Archangel Raphael

May 13, 2022

statue of Archangel Raphael with clouds


You have probably heard of Archangel Raphael, one of the many angels watching over us and holding power of the angelic realm. But do you know what exactly Angel Raphael oversees?

Known as the resident Angel of healing, Archangel Raphael is a divine healer angel that makes his presence known during times of healing, recovery, and even emotional discomfort.

He is a lightworker from the angelic realm dedicated to supporting and helping anyone who is seeking recovery from health related issues. He is the angel of health, patron of the sick, and is here to support us when we are at our lowest and weakest.

Whenever I get sick or run into health issues, I call upon Raphael to help and guide me on my healing journey. He helps me heal from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or energetic illnesses. Raphael is readily available to open your heart chakra and release deep emotional wounds from your heart.

Who is Archangel Raphael?

Archangel Raphael, whose name means "he who heals" and is the angel of healing.

Angel Raphael, the patron saint of the sick, is a messenger of God's healing light, coming to support, and protect us when we are vulnerable.

Raphael's love can be seen all around us. He works to heal people's minds, spirits, and bodies so that people can enjoy peace and good health to the fullest extent.

Raphael is also the angel of travelers and young people, and an overall promoter of youth and a happy lifestyle. He is known to appear as a pleasant, young individual, often holding a staff and travelers' clothes.

As a powerful healer, Archangel Raphael can stimulate and inspire miracles that heal your physical conditions. This helps to bring your spirit, body, and mind back into alignment with your soul's purpose in life no matter your situation, you can call on Angel Raphael to bring you healing. He shares with us, peace and calm. His main aim is to help people maintain their overall health.

He is also known and seen holding a fish, as a famous tale about Raphael involves him healing someone's blindness by using a fish. When it comes to healing, Raphael advocates for nature and the environment.

Raphael is also known to be one of the kindest angels who support healers. He helps people in healing professions to deliver the best care to their patients. He also helps people overcome chaos and confusion.

So, if you are experiencing anxiety and difficulty in conveying your thoughts, or if you are moody and sad, you can invite Archangel Raphael to help you release any toxic energy and shift you towards positive higher vibrations.

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Archangel Raphael Healing - He Mends Broken Relationships

Raphael guides you to restore broken relationships you might have with others. If you are suffering from emotional issues, working with your spirituality is the key to restoring your healing.

The way Raphael helps heal your relationship is by encouraging you to communicate your feelings fully to other people.

He will help you move from repressive to expressive, and become honest to your fullest potential. When you allow yourself to unwind, you will become more able to access your deeper feelings and connect with nature.

Therefore, trust Angel Raphael to gently nudge you towards the right path of healing.

Our heart chakra is the connection to our true selves. It is the connection to our soul, our higher self, and our truth. Many people have built walls around their heart that doesn't allow them to connect and access the truth of their soul. These walls may have been created due to hurt, past trauma, loss of a loved one, or any other experiences.

Emotional wounds impact our daily lives. They have a huge influence on our daily actions, our interactions with others, the energy around us, and what we are attracting into our lives.

Archangel Raphael helps us heal and release the emotional wounds that we hold on to, even when we don't realize it. This will help you repair broken relationships, bringing you closer to the people you love, and to yourself.

Raphael Promotes Healing

Archangel Raphael often brings new ideas and information that you can use as important tools to pursue healing from whatever disease or ailment you have.

You can invite him to inspire you with insights and the right information for healing.

Raphael will energetically promote healing and he will guide you through the healing process as a part of your individual divine plan.

He will answer your prayers by whispering thoughts in the form of thoughts, visions, feelings, and dreams. When you get a strong hunch to take any action, follow it and it will lead you to the peace you've been searching for. If there is a deeper reason for the illness, Raphael will also point it out.

It's important to know that Archangels, in general, bring us healing energy. They help us shift our energy. I facilitate my work by channeling angelic healing energy.

But it is not their responsibility to make sure that we are healed. We can call upon them to guide us, heal us, and support us, but it is up to our free will and responsibility to take the steps necessary for healing.

It's part of our soul alignment journey here on earth to make sure we go through the lessons, energy shifts, raise our vibrations, and of all things, open our heart chakra for the Angels to guide us in our healing to be able to move forward.

It is through this healing that we can step into our purpose and achieve our highest potential.

