Archangel Alignment Activation Series

~Communicate and Heal with Your Angelic Advisors

Being aware of your angels and guides can be exciting and bring peace of mind…

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Being aware of your angels and guides can be exciting and bring peace of mind…

However, it can be very frustrating and disheartening not being able to receive guidance on demand to support you with clarity and next steps, especially amidst tough life circumstances when you need it most.

The good news is you have a whole team of Archangels, each with their own specialty, just waiting to communicate and guide you every single day!

Cultivating these relationships with your angelic advisors brings a whole new level of empowerment and advantage that helps you to proactively manifest what you want and heal what you don't.

Most of us grew up as children in an environment that discounted our awareness of our spirit guides as “imaginary friends”.  

Did you grow up being taught how to talk to your angels?

If the answer is No, don’t worry you are not alone!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we lived in a world where creating communication with your angels and trusting your intuition were taught in kindergarten?

The reality is most of us did not learn to embrace this connection and many of us likely had our experiences with guides discounted as “imaginary friends”. Or perhaps you didn't even feel comfortable talking about this type of thing in your household.

For others, maybe you were aware of just one angel like Archangel Michael as a protective angel you could call  upon when you went to sleep.

I totally get it! Growing up in a religious family, it was always a one way conversation to Jesus/God through prayer. The problem was I never learned how to receive the answers to my prayers or that I had anything personally to do with the outcomes in my life. 


Work For Everyone

We didn’t talk about communicating with your angels to guide you in your day to day actions as answers to your prayers.

When I first woke up consciously to the awareness of my angel's support I was so excited and relieved to know I was not alone and that there were many Archangels  there waiting to support me and guide me at all times.

It was so healing and empowering to know that I had a whole team of angels 24/7 at my fingertips just waiting to support me with anything I needed help with. It also really upped my manifesting ability to go after to have faith and confidence to go after even bigger dreams because I didn’t need to have the “how”  all figured out. I could simply set my intention and then employ my angels to help guide me.

The Archangels will illuminate your path and give you messages that will lead you to creating miracles and manifesting often far beyond what you imagined possible in a short time as long as you are open to receiving their messages and take the guided action.

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Initially there were 3 main problems communicating with my angels that you might be experiencing as well…

It was like learning a foreign language! I was aware of their presence and began to see simple vague signs, but when I really needed clarity or direction I could not decipher the messages.

When I did receive the messages clearly I had a hard time trusting them and I didn't always take the actions they suggested so things in my life didn't change very quickly or consistently.

I didn’t have anyone in my life to talk about my newfound awareness and excitement to have the Archangels in my life so it was easy to get in my head and discount and second guess the messages. In fact, my family thought the devil was tricking me so I had a whole other level of fear crop up around that! 

As a collective, we have years (lifetimes really!) of programming and experiences that have conditioned us to fear and doubt our spiritual guidance and intuitive knowing which blocks our connection with our angels and guides.

The exciting news is that you can easily learn to communicate and employ the Archangels to support you in consciously creating the life and or business you desire.  

Each Archangel brings unique gifts, energies and guidance to see you triumph through the ebbs and flows of life.
You can work with these angels as a way to heal from the past and clear the path opening doorways and opportunities you never even saw were available to you.

While I am a proponent of learning to trust your own intuitive information, I am also in support of leveraging your angelic advisors as a way to fast track your success and increase your happiness.

It is inevitable that we will hit fears, doubts and pitfalls in this journey we call life. It is so empowering to be able to tune in and get unbiased information from a higher spiritual perspective than you can currently access when you are riddled in fear, doubt, confusion or big life changes.

Tapping into your spiritual support team and intuition is an act of receiving. When we deny it we are in a sense limiting our capacity to receive on many levels and find yourself struggling “doing it all” alone which can be both draining and lonely.

Recently, a student of my Soul Success Unleashed program, Joan, shared

That she gained the confidence to ask questions and receive responses from my spiritual support team.  She also  had so much more clarity and confidence working with my spiritual support team and trusting that when she  asked questions the answers came from a source of truth.

When my students share breakthroughs like this it literally makes my whole heart smile because I know how the relationship with their spiritual support team will forever enrich and empower their lives!

Another past student was so excited to share her recent experience!

