Spirit Guides and Communication

Oct 21, 2021

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Spirit Guides and Communication

There are many ways to discover how to find your spiritual guide. Remember that assigning meaning to symbols, visions, or even numbers can lead you closer to finding how to find your spiritual guide. Consistent communication is another key component of how to find your spiritual guides.

Learning new ways to contact your spiritual guides can bring peace and clarity to your life. How to find your spiritual guide and the method of how to contact your spiritual guides all depends on what resonates with you, as the individual, the most. Deciphering methods of journaling, direct communication, or spirit guide meditation will become clear once you determine how to find your spiritual guides.

Finding your specific spirit guides or spiritual support team can be as simple and learning how to contact your spiritual guides. Conversation and searching for how to communicate with spirits are an important part of the journey. How to contact your spiritual guides begins with an open mind and heart.

Clear out any negative energies or mindsets so that you can be present for the experience. Next, ask for help. The key piece of how to contact your spiritual guides is that it begins with you and your willingness to seek out spiritual guidance. Understanding how to meet your spirit guides is an exciting part of the spiritual ascension journey.

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual guidance is having a true, higher knowing from an unbiased perspective. This knowledge is received through spirit guide assistance. Spiritual guidance is important because it allows you to pull yourself out of your own mind or ego to see the full truth from a higher perspective.

If we learn to tap into this guidance and trust it, it will direct us toward our correct path. Not only will relying upon and believing in your spiritual guidance bring you a greater sense of happiness and alignment, but it can also be a fast track to success.

Spiritual guidance comes from the all-knowing, higher truth of who you are, or can be the divine truth. The guidance is either coming from your soul, the divine, the angel, spirit guides, God, and the guidance is a higher truth. It allows you to tap into the highest and best path for yourself.

Discernment really needs to come into play as not all spirit guides are necessarily equipped with supporting you on your higher path. For example, your beloved deceased family member, we will call her "Aunt Bessie", may not necessarily be the best spiritual guidance for your purpose work!

Discernment with your community is also important. Be sure to take in only the guidance that resonates with your inner beliefs. If you feel like your spiritual community is possibly giving you advice or guidance that may not go along with what you feel and know deep down, dissonance could occur. Accept proper guidance to align yourself to the most prosperous path possible but discern whether that advice really resonates with you and your path or not. Be open, but also recognize that not all advice may apply to you.

You can build discernment by setting intentions and creating a clear space. Make sure your intentions are pure and in direct alignment with your desire to achieve your highest purpose and state of being. Download Free Soul Alignment Activation to discover how to navigate toward your highest self.

Consciously setting this intention will help you not only speak with those in your spiritual community, but this will also give you the tools to use discernment more easily.

Once the intentions are set, you will have a clearer understanding of what advice you should be receiving and how to navigate guidance that feels off or unusual for your particular path.

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Spiritual Guide

What Is A Spirit Guide?

To determine what is a spirit guide, it is important to recognize that there are a variety of types and forms. They come in all shapes or no shapes. To define what a spirit guide is, it is crucial to incorporate the fact that anything that holds energy and has the ability to communicate and express energy, thoughts, feelings, and healing properties.

Spirit guides are all around us and there is no definitive way to perceive what a spirit guide is. Discovering what a spirit guide is and what that means to you in your own symbolic and energetic index can have the most beneficial impact. Decoding what a spirit guide is in your own terms will be the beginning of your ascension journey.

Your spiritual journey will lead you down many different avenues and ventures to figuring out what spirit guides are. As mentioned previously, there are multiple types to assist you with spiritual guidance. We will now delve into what spirit guides are in existence.

Types of Guides

  • Archangels fall in the realm of what spirit guides are as they each have a specific role and specialty to guide humanity.
  • The next types of guides are angels and guardian angels. Seeking guidance from these energy forms will provide context around what spirit guides are.
  • Loved ones that have passed can also define what spirit guides are. 
  • Ascended masters, goddesses, animals, nature beings and many more can all fall into the overarching category of what spirit guides are.   

Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spiritual Guide

First, start implementing a meditation and journaling routine. It’s good to connect with yourself and center in the morning, before starting your day or going on social media. This will help you get into the right headspace of discovering how to meet your spirit guides. Understanding how to meet your spirit guides can already open up lines of communication. Recognition is important.

Next, you must ask for signs from your spirit guides. Intentionally open your heart and mind to receive clear, direct messages from your signs. However, be mindful that signs may be indirect as well.

