The Archangels and their Divine Responsibilities

Jul 26, 2021

The Archangels and their Divine Responsibilities 1

The Celestial Duty of Archangels 

The word archangel derives from the Greek word “arch” meaning chief messenger. Archangels are direct connections to God or the supreme spiritual guide that you believe in. One way to describe what an archangel is, is to say they are an extension of God. Archangels have incredible power, insight, and wisdom since they are so close to spiritual decisions, paths, and ideas.

Archangels have a strong link to God or the spiritual world, hence why they can relay messages so clearly. Archangels are also in existence to directly guide individuals. To further define the roles of an archangel is that they can speak in dreams, present signs, or even send visions to people. 

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Who and What Are the Archangels?

The primary task of an archangel is to present messages from God but to also oversee earth and all its worldly facets. Archangels protect and observe earth constantly so that everything remains at equilibrium. They have a key role in maintaining harmony, peace, and balance.

Archangels walk alongside humanity but utilize their heavenly powers to create happiness, fulfillment, and to provide pure information and support to individuals. To determine what an archangel is, it is crucial to recognize not only their powerful relationship with God and the divine but how big of an impact they can have on our daily lives if we allow it.

Discovering what an archangel is may require some of your individualistic interpretation as well. Although each archangel has a “specialty” and unique healing frequency, how those powers translate, and how the messages are conveyed can vary. Archangels are non denominational and will work with anyone who calls upon them. 

Each person's experience and relationship with the angels can depend on that particular person’s individualistic view of religion, their own life, and how spiritual they are. The messages and guidance may differ, depending on the person, so it is important to attach a meaning of your own to archangels and the details of their purpose.

Learning more about what an archangel is, different types, their specific specialties and positions, and how that is conveyed in your own life can open many doors and strengthen your spiritual awareness. However, any angel can help you with a range of matters, it is just dependent on the individual to ask for guidance first. Remember, being open to receiving guidance and consistently inviting them into your experience creates a closer relationship between you and different archangels.

Eventually, you will be able to recognize what each archangel means to you and your particular life or current situations. This will help you call on the archangels for direction throughout different points in the day.

Realizing the particular role each archangel has can be beneficial for this reason. Integrating the advice received or any interpretations of the archangels is dependent on your distinctive perspective of integrated experiences and information. 

It becomes a personal journey and experience because once you cultivate that relationship with archangels and repeatedly call on them in times of uncertainty, the unique personality of each archangel will become clear.

Thus, reaching out to archangels in times of distress will eventually become almost a subconscious action once a relationship is built. Determining who the archangels are and forming a bond with them will aid you in your ascension journey. There is no issue too big or too small to seek advice on.

Here are 7 Archangels that can easily be called upon to guide individuals and illuminate their highest path. The angel names are Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Haniel, and Archangel Chamuel.

These 7 archangels are not the only archangels in existence by any means. One individual can work with a variety, even dozens, of archangels within their lifetime. Each provides a unique perspective of guidance and truth. Get Free Angel Card Readings to learn more information about how to integrate the archangels’ advice into your daily routine.

Is There A Difference Between Angels and Archangels?

The archangels are omnipresent. Meaning, most can have multiple experiences, healing sessions, or guided meditation and spirit sights with various individuals at once. The angels are not restricted by time nor space, unlike how humans exist.

Remember to consistently ask for guidance from the archangels to harness your spiritual strength and to build a solid relationship of support within your spiritual community. 

Distinguishing who the archangels are and the contrast they have to typical angels can invoke a deeper level of understanding regarding your spiritual journey and support system.

In general, archangels are above regular angels and are considered “chief messengers” of God overseeing a specific aspect for humanity. They each have a unique energy signature and specialty that supports all of mankind . Meaning, archangels have a clearer purpose, possibly greater knowledge, and direct connection to God. While angels are still able to communicate with mankind, it is archangels that directly oversee the evolution of humans.

Angels protect individuals, regardless of beliefs. They do not have specified roles for the collective, but generally, guide individuals toward their highest path or give answers to those in need so they can experience more peace and joy. Archangels have specific wisdom, advice, and roles.