Calling all lightworkers, change agents and spiritual entrepreneurs, your time is now!

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How to Connect With Angel Raphael

The Angel of health's mission is to protect, support, and heal humanity. At certain times, we might feel the desire to have him very close to us.

Are you reaching out to Raphael for guidance? When you are reaching out to connect with powerful angels, it is important to keep an open mind. Open up yourself to the possibility that angels exist and invite them to help you with self-love, abundance, love, peace, and prosperity. By asking, you allow them to assist on your behalf.

No matter if you need healing, inner guidance, or protection while traveling, Raphael is the one you can reach out to connect with and ask for support. When we call on him, he is always ready to answer.

Making a connection with an Angel is very powerful and their support is available to all of us at any time. Calling upon your angels for support no matter how big or small the problem is a great way to build a rapport and cultivate your relationship with them.

Would you like to see the presence of Raphael in your life? There are simple things you can do that will assist you in connecting with Archangel Raphael.

I work closely with Raphael as he supports me both personally and in my professional healing work. He often guides me in how I can best serve my community and comes through many of our group healing sessions to support us.

When I'm feeling sick, I call Raphael to guide and support me on my healing journey.

For angels to help you in any area of your life, you must first ask for their guidance. There is no right or wrong way to ask for help. You express your desire for their presence verbally, have a telepathic conversation, or even just think of his presence.

Simply saying, "Angel Raphael please help me" is enough.. The most important step is for you to realize you need support, guidance, encouragement, and be willing to ask for it.

After asking, be open to receiving. Release the need to control the situation and allow things to flow naturally. When you release the urge to control situations, people, and emotions, and just allow the universe to work for your best interest, then you open up room for more good things to work on your behalf.

Letting go frees up your energy to do things that make your healing process faster and receive the calmness that is yours. Archangel Raphael sees life from a positive, vibrant, and free-flowing perspective. He supports the vision that you can connect with your soul, nature, and your truth.

Once asking and allowing are in order, you are on your way to believing. Trust that he will guide you at the divine perfect time. Trusting can be a hard concept to adopt, especially when it is based on belief and you do not have any evidence that you will get what you desire.

I made a decision a long time ago to start working with the angelic realm. I made a conscious choice to be optimistic. This choice was fundamental in my relationship with the Archangels. So you decide to trust that you are being guided and supported.

You've asked, allowed, and believe, what's next? It is time for you to receive it. Archangel Raphael will send you so many messages and in many forms. I ask that you be open to receiving them in many ways that may be different for you. As these messages and signs will appear, they will assure you that you are on the right path.

You can place statues and pictures of Angel Raphael around your home. It will welcome and make people feel safe in your home. The loving vibrations and high energies of the angels will surround you when you create a positive and angel-friendly environment. Even small figures placed on the nightstand can help you feel protected.

Specific crystals like Jade, Selenite, Turquoise, and Green Calcite are all great stones to call in Archangel Raphael's Energy. You can sleep with them under your pillow, carry them in your pockets as you carry on your day, or wear them as jewelry. Green stones activate your heart chakra and bring healing, peace, and abundance. Crystals can activate the light of Raphael in your space and hold the channel open for the flow of energy from the spiritual realm.

Archangel Raphael's aura color is green. Think of it as the type of green you'd see when visiting rich foliage or water sources. Green is calming and peaceful. It can activate your mind-body to its highest wellness potential.

To call forward Raphael's energy, you can wear something that reflects this wavelength, and it will remind you of the energy available throughout the day.

In my mindfulness practices, I encourage meditation. And there is no better place to meditate than nature.

Plan a hike or take a short walk to your favorite places. Observe the environment and think of its beauty. Raphael has a deep love for all living things. You may be able to connect with him easier when you are in a relaxed state that happens when you are at one with nature.

You can also meditate in your private corner. If you have an urgent need or question, practice yoga, and other meditation techniques. Physical activities will help you connect with Raphael, who is concerned about your well-being.

While doing Angel Raphael meditation, pay attention to whatever is causing you stress and invite his support in to help you resolve whatever is hindering you.. Your subconscious will guide you in calling out to Raphael. You will also see, hear, or feel his message clearly since your mind is at ease.

Cultivate clear communication with your angelic advisors to create clarity, trust and confidence in the messages you receive and experience deep levels of transformational healing along the way.

