Amplify, Love and Money

4 weeks to transform your ability to receive your personal and business goals

Amplify, Love and Money


The Amplify, Love and Money Program modules include:

Module 1: Amplify Your Love ~ Clear the past, rain your vibe and rewrite your future 

✨Transform your limiting beliefs from your own past, family and society

✨Energetic Clearing to heal the past resentments, disappointments, karma and fears

✨Activation to raise your vibrational set point in the areas of money and love

Module 2: Amplify Your Money Story

✨ Actively claim your manifesting power

✨ You will create a clear vision and align your vibration to your next level desires

✨ learn tools to anchor in this new vision so that it can manifest into your reality.

Module 3: Be Magnetic

✨ Explore the polarity of your feminine power to attract love and money

✨ Energetic clearing and activation to bring you into your feminine power, tapping into your creativity, passion and intuitive gifts

✨ Heart chakra activation to embody and radiate unconditional love

Module 4: Attraction in Action

✨ Learn to call in soul aligned Love and Money goals with Inspired Action

✨ Discover when you are in and out of alignment with your masculine energy

✨ Energetic clearing on your masculine energy to include past relationships, any male influence, as well as your own imbalances in owning your power and release the need to control

✨ Guided meditation to balance your masculine and feminine energy so that you can create with more abundance, ease and grace

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4 weeks to transform your ability to receive your personal and business goals



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Our Customer

“Thanks for the powerful clearing and alignment activations, that I really love. This was beautiful work!! So supportive for all of us.” Setting the intention was so timely and also super powerful, fun and enjoyable. I felt so uplifted afterwards and empowered. Thank you.

~ Claudia Duncan

Hey Jen! Just wanted to thank you for sharing the 2021 outlook aura reading - was fabulous! took a ton of notes and the Christ Light healing at the end was sooo powerful! My entire body was vibrating! Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with me! Much gratitude for all you do and all I have learned through you this past several months

~ Galit Freylack

“Thank you so much for the Father Wound Healing workshop. The first time I listened to the alignment activation it was literally releasing loads of weight off my shoulder and all over my body. I was left feeling light as a feather."

~ Ricardo

"As the day went on after the Father Wound Healing Workshop and I integrated this healing more and more, I was stunned at how powerful it was. I think back to some painful memories that were brought up, and there is no longer any emotional charge, it's just a scene I see in my mind and am OK with. Thank you so much for this! . I really am so grateful for all these healing sessions you've been giving us, they really are life-changing! Thank you! "

~ Aileen

Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

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