Full Moon Clearing & Activation: Spiritual Growth

Apr 5, 2021

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You achieve your spiritual growth when you begin taking responsibility for your life. This responsibility drives you to a point of power to change the happenings around you and to understand your beliefs. You begin to understand and comprehend the underlying fears, insecurities, and beliefs that are holding you back.

These factors influence your conscious decisions and choices of life. Spiritual growth then becomes your common denominator. Thus, it helps you to create the life you desire and arouse the awareness to achieve more. It gives you the ability to grow and prosper in your personal life and career.

Spiritual growth drives personal growth. They go hand in hand. It is an understanding and connection with who you are – the soul self. It is the art of facing and embracing truth and facing the evolving journey of self-awareness.

This is to help to achieve a deeper level of healing. Full moon clearing and activation aid your spiritual growth. It is a time where you can launch new projects, reflect on what you have built over the years, and set intentions for the future.

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Full Moon Clearing and Activation

Full moons appear once a month during the period when the sun and its rays illuminate the moon. The moon does not produce light on its own. When it shines, it is because it is receiving the sun’s rays, creating the lunar cycle.

Humans have inhabited the lunar cycles for ages, so, there is a connection of energies during the full moons. Thus, during the full moon season, it is time to declare intentions for your future, whether it is for your personal life, finances, or career.

It is easy to connect with the spiritual and energetic acme of your desires - a symbol of a new dawn. What you started during the ‘dark’ phase to the light. It gives you ease to work through your energy and spiritual growth.

During the full moon, the universe is in a release and letting go point. There is good energy to let go and create meaningful creative purposes. Like planting new seeds; you create visions for the new year by tapping into your Soul’s calling.

Working with natural energies requires less effort. It is time to let go of anything that does not feel correct, right ,or helpful in achieving your mission. Also, it is the right time to reflect on what you have accumulated over time during the “waxing phase.”

Say Yes to Your Intuitive Ideas and Achieve Spiritual Growth

Often, we find perfect peace in our comfort zones. Thus, we do not want to do something or follow our intuitive ideas. Intuition is like a gut feeling. You cannot trace anything into it. It is forceful energy that is hard to ignore.

Intuitive ideas are like captivating sensations or ideas reached from sensing; like finding a solution without a clear knowledge of how the solution arrived. They are deep and need a sense of direction, purpose, and focus to manifest into them. Your intuition will guide you to achieving what is best for you.

Many people tend to ignore intuitive ideas. They doubt themselves and the strong conviction they feel because it makes no logical sense. As an intuitive person, you ought to embrace your intuitive thoughts, even when you are doubtful.

You may be feeling stuck for months wondering why things are not changing for you. It is good to note that hurdles in life will always be present. It is important to practice focusing on and listening to your intuition, otherwise you lose opportunities in life.

Your intuition will not lie. It is always guiding you to achieve your best interest and experience of good things. When you follow your intuition, you live a fulfilled and happy life. It is like ''a fast forward'' to success. There are various ways to say yes to your intuitive ideas to achieve spiritual growth.

Clearing Your Mind

One step towards cultivating your intuition insights is ridding your mind of clutter. Life is full of hustle and bustle with less time to focus on listening to oneself. There are various ways you can clear your mind. Try mentally by taking a break from deadlines, or ridding yourself of the urgency required to make a decision.

Walk away from some situations to have ample time to ponder on things. Stepping away helps you to gain clarity on issues. For example, going away on vacation will clear your mind to decide on a career or a business decision. When you clear your mind, you slow down.

This helps to stay clear of distractions. Also, you make space for your intuition to occupy you. It also helps to explore meditation and other exercise, like taking walks in peace with nature.


Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises create a clear mind. You can quiet your mind with regular meditations – even just a 10-minute meditation. This will give you room to listen to your intuition. Your spirit will guide you to hear and respond to your intuitive thoughts and ideas. When you are irritable or agitated, it gets in your way of making clear decisions.

Meditation helps you to absorb what is happening around you and reach your success faster. It helps to clear your mind and get focused. This is because the mind is calm and relaxed. It can also access your thoughts and information within the environment and in your mind. When you spend time in meditation, you gain access to your intuition.

Listening to Your Body’s Energy

When you are aware of the energy coming from your body, you become sensitive to your intuition. Intuition speaks to you through your body for your Soul’s calling. For example, when you get a bad feeling when you are trying to make a decision. It may make you feel physically uncomfortable. Also, when you want to make a decision you may feel sick, light-headed, or endure digestive distress.. These are signs of intuition getting your attention.

