Is Telepathy Real?

May 3, 2022

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When we think about communicating with someone, we usually write to them or call them on the phone. But do you know that we can communicate with people through the mind?

Before I knew about telepathy, I'd often ask myself, "Is telepathy real?" When I heard the word, my mind created mental images of superheroes wearing capes, with mystical powers.

But the truth is, we don't need to be Emma Frost to be able to hold mental conversations and develop a telepathic bond with someone. Communicating telepathically is an extraordinary and spiritual gift that we all possess. Telepathic abilities are much more natural than we think they are.

We have the innate ability to communicate with the consciousness of others. Although it is not always obvious how this happens, if you set aside the time to learn how it works, it is entirely possible.

If you have ever wondered "is telepathy real?", this article will help you connect and strengthen your natural telepathic gifts and take your skills to the next level.

What is the Concept of Telepathy?

Have you ever randomly thought of someone only to receive a call from that person later in the day? Or maybe you text someone and they say, " oh, I was just thinking about you moments back." You might think it is a funny coincidence, but there is more to it.

I've seen this happen to me many times. A few hours later, I'm walking down the park, when I suddenly see someone I've been thinking about. Have you ever experienced that? It could have been the power of your telepathy.

But what is telepathy exactly? Is telepathy real? Is there anything like mental telepathy and how do we use this gift in our daily lives?

Telepathy comes from the Greek words tele and patheia which means "far away" and "affected by." This refers to the communication between minds and it is one of the many psychic gifts passed down from our ancient ancestors.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate ideas with others by other means other than the five senses - touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and tasting. In other words, it is the process of receiving thoughts and feelings.

You can have a telepathic conversation with someone if both of you are connected on a spiritual, mental, and energetic level. When your vibrations and subconscious are heightened, it becomes possible to hold mind conversations. You can perceive each other's emotions without trying too hard. This goes in support of one of my most asked questions, "is telepathy real?"

We often communicate telepathically, even when we don't intend to. It comes naturally and most of us aren't even aware of that gift.

It is not always easy to believe in telepathy, but telepathic signs can be sent to someone. There are several examples of telepathic activities. For example:

  • Reading or sensing what is going on in another person's mind.
  • Influencing the actions of a person with their thoughts.
  • Direct communication with someone without even speaking to them.

As humans, we all have the consciousness to be aware and feel things going on around us deeply. We also can connect with others. This connection happens when your vibrations are on the same frequency and grid as another.

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Is Mental Telepathy Real?

Is telepathy real? When we notice subtle signs of mind communication, we often ask ourselves this question.

Like a radio or TV cable, we all have vibrational energy. Every one of us can transmit several frequencies. When we align our frequency with the vibration of another, we no longer need other senses to communicate with them since we have a direct connection. That's an amazing telepathy superpower.

Mental telepathy is direct mind-to-mind communication without the use of our senses. Do you believe it is possible to converse telepathically with a distant person? Yes, it is possible. However, mastering this skill takes time and practice.

Though you can converse with a stranger, you may find it much easier and more natural if you have a genuine relationship with the person. This is because you are familiar with their vibration making it more familiar to connect with and recognize.

Also, your message may not be received if the person you are trying to contact is not open to their telepathic gifts. When someone is spiritually awakened and aware they are more likely to receive your message.

You may notice if the person you want to communicate with is your close family member or friend the connection may be more effortless.

Do you want to know if you have a connection with someone? Wondering "is telepathy real?" If you wish to know the answers, you can look out for the signs below:

You have a strong sense of intuition when it comes to each other:

A telltale sign of a telepathic connection is unwavering intuition. Our intuition plays an important role in our psychic and spiritual advancement. Your strong sense of intuition will alert you when they are in danger or if the other person is in a bad place spiritually, emotionally, physically, or mentally. It serves as a spiritual guide and it cannot be explained through logic.

You instantly know each other's thoughts and feelings:

If you can notice their thoughts, feelings, and emotions without even speaking to each other, then you have a strong telepathic bond with them. Since your energies radiate similar vibrations, you can share thoughts and ideas, affect each other's mood, and see-through each other's subconsciousness.

You feel a deep spiritual connection:

If you wonder "is telepathy real?" try noticing if you have a special connection with them. Mental telepathy can create a strong and unique type of bond between two people. It works most easily if both parties feel secure and comfortable with each other.

A great way to be spiritually connected with someone is by allowing yourself to be free around them.

You see them repeatedly in your dreams:

Dream telepathy is quite common. If you share a telepathic connection with someone, you will likely see them appearing vividly in your dreams. When you wake up, you'll remember the conversation and feel an unexplainable connection.

