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A training for intuitives, highly sensitive people and empaths to eliminate roadblocks in your life

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Energetic Mastery Program
Jen Gilchrist
Are you ready to Align Embody and Express WHO YOU TRULY ARE?

Are you ready to clear past fears, patterns, karma and programing that is keeping you stuck and playing smaller than you know you are DESTINED to be?

Are you ready to connect deeper to your intuitive gifts so that you can experience amazing and life changing transformation?

If so, you’re in the right place!

As an intuitive energy healer and psychic, one of my gifts and passions is to support you in cultivating trust in your own intuitive gifts and power.

So I'm excited to announce that I've designed the Intuition Activation program to not only activate your intuition, but also to give deep healing on old, outdated programming, fears, karma and beliefs.

Does this sound like you?

Want confidence and clarity in your soul's work and the life you desire to live...

Are ready to clear out blocks and fears that are holding you back and keeping you frustrated, stuck and financially struggling...

Are feeling called into the next level of success in your life or business...

Want to feel elated with joy, knowing you are truly living a soul aligned life on your own terms...

Work For Everyone

This course is great for you ...

Whether you are new to learning about your chakras and spiritual path or if you have been on your journey for quite some time!

You will learn solid foundational understanding of your chakra system, as well as tangible practical ways to balance and work with your chakras to make a positive impact in your day to day life and biz.

You will also have a powerful and transformational library of activations at your disposal to bring you support for each chakra anytime you need an energetic reset.

After I created these course activations, I personally received a huge increase in my psychic gifts and had an awakening to channeling light language for the first time and attracted my next level spiritual council to support me in my purpose work.

The soul alignment activations you will receive will meet you where you are at to take you to your next level every time you listen.

The Intuition Activation Course is for you if ...

  • Want confidence and clarity in your soul's work and the life you desire to live
  • Are ready to clear out blocks and fears that are holding you back and keeping you frustrated, stuck and financially struggling
  • Are feeling called into the next level of success in your life or business
  • Want to feel elated with joy, knowing you are truly living a soul aligned life on your own terms

Love From Our Clients

"Life changer! Woohoo!

Jen’s phenomenal Intuition Activation tools that bring ease and more joy into everyday life.

These fundamental Intuition Activation tools make me realize this was a HUGE missing piece for my clarity and honing my abilities. I can feel my gifts sharpening up by the simple implementation into my morning ritual.

At the bare minimum I need to activate my Ground & Release, my Crystalline Earth Energy, my Divine Source Energy, and my Embody tools every morning to experience an easier, more grounded, more focused day with extra clarity. I don’t feel scattered throughout the day. I feel centered and that automatically gives me a more positive day.

And if that weren’t enough, the Crystalline Silhouette… oh I can’t say enough about this tool. I feel shielded. I feel grounded. I feel protected and safe. Wow! This is my “ go to” tool. I can breathe."

Tracey Walker

"We don’t realize how much energy or low vibrations we are holding unto on an unconscious level. Just as law of attraction teaches you to keep your thoughts and feelings positive, Jen’s intuition activation course can help you to clear out the junk. A lot of the energy we are holding onto is not our own. Eek!

The tools, guidance and insight she gives you are powerful to shift your energy and be in alignment. I don’t know about you, but living life in flow is what I most desire. I can now recognize when it is not my own energy bringing me down! This is a huge awareness!

Because I can check in and use the tools to release it and step into my higher self. We were all born perfect and meant to do amazing things. One of my goals, as a coach is to help my clients feel empowered and shift into their greatness. Jen gives you an easy and quick way to shift into who you are as a divine being.

I recommend her intuition activation course to anyone who wants to release what is not working and tune into flow."

Crystal Lynn

Intuition Activation Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success

We are going to give you an energetic overhaul and clear the stuck gunk from your chakra system, energy field and emotions, so that you can truly create the success and happiness on your terms.

It is time to cultivate your intuition so that you can experience
new levels of joy, fulfillment and freedom while living a life of success on your own terms!

Here’s what the Intuition Activation course looks like:


Weekly video trainings and playbooks doing deep work with each chakra

Module 1: 1st Chakra aka "Root Chakra"
Module 2: 2nd Chakra ~ aka Sacral Chakra
Module 3: 3rd Chakra ~ aka Solar Plexus
Module 4: 4th Chakra ~ aka Heart Chakra
Module 5: 5th Chakra ~ aka Throat Chakra
Module 6: 6th Chakra ~ aka "3rd Eye"
Module 7: 7th Chakra ~ aka Crown Chakra

Love From Our Clients

"I have been meditating every day for about four years. I would say my spiritual practice is really strong. The things I have learned in Jen’s Intuition Activation program have taken my meditation practice to the next level.