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Being Yourself and Finding Your Balance for Spiritual Growth

Do you find yourself coming up with excuses for not starting something? When that happens, remember it is your responsibility to take action and give your life direction. During the full moon, there is so much power, making it difficult to find balance in life. Why? Because there are so many emotions running through your head. Finding life balance is the ultimate goal for your spiritual growth and for your soul searching.

It is time to let go of the old habits and old you, the chaos that is your life and all the things and energies that are not good for you. Instead, embrace the good and whom you desire to be. A new life and a new beginning. Let yourself be and find a balance for your prosperity.

The full moon comes with its frustrations. For example, delays that could change your life. It is the opportune time to let go, shed the old, and face challenges ahead into bigger things. There are ways you can find harmony and balance in your life. By being self-aware, mindful, proper diet, and having time to meditate.

The transformation begins when you are mindful and self-aware. This way, you can tap into your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It is the beginning of your transformation and a place for healing to begin. Through prayer and meditation, you can find your ground and inner peace.

Eating a balanced diet gives your mood stability. Consuming unhealthy food, such as sugar, leads to impatience, mood swings, anger, and fatigue. Good exercising will leave your mind refreshed for good decision-making.


Answering your Soul’s Calling for Spiritual Growth

Have you ever wondered what your heart’s desires are? Often we resist our soul’s calling. What is your soul’s calling asking of you? Soul’s calling guidance is divine – you answer to your soul's call. It is scary, to begin with, and makes no sense.

But if you trust your desires and answer to that inner calling, your life will be more abundant than you can imagine. This is because you already know what you are yearning for deep down within you. Thus, whatever your soul is calling you to is already what you want. You do not need permission to say ‘Yes’ to the calling.

The soul’s calling and spiritual growth go hand in hand. As you connect with your spiritual growth, you connect with your higher self, your spirit, or your soul. You make the spiritual being that is God present to your soul's calling. It is a calling to expense your potential in whichever way you choose and it leads to your involvement in your passion resulting in fulfillment and plenty. It is necessary to give yourself time to experience your journey unfolding in front of you.

Nurturing Your Soul’s Calling

The road to spiritual growth is to surrender to the universe with the understanding that you can do anything. The spiritual path is letting go–leaving aside all that is not possible and replacing it with a deeper awareness of self.

You can learn to do this by knowing your intentions, setting them high, and reinforcing them. Your intentions should be to move your destiny. They must be pure and true. Release the circumstances, people, and events that no longer serve you, or help to achieve your intentions.

Keep contemplating your intentions daily. Also, seek experts' opinions, like Jen Gilchrist. At Jen Gilchrist’s Community, you will find resources for guidance on your soul’s calling. There are also card readings that will direct your steps. Jen Gilchrist’s Masterclass will help you to be aware of your soul’s calling and respond to it making spiritual growth easy and accessible.

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Have Fun, Celebrate, Do Not Be Serious in Your Spiritual Growth

There is good energy during the full moon clearing and activation. It gives a great way to celebrate the phase. To cleanse your space, mind, and body, you need to relax and kickback. It is imperative to remember that you are where you are supposed to be. So, celebrate it! Have fun and do not be serious. Energy is abundant for this specific reason. Your energy is powered up – so, dance it off. The whole idea is to get your body to release off energy.

The full moon clearing is a reminder to let go of your past. Fun is a critical ingredient to manifesting your soul’s calling. It keeps things moving and evolving. When you remain serious, your mind contracts. The energy in your body is not able to focus on solving problems that may come your way. Thus, you lose the focus of things that are working.

Fun is a direction of lightness and expansiveness. When your mood is light, you will get expansive ideas, you are creative and intuitive. This helps you to absorb your inspiration and motivation to achieve bigger visions. Lightness brings attractive energy.

Divine Energy – Feminine and Masculine

The two divine energies help humans to achieve our most divine purpose. Both energies need to combine to experience inner peace. Otherwise, you will experience difficulties in making decisions and you will experience emotional conflicts.

We need the divine feminine and divine masculine energy. Distorted divine masculine energy can lead to seriousness, stress, and illness in the body.

This can slow you down. In an exalted state of the divine feminine, you gain expansive ideas. You get creative and have intuitive downloads. It helps to gather inspiration and motivation. This motivation leads to focus, bigger dreams, and visions. Your divine power helps to attract the energy of what you want to create.


Sugar Light: Own Your divine Power

Divine power is setting yourself free from attachments and expectations. Freeing yourself of how you think things ought to be. It is minimizing your ego and letting yourself listen to the inner voice and wisdom.

Owning your divine power means adapting new things and making changes. Facing the uncertainties of life with faith and serving others as the spirit leads you.

Divine energy clears fears and beliefs. This way, you create space to embrace your higher self, body, and mind. It allows you to be in control of your intuition and spiritual alignment. Thus you embody your life, get clarity, focus, and a high manifestation rate.