Some signs from your spirit guides may come in the form of fleeting images, number sequences, or even words that stand out in a book. All of these subtle messages could be your spiritual guides giving you the type of guidance they feel is best suited to lead you to your highest path.

Other Means of Connection

Communication with your angels and spirit guides can be multi-directional. They will provide the guidance you seek and speak to you conversationally. Discovering how to meet your spirit guides can take practice.

As journaling was mentioned previously for a practical and stable ground technique, it can also be used as a sort of stage for question and answer communication between you and your spirit guides. Write down your stream of consciousness that flows through you when journaling. Practice extracting this information and channeling your guides by having a journaling routine set in place each day. It could be as simple as 5-10 minutes of communication practice each day with your guides. It can be a two-way street.

The most important piece of how to communicate with spirits is recognizing that you must have an open heart and clear mind to be willing to receive the guidance they offer. This recognition is significant because the individual must be a large part of their own ascension journey.

It is essential to ask questions and to seek spiritual guidance from your guides since it is the beginning phase of your evolution. Change cannot begin to form and take shape if the individual is not actively seeking steps to make this change happen and to see a difference in themselves. For the soul to grow and patterns to change, you must put in the work. Your spirit guides will always be there to support you.

Communication with spirit guides, learning how to talk to spirits, and how to communicate with spirits is an important part of spiritual and soul growth, which will manifest into our physical reality. Sometimes aligning with your higher purpose may cause you to do things along the way that push you out of your comfort zone.

For example, you may have a dream to be a healer, motivational speaker or write a book, yet it may feel scary to quit your 9-5 job with benefits and stability to pursue your own small business. However, if you are receiving this inkling within you, then cultivating your entrepreneurship skills is likely a nudge from your spirit guides that will bring you closer to actualizing this dream.

Your dreams and soul's purpose are on the other side of your fears, the good news is you don’t have to do it all alone!

Your spirit guides are essential because they will diminish much of your worry, doubt, and anxiety so you are left with room to breathe and grow in your own space. You don’t have to have it all figured out, you can co-create with your spirit guides to make the best version of your life and self that is possible.

Being vulnerable and completely open with your spirit guides is a key piece of your spiritual journey as well. The direct connection with your guides will not only strengthen, but more opportunities will come your way as your safety net of spiritual guidance grows. Learning how to communicate with spirits will become easier.

Continue to be unguarded with an open heart to experience the full capacity and the powerful potential behind the relationship between you and your guides. As you open up more, your guides will build upon the communication and abundance in your life.

Become conscious of your actions. Actively seek advice around a situation or issue you are cognizant of. Learn how to communicate with your spirits and how to meet your spirit guides in different ways. Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts and become a positive creator of your own reality.

What Are Affirmations?

You can also communicate with your guides and learn how to talk to spirits through affirmations. Affirmations are short, powerful words or expressions that have potent energy behind them that can then manifest in a positive physical reality. This is a great connection tool for building the foundation of how to communicate with your spirits.

Affirmations are aimed to target both the subconscious and conscious mind. They are positive words that affect our current mindset, future situations, or thought processes. With these spoken phrases a positive energy begins to form. Our own mind begins to believe there is a beneficial solution, not just an unfortunate outcome.

For example, if an individual is anxious about a situation, they may actively use breathing techniques and positive affirmations to calm themselves into not only believing that the situation is going to turn out okay, but also feeling it within their body. There is a physical and mental component. Positive affirmations can look like the following list below.

Positive Affirmations: 

  • I hear my spirit guides easily and clearly
  • My spirit guides are always guiding me in the highest and best way
  • Thank you spirit guides for always guiding me with loud clear signs I can easily understand
  • I am worthy and lovable just as I am 
  • I trust the process of life and know I am always supported
  • My energies are in harmony with the universe.

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How to Connect and Communicate with Your Spirit Guide

Be more present in your everyday life and stay on the lookout for signs and messages to strengthen communication. Get to know your guides – your spirit guides may vary. They come in a range of forms and types. Some spirit guides may be personal to you, but others may have many individuals they are giving guidance to. You can assign names to your guides and get comfortable communicating with them.

Continually learn and discover new information. Doing research, talking to an expert, attending a class, or even simply giving time and energy to thinking about your spirit guides can open up new means of communication you may have not been expecting. Send a spirit guide a message through your thoughts.

