Workshop: Turn Procrastination Into Action

Transform your resistance to create momentum and impact with your soul's work.

Workshop: Turn Procrastination Into Action


Resistance and fear will manifest into many different forms, and if unresolved, will keep you spinning your wheels, feeling frustrated and stuck cycling in the one step forward, two steps back scenario leaving you feeling defeated and unfulfilled.

This can look like...

  • Procrastination on your intuitive ideas or tasks you know will support your purpose work
  • Spinning in cycles of busy work, leading to overwhelm, yet yielding little results for your effort
  • Self doubt, leaving you frozen from taking action
  • Lack of clarity and confusion creeps in, so you don’t move forward on your dreams.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Trust me, I get it, I really do… I have been there myself many times over the years. As a highly sensitive and empathic person especially this level pressure building can get the best of you and in some cases make you feel like giving up! 

That is exactly why I created this workshop series because it is my mission to support lightworkers and purpose driven entrepreneurs to stand in their power and share their unique gifts and message with the world. 

When you are acting in alignment with your soul’s calling and making the positive impact in the world you were born for, you feel elated with a sense of purpose, joy and fulfillment. Although, to create this level of alignment, you will be called to move through your fears and stretch your comfort zone. 

This is so much easier ( and more fun) to do within a group of like-minded souls like you who really get this transformational journey we walk as a spiritually driven entrepreneur!!

This workshop is designed to…

  • Gain awareness of the root cause of the patterns that are holding you back 
  • Transform fears and resistance into action, so that you can be aligned with your purpose work
  • Clear outdated beliefs, ancestral and societal programming around creating a successful business
  • Activate your empowered masculine energy within so you can get into inspired action
  • Teach you tools and process to support you to transmute fears
  • Receive high level energy clearing and activations to expedite your healing process

When you register for this Workshop you will receive

Video Training


Guided clearing and activation meditation (mp3)

Aura reading for the collective group energy and energy healing with Q&A time


Immediate access to a video training, workbook with alignment activities and guide mediation journey Mp3 on the monthly topic.

You will also receive a recording of a 60 min timeless aura reading and clearing on the collective group energy to help you expand into higher consciousness and increase your manifesting abilities! This experience will elicit a transformational clearing to release the fears, limiting beliefs, patterns and karma that show up in the reading.

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Our Customer

I loved the Light transmute series and the Merkabah activation series. It was so powerful and the vibrations were felt all over me for a very long time. I did purchase your Kundalini activation as well, and that series was equally powerful. Thank you Jen.

~ Vidya Raja

So yesterday I did a Merkaba activation. Holy Moly what a jolt. Masculine top pyramid spin clockwise saw red sandstone type mountains and sand. Like red rocks of Utah, Sedona, Mars or beyond. Feminine pyramid spin counterclockwise saw mountains with trees, rivers, creeks and lakes. Those spins increasing at the same time body swaying trying to do both. Was freaking crazy. Nap almost immediately. Feel lighter. Know healing vibration raised.

Still feeling it and probably always will. Just crazy because first time l've seen vibrant colors and clear pictures for that long. Just needed to share and speak my truth.

~ Lisa

Wow, yup. This one was needed. Spoke to me about my self worth which was in line with the heart chakra meditation also. Doing some serious healing. Powerful stuff.

~ Linda Jeanne Carlson

“I just did the Mother Mary activation again and had such a deep experience of healing my mother wound. I connected with my mom's higher self and received all of the love she was limited in giving me in her human form. When I surrendered my story of her not being good enough, my story of me not being good enough went with it. Thank you once again, Jen Gilchrist. Repeating your activations never ceases to amaze me!"

~ Janet Pearson

“I have always had a very intuitive spiritual relationship with Mary (I’ll talk about it sometime..amazing experiences) but when I did this meditation it opened up an entirely new dynamic and insight with her. The vibration was incredible! It was exactly what I needed right now. This is a beautiful workshop Jen. Thank you for including it."

~ Mary Lou

“Thanks for the powerful clearing and alignment activations, that I really love. This was beautiful work!! So supportive for all of us.” Setting the intention was so timely and also super powerful, fun and enjoyable. I felt so uplifted afterwards and empowered. Thank you.

~ Claudia Duncan

“I absolutely adore Jen’s monthly workshops because I know something new will pop up for me to clear every single time. They consistently keep me moving forward by helping me shift a lot of energy around topics I might not have stumbled upon in my own meditations due to lack of awareness. Every workshop has something new to offer… except the galactic ones which are just weird. lol P.S. My new galactic guide I connected to in your last workshop would beg to differ. lol ”.

~ Shannon Wiederkehr

Hey Jen! Just wanted to thank you for sharing the 2021 outlook aura reading - was fabulous! took a ton of notes and the Christ Light healing at the end was sooo powerful! My entire body was vibrating! Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with me! Much gratitude for all you do and all I have learned through you this past several months

~ Galit Freylack

“Thank you so much for the Father Wound Healing workshop. The first time I listened to the alignment activation it was literally releasing loads of weight off my shoulder and all over my body. I was left feeling light as a feather."

~ Ricardo

"As the day went on after the Father Wound Healing Workshop and I integrated this healing more and more, I was stunned at how powerful it was. I think back to some painful memories that were brought up, and there is no longer any emotional charge, it's just a scene I see in my mind and am OK with. Thank you so much for this! . I really am so grateful for all these healing sessions you've been giving us, they really are life-changing! Thank you! "

~ Aileen

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