How to Activate Your Own Healing Abilities

May 9, 2021

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Recognizing that your body has the potential to heal itself and learning how to activate your own curing abilities can provide a wealth of benefits. Not only will physical energy be regained, but mental stamina and all other aspects will work more in tandem with one another.

How Does the Body Heal Itself Naturally?

The body is a vehicle that must consistently be maintained by having an interconnected balance of energy within your physical form, mind, and spirit. Understanding how to heal yourself or how to heal your body naturally involves practicing forms of self-care, grounding your energy, doing inner work, meditating, and incorporating nature into your life.

Self-care is important for recharging your body and energy. In terms of physical practices, this can look like incorporating massages, doing an exercise that resonates with you, and following a nutritious diet. To heal yourself mentally, be mindful to include creativity (painting, drawing) and periods of rest into your everyday routine.

Meditation, especially TLC full-body meditation, uses focused breathing techniques while actively thinking and ruminating on all the positive things your body does for you. This also creates a space of clear communication between you and your body so that you can address your body's needs.

Also, be aware of how certain people and situations affect your energy levels.

Bring your energy back to the present and into your body to feel less energetically and physically drained. The path to healing yourself and your body brings about an increase in physical motivation and momentum.

The healing power of nature can nourish the mind and senses. Determine how you can incorporate nature and all its curative properties into your energy to heal the body naturally. Spending time in nature is a great way to strengthen your sense of self. Nature serves to remind us that we are merely individuals living in this vast expanse of Earth.

Minor inconveniences and problems start to dissipate when the realization sets in. Use nature to ground yourself, rejuvenate your mind and energy levels, and stimulate healing capabilities.

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Ways the Program Can Teach You How to Heal Your Body Naturally

It is possible to have your body heal naturally, but it does take some discipline. Try working on activating more space to connect with your highest self and create an invaluable spiritual connection. Focus on how to navigate life through this intuitive space that will promote growth and empowerment. In my teachings I reveal how to work with recuperative Archangel Raphael to heal yourself through connected energy. Using the tools I give you will build an energy connection of trust and a deeper level of spiritual awakening that can be guided through the program.

One exercise I focus on is how to create your energy ball as a way to activate all of your intuitive gifts and senses. As you work through the guided practices, you will discover your creative energy in the process of learning how to heal yourself. Since we are all natural-born healers, the body and mind will open up, making space and clearing up your energy. You may be surprised to discover that our hands have natural energy that flows through them.

I encourage students to engage in another activity that allows you to practice playing with your energy healing and see how it feels to engage with others’ energies. Utilize the five senses to determine what signs and feelings are being exerted from the situation.

Learning how to heal yourself can take some practice but incorporating these techniques will stimulate restorative abilities and psychic senses. You may infuse these skills in your own style of energy work as well if you are assisting clients. Being cognizant and practicing mindful techniques to explore your energies can provide you with the necessities to heal yourself.

Transform your resistance to create momentum and impact with your soul's work.

Mother Mary: Journey to Surrender, Trust and Self Love

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How to Become an Energy Healer

It is important to realize that healing your energy and wounds is an important first step to helping others. If we are in total alignment, mentally and physically, body pain heals easier - this is in addition to any energy cleansing. The more you heal yourself, the more you are able to support others in healing themselves.

To begin the process of healing your energy, individuals and clairvoyants should resonate with their past and have faith in their abilities to grow and help others. This can look as simple as taking five minutes out of the beginning and end of your day. Taking the time to prioritize your energy into short-term or long-term goals you wish to accomplish and setting emotional boundaries is a great first step.

It’s also useful to call your energy back after engaging in multiple interactions, this is grounding and crucial to furthering your higher path. Learning how to heal yourself involves having energetic boundaries set in place that can allow for more space and room to restore any part of you or places where your energy has been depleted.

Typically, the more individuals heal and positively process their energy, the more they will have the capacity and bandwidth to help others in their own spiritual courses. Comprehending, reflecting, aligning, drawing energy back to the source, and setting conscious intentions can aid in the clairvoyant’s ability to assist themselves and other people.

Healing Technique



Healing Techniques

Chaos is all around us, but practicing staying sovereign in stressful moments can be done by utilizing grounding meditation techniques. Breathing techniques can also calm your energy and allow you to determine other beneficial methods to heal yourself.

Many individuals find that using techniques such as journaling or visualization practices aid to remedy most issues.

Understandably, energy healers have a strong desire to help others. If you’re beginning your journey as an energy healer, keep in mind that it is crucial to meet in a safe and sacred space. Getting comfortable, centering and channeling your energy, and then placing your hands on the other individual physically or with your intention energetically are key components of the healing process.

As an energy healer you are a conduit of divine energy that holds space for the individual to raise their own frequency, thus releasing lower vibrations or foreign energy. In this way you are facilitating a transformational space for the other individual to heal themselves.

Continually growing and learning is a part of the spiritual process. Individuals must first find the information, guides, practices, and instructors that resonate with them the most. This creates not only an environment of support, but also encourages cognitive growth.

Taking the time to truly perceive situations, understand your energy and thoughts, and allowing vulnerability are ways we can teach ourselves and other individuals to heal.



Amplify Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities While Releasing Doubts and Fear of Judgments

Enable Your Healing

An individual may enable their healing abilities in a variety of ways. One key element is having a spiritual support team and being vulnerable enough to receive divine guidance. This may take the form of a trusted teacher, role model, friend, family member, or even a spiritual guide. Then can you take the messages given and create a path to direct yourself to the highest possible version you can be. This enables you to connect and fully shift yourself to a position to recognize and then accomplish the opportunities and goals presented in your path.

Deciphering how to heal yourself and your body naturally and igniting your healing abilities starts with fully believing.

You must have full faith in your mind and capabilities. The placebo effect, which is when a substance or method primarily brings a psychological benefit, due to the individual having full faith in the legitimacy of the treatment, can be utilized in determining how to heal yourself. If it is believed by the mind that whatever process (exercise, meditation, etc.) is chosen is having a healing impact, then the body will start to realign with your energy and remedy itself.

Also, illness, and disease can be a powerful opportunity and catalyst to heal yourself. They are your body's way of expressing to you that something is out of alignment and is a call from your body to listen to it’s needs. When you honor and appreciate every aspect of the body, you are creating a space for your body to heal. Resistance to what is will keep you stuck and unable to heal yourself. Find meaning in your illness with prayer, proper diet, and meditation.

Meditation allows the individual to deeply concentrate and focus on the positive aspects while grounding and healing the energy within. Use breathing techniques to align your physical state with the mental one and allow for inner recuperative abilities to work on mending any ailments.

Having certainty in the positive effects of healing and thinking positively will contribute to having the ability to heal yourself. Learning how to heal yourself by incorporating uplifting and positive mindsets into your daily routine, nutrition, meditation, inner work, as well as many other techniques, are all beneficial skills taught in the program that can guide you in reaching your highest potential.

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