Practice intuitive writing after meditation. Meditation and journaling separately can be used as a powerful channeling tool. However, when a less structured form of writing is applied to the routine, especially following either breathing techniques or a meditated practice, messages from your spiritual guides may actually be clearer.

This is because intuition and thoughts flow more freely when you can just allow it to bypass the mind in an organic way. Simply letting your thoughts transpire into words can be one of the purest ways to connect with your spirit guides.

From the other perspective, making a structured list of aspects in your life you would like spiritual guidance or a clear direction can open the door for communication. When you write down grievances or areas you wish to change or enhance, you begin to create more clarity of what you want and then can connect more with the reality and the true perspective of the situation.

When you take the time to get clear on what you want, your angels and spirit guides can better guide you to the steps you need to take to receive it through their spiritual guidance.

Having clarity also helps you to step into the realm of possibility instead of feeling stuck in your head trying to figure it out or allowing your fears and doubts dictate your reality. While your spirit guides are here to assist you, it is important to remember and take responsibility for the fact that this is a co-creative process. You must be present to see the signs and have the commitment and the courage to follow through and take the guided action in order to benefit from their help.

Oftentimes fear can manifest in many ways that will create the perception that you are blocked from receiving messages from your spirit guides. Being aware and mindful of the fear based feelings that lie within you will not only allow you to heal and bring you peace and clarity when they are acknowledged, but will also allow you to receive your spiritual guidance more clearly.

Without this awareness, the bridge between you and your spiritual guides may be cloudier. Only ask for guidance that you feel is necessary.

Remember there is nothing too big or small to ask for spiritual guidance on. Your spirit guides are not bound by the limitations of time space reality.

I suggest you make it a habit to ask for signs and messages every day so that you can cultivate that trust and awareness in your day to day life. This allows you to build trust and awareness of how to communicate with your spirit guides. This is important to build over time and will allow you to take bigger leaps of faith that will fast track your success and happiness.

Believe in yourself. Trust that you not only have the ability, but the vulnerability and openness to seek help for any issue you feel needs necessary structure and support. Your spiritual guides are always eager to lend a helping hand.


Stay in a positive mindset full of gratitude as much as possible. Expressing and feeling gratitude has a range of benefits.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies to summon guardian spirits, to discover how to talk to spirits, or to simply have our alignment be more centered. When you are in a higher frequency, you will likely have an easier time connecting and receiving your messages from your spirit guides, as you are in a more connected open state.

Working with your spirit guides to support you in handing over the worry can be very liberating so that you can let go and free fear based thoughts from your mind and cultivate a positive mindset.

Building your intuition, connecting with your guides, and learning how to talk to spirits can begin with oracle cards.

Oracle cards are simply cards that can help you translate energy and intuitive messages.

These types of cards are a divination tool and can help form a bridge of communication between the physical and nonphysical worlds so individuals may connect with or receive signs from their spiritual guides or angels.

Oracle cards can validate your own thoughts and feelings.

For example, if you have had flashes of ideas about going out in nature but ignore those tendencies because you have too much work, that may go against the direction your spirit guides are suggesting to you.

Use oracle cards to confirm ideas, thoughts, and desires.

After tapping into these cards, you may start to receive signs from the Oracle cards that nature is calling out to you and that is the space that would most benefit you to currently be in.

Certain oracle cards can help you connect with and get to know specific spirit guides, angels or ascended masters to receive support, it’s so powerful to utilize their spiritual guidance.

We all have free will of choice, however, the sooner you heed the call and take the divinely guided action, the sooner you will experience the manifestation of what you desire

Allow yourself to play with the experience and pick up on spiritual guidance in ways that resonate with you most.

You will start to cultivate your own library of symbols and signs and the preferred way you wish to receive communication from your guides. Once you build up that relationship, you will start to notice more signs from your spirit guides directly giving you spiritual guidance in the form you most prefer.

Genuineness within the soul is the true power of the spiritual individual.

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Soul Contracts, Unconscious Healing Agreements and Karmic Patterns

Channel Spirit: A Message from My Angels

Spirit channeling is a different form of your spiritual abilities, but it can simply be used as a way to communicate with your spirit guides. You can channel spirits in a variety of ways.

