Intention Setting and Activation for Deep Healing

Apr 7, 2021

deep healing and intention setting

Intention Setting

Intention setting is a way of deciding what you intend to achieve to help you on your journey to reach your goals. It can easily be explained as activating or releasing part of your mind’s receptivity to what you need to do. Imagine walking out of your house with no intention or wish to get anything done.

You get into your car and drive in any direction. This may sound fun, but, if you leave your house with the intention to accomplish something, the spirit of intention setting will help you to accomplish your goal for the day.

Intention setting is a powerful way of accomplishing your goals and getting where you want to be. Some people let the day or week or even month just happen for them. Often, they fail to set their intentions and wonder why their day or week was so unsuccessful.

The reason is that they did not know what they needed to accomplish to get them through the week. When you set your intention, you trigger or stimulate your interest in it, become receptive, and manifest what you want to attract.

At the same time, you are attracting and calling that power into your life. Intention setting is not just physical. You have to connect with your body, soul, and spirit.



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How Intention Setting Leads to Deep Healing

When you are intention-setting, you are creating a path to deep healing. You are getting in tune with your emotions, energy, and thoughts to make you feel good, revived, and refreshed. It gives you an opportunity for gratitude.

The deep healing comes from connecting with your spirit guides and allowing them to give you the energy to follow through with your intentions. Spirit guides give you confirmation or validation that leads to motivation and positive energy.

The spirit guides help you to be clear and centered as you conduct your intention setting. The deep healing comes from inviting the guidance of the spirit angels or higher self to help you take action on your intentions.

The power of the soul is that you become what you intend to be. It is also the provision of the energy within your subconscious mind and soul into creating a roadmap of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.

Intention setting for manifestation should be positive and bring healing to yourself. Positive intentions that are based on growth and healing bring long-lasting positive results.

Recognizing where you are and integrating both masculine and feminine energy gives you balance in intention setting. Your spiritual supports call you in to tune in to your intuition; to connect back to the actions that you require.

They help you to put together ideas and take a grounding stance with your intentions. Amplifying your intentions brings deep healing. How? We set intentions for more than we currently have because we require deep healing.

For example, self-worth. Am I worth it? Trusting yourself helps to clear things that are stopping you from setting intentions that are high enough. Deep emotional healing in past lives needs to be integrated into intention setting for personal life.

Amplifying Your Intentions and Deep Healing

We need deep healing in order to set intentions that are higher than what we currently have. Deep healing is necessary to give you the confidence to take action of amplifying and setting intentions that you feel are higher than you.

This is especially true for the deeper emotional healing. When you set your intentions you are amplifying your manifestations or dreams. How do we amplify these intentions to bring holistic deep healing?

When you have your intentions, it is imperative to let the universe know of your intentions. The best way to begin is from a point of gratitude. Gratitude reminds you that you are not always at a point of scarcity.

Another way is to be accountable for your intentions. Periodically check in to determine how you are doing. Your morning meditation practice is a great place to start. Check how far you have succeeded in your weekly or monthly intentions while you are meditating.

Steps to Intention Setting and Activation

Step 1: Clear Your Energy and Raise Your Vibrations

When intention setting, it is imperative to do so with a clear mind. A mind that is centered and can listen to the vibrations of the spirit. Intentionally raise your consciousness to the intentions you ought to set.

How? Clear your mind of any old thoughts, failures, and emotions. Instead, expand your vibrations to align with your intentions and soul’s desire. When your intentions do not align with yourself, soul, and spirit, they will not succeed. Examples of this are intentions based on anger, fear, or challenges.

Therefore, create space by letting go of things that are not aligned to where you want to be. Consider where you are spending your time, energy, and money. Then create space for a new beginning. One way to get through this is to write down where you are, where you want to be, and the things you need to clear in order to achieve your intentions.

How can you clear space? Through a guided angel meditation. Soul Success Unleashed has meditation materials. Through her community, Jen Gilchrist conducts guided meditations. You can join a free Masterclass with Jen Gilchrist and learn to cleanse your energy and advance your vibrations and intentions.

