How to Trust Your Intuition when Making Important Life Choices

Oct 26, 2020

How to Trust Your Intuition when Making Important Life Choices
So often we are told to “trust your intuition.” Do you ever wonder what that means and, more importantly, how to do it? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Learning to trust your intuition takes some effort, but it’s certainly achievable. You can practice various methods, like meditation, to help you silence your mind and hear your inner voice.

In time, you will be able to decipher what your intuition is telling you.
Let’s learn how to cultivate your intuition and intuitive decision making.

Why Trust Your Intuition?

Your immediate understanding of something is your intuition. Think of it as a gut reaction. There is no need to overthink your emotional or mental reaction and try to change your initial opinion.

Your intuition comes from within you and is extremely personal to you. No one else can feel it or do anything to change it. You’re the only one who can tap into it when making important life choices.

This should be a comforting thought! Trusting your intuition means trusting yourself. Trusting your intuition and practicing intuitive decision making will help you avoid unhealthy relationships and activates your intuitive insights and intuitive gifts.

Every day, you come across people who think they know what’s best for you. Some of them might have your best interests at heart, but others have selfish intentions behind them.

Learning to trust your intuition will help you to silence both your internal and external critics, giving you a healthy outlook on your life and its relationships.

So, if you feel worried about something, listen to and trust your intuition to find the best path forward.

It may sound a bit overwhelming, but all you need is to free your mind from earthly distractions and communicate with YOU.

Let’s see how one of the effective spiritual modality techniques of meditation helps you to listen to your intuition…

How to listen to Your Intuition

Your intuition sends quiet messages and the only way to listen to those messages is through a calm mind.

Spending time in silence and clearing the clutter from your mind is a sure way to interpret the messages being sent by your intuition.

Meditation: The Right Way to Tap into Your Intuition

Whenever you’re going through a challenging time where an intuitive decision is the only thing that seems possible and effective, take a minute to meditate to connect with your intuition.

Meditation as a Warm-up for Life

Meditation is to the mind what a warm-up is to the body of an athlete. Before jumping onto the field for practice or the actual game, every athlete warms-up his/her body to feel ready to go.

There’s no denying that this takes time and effort, but its benefits are worth it. Something comparable happens to your mind when you try using it to its full potential.

We always have a lot of thoughts swirling through our mind and it’s easy to get distracted by them. Many of these thoughts are self-destructive and keep you from listening to your intuition.

One of the prime reasons why you need to meditate is to quiet your mind and to clear the negative thoughts collected in your head. Once your mind is free from all distractions, you can connect with and listen to your intuition effectively.

A Simple Daily Meditation Process

Meditation is a very simple process that you can do anytime you want. However, making it a part of your daily life brings constant calmness to your mind and soul.The best time to meditate is when you wake up, but you can do it whenever you feel the need to make an intuitive decision. Just follow the below process:

  • Sit on the floor or a chair in a quiet room.
  • Turn off your gadgets so you don’t get disrupted or distracted.
  • Keep your hands on your lap with palms facing upwards.
  • Focus on your breathing: feel your breath going in and out.
  • Focus should be on achieving tranquility and quieting your mind.

Once you’ve achieved calmness and your mind is free from all distractions, you’ll be able to sense the quiet messages being sent by your intuition.

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Develop Your Intuitive Decision Making

Even if you have never been in touch with your intuition, it remains inside you. You can learn to listen to and trust your intuition in all of life’s situations.

The following tips can help you develop your intuitive decision making, so you can take guidance from it in every important situation.

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Slow Down Your Thoughts and Clear Your Mind

When you are going through a trying situation, your thoughts tend to rush here and there while you are trying to think of a solution. Often this keeps you from noticing what your intuition is telling you.

In order to tap into your intuition, you must slow down your thoughts, clear your mind, listen & trust yourself.

Take a minute to step away from the internal and external noise in your life and purposefully allow your intuition to occupy your mind and being.

This will help you to tune into your gut feelings and shift your perspective inward.

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Notice Sensations Occurring in Your Body

The key to developing your intuitive decision making is to learn to recognize your intuition. Intuition is a grounded feeling within your body. Recognizing it requires you to learn how your body responds to certain emotions.

For example, when you’re angry your body is tight and hot. When you begin to nurture and listen to your intuition, you may feel sensations in your belly, get goosebumps, or feel a shiver down your spine.

In a situation where you are relying on your intuition to make a decision, notice these sensations. Seek a moment of clarity to understand what your intuition is trying to say.

The immediate decision you’ll make will be your intuitive decision and you’ll feel good about it straight away.

Focus on Yourself

Intuitive decision making requires you to focus entirely on yourself. Think about what’s important for you and consider what you feel is best for you.

If your focus swivels away on other things, purposefully return your focus to yourself.

Remember that your intuition is all about you and feeling confident about it means feeling confident about yourself. It’s your wisest self, so keep your focus on it completely to hear where it is guiding you.

Final Words

Whenever you feel confused about your relationships, career choices, or any other important decision, listen to your intuition. Trust in yourself and believe that there is nothing to worry about.

Once you have listened and interpreted what your intuition is saying, you must be able to trust and embrace it. Remember that trusting your intuition is a journey and you’ll need to continue this journey if you seek a destination.

Your circumstances might change, but you’ll be able to use intuitive decision making at any point in your life. Your intuition or gut feeling is a muscle that strengthens over time.

With practice and regular use, you will improve its strength to serve its purpose effectively—guiding you home whenever you need it.

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