Soul Contracts, Unconscious Healing Agreements, Energy Cords and Karmic Pattern

Feb 8, 2021

Learn about the powers of soul contracts, karmic patterns, and energy cords. By taking the first step of awareness, you will be able to grow and discover your untapped potential.

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What Are Soul Contracts

Learning about soul contracts is the first step to becoming aware of how you fit into the cosmos of the metaphysical space and how your physical self is able to grow and heal through situations and relationships.

A soul contract is a non-physical agreement between two souls to experience life events together. Moreso, a soul contract is about the agreement that you have within yourself as to how you will stay connected to your inner self and to those around you.

Our soul contracts shape our experiences and bind us to others before we even enter our mother’s womb. Oftentimes, we misinterpret signs and experiences for what is actually a soul contract that we have with another person. It is important to be aware of these contacts so that you can properly evolve and navigate situations in life.

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How to Identify Soul Contracts, Unconscious Healing Agreements, and Karmic Patterns

It is said that people come into your life during a season for a reason and that is a key element in understanding the soul contracts that you may be experiencing in your life, conscious or otherwise.

As mentioned, we often make and have soul agreements before we enter into this lifetime and world. If you have ever met a new person and experienced an immediate connection with that person, most likely it is because you two made a soul contract agreement before you entered into this physical world and were destined to come together.

Having deep conversations and sharing insight with each other to grow with each other is part of a healthy soul agreement. At the core, our contracts should focus on evolving our souls forward.

There are two main elements to consider when working through your soul contract:

  • Awareness: Having a strong sense of awareness will help you identify a person that is in your life for a reason, specifically if you are struggling with that person/relationship. By being aware that you may be in a spiritually bound contract, you can seek to identify what is going on and move forward appropriately.
  • Self responsibility: This is a major point of power. Once you become aware of what is going on, you must ask yourself, what is my role within this relationship? Why do I allow people to react and treat me this way? It is your job to look into the relationship, understand your role, and move and grow forward. This is really important if you find yourself a part of a healing agreement.
If you are always feeling the need to help other people you may be working with an unconscious healing agreement in which you feel responsible to be solving the problems of others. Karmic patterns come forward as patterns of desire and behavior. The karmic patterns most likely manifested very early on in your life. As an example, if you are agreeing to always be a protector, you probably began this process from the genesis of your life. Your energy has not been released and therefore you will feel stuck. Being aware and making the choice to move on will allow you to grow.

When considering soul contracts, it’s important to think about the root cause of where issues may be stemming. Does the contract come from another life? Did something happen in your childhood? Reflect inward – you have all the answers.

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How do Soul Contracts Work?

Our souls in the spiritual, metaphysical world still follow a general order as we do in the physical world. However, the order, while it is binding, is far less structured. Souls have a contract that promises a shared experience with one another in the physical world. They are not binding, there are not legal terms and regulations, but they are an important part of the spiritual existence.

There are many different ways that the contract manifests in the physical world. It’s a constant evolution and while it can be tricky, it can always work out for your soul and the other souls in your world.

Our soul contracts and spiritual growth boil down to awareness, decision, and choice within ourselves. We are evolving and if we are attracting things that are not good for us, that means that we are not being fully aware. It often means that we have to take a new action that is integral to ourselves such as having a conversation or setting a new boundary. This can be scary but we have to make new choices that are aligned with our higher truth and joy and abundance will follow. Only then will we be working with our fullest potential.

If you notice there is a pattern in your life, and if you notice your energetic charge around the situation, you are starting to see the core outside of yourself. A lot of this shows up in relationships. You have to make sure that you are not giving more than you are receiving in any situation. If you find yourself in that kind of a place, consider the energy you are putting out and look at your soul agreements.

It is very important to note that we have freewill to come and go from situations. This is important to remember because sometimes we stay too long in a situation that is not good or beneficial for our souls. It can take us a while to move on, however we have to remember that we can move on and that we are able to forgive ourselves to have the freedom and peace to move forward. While the soul contracts are important, they are not legally binding. Always put yourself first.

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What Are Energy Cords

Energy Cords are a non physical tie between two souls – an energetic tube attaching two humans, our energy cords keep our soul connected to another. Energy cords are rooted in some kind of fear or unhealthy or unconscious agreement.

Love just ” is.” It is our natural state of being so there is no positive energy cord.

The exception is that children about 5 and younger may see an energy cord that is attached to the mother as the child learns its basic human survival skills.

Just as it’s important to recognize our soul contracts, it’s important to know who you are creating an energy cord with so that you can release that cord which is likely causing an energy drain or confusion.

For our own mental and spiritual health, we must cut the cords that are hindering our growth and nurture the cords that bring strength and energy into our souls. It is important to clear these energy cords at the root level so that they do not reattach themselves.

man's energy in spiritual

We are never victim to these energy ties we have with others. It is an opportunity for growth and healing. It is our responsibility to clean these up within our energetic field. Here are a few things you can do to release your energy cords.

  • Energetic Cleansing: Energetically clear yourself through daily meditation practices. Just like we take a shower everyday, we also need to “energetically shower.” You can do this through meditation practices. It doesn’t have to take a long time–even just 10 minutes a day will powerfully shift your energy.
  • Determine Root Causes: Take the time to look at the root cause of why the cords are there. You can do this through mediation or journaling (use the inquiry I shared above around soul contract) to connect with unconscious healing agreements and karmic patterns that are allowing the cords to attach.
  • Ask for Help: Archangel Michael is an amazing support to help you clear the energetic enmeshment you may have with another person that is creating energy cords. Ask him to support you in releasing these energy cords and the root cause within you they are attaching to.

All of this is a part of your spiritual journey creating an opportunity for you to grow, heal, and transform. Navigating the physical world is a journey that we all experience together, but it is within ourselves that we find peace and joy during this life and those to come.

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