Great Pyramid Alignment Activation

Great Pyramid Alignment Activation


The great pyramid is an ancient sacred power center that houses high level energetic upgrades and awakens ancient wisdom within you.

In my recent trip to Egypt, I experienced this unique and potent energy first hand and otherworldly energetic downloads streamed in that I feel called to share and awaken this remembrance within you too.

As above… so below, is a part of the embodiment upgrade of this Great Pyramid initiation. Creating heaven on earth as we collectively shift into the Age of Aquarius.

The amplification of the earth's energy and connection to the divine is unprecedented. The connection to advanced spiritual technology and Star beings is a powerful and unique experience for each person.

Ra, the Egyptian sun god also stepped forward to share a channeled transmission specially for this series. As well as, Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of truth, order, harmony and balance.

I will also share with you what I learned and experienced, as well as pictures to tune into, from being inside 3 different chambers of the Great Pyramid on our 2 hour private tour: Kings chamber, Queens chamber and a lower chamber that descended into the earth's core.

If you feel drawn to ancient Egyptian times or perhaps already know you have had past life experiences there, this Great Pyramid Alignment Activation series is for you.

During this workshop series you will experience …

  • Energetic upgrades so that you are able to anchor more into the 5D and above + Merkabah activation.
  • Amplify your spiritual gifts and information that you are called to bring forward in this lifetime to fulfill your soul's purpose
  • Clear karmic patterns, and ancestral line programming so that you can clear blocks and align to your highest path and timeline.
  • Guided Great Pyramid Alignment Activation journey to awaken your empowered Egyptian past life information, activate dormant DNA and energetic upgrades mp3
  • Channeled transmission from Ra, known as the egyptian sun god and Ma’at, egyptian goddess of truth, order, harmony and balance.

BONUS:Pictures from inside the great pyramid to energetically tune into and support your visualization experience.

When you register for this Workshop you will receive

Video Training


Guided clearing and activation meditations (mp3)

Clairvoyant reading for the collective group energy and energy healing


Immediate access to a video training, workbook with alignment activities and guide mediation journey Mp3 on the monthly topic.

You will also receive a recording of a 60 min timeless aura reading and clearing on the collective group energy to help you expand into higher consciousness and increase your manifesting abilities! This experience will elicit a transformational clearing to release the fears, limiting beliefs, patterns and karma that show up in the reading.

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Our Customer

“I just did the Mother Mary activation again and had such a deep experience of healing my mother wound. I connected with my mom's higher self and received all of the love she was limited in giving me in her human form. When I surrendered my story of her not being good enough, my story of me not being good enough went with it. Thank you once again, Jen Gilchrist. Repeating your activations never ceases to amaze me!"

~ Janet Pearson

“I have always had a very intuitive spiritual relationship with Mary (I’ll talk about it sometime..amazing experiences) but when I did this meditation it opened up an entirely new dynamic and insight with her. The vibration was incredible! It was exactly what I needed right now. This is a beautiful workshop Jen. Thank you for including it."

~ Mary Lou

“Thanks for the powerful clearing and alignment activations, that I really love. This was beautiful work!! So supportive for all of us.” Setting the intention was so timely and also super powerful, fun and enjoyable. I felt so uplifted afterwards and empowered. Thank you.

~ Claudia Duncan

Hey Jen! Just wanted to thank you for sharing the 2021 outlook aura reading - was fabulous! took a ton of notes and the Christ Light healing at the end was sooo powerful! My entire body was vibrating! Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with me! Much gratitude for all you do and all I have learned through you this past several months

~ Galit Freylack

“Thank you so much for the Father Wound Healing workshop. The first time I listened to the alignment activation it was literally releasing loads of weight off my shoulder and all over my body. I was left feeling light as a feather."

~ Ricardo

"As the day went on after the Father Wound Healing Workshop and I integrated this healing more and more, I was stunned at how powerful it was. I think back to some painful memories that were brought up, and there is no longer any emotional charge, it's just a scene I see in my mind and am OK with. Thank you so much for this! . I really am so grateful for all these healing sessions you've been giving us, they really are life-changing! Thank you! "

~ Aileen

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