“ I received some Angel numbers this morning that said I should be more spiritual. Then very loudly on my tv it said "Get connected!" Ok Angels I hear you. So I went for my morning meditation to connect. I have been getting my messages very clear like I asked for. “

It’s these simple day to day action steps our angels give us to align to our highest and best path and when we heed the call we are able to manifest miracles everyday and realize our dreams one step at a time!

Learning to communicate and heal with your Archangels will undoubtedly be worth the time, energy and effort and returns 10 fold!

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This is why I created
Archangel Alignment Activation Series

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You will cultivate clear communication with your angelic advisors to create clarity, trust and confidence in the messages you receive and experience deep levels of transformational healing along the way.


Master the Art of Angel Communication

You will learn tools and practices to support you in mastering the art of communicating with your Archangels and spirit guides. Being able to learn and discern the ways in which you receive your messages is a game changer!

These processes will strengthen your intuition and open your channel to receive messages with more clarity and confidence. This is essential so that you can trust your message enough to take the guided actions.


Experience Deep Transformational Healing

You will have a healing library at your fingertips with 15 powerful Archangel Alignment Activations that can support you in all areas of your life.  They will also support you in awakening your intuition to the next level.

These guided meditations always meet you where you are at so each time you listen you will gain new insights and deepen your  healing to create lasting change.


Be Attuned to the Frequency of 15 Archangels and the Angelic Realm

Each Archangel has a unique specialty and energy frequency. There is so much power in having a range of angelic support at your fingertips as a part of your spiritual support team. Just like cultivating any relationship, it will grow over time and you will become more familiar with which angel is best for your situation. They all have different personalities too and are a lot of fun to get to know!

Each guided activation is unique in that you will be attuned to their individual energy frequency. This will support you in having a deeper connection and awareness of each Archangel and their messages. They are also  built in with healing directives that  assist you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels throughout all time and space.  They will also be invoked by your side to accommodate any specific requests or intentions you may have.


Consciously Co-Create Miracles with the Archangels

You can literally create anything you dream of and learning to manifest in concert with your spiritual support team is a fast track to success and certainly a lot more fun!

They will go to work on your behalf guiding you each step of the way and opening new doors of opportunity you likely wouldn't have seen on your own with much more ease and grace.

Whether or not you are already working with your angels and guides, this Archangel Alignment Activation program will support you to cultivate your communication to the next level and elicit healing on your awakening journey! 


Throughout this program you will…


Increase your confidence and certainty in your ability to receive and discern messages from your spiritual support team. 
Learn to work with 15 Archangels and receive healing and attunement from each one. 
Actively engage with the Archangels as you cultivate a relationship and build your spiritual support team
Deepen your alignment to your highest path and purpose
Learn tools and practices to strengthen and develop your intuitive abilities
Feel empowered and equipped to consciously create the life and or business you desire

Are you ready to be supported in cultivating clear communication with your Archangels
and experience deep healing?

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As a spiritual teacher and mentor for 11 years,  I have had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of people to connect with their angels, awaken their spiritual gifts, cultivate their intuition, move through fears and align with their soul’s calling.  I love supporting others to  create their  life and business on their terms, while experiencing new levels of joy, abundance and freedom.

Teaching and empowering others to work with the Archangels in their daily life  is a part of my life purpose and brings me so much joy.

Cultivating this relationship with your trusted spirit team will be a catalyst in aligning you to your highest path and potential.

Meet Your Archangel Support Team….

Archangel Ariel : Angel of prosperity
Archangel Azrael: Angel for grief and life cycles
Archangel Chamuel: Angel of peace
Archangel Gabriel:Messenger Angel
Archangel Haniel: Angel of moon cycles and emotional healing
Archangel Jeremiel: Angel of present and past life cycles
Archangel Jophiel: Angel of beauty
Archangel Metatron: Angel of sacred geometry and highly  sensitive people
Archangel Michael: Angel of courage and life purpose
Archangel Raguel: Angel of Relationship Harmony
Archangel Raphael: Angel of Healing
Archangel Raziel: Angel of esoteric wisdom
Archangel Sandalphon: Angel of Music and delivers prayers
Archangel Uriel: Angel of clarity
Archangel Zadkiel: Angel of the mind and memories

Archangel Alignment Activation Series

Communicate and Heal with Your Angelic Advisors


15  Archangel Training Modules each featuring a different Angel and their specialties.

15 short video training sessions for each Archangel sharing their specialties and fun facts.

