Achieve Financial Abundance: Ways to Shift Your Energy Around Finances From Lack To Abundance

Feb 5, 2021

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Here, you’ll learn how to shift your energy around finances from lack to abundance. Jen has some helpful tips for you that will turn you spiritually financially abundant.

There’s more to wealth-creation than financial literacy.

We experience it over and over again that wealth-creation and financial abundance has more to do with your mindset than financial literacy. If your energy around finances isn’t right, then you’ll always encounter financial stress.

You’ll earn the same amount instead of growing your financial wealth. That’s why you need to shift your energy around finances from scarcity to abundance. You can do it in many ways including abundance affirmation, abundance meditations, etc.

The shift in energy around finances from lack to abundance accelerates your wealth-creation journey. Whether you want to get financial abundance, health abundance, and abundance in healthy relationships, spirituality plays a huge role.

Here’s how you can do it.

Ways to Attain Financial Abundance Mindset

To become financially fit, it's essential to change your mindset. Rather than complaining about your finances, practice abundant affirmations.

Abundant affirmations are a great way to begin to rewire your mindset to financial success. Below are some of the ways to practice abundant affirmations.

 Be Grateful for your Debt and Recognize that Abundance Surrounds You

When people borrow money from someone, they tend to experience financial stress even though they now have the money they need. This distressing situation results from the mindset that makes them feel shameful for borrowing money.

However, they should be grateful instead of feeling ashamed. This shift in mindset doesn’t only make you feel positive about yourself but enables you to grab opportunities coming your way.

Abundance affirmations and abundance meditation make your energy shift from lack to abundance, which eventually leads to becoming spiritually financially abundant.

 Show Gratitude When Paying Your Bills

Practicing gratitude and abundance affirmations plays a big role in shifting your energy around finances from lack to abundance. When you pay your bills, taxes, and spend money to buy things you need or want, practice gratitude. The fact that you are paying your bills and taxes means you have the financial abundance needed to sustain your lifestyle.

 Acknowledge That You Are In Control Of Your Finances

“I can’t afford this” is the single most impactful sentence that can make you feel lack about your finances. Saying it too often will lead you to develop negative energy around finances.

Tell yourself that you can afford things, maybe not now, but definitely in the future. It will not only motivate you for growing financially but shift your energy from lack to abundance.

 Look for Evidence of Abundance in your Life right NOW instead of the FUTURE

One mistake we often make is fantasizing about the future rather than staying in the present. Your energy flows towards your attention, so be in the present and appreciate what you’ve got NOW.

Instead of waiting for the money to increase in the future, practice abundance affirmations to shift your energy.

 Become Aware Of Your Money Mindset And Stories

Oftentimes, you blame others for your lack of wealth, which is not the case. The money stories you tell yourself develop similar energy around your finances.

You need to become aware of the stories you tell yourself to be able to change those stories and change your mindset. Practicing abundance affirmations is a powerful tool to shift your energy from lack to abundance.


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Spirituality Helps You To Attain Financial Abundance

There is no magic elixir that can rid you of all problems. What you can do is, stand in your power as the conscious creator you are! Choose to adopt ways that can improve your quality of living and experience fulfillment in life instead of staying stuck, spinning in circles, and feeling powerless to your situation.

When it comes to achieving financial abundance spirituality has a lot to offer, but many people think of it as something anti-financial. The truth is, in no way does spirituality say that you should not be wealthy or stay isolated from your possessions.

In fact, I believe abundance is your birthright. When you are in spiritual alignment, abundance a natural bi-product.

Spiritual enlightenment helps you to transform your perception about different things, which is something required in shifting your energy around expenses from lack to abundance.

Here’s how you can achieve financial abundance through spirituality.

Bring Self-awareness Through Spiritual Practices So You Can Embrace Your Financial Abundance

One of the foremost ways to achieve financial abundance through spirituality is to become self-aware. Self-awareness is the first step towards expanding your consciousness of your wealth and other aspects of your life as well.

If you want to be more self-aware, practice spiritual exercises like meditation. It increases your ability to see yourself clearly in the present moment.

Once you’re connected to your “NOW” moment, you understand and recognize yourself better. Your perception about different aspects of your life changes instantly and you are able to untangle yourself from the enslavement of your monkey mind.

Self-awareness allows you to identify limiting beliefs in your thinking that stop you from embracing your financial abundance. You stop denying them by reacting emotionally. Instead, you embrace them and prepare yourself to fight them off.


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Meditate to Bring Financial Abundance to Your Life

The most spiritual thing known to man is meditation. It’s the best way to bring you back to the present moment, clear your mind from negative thoughts, and make you self-aware.

Being able to think clearly, see reality as it is, and embrace that reality with a completely open mind is the best thing you can do to achieve a financial abundance mindset.

Meditation is a godsend for people trying to shift their mindset from lack to abundance. Since we tend to think of our financial wealth as ‘lack’ even when we have an abundance of it, meditation helps us think clearly and embrace reality.

Meditation is certainly a way to achieve a financial abundance mindset.

Change your Mindset to Bring Financial Abundance

The wealth creation path becomes simple when your mindset is right.

Shifting your mindset from lack to abundance is essential. If you seek financial abundance, cultivate an abundance mindset by practicing the 5 ways mentioned above.

When you are rooted in lack, you experience financial burden and financial stress, which hinder your financial growth.

Develop an intentional mindset about money and it’s abundance, and you’ll see your wealth growing efficiently.

Final Words

Spirituality doesn’t deny financial abundance but it helps you to achieve financial abundance. Spirituality helps you understand and embrace the universal laws, which is essential to embracing your financial abundance. Get free Angel card reading for inspirations and to help you attain your desired path in your life and career.

If you want to shift your energy around expenses from lack to abundance, the above ways will be highly helpful for you.

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