Channeling healing can be used as a spiritual ability. This is a skill where the individual is able to have healing energies flow through them. The flow of this energy can come from angels or spiritual guides. This healing can be used to rejuvenate or uplift someone’s energy mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Channeling spiritual guides as a means of communication can happen through writing. Using that flow or stream of consciousness from your spirit guides can be one of the most direct ways to have a conversation. Practice harnessing how to channel spirits to understand the importance of discerning your own thoughts from actual guidance.

How to channel your spirits?

  • Your channeling ability is a part of the crown chakra, your knowing and throat chakra, your communication center. You can channel spirits through writing, speaking, or running energy. 
  • Have a simple question and answer to connect to your spirit guides with intention or with a particular angel to seek spiritual guidance
  • Be in meditation, connect to the source, and use the flow of your energy to  connect with and channel spirits.
  • The more you practice this spiritual ability, the more you are able to step outside of your own mental state and allow the information to simply flow through you. 
  • You may even speak it into a voice recording and channel the messages auditorily.

Channeling can also come in the form of teaching. I love to teach people in the Soul Success Program how to create their own content so they may channel energy through this method. Energy channeling and spiritual guidance can occur through teaching by channeling divine wisdom.

Giving people guidance on how to harness their own abilities and then teach these skills to other individuals. The perpetuation and consistent enlightening of others is a way to accrue awareness as the collective but to also practice channeling by different means. Learn about the Free Success Kit for Intuitive Entrepreneurs to assist others in their own spiritual journeys.

Using your own light to help and guide people is an advantageous way to channel.

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Summon Guardian Spirits for Alignment and Inspiration

We all have at least one or two guardian angels that have a soul agreement from birth that has consistently been there to give us spiritual guidance and support. They are there to help with your emotional needs and oversee you in every aspect, as your spiritual guides have been with you from the beginning. You may summon your guardian spirit as you see fit.

Guardian angels have a multitude of wisdom, advice, and guidance they are happy to share. As you start to expand spiritually, you will begin to become aware that you can also call in other types of guides, such as Archangel Michael.

Discovering how to summon your guardian spirit truly begins with the idea that there is no correct way. Have an open heart and a means to clear communication to receive spiritual guidance.

You may work with multiple guides with various skill sets to discover how to create a community of support and spiritual guidance. Summon your guardian spirit by being vulnerable and opening your heart. Your spiritual guides will hear the message. All you have to do is be willing to summon your guardian spirit.

For more information, Get Free Angel Card Readings to connect easier with your guardian angels.

Spirit Guide Meditation: Achieve Spirit Signs

Higher states of vibration may be reached through practice and routine, but you may utilize a spirit guide meditation to help you connect with your alignment and spirit guides more easily. Listening to guided meditation and spirit guide meditation can assist you in the process of connecting with your spirit guides.

It is important to recognize that every individual has a unique set of tools that will work best for them. Some individuals may resonate more with simply journaling, others may find that creatively drawing their thoughts or ideas works better as well. There are different types of spirit guide meditation as well.

There is active meditation that may be best for high-energy individuals that have a hard time focusing or directing their thoughts. This usually involves performing an activity while connecting with your spirit guides or doing something with your body, such as, walking, gardening or painting, but all while noticing the free flow of your thoughts and the meaning behind each one.

Sometimes this could look like using a divination tool, such as the Oracle Cards previously mentioned. The other type of spirit guide meditation involved silence, stillness, and grounding. This is where individuals learn to focus their energy on their incoming stream of consciousness and then translate that into meaning.

Spirit guide meditation also utilizes the individual’s ability to connect. Harnessing your own energy and calling on your spiritual guides with willingness and an open heart is the most beneficial way to practice spirit guide meditation.

Use the meditation techniques from the Activation Masterclass Series by Soul Success as follows.

  • First, find a quiet peaceful space that calms your energy.
  • Become present in the moment. Center and ground all aspects of your mind, body, and soul.
  • Clear out distractions. Part of this will be taken care of once you establish your quiet space. Don’t get caught up in outside noise. 
  • Incorporate breathing techniques and focus. Hone your energy on establishing a clear link of communication in your mind between you and your spirit guides
  • Visualization may be utilized here to increase conversation with your spiritual community and for manifesting purposes.
  • Recognize the shift during meditation. When you feel the presence of guides or if there is a palpable change in your thoughts or ideas while meditating, your guides are there.
  • Keep communicating with your spirit guides as you are meditating through positive thoughts, asking questions, or gratitude.
  • Once spirit guide meditation is put into practice, it will be more possible to receive signs and messages from your spirit guides.
  • Enroll at Energetic Mastery Programs to fully comprehend how to unlock all of the benefits of spirit guide meditation.
Guardian Spirits

What Kind of Signs Should You Look for?

