Energetic Mastery

Spiritual tools and practices to support highly sensitive empaths, intuitives and lightworkers

Energetic Mastery Program
Jen Gilchrist
An all too familiar story among empaths and intuitives…

I know being highly sensitive and empathic can sometimes feel like an
overwhelming burden, however, with the right tools and support, it truly is your greatest gift!

Having leaky energetic boundaries will leave you spinning in your mind with
anxious thoughts, physically and emotionally overwhelmed, and in some cases completely frozen and stuck, unable to take action.

I remember prior to my awakening, I had no idea I was absorbing my clients energy all day long, taking in their feelings and mistaking them for my own. It created so much confusion and overwhelm.

When you are unaware that you are taking in other people’s energies and emotions as your own, you will feel disconnected from your own intuitive knowing which leads to frustration and uncertainty about what steps to take in life and biz.

I remember when I first woke up to my intuitive gifts I was so happy and excited hearing my grandparents and feeling angels all around me. Then very quickly, even though I was “awake”, I felt as if I was alone in the dark.

Suddenly, I also became aware of all the not so nice darker energies looming all about. I felt afraid and I didn’t feel equipped to handle it all as I became even more sensitive.

Fortunately, I was synchronistic ally guided at just the right time to learn the tools I needed to manage my sensitivities and feel empowered in my gifts. I learned that I have seniority over my energetic space and there’s nothing to be
afraid of!

Does this sound like you?

Often feeling overwhelmed by your sensitivities...

Tired of keeping yourself small in your business for fear of burnout...

Feel confused, stuck and tired of spinning your wheels in procrastination...

Find yourself emotionally eating or drinking to manage stress...

Find yourself afraid to speak your truth or people-pleasing who lacks energetic or physical boundaries...If you're shaking your head YES to any of the above, I invite you to join me for a digital self paced course that will teach you how to thrive in the world.

Work For Everyone

Energetic Mastery: Spiritual tools and practices to support highly sensitive empaths, intuitives and lightworkers


Meditate to Be Present

Learn to effectively ground and meditate so that you can be truly present, even amidst chaos. This will allow you to slow down the monkey mind and alleviate anxiety, creating much more clarity, focus, happiness and overall well being


Strengthen Energetic Boundaries

Strengthening your energetic boundaries is essential to master so that you can navigate your life and grow your business without burning out or feeling overwhelmed. You will also have a deeper discernment of other people's emotions so that you do not take them in as your own.


Elevate Your Frequency

When you can embody your elevated frequency, you are transforming your fears and clearing out energy that you may have previously absorbed or held in your body that you are ready to release. You will have clear focused energy, maintain a positive mindset, and be able to attract and remain open to receiving that which you wish to create in your life experience.


Energetically Set Intentions to Consciously Create Your Desires

When you energetically set your intentions, you are creating an energetic container that will build momentum and speed up your manifestation process. You will be actively clearing your path, releasing fears and limits, while simultaneously expanding your
capacity to receive, which will support you in mastering the art of conscious creation

What we weren’t taught as children….

I have noticed in the spiritual community that people enjoy being in their upper and out of body chakras where it feels all light and fluffy.

I get it, I really do!

Most of us were not taught how to manage our sensitivities. Instead we were told “ you are too sensitive” and learned to unconsciously cope with our energetic overwhelm by either ignoring or numbing our feelings.

This created a disconnect between our spirit and our body which trained us out of properly processing our emotions and trusting our intuitive feelings.

Many sensitives struggle to be in their body, and may not even know it, because they don't want to feel unprocessed pain that has been stored in the lower part of their body.

The problem is not being fully grounded and embodied will hinder your ascension process.

We can only raise our frequency to a certain degree before we need to up level how we are able to embody our light in order to see any physical results and manifest our desires and soul purpose.

Grounding is a big part of spiritual growth that most healers, empaths, intuitives and lightworkers lack in.

Learning to not only effectively ground, but also anchor and embody your light is a huge key in actualizing, living and aligning to your highest path and purpose.

Love From Our Clients

"Life changer! Woohoo!

Jen’s phenomenal Energetic Mastery tools that bring ease and more joy into everyday life.

These fundamental Energetic Mastery tools make me realize this was a HUGE missing piece for my clarity and honing my abilities. I can feel my gifts sharpening up by the simple implementation into my morning ritual.