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Angel Raphael prayer is powerful. Come to him when you are afflicted with stress or illness and he will provide direct healing or guidance that helps us find healing. When you are taking a long trip, saying a prayer to Raphael can make things go smoothly. Ask him to surround you with his healing emerald light.

Here are some sample invocations you can say to invite in his support:

For Good Health:

Dear Angel Raphael, please keep me safe and healthy in these chaotic times. I ask that you give me strength and health. Thank you for your constant care for my physical well-being.

For Love:

Dear Raphael, please guide and advise me on the subject of love. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me on being open to giving and receiving love in balance with my divine partner.

For Safe Journey

Thank you, Raphael, for keeping me safe and assisting me in getting to my destination easily and safely. Thank you for always keeping an eye out for me.

Another great approach to connect with Raphael is to build an altar dedicated to him. It is a beautiful way to connect to an angel as loving and accessible as Archangel Raphael.

Raphael is always offering seeds of encouragement. Creating a healthy lifestyle by exercising and participating in wellness programs. He will cheer you on both the little or big changes you have made.

5 Signs to Recognize Archangel Raphael is Visiting You

Are you reaching out to Angel Raphael for guidance and support? Do you want to recognize the signs he's been showing you?

If you are reaching out to the Angel of health, he might be sending you subtle clues. Here are some of the signs that indicates Raphael's presence:

Sparks or flashes of emerald green light

The most common sign Archangel Raphael is visiting you is seeing his emerald green light. Angels don't often appear in physical form; they show as energetic orbs of light. Each angel has its distinct color and Raphael's is a beautiful emerald green.

When Raphael is close by, flashes of green light will appear. This is an indication that Raphael is nearly paying attention to your prayers. It may come as a surprise but there is no reason to be afraid.

You may also see an aura of green in areas of your body that need healing. You'll feel his healing power gently flowing through you. If you find yourself praying while you are out and about and you happen to notice many green lights on your journey, this is a sign he is listening.

Sensation of heat, chills, and tingling

Another clear sign of angelic presence is feeling physical sensations such as chills, heat, and tingling. When you call upon Raphael, he might manifest through your senses rather than visual representation.

Even though you experience these feelings regularly, they could be an indication of Raphael's presence if they occur while you are working with him.

You'll likely pick up on the sensations during calm activities like yoga and meditation. It's important to remain in tune with your body and feelings, so you can become more sensitive to his presence.

A premonition or dream occurs

Are you hoping to reach out to Raphael with a specific need or question? Are you struggling with your health and do you need support?

Angels often frequent our dreams to communicate with us. If you find yourself having frequent lucid dreams, this may be a sign that Angel Raphael is trying to connect with you.

Every dream is unique and some messages are clearer than others, but more than often, you will find the answers you seek through the dreams brought to you by angels.

You might see him in your dream assuring you that he is leading you to optimal well-being. You may even feel the sensation that you are being "worked on." All you need to do is stay open and aligned, pay attention to any recurring signs, symbols, and messages sent to you in the dream world.

Feeling the urge to reconnect with nature

Are you finding yourself exploring nature more than ever before? Do you prioritize your health and fitness all of a sudden? You may be closer to Archangel Raphael than you think.

Raphael, the angel of health, watches out for your health, as well as nature. It only makes sense that he tries to connect with you this way.

Many people who have been visited by Raphael suddenly have a strong urge to explore the outdoors. You may find meditative walks in nature to be enjoyable. Or perhaps you might have the overwhelming urge to protect the earth, her elements, and creatures.

Looking for a Deeper Way to Connect With the Archangels?

You can see a lot of things that the Archangels do to help you connect to love, connect to your truth, and connect to the energy of love from the universe.

This brings you peace, love, and abundance. These are all the highest vibrations that exist in this universe. When we raise our consciousness and are open to connecting with that flow of energy, that is when we experience those things in life. The most important thing for your healing is that you connect to the divine love within you.

Let us bring back the power of the angels and invite them into our lives. They will give you kind advice for any situation you find yourself in. Maintain a warm heart and there's no doubt their presence will reach you.

If you would like to connect with Archangel Raphael, I invite you to connect with Soul Success Unleashed where you can get programs and mediation practices to help you connect with him!

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