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Sep 21, 2022

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Have you ever wondered who is watching over you? You have so many angels looking out for you, even the ones you may not know!

One of the many guardian angels looking out for us is Archangel Uriel. Archangels are a collection of high-ranking angels with distinct roles and suggestions. There are seven well-known and benevolent angels. One of the recognized archangels is Uriel, and he is known for his light and wisdom.

Archangel Uriel serves as an angelic representation of God's light in the universe. He is one of the primary angels dedicated to protecting and preserving humanity. He resides and watches over us together with Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of light, truth, and wisdom. You can call upon him when you need clarity and heavenly guidance in your life. If you are looking for a way to raise your vibrations and become connected to the angelic realm, connecting with Uriel will help.

Who is Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is such a powerful archangel. He is the embodiment of Divine light, so for this reason, he is known as the "Angel of light."

Uriel often appears with a symbol of light and his aura illuminates as a beautiful pale yellow. He is known to carry a scroll in which you will find answers to your pressing questions, and a bright lantern to direct and give you clarity in life.

He is also associated with service. Uriel loves to support us in having clarity of your path if you feel called to be of service to others. He will not only inspire you to support those in need but also equip you to do so. If you feel the urge to help others, he will go out of his way to assist you.

Archangel Uriel understands the importance of truth, both personal and divine. Have you ever been scared to hear the truth? Acknowledging the truth is powerful and liberating, but sometimes scary.

You have likely heard the term “ignorance is bliss”. We can find ourselves, often unconsciously, living blissfully unaware or pulling the wool over our own eyes, rather than face life head-on. It could be because we have some level of fear about what action we may be called to take if we allow ourselves to see the truth or how this could impact or change our relationships or reality.

The unknown can feel scary at times, but Uriel gives us the courage to embrace what is true and overcome our challenges. His energy provides light to those seeking the highest and best versions of themselves.

Angel Uriel assists you in spiritual advancement. If you are a highly sensitive person or empath, who needs to strengthen his psychic gifts, you can call on him to guide you as you develop these abilities. Come to him with a calm and open mind, and you will get the clarity you desire.

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5 Facts About the Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the angel of light and he shines light into darkness, ignorance, and confusion. He is there to guide you to find your truth and discover your soul's path. He will illuminate your mind with wise ideas when you need inspiration.

Here are some interesting facts about Uriel that provide more insight into this powerful heavenly being.

He is often seen with a pale yellow aura

The color that is closely associated with Archangel Uriel is pale yellow, often represented by him carrying a candle-lit lantern. This symbolizes his ability to bring light to any situation through awareness, clarity, and truth.

His energy field elicits a healing just by calling him to be by your side. The light of God as transmitted by Uriel can have a transformative and healing effect on anyone who receives it.

When you notice a pale yellow light glowing near you it is a sign of Uriel's presence. You can call upon him to lift your vibrations, illuminate clarity of a decision, and restore balance in your life.

Keep an open heart and mind when connecting with Uriel

When we want to invoke a spiritual being like Archangel Uriel, it is helpful to open ourselves to higher spiritual energy. Since Uriel is a benevolent being, it is safe to open up to him and leave behind your worries, negative feelings, and pessimistic thoughts, as they can be a roadblock in your spiritual connections. 

As an angel of light, Uriel’s presence elicits healing energy that will help you to connect to him with a calm mind and open heart. Quieting the mind is important so that you are open to recognizing and receiving messages from him.

A good way to clear your mind is by creating a sacred space where you meditate or pray, write spiritual notes, and call on him for answers. This sacred space can have crystals, spiritual texts, items, and images that make you feel good and at peace.

There are many ways to connect with Uriel. Begin by calming your mind through meditation by taking nice deep breaths. You can imagine Archangel Uriel’s pale yellow aura illuminating in front of you as you invite his presence to be with you.

He offers peace and comfort during difficult times

If you ever feel sad, lonely, or stressed because of any situation, knowing that you can reach out to Archangel Uriel is a huge relief.

He gives us the confidence to face our problems and find our freedom from whatever situation is troubling us. He will help you shine your light on the world and claim your good.

This high-ranking angel of light will provide you with inner peace and calmness to confront issues affecting your life and spiritual energy to overcome these challenges.

Uriel uses his shining light to bring spiritual clarity to every aspect of your life. If you feel lonely, he will give you comfort and provide you with spiritual companionship. When light fills your soul, you will receive the energy to connect with the energetic realm and clear any doubts about your soul's purpose you might have.

Uriel helps people with fresh, innovative ideas

If you feel stuck in a project, connect with Archangel Uriel and he will spark your mind with unique and creative ideas.

Archangel Uriel manifests himself with a light of illumination, and he is responsible for helping people experience higher levels of creativity and inspiration. 

Uriel may be visiting you when you need new insights about the best decision in every situation. He will help you focus your consciousness on your divine path to discern what is right and wrong. 