Healing Library that consists of 15 audio meditations. One for each Archangel that both elicit healing in the area of their specialty and attunes you to their energy

15 worksheets with information on the archangel and suggested ways to work with each Archangel.

There is more than 6 hours of content via video trainings and meditations

Everyone who enrolls will receive the following bonuses ($325 Value):

Bonus #1 - How to Communicate with Your Angels and Guides training video + Vibration Scale alignment activation and attunement to different realms. ($97 value)

Bonus #2 - Access to 2 of my most popular workshop bundles….

Expansion Journey : Metatron workshop as a bonus ($57 value)
Light Language Transmissions + Activations to Align Your Body, Mind, Soul and Activate Your Conscious Creator Within ($57 value)

With this bonus, you’re getting exclusive access to 2 of my monthly Workshop Series bundles  to support you in creating and receiving your desires and goals in life and business with a workbook and alignment activities to support you further.

There is also a timeless group aura reading on the current Collective group energy to support you in aligning to your highest potential and create the life and biz your dream of.

Bonus #3 - Chakra Balancing Soul Alignment Activation ( $57 value)

This is a powerful chakra balancing and clearing alignment activation that supports you in clearing out stuck energy that is ready to be released. Archangel Metatron, will be present during this Chakra Balancing Soul Alignment Activation and support you with his sacred geometry cube to clear, balance and simulate the chakras and support activating their energy field to the most optimal frequency at that time. 

Bonus #4 - Archangel Christiel Alignment Activation ( $57 value)

Archangel Christiel aligns you with the frequency of  the divine feminine aspect of Christ consciousness.  She emanates the frequency of the divine feminine aspect of Christ consciousness.

Working with this activation and Archangel will awaken your ability to receive and access to your intuition through working with your divine feminine energy. No matter your gender, we all have this energy available within us.

Co-creating Miracles and Healing
With the Archangels Workshop

Top 7 reasons why I LOVE working with my team of Archangels and spirit guides…..and how they can help YOU too!

Listen to the Archangel Christiel Alignment Activation to
amplify your divine feminine energy and open your ability to receive.

Ready to join Archangel Alignment Activation Series? Enroll Today!


Archangel Alignment Activation Series:
Communicate and Heal with Your Angelic Advisors


$ 497

One-time payment


$ 188

3 payments billed monthly

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Love From Our Clients

Hello everyone THANK YOU Jennifer Gilchrist for always providing amazing content for us to grow spiritually.... i have lost so many people in the last 12 months including my beautiful mom her best friend who was my other mom my sister my niece and many many close friends...

Jen taught me to ASK FOR THE HELP I NEEDED to get thru the devastating loss ....listening to her in these classes and connecting with the ARCHANGELS asking for white feathers to be visible daily sign as a confirmation of the help I needed CHANGED MY LIFE and my relationship with SPIRIT and how I RECEIVE MESSAGES from SPIRIT ..... while I have not picked up any of my angel cards recently because of many recent health issues we all just got over c o v i d and devastating life changing personal issues I know that when I do I will have everything I need to get the messages my spirit guides have for me and my loved ones.... i believe they are all giving me grace and time as I have had so much to deal with.... i see angel numbers multiple times a day 111 1111 222 555  as does my child ...and I believe they just want us to know they are ever present and ever near.... and are truly guiding and protecting each and every one of us ... the veil between our worlds is very transparent and thin now.

THANK YOU JENNIFER GILCHRIST FOR ALL YOU DO.... you have no idea how special and amazing you truly are  💖

~ Theresa

Just now in the vibrational scale meditation, I received the first message clearly and unmistakably, for the first time, when you talked about Michael, a message. Thank you!


One of my miracles was last night I did the Vibration meditation again and it was amazing! I put my hands out to feel Archangel Michael and Haniel’s energy and I actually felt both of them. His energy pushed both of my hands all the way out and her energy moved like a heart beat. One of the coolest things I’ve experienced ever!


I found more than 7 feathers from my house entrance leading to my door. That is a sign of confirmation I needed.

I received some Angel numbers this morning that said I should be more spiritual. Then very loudly on my tv it said "Get connected!" Ok Angels I hear you. So I went for my morning meditation to connect. I have been getting my messages very clear like I asked for.

