How to Increase Energy in Personal and Business Life

Apr 6, 2021

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Life is hectic. There are so many things to do in little time. We have all wished that the day had more than 24 hours, so we can accomplish everything on our to-do list.. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
By the time the day is halfway done, some people have lost their energy and motivation to do any other tasks. Why? Because they have over-scheduled their lives. They feel drained and tired.
The question is how to boost energy.

First, try to recognize if the tiredness is a result of your lifestyle. Then find how to revitalize and how to increase energy in your personal and business life.
Having more energy is essential for various reasons.

There are different ways for how to boost energy both at work and in personal life. The first is to understand when your energy is at its peak or lowest. You can support yourself on a physical level through regular exercise, proper diet, and clean workspaces.
Join Jen Gilchrist and learn ways to maintain your energy as a leader.

Join Jen Gilchrist and learn ways to maintain your energy as a leader.

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Why Having More Energy is Essential

Why is increasing energy essential? So that we can live a life full of experiences. Energy gives us the chance to do things we want to do. For example, to be available for family, work, and to cultivate relationships. Also, to create experiences and take actions on things that matter to us and bring us joy.

Intuitive people find themselves offering their energies to help others. Being a leader requires that you are there for the people who need you. That being said, it’s important to not over give to your detriment. You can keep yourself in alignment with your values and dreams without loss of energy.

Maintaining your physical, mental, and spiritual energy makes you a better person, entrepreneur, friend, and mother. At work and in personal relationships, it is imperative to have a life that you enjoy. Your body is the vehicle that moves everything around you. When you have to make many decisions in a day and deal with so many things the only thing that can sustain you is your energy.

Energy is the fuel for the body and its internal wellbeing. It maintains, builds, and repairs your body’s organs. Body cells and tissues enable it to function and interact with the world. That is why we can do what we do as humans. If you are an intuitive person, you use a large amount of energy. It is important to ensure that you are feeding your energy to sustain yourself.

Thoughts on How to Increase Energy

You inspire people by setting examples, whether it is for business, friendship, or family. This is not possible if your body, mind, and spirit are not aligned.
It is overwhelming to deal with business and family at the same time. It is critical to pause and release.
Give yourself some time and space to rejuvenate.

This means taking precautions and actions. For example, actions like personal care, resting, meditation, or maintaining a certain routine.
People, especially women who are mothers, wear many hats. They give so much of themselves to serve others to their detriment. So how can they increase their energy?

1. How to Increase Energy Through Self-Care

Self-care is like filling your own love cup. As an intuitive and sensitive person, it is important to sustain your energy.
You need to realize when it is time to take action, versus making time to take a nap or read a book.

You need to prioritize yourself to ensure more balance in your life.
For example, set time to get an extra hour of sleep, schedule times for breaks in your calendars to allow you to recharge, Or go the extra mile to be creative and work on a hobby that pleases you.

This will help to ground your body to feel at ease and boost your energy. A massage, spa treatment, or personal retreat are also part of self-care. They allow you to stay aligned with the energy that inspires and motivates you to continue doing what you do daily.

2. How to Increase Energy Through Sleep

Intuitive people are tuned to their body, mental, physical, and spiritual energy. Enough sleep helps with the restoration of energy through relaxation. It is a mode of body relaxation that helps you to remain alert to your body's energies.

It is critical to be intentional about finding time to have enough sleep. Sleep is one of the things that I highly recommend being on your non-negotiable list. It equals a good mood, and a good mood equals energy. Enough sleep ascends your energy levels. Surprisingly when you are well-rested, it takes a lot to get you out of a good mood.

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3. How to Increase Energy Through Meditation and Journaling

When you are intuitive, you make decisions without a deliberate intention. Meditation assists you to be in touch with your spirit. It is also a great way to regain and rejuvenate your energy. It increases energy levels and brain function by advancing the flow of thoughts.

Increase Energy

How to Get Energy for Work

Pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day. There may be certain times when you feel your energy at work is at its lowest, your concentration has decreased and your focus has been lost. This is because of many factors and differs from one person to another. If not well observed, it can lead to burnout or a body crash. The first thing to get energy at work is to first understand your natural body rhythms. Regular exercises, a proper diet, and clean workspaces will boost your energy at work.

iconUnderstanding chronotype

How do you manage your energy levels in the day? Which is the time of the day that you feel more energetic than others? Once you understand your energy level, work with it to get the most out of the day at the time when you feel the most energetic. If you know you have a mid afternoon slump, avoid scheduling important meetings during that time. Have a snack ready or go for a walk to help bring your energy level back. If you are most alert in the morning, use that time to accomplish something on your to-do list. Your emails can wait. Define a system that works with your chronotype.

Regular Exercising

Regular exercising is how to boost energy through blood circulation. It can be a walk, gym, or any physical exercise. When you exercise, oxygen flows to your brain and eliminates fatigue. Less fatigue equals more energy.

Clean Work Station

A cluttered workshop, or a dirty and messy workspace impact your productivity levels. It takes away clarity and calmness. A clean desk improves mood and elevates energy levels.

Healthy diet

You are what you eat. A healthy diet is key on how to boost energy levels. Healthy snacking at work releases energy. This energy helps to maintain a healthy system and it ensures that you do not suffer from the drop in energy levels in the course of your workday.


Energetic mastery for life and business success as a highly sensitive person, intuitive or empath

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