The signs from your spiritual guides will come in five main ways. As individuals, we all have the freedom of choice to decide what actions to take. Remember to consistently invite guidance in because the freedom to choose and our own inner strength and energy is powerful. Once you do, throughout the day pick up on patterns that you may see, feel, hear, or know.

You may get a really good feeling about a particular life direction or something to focus on or pay attention to.

Focus on what you hear. Our answers may come through other people. You may overhear a conversation that could direct your attention to a life course that is more aligned with your highest path. There are also spiritual auditory abilities where you hear messages through your telepathic channels. Clear seeing is where you may catch certain visual flashes. Hone your 6th chakra and 3rdeye abilities to interpret these images.

Claircognizance is when you have an immediate download, instant idea, or certain repetitive thoughts that guide you toward a particular decision. Notice how all these spirit signs work together. Identify the sequences, steps, or patterns. Look at them objectively and decide what each of the spirit signs mean from an individualistic and holistic perspective.

Determine if the spirit signs overlap or create a clearer message when looked at together. When you synchronistically begin to notice signs three or more times, be sure to give this some consideration, as it is likely the sign you have been asking for.

Spirit signs can be direct means of communication, or spirit signs can be more covert. It may take some digging and spiritual reflection to decipher which spirit signs you are receiving.

The sooner we heed the call and cultivate that muscle and take the steps to refine it, the quicker manifestations and life goals will come to fruition.

Connect with your Spirit Guides Regularly

Also, understanding how to properly tune into a higher vibrational frequency for your situation is important. This is a potent way to begin to recognize and open up a means of communication with your spirit guides.

How to Raise Your Vibrations

Look at the underlying experience and root of what you're feeling toward a particular goal or situation. Take action toward fulfilling that desire, while picturing how completing the task will feel.

Picture the goal already fulfilled, relish and absorb the positive energy from that feeling, and then take action in achieving that goal. Always keep your mindset in the present tense, as if the situation has already reached its desired outcome.

Shift your environment. Notice the things going on around you. Clear out things that no longer serve a purpose to your highest path. Pay attention to friends around you, family members, colleagues, or even aspects of your life.

Step back and try to look from an unbiased perspective. Decide what parts of your life are truly bringing you joy and peace and do away with the facets that are not useful. This could look as simple as getting rid of uncomfortable clothes or outfits that don’t make you feel good and replacing them with patterns and colors that resonate with your subconscious more. Make space for new situations or people that match your new, upgraded higher frequency.

Fuel your body with healthy nutrients. Give your body fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of exercise and work up a sweat to release toxins and keep you more aligned with high frequencies and positive mindsets. Your body is in partnership with your spirit.

Have more fun. Travel, set aside time for yourself and your family, paint, draw, or hone a craft. Even if you enjoy the content you create or the work you do, one can easily get stuck in a repeated pattern of continuous exertion.

Daily tasks or things we have to complete for our jobs are absolutely a part of our routines but staying stuck in this mindset of all work can be harmful. Allow yourself time and space to simply experience joy.

Figure out what activities or which destinations would transcend your soul to a higher alignment where greater frequencies can be accessed.

When we give ourselves space to grow and expand in the leisurely things we love, there is more opportunity for creativity. This expanded creativity will not only help raise your vibrational frequencies but could also aid in your career or work by bringing to light new, innovative ideas.

Become aware of your limiting beliefs. As we start to take action toward our goals and make progress, negativity and fear may begin to bubble up in the form of doubt. Worries or other peoples’ judgments about our decisions may cloud the feelings of love and joy surrounding our excitement toward new possibilities.

Having greater awareness of what your mind is telling you, will enable a quicker dissipation of those limiting ideals. Doing the action, inner work, and listening to positive podcasts to constantly reprogram your negative thinking into positive mindsets will bring you a step closer to the next vibrational frequency.

When we remain in a state of happiness and positivity more of the time, without letting the fear or anxiety drive our creation process, we are able to open up to more opportunities.

Every time we expand into a higher vibrational frequency, more unaligned issues in other aspects of life may reveal themselves. This is actually a gift and a benefit because it can help you clear out even more of the energies and recenter your feelings and life direction. Determine which actions lead to higher vibrations.

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