Nicole Elrod

Before learning Jen's tools and processes to work with my spiritual support team, I felt drained and ill-equipped to deal with all the energies that I felt. I knew I had clairvoyant gifts but I wasn't quite sure how to manage them. After taking the program, I was able to ground myself properly, and as a result, I know how to protect my energy and access my gifts - even ones I didn't know I had. It has truly changed my life and my business. I would absolutely recommend Jen's program because I now have the confidence in my abilities and do not become exhausted throughout the day. I am able to use my gifts for my own growth and also for the growth and transformation of my clients. I am so empowered and so grateful that Jen answered her calling. She is impacting people around the world through everyone she teaches and I am so happy she popped up in my social media!

Michelle Froedge

The Rockstar Coach

I am watching the replay and I have just finished the Activation Meditation. In the Fairy/tree realm - I experienced tickle laughter & pure joy and saw yellow & green color; when we were in the circle together & AA Michael stepped into the circle he did a tap, tap and he said, "welcome to this circle" "happy to have you here"; mediumship realm was quiet & illusive - I was peeking out of the elevator and couldn't see/hear anyone; the Masters level it was ethereal quiet, white/blue did not see/hear anyone but felt deep, quiet PEACE.


I "feel" guides in different places. I can hear my guide in my head and get a sensation on the right side of the brain. When you spoke of Michael, I felt "hands"on my shoulders when I spoke to him. Haven't had that before. Thank you!!!


Thank you so so much!!! Feeling the different levels of vibrations and energies was amazing for me. I'm very new to this and today, I feel for the first time ever, actual energy when it was called upon, and then the different frequencies were mind blowing for me. Thank yoooooou!!!

And signs, I receive them all the time but you touched on some things that brought awareness of perhaps I've brushed some off in the past not thinking it was my guides trying to lead me somewhere. I receive signs that they're with me everytime I ask, but never thought for a second they'd be actually leading me to where I need to go next to align w my higher self.

This whole class was so incredibly helpful and enlightening. Thank you so so much!!


I wanted to share that after yesterday’s course I actually dreamed of my daughter Alli who passed 3 years ago. It felt wonderful seeing her. Thank you for the activation. 💜😇🕉


I had an epiphany on Saturday- I have been searching for my purpose and next career choice for some time now, but none of the things I was exploring felt right, I saw an ad for becoming a garden coach, and my spirit lit up!! then I seen your post for this training, then on Sunday a family member called and asked for my help with his new houseplants(garden coaching already just not earning from it ☺️) and then on Monday I met a new person, she was talking about restaurants and I don’t know why I felt compelled to tell her that I want to be a garden coach- She was like - did you just say garden coach?! And I told her that I want to help local businesses integrate rooftop gardens or salad gardens for their employees, she told me that She grew up on a farm and wants to implement gardening for restaurants… we are having lunch today to collaborate our ideas 💡 there are no coincidences, just spirit aligning with universal energy ✨ 

 I am so thankful that universe aligned me with your training at this time in my life, looking forward to the next workshop today, thanks for what you do 💖


I "feel" guides in different places. I can hear my guide in my head and get a sensation on the right side of the brain. When you spoke of Michael, I felt "hands"on my shoulders when I spoke to him. Haven't had that before. Thank you!!!

Hi Jen so I just did the Archangel Ariel Activation and I set the intention of releasing of fear around money. After I did that I felt an expansion and a lightheartedness I haven't felt in along time. I also saw her wearing a crown and in a beautiful yellow 💛 golden light. She was riding a lion. Was Really 😍 Beautiful.


I have already recommended Jen's Archangel Alignment Activation Series program to a number of my friends and family. You will have the opportunity to call on any of these to alleviate the burdens of every day life issues you come upon. A feeling like no other!!!! To know that I have the Archangels to support me in all aspects of my life is priceless!


I loved Jen's Archangel Alignment Activation Series program because she personally introduced me to each of the Archangels I work with. I appreciated that I could do the program on my own time and at my own pace.  In the Energy Work that I do, I continually call upon the Angels for help. I had a miracle experience when my vehicle was struck with a bolt of lightning during a lightning storm. I called upon Archangel Michael and saw the protection he provided.

Sandy Jean Triebenbach

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