Archangels have a greater expanse of niche and holistic knowledge and access universal information, but can also provide guidance geared toward their energetic specialty (peace, courage, etc.) Archangels are of a higher rank and strength than angels.

Archangels and angels function in a hierarchical system. Archangels have a specific frequency and energy sequence that is attuned to a particular mission or power they harness. Archangels oversee different pieces of humanity because they are a divine extension and expression of God. Certain general angels are personal to us and our lives.

Harness Certainty and Belief in Yourself

It may feel overwhelming when attempting to open your mind and soul enough to receive guidance from these 7 archangels. Do not get discouraged if you feel that the desired advice is not being obtained. Guidance comes in many different forms. Simply take a step back, breathe, and wash away anxieties or expectations.

Attune your heart and soul to being vulnerable and open. Entrust in the 7 archangels, especially that they have your best interests in mind, and have faith. Surrender worries, problems, and insecurities to the archangels. 

Remember to believe in yourself. Have certainty and conviction that you are worthy of not only accepting guidance, but worthy of claiming positivity, blessings, and living your dreams. The certitude in yourself is the simplest and quickest way to raise your vibrational frequency and manifest abundance. Do not be afraid to ask for guidance from these 7 archangels. They exist to assist you in a range of life events and situations to bring you more peace, hope, joy and harmony.

It is time well spent to practice becoming more aware of your thoughts and to redirect any negative fear based thinking into a more positive mindset.  Choosing to see challenging situations as a learning experience to grow from instead of a problem is so liberating. Practicing mindfulness and harnessing your positivity as a tool to succeed is a powerful aspect of being in your point of power

Continue to cultivate and trust in building a relationship with the archangels. Believe that they can and will guide you to handle any situation. All you need to do is invite them in and ask them for their support. Then pay close attention to any thoughts, feelings or ideas you are given throughout the day, as this is how you recieve their guidance.

Cultivate clear communication with your angelic advisors to create clarity, trust and confidence in the messages you receive and experience deep levels of transformational healing along the way.

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What Are Their Missions?

Each archangel has a unique energy signature or specialty. All archangels elicit a different frequency and vibration, depending on their role and personality. Keep in mind that it is important to harness and expand your frequency and vibration to ensure that you are consistently strengthening your energy.

Doing this will also aid in how well you are able to receive and interpret the guidance the Archangels give you. Individuals with a positive mindset and clear energy will be able to reach higher vibrational frequencies and thus,  have an easier time connecting with their spiritual guides. It will be easier to receive guidance if you approach spiritual situations with an open heart and mind.

Once in a clear, positive state of mind, your energy will illuminate and flourish, making it that much easier to connect with and receive assistance from archangels. The 7 archangels, along with other guides and angels, have a main mission that entails bringing happiness, peace, and joy to individuals on earth. If we are aligned with our highest path’s purpose, we will obtain happiness.


angels and archangels


Tips for Staying in A Positive Mindset to Connect with Archangels Easier 

Write a letter to the archangels. List all of the aspects of your life you are thankful for. Come from a place of gratitude and warmth and pour that energy into your writing. 

Journal your questions and concerns. Utilizing the direct names of whichever archangel, you are desiring to obtain guidance from. Angel names include but are not limited to Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, and more that we will delve into in the next section. 

An example journal entry introduction could look like this, “I call upon Archangel Michael for courage and resilience. I will accept all forms of encouragement and direction with an open heart full of appreciation and joy.” The format may vary, depending on the advice you are seeking. However, include the particular archangel’s name and list their specialty or energy signature to construct a powerful connection.

Try to practice mindfulness in all aspects of your life. Mindfulness is not only being aware of your thoughts and actions but recognizing the impact they have on others. Mindfulness has a multitude of benefits. After some time of repeatedly including mindfulness into your daily routine, your energy and thoughts will naturally become trained to exude positivity. Download Free Soul Alignment Activation to cultivate mindfulness and reach your highest path.

Your vibrational frequency will raise significantly since any toxicity within your energy is being cleansed by the constructive thoughts you have conditioned into your mind and soul. 

