Energetic Mastery for Spiritual Entrepreneur

Dec 18, 2021

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What Is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

A spiritual entrepreneur is an individual, a part of the spiritual community, that wishes to guide others.

For a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s essential to recognize that paving a unique path will bring beneficial results to your spiritual business. You’ll want to rely on your instincts and feelings.

In this article, you will discover how to access spiritual strategies you resonate with to spread your content creation in cost-effective and time-saving ways

Ways Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into Their Intuition

The first step is the connection with the self. It’s good to have a strong self-connection that yearns for success. Meditation and journaling as part of a consistent morning success routine, is just one way to increase the connection to self.

When you have a morning routine that sets you up for success, you’re more able to stay grounded. A routine sets the foundation for having a clear, open mind. Practicing grounding techniques right when you wake up will strengthen the connection with your intuition.

Journaling and meditation are effective and positive ways entrepreneurs can tap into their intuition. Intuition is just one of many beneficial spiritual characteristics to tap into.

While meditating, focus on feeling the energy. Concentrate on the energy in the present moment and extend your aura to reach your spiritual community. Doing so will allow the motivated spiritual entrepreneur to energetically connect with what individuals within the community are yearning for.

A level of meditation and journaling can be very powerful. Once you clear your space, it’s good to set intentions and fully connect with your mindset. Consider what you want to accomplish in your business, both short-term and long-term.

After the link between yourself and your goals is established, think about who you want to serve. From an entrepreneurial perspective, it’s good to connect with and consider what you want to create for the world. You may want to contemplate what you’re offering and who you intend to serve.

Form connections between the idea of accomplishing goals and actualizing the necessary steps to achieve. Empower the soul and mind through an established, successful morning routine. I suggest the morning because having a fresh start before you get into the emails,social media ect, gives you a chance to have a clear connection void of much outside influence.

However, the most important thing is that you consistently create this space daily, so choose a time that works best for you to commit to.

Visualize what you want to create while doing meditation and journaling. We should practice using our spiritual abilities to visualize goals and future successes. In doing this, the universe and your spiritual support team will guide you to a communicative avenue. Visualizing will allow you to relay your ideas, thoughts, and creations to an audience that resonates with the information.

During the morning success routine, it is beneficial to open up your mind and soul. Directly ask your spiritual guides, “What messages can I share today that will be of most service to my community?”

Consistently connect with the energy between you, your business, and the people in your community you want to share information with. Having an equilibrium between these three elements creates a sense of peace. A balanced routine moves the energy forward in a positive direction.

Beneficially use your harnessed energy while maintaining a bond with your spiritual support team. Doing this can help gain insight on what information to receive for future content creation.

Tapping into the spiritual community on an energetic level is a great way to connect with your audience. Feel out what spiritual messages they need to hear to live life happily and to its fullest extent.

A spiritual entrepreneur knows how to use their business to access valuable spiritual information to positively impact people within the community. Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts and learn how to access this knowledge.

Calling all lightworkers, change agents and spiritual entrepreneurs, your time is now!

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What You Need to Know About Following Your Gut Feeling Intuition

Having intuition and trusting your intuition enough to take action on it is a fast track to success. Relying on gut feeling intuition is the greatest form of high-level decision making. It’s based on an unbiased and elevated perspective that was offered through your higher self, spiritual support team or the Divine directly.

When you make business decisions based on your intuition to succeed, you’re able to save time, money, and energy.

A spiritual entrepreneur should work with a business plan that coincides with how you like to create. There are a variety of great spiritual characteristics that go into being a successful spiritual entrepreneur. The most important guideline to keep in mind is to consistently trust yourself.

Follow your gut feeling and intuition when registering with a spiritual coach and program. Tune in if you resonate with the information, techniques, and plan. Everyone has a varied ascension journey. Use your intuition to further your spiritual business.

Imagine this scenario – an honest, flourishing business that you’re proud to share with the spiritual community as an intuitive entrepreneur! This is a truly achievable situation, especially if you trust in your spiritual characteristics and intuition.

Furthermore, a spiritual entrepreneur can partake in activities to help strengthen your intuition to rely on for important business decisions. For example, try to sense a person’s energy as you’re meeting them. Get a feel of their energy before you truly get to know them.

Do this within your spiritual community. When searching for a spiritual coach, see if your inner feelings and gut instincts match with their energy.

To harness your spiritual characteristics even further, complete practice with color activities. Use your intuition to guess the color of an image before it’s revealed. Doing this will increase your entrepreneur spirit and intuition to succeed.

Just like meditation, cultivating intuition within yourself solidifies your ability to foster your craft. Meditation helps you recognize and receive messages from a higher perspective. Use your newly empowered gut feeling intuition to provide people with spiritual information.

Becoming a successful spiritual entrepreneur is achievable for everyone. Have full faith and trust your feelings to guide you toward the correct platforms, media, and content creation.

Believe that your message and business are worth cultivating. The positive entrepreneurial opportunities will be limitless.

Find what spiritual business strategy works for you and the growth of optimistic possibilities will follow.

Remember, Soul Success is the place to learn which spiritual niche coincides with your beliefs. The information, type of business, and the creation you wish to share are all factors to consider.

Soul Success Unleashed offers a variety of tools, techniques, and masterclasses to help you cultivate your intuition and inner feelings. You can then use your newly cultivated intuition to promote growth within your community.

For the intuitive entrepreneur, you’ll discover along with the use of their spiritual characteristics how to make a positive impact through business and outreach.