At the bare minimum I need to activate my Ground & Release, my Crystalline Earth Energy, my Divine Source Energy, and my Embody tools every morning to experience an easier, more grounded, more focused day with extra clarity. I don’t feel scattered throughout the day. I feel centered and that automatically gives me a more positive day.

And if that weren’t enough, the Crystalline Silhouette… oh I can’t say enough about this tool. I feel shielded. I feel grounded. I feel protected and safe. Wow! This is my “ go to” tool. I can breathe."

Tracey Walker

"We don’t realize how much energy or low vibrations we are holding unto on an unconscious level. Just as law of attraction teaches you to keep your thoughts and feelings positive, Jen’s energetic mastery course can help you to clear out the junk. A lot of the energy we are holding onto is not our own. Eek!

The tools, guidance and insight she gives you are powerful to shift your energy and be in alignment. I don’t know about you, but living life in flow is what I most desire. I can now recognize when it is not my own energy bringing me down! This is a huge awareness!

Because I can check in and use the tools to release it and step into my higher self. We were all born perfect and meant to do amazing things. One of my goals, as a coach is to help my clients feel empowered and shift into their greatness. Jen gives you an easy and quick way to shift into who you are as a divine being.

I recommend her energetic mastery course to anyone who wants to release what is not working and tune into flow."

Crystal Lynn

During the Energetic Mastery digital course, you will...

Learn to create clear boundaries energetically and in relationships.

Awaken your intuitive/psychic abilities (we all have them!)

Use your intuition and spiritual gifts in tangible ways in business and life to
consciously create success with more ease

Energetically create intentions to speed up manifesting

Experience increased energy, clarity and focus

Embody presence to become more visible and magnetize your clients to you

Learn to recognize the difference between your emotions and those around you

Learn how to clear and heal your energy field and body and home

Balance your chakras and increase your ability to receive more

Energetically set energy in a room physically or virtually so that you can feel good
and not become the effect of any lower energies.

Whether you are a beginner to meditation or have been actively on your spiritual path for years, this course will support you in deepening your embodiment practice!


My intention and desire for this program is that over time you are able to master the spiritual tools and practices as an integrated way of being in your everyday day life, not just for the duration of your meditation practice each day.

With each module you will learn new spiritual tools that will layer upon one another and work together to create a powerful embodied meditation practice.

You have likely heard the term “grounding” before. What I have found is that knowing something intellectually is far different then being able to embody it as a practice consistently in your life.

After taking this course and learning this embodied mediation practice, many spiritual seekers, healers and even teachers who have studied in the metaphysical world realized they were not truly grounded in their body to the degree they could be.

Here’s what this energetic mastery program looks like:

Module 1: Ground, Release Embody Your Soul’s Essence

You will learn 2 spiritual tools, receive 3 attunements to enhance their effects.

Ground and Release spiritual tool + Attunement
You will learn to effectively ground your physical and energetic bodies. This will support you to release and let go of all that is not truly your pure energy, creating the space to bring in and embody more of your soul's essence.

You will also receive an attunement that works with selenite crystalline energy that will amplify your ability to release foreign and fear based more energy quickly and easily. This creates more space to ground your energy into your body and continue to raise your vibrational frequency.

Embody Spiritual Tool + Attunement
This spiritual tool works with your Stellar Gateway chakra to create a magnetic beacon that supports you to embody your own pure Divine soul's essence.

The attunement will attract all of your energy from the future, past or any other space, creating a magnetic pull that quickly and effortlessly allows you to fill up with your pure soul essence. This will enable you to hold on to that light and bring it more fully into your entire body creating an embodied presence.

Module 2: Running Healing Energy to Cleanse and Heal Yourself

This module is going to teach you how to work with and, as well as be attuned to 2 spiritual tools the Crystalline Earth Energy and Divine Source Energy works as a powerful energetic clearing to flush out to your physical and energetic space.

While we all have access to these universal energies, receiving these 2 attunements optimize your ability and increase the effectiveness of these healing energies everytime you run them.

There are built in directives to balance your chakras and ensure you are receiving the highest benefit to you every time you activate these spiritual tools

You can use these energies as a healing tool to transform and raise your vibration. When you are running them, they will support you to flush out your fears and other people’s energy.

It is essentially an “energetic shower” helping you clear all that is not your true divine nature.

Module 3: Strengthen Your Boundaries and Elevate Your Light

This module is going to teach you why strengthening your boundaries is essential to master, especially for highly sensitive or empathic people.

These 2 spiritual tools + attunement that are life changing tools and will support you in not feeling energetically overwhelmed due to absorbing other people’s energy.