If you are an artist, musician, or creative, connecting with Uriel will give you clarity when creating content.

Uriel can improve your psychic abilities

Uriel is always willing to help you develop your psychic gifts and intuitive abilities. He can provide you insights through dreams, visions, and sudden feelings. When you call upon him, he will help you gain better insights into the spiritual realm.

The Archangel will help you gain enhanced understanding, which allows you to develop your clear abilities to find potential ways to help people.

Invite him to help you spiritually evolve, give you a sense of clarity, and improve your natural intuitive gifts.

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How to Connect With Archangel Uriel

This angel of light, wisdom, and prophecy is easy and available to connect with you at any time. Communication with him is simple; ask him a question, then quiet your thoughts and listen.

When you want to connect with a spiritual being like Uriel, it is important to be present and quiet your mind so you can hear the answers you are seeking.

Visualize and invoke his pale yellow healing light to enter your head through your crown chakra, then cleansing and purifying every negativity you're holding. All you have to do is ask and make your intentions clear.

There are many ways to ask Uriel for help:

Say it: Speak aloud your request to him, either to the angels or to the universe.

Think about it: You can mentally ask your angels for help. He will listen to your thoughts with unconditional love.

Write it: You can pour your heart out to him by journaling your questions or concerns.

Visualize it: Create a mental image of Archangel Uriel surrounding yourself or your loved ones.

There is no right or wrong way to connect with him. Angels respond to your heart which is composed of your true feelings, desires, and questions. Angels merely need you to ask because of free will. So it does not matter how you ask. Invite Uriel and he is going to be there. It's through daily practice that you recognize the signs and messages he sends you.

Things You Must Do Before Connecting With the Angel of Light - Uriel

Can you feel, hear, or sense the presence of angels whenever you call upon them? We can all communicate with angels but why does it seem easier for some people and not others? Here's how to connect with archangel Uriel for light, wisdom, support, and clarity.

Stay grounded with Angel Energy: As we develop spiritually and connect to higher vibrations of the angelic realm, it is very important to learn to stay grounded. Stop and take some deep slow breaths right down into your body. Consciously feel the soles of your feet on the ground, inviting in the support of the earth beneath your feet.

Create a sacred space: Creating an environment that is conducive to feeling safe, grounded, and present is important so that you can recognize your angelic messages. You may like to play soft music, light candles, burn fresh incense, or place angel cards of the one you wish to connect with. This helps create the ambiance for an angelic connection.

Know your intentions: Ask yourself why you want to connect with Uriel, and which issue you would like help with. Be very clear with this, as your intention helps create the energy that supports your connection.

Trust and believe: The angels support you, regardless of whether you can hear, feel or see their presence. With practice, you will be connecting with Uriel as often as you like. Remember, he is right beside you, always and forever.

Trust your intuitive information to guide you in living your highest path and purpose

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Messages of Archangel Uriel

There are many Archangel Uriel signs and messages that would mean he is trying to get our attention and make his presence known. It's left for us to pick up the signs and continue receiving information. When you connect with him, you will feel a lightness of energy. Here are a few ways to look out for him:

Archangel Uriel signs

This angel of light appears when you are seeking clarity, higher truth, and connection with the divine. Uriel brings with him the light of God. The number 4 is an angel number that lets you know your angels are with you.

Whenever you are connecting with Uriel, you may start noticing the angel number 444. You may randomly see a sequence containing "444" on the TV or even walking down the street. This is a sign that the angels are watching over you.

The Color Yellow

Archangel Uriel's aura is pale yellow. You may see the color yellow randomly illuminate or draw your attention. Whether it be on a sign, the color of clothing you are drawn to wear, or even as a predominant color on an oracle card you chose for the day. This is a sign he is with you.

The color yellow is also associated with intellect, creativity, and happiness which falls in line with the inherent energy Uriel brings.

He is also associated with candlelight and lanterns, things that literally illuminate light. To connect with him, you can use crystals like citrine or amber.

Physical appearance in dreams

Uriel appears differently to individuals. He may manifest in a physical form, or as a light, energy, or vision. Uriel's energy feels more driving and masculine.

Though his presence may be unexpected, he is appearing to you to assist you in whatever truth you desire. Our angels frequently communicate through dreams because we are in an open receptive state when we are asleep.

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Conclusion: Looking for a Deeper Connection with the Archangel Uriel?

Archangel Uriel is an angel of wisdom, truth, and light. If you sense his presence, you can receive his help and support, as well as serve others in any way. When connecting with Uriel, just know you can experience intense high vibrational energy.

Angels have unlimited time, energy, and resources. You can ask for help whenever you like without fear of disturbing them. It's their sacred honor to bring you peace, comfort, and clarity whenever you need it. There is nothing too big or small for them.

I've found that those who work with angels develop deeper relationships with the spiritual realm. By working with them, you can shine your light, share your gift, and spread love to those around you.

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