I now have tools that are very easy to access every time I go into meditation. I feel more connected to my higher self and spirit when I use the tools that I have acquired in Jen’s classes.

I highly recommend Jens classes and she’s also an awesome coach!"

Elizabeth Bridges

“It normally takes me 3 cups of coffee to feel awake, and using Intuition Activation tools each morning I feel so much more clear, focused and energized to start my day in about 20 minutes.”
Ashley Hoobler

The Intuition Activation program includes...

Weekly video training ~ tangible tools to cultivate your intuitive gifts ( 5 clair’s)

Transformational overhaul of 8 main chakras and correlating layer of the aura so that you can be aware of to move through your ascension process with more confidence and ease

“Play”book with weekly Alignment Activities to Cultivate your intuition

Weekly Soul Alignment Activation and energetic clearing with the Archangels to support each chakra, as well as, mental, emotional and spiritual growth

Learn to work with your spiritual support team by receiving and interpreting divine guidance

Get introduced to 14 Archangels and Ascended Masters so that you can begin to work more closely with your spiritual support team

BONUS: Expand Into Higher Consciousness and Activate Your with Archangel Metatron (Value $197)

When you register for the Intuition Activation Course you will get instant access to this special complimentary workshop.

✨ Expand Into Higher Consciousness: Activate your merkaba and soul’s blueprint with Archangel Metatron ✨

During this workshop you will…
  • Amplify your manifesting abilities by raising your frequency and activating your merkaba
  • Activate light codes and remembrance of your souls blueprint for this lifetime
  • Elevate your frequency so that you are not weighed down by lower vibrations of others
  • Clear out ancestral and karmic patterns that are keeping you stuck

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A training for intuitives, highly sensitive people and empaths to eliminate roadblocks in your life

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot going on right, can I wait until a later time?
This is a digital self paced course that you can do at your own speed and timeline.

It is easy to let life get in the way of us doing what we actually want to do. It is up to us to choose to prioritize time for our goals and dreams or they won’t happen.

This is often where patterns, fear and resistance can sneak in and run the show, keeping us stuck in the limiting same cycles year to year.

I have never done any spiritual training; will this program work for beginners?
Absolutely this program will work for beginners! It will give you a solid foundation for your life and spiritual journey.

I include all the basic tools and information you will need to support you in having success with this program and creating a solid foundation and create a powerful embodied meditation practice

This style of meditation will work for you even if you feel like there is no way you can quiet the monkey mind. I teach you tools that will allow you to focus your attention into being present, instead of trying really hard to force yourself to not think or have any thoughts at all.

I have done a million spiritual classes and know how to ground, am I too advanced for this program?
After sharing these tools with many people, their response is, ”Wow, I had no idea I was not fully grounded! “ and, “ I feel so much more present, clear, focused and energized.”

I have noticed in the spiritual community that people enjoy being in their upper chakras where it feels all light and fluffy.

Many sensitives struggle to be in their body, and may not even know it, because they don't want to feel unprocessed pain that has been stored in the lower part of their body.

The problem is not being fully grounded and embodied will hinder your ascension process.

We can only raise our frequency to a certain degree before we need to uplevel how we are able to embody our light in order to see any physical results and manifest our desires and soul purpose.

Grounding is a big part of spiritual growth that most healers, empaths, intuitives and lightworkers lack in.

Learning to not only effectively ground, but also anchor and embody your light is a huge key in actualizing, living and aligning to your highest path and purpose

How much time will this require?
The weekly lessons will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

I also suggest creating time to practice engaging these tools regularly for at least 10 to 20 minutes so that you are able to integrate and embody these tools as a way of being in your day to day life.

How will I know that I'm making progress as I advance in the program?
You will feel more present, grounded, energized and focussed throughout your day.
This program will support you in releasing the monkey mind chatter and energetic overwhelm that can lead to burnout and anxiety.

You will begin to have clearer discernment of what is your energy versus others and become efficient and maintain your energy field. This will raise your vibration, increase your ability to consciously create your desires and awaken your intuitive gifts.

Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

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