They will also help you to clear out any energy that you may have previously absorbed or held in your body that you are ready to release.

The Crystalline Silhouette tool This tool works with your pillar of light to strengthen your energetic boundaries so that you do not take on others energy, as well as, trains your vibration to be in a higher energy so that you can hold more of your higher self energy and not match the lower energy of the environment or world around you. This tool will help you to dissolve and transmute lower energies so you don’t absorb others emotions.

Star and Sea Transmutation Tool + Attunement This is a powerful and fast acting tool that activates a healing energy within your field designed to clear and transmute foreign energy out of your field quickly and effortlessly. This can be another person's energy, an emotion of your or others, anything you want to let go of.
This spiritual tool attunement came to me after swimming in the ocean with the wild dolphins in Hawaii and being in close proximity to the humpback whales too! They awakened a remembrance of spiritual technology from the Sirius Star System. These benevolent light beings hold so much ancient wisdom.

Module 4: Energetically Set Your Intentions and Elevate Your Environment for Success

Master your ability to consciously create your desires in all areas of your life and biz.
You are going to learn how to energetically set our intentions to powerfully create your desires. Everything starts as energy and then manifests into physical form.

This technique will support you in creating momentum on what you want to create in your life, while clearing out the energies that are within you that may stop you from being able to receive it.

Module 5: Creating Clear and Grounded Communication with Others

You will learn a powerful spiritual communication tool and with an attunement that will create clear and grounded communication so that you can be seen and heard by those you are in contact with.

This tool can be used when having a difficult conversation with someone that you want to go well with. It will also create an energetic buffer between you and others so you are not taking their energy and emotions into your field.

This is also a very effective tool to use while public speaking, videos or facebook lives. It is so empowering to be able to set the energy and tone of the conversation and creates the space for you to be heard and also to hear other people's perspective.

You will also receive my Ground, Align and Embody alignment activation. This will allow you to run this healing vibration anytime you need extra energetic support to clear your energy and raise your vibration.

Love From Our Clients

“It normally takes me 3 cups of coffee to feel awake, and using Energetic Mastery tools each morning I feel so much more clear, focused and energized to start my day in about 20 minutes.”

Ashley Hoobler

"I have been meditating every day for about four years. I would say my spiritual practice is really strong. The things I have learned in Jen’s Energetic Mastery program have taken my meditation practice to the next level.

I now have tools that are very easy to access every time I go into meditation. I feel more connected to my higher self and spirit when I use the tools that I have acquired in Jen’s classes.

I highly recommend Jens classes and she’s also an awesome coach!"

Elizabeth Bridges

The Energetic Mastery program includes...

Six (6) video pre-recorded trainings delivered each week

Six (6) workbooks with alignment activities to fully integrate the lessons inside each module

These workbook and alignment activities support you in integrating the content

Fourteen (14) spiritual tools + attunements to amplify their effectiveness that you can use in your everyday life and business to support you in reaching Energetic Mastery.

Two (2) one hour recordings from live Q/A calls to help you deepen your understanding and experience of these tools and processes.

Ground, Align, Connect Alignment Activation attunement that will give you the ability to run this powerful alignment activation as a self healing tool to energetically clear your energy field, embody your higher self energy and raise your vibration.

Bonus Meditations and Recordings to support you in reaching Energetic Mastery

Stand In Your Value: Get paid well and create a big impact with your spiritual gifts

This workshop series is designed to support you in raising your ability to receive in all areas, financially, physically and emotionally, so that you can show up and make the income and impact you were born for.

There are so many different fears and beliefs that stand in the way of lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs creating the life and business their soul is calling them too.

It is my mission to awaken and equip lightworkers with the tools and confidence needed to fulfill their souls purpose. Collectively we are called to stand in our value, share our gifts so we can create a ripple effect, healing and positive change on the planet.

During this workshop you will…

Unearth and transform hidden fears that are keeping you small and hidden in your business

Increase your confidence in your unique gifts and the transformation you provide

Allow yourself to be more supported, so that you can show up fully in your life and biz


Bonus #1 - Inner Child + Ancestral Line Healing: Releasing Mother and Father Wounds Masterclass Series (Value $394)

Four (4) Masterclass Recordings: 4 hours of recordings, 2 alignment activation and 2 workbooks to support you as you work your way through the materials.

Two (2) Recorded Calls that go deeper into your healing...