Additionally, mindfulness creates a safe space for the people around you as well. Building a relationship with archangels will be an easier feat if the way you transfer and release your energy is positive and productive. 

Meditation is another great tactic to use to build a relationship with archangels. It helps clear the mind of any negative energies or thoughts and pave a smooth bridge between you and your spiritual support team. Embodied meditation is a powerful method to access your intuition, consciously create your life and more easily communicate with your angels, so enroll in Energetic Mastery Programs to learn how to use this style of meditation. 

The Mission of Archangels 

Archangels are among the strongest, most positive energies in existence. They exude light, healing, positivity, and happiness. Their mission is to guide individuals into the light as well. Archangels have the prominent task of leading humans to their highest path and eternal lightness, happiness, and positivity. 

While Archangels’ primary purpose is to direct people to their truest selves, they also protect humanity. They are constantly watching over each person that accepts their love and guidance, and over the individuals that do not even acknowledge their existence. 

Archangels observe every person alive, regardless of the strength of the relationship. The main advantage of building a connection with Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Raphael is for yourself. 

Gently remind yourself that this journey is to heal your energy above anything else. Utilizing the power of archangels and their willingness to fulfill their divine responsibilities to help provide all-encompassing love and guidance will remedy any negative energies or energies. 


Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and More

There are multiple angel names like Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, and more. These are 7 archangels  you can invite to guide your ascension journey. The angels are here to help you be more aligned, present and fulfilled. 


Archangel Michael elicits strong energy, with primary masculine qualities. Calling upon his wisdom and energy alone creates a sense of comfort and security. Michael is a fantastic archangel to call upon in times when bravery and courage are needed. That is Michael’s energy signature or specialty.

Archangel Michael is also great for handing over fear, building confidence, and helping you discover your life’s purpose. Archangel is great to invite into your dream space. His other divine responsibilities consist of enlightening specific elements of your life to work on, illuminating alternatives, and guiding you to correct decisions.


In contrast, Archangel Chamuel elicits a sense of peace. This can be especially helpful in times of grief because you can buoy off of his energy to enhance your own. Archangel Chamuel’s vibrational frequency will attune and raise your energy to a state of calm, peace, and gratitude. In turn, you will undergo a healing experience that salvages the positivity within your energy and elevates your energy to a higher level than before. 


Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel. She will help you understand any life callings you may have, no matter how big or small. Archangel Gabriel guides individuals toward their true desires, whether it’s a new hobby to pick up, a book to write, or a job field change, he will assist in bringing about a novel and wanted opportunities. Archangel Gabriel is among one of the angels' names tied to instilling motivation and drive to achieve a certain desired goal within individuals. 

She also helps strengthen communication, since she is the messenger archangel. Archangel Gabriel will eliminate any fears surrounding conversation, speeches, or expressing feelings. 

An advantage of utilizing the power that Angel Gabriel holds is being able to transform into an individual who is completely in tune with their emotions. 

Clarity of expression and conversation is liberating. Use Angel Gabriel’s knowledge to Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts and awareness. 


Archangel Uriel helps illuminate the light. He guides you toward tapping into your knowing and clarifies the correct choices. Archangel Uriel has exhaustive wisdom and an archive of information and advice to give. Individuals merely need to call upon him to receive facts or help in understanding the truth of a situation. He can even guide you to realizing who the 7 archangels are. 


Archangel Raphael is a healing archangel. His is one of the angel names widely known for healing on a  physical and emotional level.. He can guide you to  transform your diet, sleep, nutrition, and general health for the better, and also provides a perfect example of who the archangels are. 


Archangel Haniel is fantastic for intuition techniques. Unlike Michael, Haniel gives off feminine energy. Her divine responsibility is leading you back to your intuition. She teaches individuals how to rely on their gut feeling and how to put full faith in their intuition. Archangel Haniel also helps you to harness the moon cycles, manifest your desires and amplify your intentions.  


Archangel Ariel is great for manifesting, connecting with the earth, feeling tied to animals and nature, and appreciation for the universe. Individuals wanting to re-ground themselves and focus on natural remedies, an organic diet, or simply transitioning to a more rural lifestyle will want to call upon Archangel Ariel for wisdom.

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