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Using Discernment Within Your Spiritual Business

It is beneficial to realize that intuition consists of your instinctual, gut feelings and spiritual gifts that derive from a higher place. Intuition could be your own, pure higher self energy without biases. Alternatively, it could be messages and information from your spirit guides. Either way, intuition is connected to truth and honesty.

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So many of our decisions have unconscious biases that stem from what we think should occur. You may see a spiritual coach online and immediately want to enroll because other individuals have seen results and an expansion in their spiritual business.

While this is important to consider, what is more impactful is if you think about how the spiritual coach’s message directly relates to you.

Oftentimes, discernment needs to be employed alongside relying on your intuition. Let your inner feelings flourish to decide the best direction for your entrepreneurial business. It’s a good idea to utilize discernment at the same time.

Discernment and intuition are spiritual characteristics that work wonderfully together to make a business decision that is in the best interest of your highest self.

Discernment helps weed out possibilities that seem great on the surface, but either have a false cover or do not truly resonate with your highest path. From the perspective of a spiritual entrepreneur, this can determine how you choose to get your message to the spiritual community.

Maybe you’re following in the footsteps of a spiritual coach that only holds seminars in person, but you want to reach a variety of people and use the internet as a platform as well.

Using your spiritual characteristics of intuition and discernment, you may choose to hold monthly in person seminars and then employ video and blog-style content the remainder of the time.

No matter which you choose, use discernment to pave a unique path that works best with your entrepreneur spirit. Monitor your comfort zone to distinguish between spiritual discernment and organic stress due to change.


Energetic mastery for life and business success as a highly sensitive person, intuitive or empath

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How to Connect With Your Intuition: Intuition As The Key to Success

Connect with your intuition to promote the growth of your spiritual business and determine if you’re feeling negative due to a misalignment or because of fear. The TLC full-body method is a form of meditation that combines breathing, integrating your mind and body, and being fully present within the moment.

Utilizing the TLC full-body meditation requires concentration and is a beneficial way to check in with your energy levels and reconnect your thoughts and body. The TLC method ensures everything is aligned and that you’re currently following your highest truth.

Use controlled breaths in a calm, quiet space. First focus on keeping your mind clear of thoughts. Remember to stay in the present. Gradually connect with your inner thoughts.

Ask yourself how you feel, what your daily, weekly, and monthly goals are. Determine if you are presently happy with the direction of your spiritual business.

Soul Success Unleashed teaches individuals how to do the TLC full-body method to achieve personal and business success. Enroll at Energetic Mastery Programs to access the full tutorial and harness your energy for positivity.
Ensure your intuition to succeed is flowing positively and matches the direction you’re taking your spiritual business. Consistently examine if the creation, content, platforms, and topics you’re sharing align with your higher purpose.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you will have to work through the fear of the unknown. Ask yourself, “Is this decision leading me toward my higher purpose or away from it?” Notice the root of your answer. What is the cause of any fear and apprehension?

Trust in your spiritual characteristics and abilities. Believe in your connection and message. Have faith in the content and creation you want to share with your community.

The best step to success as a spiritual entrepreneur is to have faith that your intuition will lead you toward the path you’re supposed to follow.

Energetic mastery for life and business success

Intuition and Success From A Business Perspective

Learning to determine when you need to take a step back from your business and listen to your intuition is a significant key to success from a business perspective. Oftentimes, individuals get into the groove and hit the ground running once they learn to trust in their gut feeling, intuition, and spiritual characteristics.

While this is wonderful for the entrepreneur spirit, it is also advantageous to consider burnout.

Check-in with yourself often. Ensure that your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being is being taken care of.

Balance the masculine energy of your motivated entrepreneur spirit with your feminine spiritual characteristics. Have an equilibrium of drive and care surrounding the cultivation of your spiritual business. Trusting your intuition leads to successful decisions about how to relay your important content and creation to those who resonate with it.

Realign yourself to take inspired action to reassess. An excess of feminine energy will lead to all innovative imagination with little initiative. However, an imbalance of masculine energy lends itself to burnout and over thinking when planning.

Learn how to ground your transformational soulful work. Communicate your business into a tangible marketing framework and strategies. Your soul-aligned clients and community can see the value of your work and how much it helps people.

Energetic Mastery

What Imbalanced Masculine and Feminine Energy Looks Like In Business


  • Push-mode, less gut feeling intuition, too much action leading to burnout


  • Free-floating, unclear strategy

Effects of Imbalanced Feminine Energy

  • The spiritual characteristics of higher-knowing and navigating through fear are out of alignment, leading to less profit taking action for your business which results in less positive impact in the world.

Effects of Imbalanced Masculine Energy

  • All action, stemming from overthinking and what you think you “should” do will lead to burnout and often leads to a misaligned action which creates little financial gain for all your efforts

Finding a routine that balances action and intuitively inspired planning is beneficial for the intuitive entrepreneur. It is important to stay tuned into the balance between both feminine and masculine energy to set your spiritual business up for success.

Beyond that, tuning into your personal spiritual community as an intuitive entrepreneur is important. Learning to find your own rhythm with balancing the daily dance between your masculine and feminine energy.

Communicate with your spirit guides and angels for information to guide you. Your spiritual community will provide advice and downloads of useful knowledge that is helpful for others.

Share the messages and spread your content creation. Your spiritual characteristics of gut feeling, intuition and using your intuition to succeed will guide you toward the most positive avenue to share your information and gifts with the world.

When you are fully tapped in, even your blog posts will attract the attention of people that resonate with your energy at a quicker pace.

The Free Success Kit for Intuitive Entrepreneurs is a wonderful place to start learning how to grow your spiritual business venture.

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