You notice a frequent coincidence

You'll notice synchronicity and meaningful coincidence. For example, you might think of someone and they instantly reach out to you. Or maybe they might say what they are thinking or complete each other's sentences.


How Mental Telepathy Helps

Telepathy is a non-verbal means of communication and it can help you during times when you don't know what to say or how to convey your thoughts. You might be afraid of being rejected, overlooked, or maybe it doesn't feel right to call an old-time friend, but you still want to express what's in your heart.

Telepathy helps your soul identify with others and deliver messages successfully. When you develop this ability, you can have profound communications, and even closure can be completed in a telepathic conversation no matter the distance.

I call it the subtle voice. You can think of it as another language we were born with, but we need to develop and practice to master it. It's like a psychic telephone network that connects to everyone in the universe, including the stars, angels, and animals.

If you still doubt the question of "is telepathy real?" The more you open up your heart to its possibility, the more you'll notice the signs and messages from your spirit guides and ancestors. You'll see the frequent coincidences that have been happening all your life. If you can tap into this way of communicating, your life and relationships with people will improve.

An amazing benefit of telepathy is that you begin to realize when things happen for your sake. All your experience starts to form a big picture, even the negative ones. Instead of seeing life as a string of random occurrences that confuse you, you start getting the answers you need.

You'll realize that things don't happen by chance, you take others' actions less personally, and understand we are all part of the same universal consciousness. Mental telepathy also helps you stay calm and focused even during chaotic times.

It also helps to improve relationships. For example, you might have a friend you haven't talked to in a while, you can send them a mental message to let them know that you are thinking about him, and ask them to connect with you when he is ready.

It's a beautiful thing to have a connection with others who understands you without explaining yourself. You can feel them in your place, speaking and comforting. And the more connected you are, the stronger your relationship gets.

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How to Improve Your Telepathic Gift

Aside from being asked, "is telepathy real?" Most people want to know how to develop this natural ability.

The great thing about telepathy is that it can be practiced by anyone. Everyone can intentionally send thoughts to others, but many don't realize it.

Just like riding a bike or any other talent, you need to practice. It is much easier to converse with someone you already share a bond with, like family or friends, since you are likely to be on the same frequency as them:

Meditate regularly

One of the best ways we can get in tune with our energy is by meditating. Sit in a quiet place, suspend all thinking, and visualize the person you want to connect with standing in front of you. Picture sending them gratitude, thanks, or the feeling you want to pass across.

When you do this, your body tunes in with the energy frequencies around you. It's these raised vibrations that allow us to communicate telepathically with people.

Use crystals

Crystals are known for their healing properties and protective powers. However, each crystal has unique abilities and some crystals can help amplify a person's psychic abilities, including their telepathic gifts.

For example, kyanite and blue calcite can help you activate and enhance your mental telepathy. It helps one to obtain psychic information and facilitates the transfer of energy from one person to another.

Intuit their feelings throughout the day

With little practice, you'll be able to intuit the feelings and emotions of your loved ones. We're already at the same energy level with people we genuinely love, and it's only a matter of tuning into their energy and listening to their feelings.

As long as the connection is there, it does not matter the distance. Check-in mentally with them if you’d like to amplify this connection.


As important as it is to meditate, use crystals, and practice intuition, it is equally important to make time for listening. Telepathic communication is a two-way street. It is vital to listen to the message they are trying to pass to you as well.

It could be their desires, interests, feelings, or whatever is important to them. When you tune in and listen, you are strengthening the connection you have with them. The stronger it is, the easier it becomes to converse mentally.

Focus your heart energy

The heart chakra imparts a strong connection when bonded. It is full of vitality, warmth, and love. When sending messages, our heart energy is one of the most powerful ways to reach our loved ones.

It's important to define and focus our heart energy. When we clear every distraction and allow this energy to flow freely, it brings our loved ones close to us.

The heart chakra, when it is fully opened, is capable of connecting with everything around us. You'll be able to feel the harmonious exchange of vibrations with others.

Clear any negative intentions

The last thing we want to do is communicate the wrong thing to our loved ones. Even when our intentions are pure, there are times when our energies might not match and our emotions are turbulent.

During emotionally unstable times, I don’t recommend you try to communicate with others. Make sure you clear any negatively charged emotions or thoughts before you send a message, otherwise it may end up in an uncomfortable looping of emotional slinging back and forth.

Find a psychic mentor

Speaking to a real psychic will give you clarity and a good idea of how to develop this psychic ability.

You can take classes, workshops, and guides to give you the ins and outs of everything. Clearing your mind of fears, anxiety, and releasing things that are not yours, help to make room for positive, love, and free flow of energy. This takes practice and having a mentor helps!

You already possess everything you need to tap into consciousness and receive messages. Practice (and little support) is all that's needed.

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