your daily routine to help strengthen your spiritual feelings. Focus only on yourself, inner thoughts, and feelings.

Allow for worldly observations to connect with your inner self-observations to pinpoint exactly what emotion is occurring and why, but from your higher spiritual perspective. Use this clear, unbiased space and mindset to determine how you feel and what steps can help you align with your path more.

Final Tips for Receiving Messages

One important tip I can leave you with is to take simply ten minutes a day to quiet your mind as a spiritual being. Journal and connect with your angels and spirit guides to ensure spiritual messages and signs are being sent in a way that allows you to notice them.

Use that time to ask your angels for guidance or to release any negative emotions, fears, or worries you may have. Continually journal to ask for specific signs and then actively become more conscious of those signs in your life. It is a process that requires consistent time and space to let all the answers and wisdom integrate into your being.

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