Step 2: Seek Clarity of Your Intentions and Soul’s Desire to Determine What You Want in Life

Gaining clarity of your true intentions without compromise requires that you are clear with what you want. Give yourself the liberty, freedom, or permission to want more from life. Let go of others’ expectations and the fear that things may not happen.

When intention setting, address all fears of failure, fears of success, your feelings of worthiness, and the fear of things that may change in your relationship with others. These are the fears that turn into self-sabotage.

Highly intuitive people–especially women–are conditioned to place others' needs above their own, often striving to be people-pleasing and giving more in relationships than receiving. This can negatively impact their self-worth and ability to create the true intentions they desire.

So how can you find clarity for your intentions? Set a time, like ten minutes, to journal your visions and desires for your personal and business life. Consume it until it becomes your new normal and takes you to a time of expectancy.

This requires repetition until you feel in the spirit that you are aligned and connected to what you intend to achieve. As you write down your intentions, profess them aloud. While journaling, expand your vision and move away from your comfort zones.

Step 3: Align Your Intentions with Your Vision

Once you have your intentions developed, get a clearance they are in line with what your soul truly desires. Be intentional and stake your claim on all levels of your life–mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. How? Create some time during your morning routine to continually strengthen and rewire yourself to the higher levels of your intentions. This is conscious creation.

In this step, awareness and practice are key. If you notice your energies are not balanced you need to align them in order to bring balance in your day-to-day actions. Practice setting energy for your vision and intentions. This way, you will achieve deep healing.

Balancing and integrating both energies should be a daily routine. Master it to sustain success in your life and business. You can learn how to master your energy through card readings with Jen Gilchrist.

Step 4: Intention Setting to Elevate and Raise Your Vibration

When you set your intentions, all fears start flooding your mind and limiting patterns and contradictions begin to rise to the surface. They manifest themselves in many ways. Your spirit will recognize the resistance.

You have to work on your inner self to rise above the limitations. Overcoming this limitation needs to take place physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Join Soul success, Unleashed Masterclass, and learn Energetic Awareness and Mystery.

Mental and emotional mastery will be accomplished through a consistent mindset, morning soul success routine, and consistent reflections in your day. This is necessary to work on shifting the triggers of self-sabotage and to balance your energy. At this step, elevate and raise your vibrations to be an energetic match to the next level of your intention setting.

Get deeper into your vibrations and intuitiveness to support you from limiting your abilities. You may feel stuck, but remember your intentions are the desires in your heart. You require tranquility when setting your intentions to tune into your soul level.

By raising your vibration, you receive your manifestation. So what may help? Keep a journal or notebook of any limiting fears or patterns and address them every morning. Second, consistently visualizing the energy setting you desire along with your intentions.

Step 5: Develop Inspired Action to Achieve Intentions Set

Even good intentions will not work without any inspired action plan. Inspired actions will take place when you balance your masculine and feminine energies. Trust your intuition and take aligned inspired action.

At this step, you can ask your guardian angels to guide you in taking the path of your intentions. What is your calling? When your intentions align with your calling, success is guaranteed. Seek intuitive guidance from your spiritual gifts like clairsentience and clairaudience.

Setting Your Path as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

There are many types of spiritual entrepreneurs. A life coach, spiritual healer, and yoga teacher are some examples. Many people are meant to be spiritual entrepreneurs but have not heeded their calling.

Why? Because they don’t yet know they are meant for this path. Others already know and are setting the path for prosperity as spiritual entrepreneurs. How do you know you are on the right path as a spiritual entrepreneur?

Check to see if you desire or have the vision to become one. Signs will also guide you in determining if you are meant to be a spiritual entrepreneur, even though you do not know it. Perhaps you see a book mentioned in your Facebook feed and then you see it at a bookstore.

It may be a sign that the book contains information for you that is relevant to your intention setting. Consider which signs speak deeply to you about what you desire.

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1. Life Transformations that Drive You to Serve

You could have a strong desire to serve as a result of a spiritual awakening. Perhaps you had a grisly road accident and now feel the need to alleviate pain for others. Or, you may have hit rock bottom with drug addiction that led to a spiritual transformation and awakening and you now feel called to lead others through similar situations.

