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Free: Success Kit for the Intuitive Entrepreneur

This free download includes access to the Awaken Your Intuition 3 day Activation video series and the Clear Your Visibility Fears meditation, as well as a Connecting with your divine clients mediation.

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Awaken Your Intuition 3 day Activation Video Series

Are you ready to awaken and activate your intuitive gifts for life and business success? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this free video series I did last summer.

The Awaken Your Intuition 3 Day Activation video series is designed to help you ...

How to recognize the difference between your intuition and your ego/fear
Discover the 5 main ways your intuition speaks to you and how to utilize it in your life and business.
Experience an energetic clearing to release fear and doubt that blocks you from accessing and trusting your intuition.
Teach you how to create and activate your own healing energy and practice your intuitive muscles.

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Visibility Meditation
I’m also excited to share with you the Archangel Gabriel meditation. This guided meditation is intended to help you release your fears around visibility.
Release Your Clients at the End of Your Day Meditation
I also want to share with you access to my meditation that will guide you in releasing your clients energy at the end of your work day.
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My intention for this group is to create space for Soul Inspired Female Entrepreneurs to create success that is fully aligned with their unique soul gifts and purpose.

Meet Jen Gilchrist

Jen Gilchrist, has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner --making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. She supports spiritual entrepreneurs and messengers to gain confidence and clarity with their unique spiritual gifts and message. Jen teaches them strategies that will take their business to next level of visibility, so they make a global impact in the world while experiencing new levels of freedom of time, energy and money in their purpose driven business. It is Jen’s gift and passion to work with coaches, authors, messengers and speakers take their soulful message out into the masses, so they can create a collective impact in the world.

Jen believes that it is imperative to create your business from the inside out. She says,”When you are in alignment to your soul's calling it is absolutely inevitable that you will experience new levels of Freedom, Joy and Abundance while making the Impact in the world I know your heart desires.”

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