Recorded Call 1: Healing the Mother Wound, Inner Child and Your Feminine Energy.

Clearing our “Mother Wounds” is our focus for October. If you feel blocked in your ability to “receive” in any area of your life, love, money, happiness there is likely some clean-up work in this area to be done.

Healing our mother wounds and female line patterning on this topic will expand your self love, confidence and really increase your self-esteem so you deeply know and honor your self-worth.

These patterns and trauma imprints can happen at a young age, as well as can be passed down from our family line through our genetics.

An exciting aspect of diving into this inner work, is not only do we get the healing benefits, but so do those in our family line!!

Recorded Call 2: Father Wound and Your Own Masculine Energy

When you have unhealed painful experiences with a male in our life, whether it is our father, lover, friend, boss it can affect how you show up in the world.

It can often present itself as not standing in your full power.

This can stem back to childhood experiences of both traumatic events, as well as well meaning seemingly insignificant incidents can affect us as children and create patterns that hinder you as an adult.

Two (2) Group Aura Reading, Clearing and Alignment Activation for each of the above topics for the above calls.

My intention is always to read what is most relevant for the collective specific to those who will be live or on the replay. People often say it felt like receiving a personal reading.

Two (2) Mp3 Alignment Activation recordings to continue to use for each topic as needed.

Bonus #2 - TLC Meditation (Value $17)

Your body and emotions are a tool that is always trying to talk to you and give you information. With this meditation, you’ll begin to bring awareness to your body through my TLC Meditation.

Bonus #3 - Releasing Resistance and Triggers (Value $17)

This video training will give you easy to implement tools and a process that can take as little as 5 minutes, to support you to transmute resistance that is keeping you stuck in overwhelm or procrastination so that you can get into aligned action and move forward.

Ready to join Energetic Mastery digital course? Enroll Today!


Spiritual tools & practices to support highly sensitive empaths, intuitives and lightworkers

Bonus #1 - Inner Child + Ancestral Line Healing: Releasing Mother and Father Wounds Masterclass Series (Value $394)

Bonus #2 - TLC Meditation (Value $17)

Bonus #3 - Releasing Resistance and Triggers (Value $17)


$ 497

One-time payment



3 payments billed monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot going on right, can I wait until a later time?
This is a digital self paced course that you can do at your own speed and timeline.

It is easy to let life get in the way of us doing what we actually want to do. It is up to us to choose to prioritize time for our goals and dreams or they won’t happen.

This is often where patterns, fear and resistance can sneak in and run the show, keeping us stuck in the limiting same cycles year to year.

I have never done any spiritual training; will this program work for beginners?
Absolutely this program will work for beginners! It will give you a solid foundation for your life and spiritual journey.

I include all the basic tools and information you will need to support you in having success with this program and creating a solid foundation and create a powerful embodied meditation practice

This style of meditation will work for you even if you feel like there is no way you can quiet the monkey mind. I teach you tools that will allow you to focus your attention into being present, instead of trying really hard to force yourself to not think or have any thoughts at all.

I have done a million spiritual classes and know how to ground, am I too advanced for this program?
After sharing these tools with many people, their response is, ”Wow, I had no idea I was not fully grounded! “ and, “ I feel so much more present, clear, focused and energized.”

I have noticed in the spiritual community that people enjoy being in their upper chakras where it feels all light and fluffy.

Many sensitives struggle to be in their body, and may not even know it, because they don't want to feel unprocessed pain that has been stored in the lower part of their body.

The problem is not being fully grounded and embodied will hinder your ascension process.

We can only raise our frequency to a certain degree before we need to uplevel how we are able to embody our light in order to see any physical results and manifest our desires and soul purpose.

Grounding is a big part of spiritual growth that most healers, empaths, intuitives and lightworkers lack in.

Learning to not only effectively ground, but also anchor and embody your light is a huge key in actualizing, living and aligning to your highest path and purpose

How much time will this require?
The weekly lessons will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

I also suggest creating time to practice engaging these tools regularly for at least 10 to 20 minutes so that you are able to integrate and embody these tools as a way of being in your day to day life.

How will I know that I'm making progress as I advance in the program?
You will feel more present, grounded, energized and focussed throughout your day.
This program will support you in releasing the monkey mind chatter and energetic overwhelm that can lead to burnout and anxiety.

You will begin to have clearer discernment of what is your energy versus others and become efficient and maintain your energy field. This will raise your vibration, increase your ability to consciously create your desires and awaken your intuitive gifts.

Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

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