These signs are intended to drive you to your purpose of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur.

2. Reward and Fulfillment

If you are passionate about the work, you find it rewarding and fulfilling to the extent that you feel you can do it even without being paid. You find great joy in what you are doing. Additionally, the universe seems to support you.

When you are excited and passionate about what you are doing, you become purposeful and motivated to carry out the journey.

3. You Have an Inner Call that Does not Make Logical Sense

You may have an inner feeling that does not make any logical sense. When you experience this, your intuition may be guiding you to do something. This feeling is often so strong that you cannot resist it.

This is an indication that you are meant to do the thing that is on your mind. For example, energy healing or starting a spiritual business. A highly intuitive person is drawn to things they cannot logically explain.

4. You Are Inspired to Help Others

If you are always helping people, then you are a spiritual entrepreneur. You are the kind of person that carries the emotions of those close to you and sometimes you even feel sick when they are sick. If you are this kind of person, you are a spiritual entrepreneur.

Law of Attraction: Keep Yourself Positive

Positivity starts inside of us. Our spiritual being is what attracts positivity. You can be what you aspire and dream to be. You will achieve that which you attract with your intentions and spirit. There is a replica of ourselves in the spiritual body of the universe.

This is our energy body (etheric body).The energy we place in the universe will bounce back to us. If you put out positivity, it will be manifested back to you in many ways. If you are loving and you share that love with the world, the universe will bring it back to you. The same goes for cruelty.

It is possible to manifest positivity in all aspects of your life. How? Be setting an intention or a vision for something you want to be manifested in your life. This positivity will bring your desires to life. A positive attitude is an ingredient to the law of attraction.

The more positive you are about yourself, the more positivity you will attract from the universe.

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Longing for Home: Homesick for the Stars

The spiritual path is not understood by everyone. When you are highly intuitive and have a spiritual gift, you are bound to feel lonely and long for home. It is a realization that you are different.

You enjoy nature and conversing with the spirit. You could be raised in a family that does not understand your alignment with spirituality. After your spiritual awakening, you may find yourself spending time alone in self-meditation, reading, writing, and discernment.

You may judge yourself for separating from your family during this phase. This is normal and you are not alone in the journey. Be graceful and kind with yourself as you transform from your former life.

In this phase, you look up at the sky, see the stars, and long to be there with them . You are a different being and feel more at home in the stars; like a spiritual being that does not belong on earth. Sometimes you want to be up in space, where the stars are.

Deep healing is an essential part of intention setting. People often bypass this process because they do not feel good or aligned–not because it is reality, but because they have stuff to work through.

This process can be lonely. Take action and do what you need to do amid the fears you are experiencing. Things may seem to magically appear, and they will. It is a spiritual bypass.

When you are in alignment with the spirit, things happen quickly and easily. it is when you are out of alignment that deep healing occurs and is required.

Learning How to Be Human in the World but Not of the World

You can learn to be human in the world although you feel you do not belong in it. How? The loneliness you experience when you are finding your balance for deep healing is a sign you are human.

At the same time, this is not your world. You have to be conversant with your spirit and follow what your spirit desires of you. When learning to align with our spirit, discernment of the difference of what is in the world and is led by our intuition is critical.

You may feel like you are not normal. It may sound absurd but you can be in the world and yet not be in it. This is because you follow your intuition and your spirit.

Human wisdom will help you to understand things but the spirit helps you to take charge of your intentions.

Follow the spirits and guardian angels to find direction for life and career. Being in the spirit will give you confidence with intention setting.

All Paths Lead to Home: Inner Authority and Intuition

Intention setting is the beginning of activating your vibrations and creating a pathway to where you want to be. It is leaving the old ways to create space for the new.

We attract from the world what we activate. When we activate positive energy, we get positivity. What happens when you are having a bad day?

Activating desires comes from inner authority and intuition; from placing energy behind intentions. Your inner logic helps you to understand and perceive things that may not seem logical or make sense at the time.

When you release negative energy and any form of resistance, you become intuitive. Your senses help to strengthen your intuition. When you rely solely on intuition, you feed your inner authority.

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