Accelerate and Deepen Your Ability to Access Your Intuitive Insights

These 2 Soul Alignment Activations will accelerate and deepen your ability to access your intuitive insights and downloads by transmuting stagnant energy at a deep leve! Both of these meditations were initially made for a paid program, but I felt guided and inspired to share them out more widely.

The 6th Chakra Clairvoyant Alignment Activation

Several powerful Archangels came through to support this energy clearing.This guided meditation experience goes deep into clearing fear, doubt, religious programming and much more so that you can have greater access to gifts this chakra holds.

Your clairvoyant center has so much energy blocking your full potential in accessing information this way. This chakra holds extremely powerful abilities, beyond “seeing” visual pictures such as being able to:

Make more aligned decisions by seeing the spiritual perspective of any situation or decision
Have a high level of discernment and ability to see a truth from a lie
Use your visualization skills to manifest your desires

The Archangel Metatron Sacred Geometry and Chakra Healing Activation

Archangel Metatron works with his sacred geometry to support you in clearing and balancing each of your chakras. This was made for a paid group program, but felt guided to share it out more widely.

This activation is wonderful to use anytime your energy feels stagnant or stuck, so that it can be transmuted and allow you to get back into alignment with your creative power and your divine spiritual gifts.

Get Both Activations for the Special Price of Only $11

Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts Soul Alignment Activation and Clearing

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