You amplify health and wellness. Every time you clear and release energies you do not need, it creates a new space for you to bring in new experiences, higher love, higher divine essence embodied, and light into your life.

Steps to Conscious Creation – Divine energy

You can anchor your divine manifestations and attract positive energy into your life. This helps you to create a life of your choice, your vision, and the path you want to take in your life. You capture this by the activation of the new moon and card readings. So how can you achieve the law of attraction? Conscious creation is equal to the law of attraction.

When you comprehend how to ‘consciously create’ you attract things to yourself. You make them manifest to your reality. There are ways for conscious creation. The first step is to clear space to make room to receive.

You have to let go of the negatives, of the fears, and anything that is holding you from prosperity. The second step is to seek clarity of what you desire. What is it that you are hoping to achieve? Enhance clarity of what you desire through meditation, walking, discerning, and divine power.

The third step is to become a participant. Create and align your vision. You can learn how to create your master plan from Jen Gilchrist’s Masterclasses. Join the masterclass to learn how to release negative energy and embrace prosperity.

The fourth step is to raise and elevate your vibration. Ask yourself what you need to release and let go. This way you will be expanding to something you desire. Finally, take action. Follow your intuition. Seek the divine wisdom from the spirit and God. If you are spiritual, take time to pray and be full of gratitude. Let the spirit’s manifestations embrace your being.

Moon Stone – Heightened Intuition and Spiritual Growth

You can enhance your intuition through psychic abilities of all kinds, claircognizant or clairvoyance among others. Moonstones vibrate to the frequencies and release any blockages from the body. They are powerful and magical and assist in expanding your intuitions.

During the full moon, it is the ultimate moment to engage intuition. The new moon is also powerful for your divinations and to use psychic abilities like clairvoyance. It is imperative to be aware of the signs and symbols present in your life during this period. You may start seeing certain signs or numbers as signs from the universe.

The moonstones support you to attract these energetic shifts. Stones like Amethyst help you to comprehend information and messages and act as a protection charm. Labradorite stone is mystical and helps to promote intuition, insightfulness, and vivid vision.

You can place it under your pillow or around your bedside to heighten your dreams. The rainbow moonstone helps to inculcate the longevity of the lunar. While the white moonstone helps to complete what is missing. It contains feminine energy that is receptive to make the manifestation of desires. Wear it along your neck during the full moon.

How Full Moon Clearing and Activation Can Work for You – Rituals

Full moon eclipses are indications of change and catalyzation of self-growth. When the eclipses intensify, they can force us to improve our game.

Hold a Moon Circle

The moon circles yoke the energy from the full moon. While setting intentions and desires, you can be creative. Add candles, changing, incense coupled with dancing with like-minded friends. You can create a playlist to the moon. Purposefully celebrate and have fun with friends.

 Engage in a Manifestation Ritual

Rituals confirm your intentions for the full moon and bring it to success. Create an altar for rituals within your space at home. Include inspiring items that have the energy you wish to manifest, relax your mind, and meditate. It is imperative to be clear on your calling and what you are desiring. Set your mind clear of any hindrances. While you meditate, create visuals of what you desire.

Take a Moon Bath

Taking a moon bath during the full moon revitalizes the psychic within us. Keep yourself in the water around the season and timing of the full moon, deep in your favorite salts with candles lit. When submerged in the crystal salts, you can audibly proclaim your intentions as you relax, while you visualize the full moon restoring your body and your cells.


Full moon clearing and activation is a season to take accountability for our actions, dreams, and aspirations. There is a great wave of the presence of energies surrounding you during the full moon. It is imperative to prepare yourself to receive the energies and to tap into them to create a vision for the future.

Those that are intuitive enjoy the full moon for their spiritual growth. Achieve your spiritual growth by taking responsibility and being accountable for your actions. All spiritual growth drives you to the point of a higher self.

Full moon activation is about clearing and letting go of the past while embracing the future. It is about releasing what you no longer need. You can harness great energy, set your intentions, and unveil new projects. Lunar cycles are the ultimate seasons to connect with your energies and the time to gain a grounding of the earth around the globe.

During the full moons, meditate. Meditations are powerful when you need to tap into the energy that comes with them. You can do a full moon meditation. Another important thing to do is release everything you need to let go of life. Then celebrate, have fun, and dance.

Avoid stress. The manifestations of the new moon bring with it full energy. Join Jen Gilchrist’s community to learn to tap into energies of full moon clearing and activation. You will also find resources on card readings, ritualistic activities, and masterclasses.



Amplify Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities While Releasing Doubts and Fear of Judgments

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