Trusting Life Through Inner Healing Oracle Card Reading - May 29th - June 4th

May 26, 2023

Trusting Life Through Inner Healing

This week we will explore the themes of openness, thoughts of healing, saying yes, expanding through your extremes, and trusting life.

When you ask for more than you currently have, it requires a deep level of trust in the process. It's important to continue saying yes to life, even when it's challenging or uncertain. Sometimes, letting go of what no longer serves us opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion.

If you're currently experiencing extremes or chaos, know that there is an opportunity for deep energy healing and transformation within those experiences. Lean into what you want your life to look like and focus on the hopeful outcomes. Trust that your intuition will guide you toward what you need to do next.

You may be feeling called to do some inner child healing to open up to receiving. This may bring up feelings of vulnerability or being lost, but remember to listen to your body and ask it what it needs. Take time to nurture yourself and trust that as you heal the mother line, you will open up your intuition and find your fresh start.

Remember that your blueprint for your higher path is within you, waiting to be aligned. Trust that the universe is supporting you on your journey, even when it feels challenging. Take the next step towards spiritual healing and your dreams and know that you are guided and protected every step of the way.

Soul Success Unleashed: Cultivate your clairvoyant, channeling and healing abilities 14 week transformational journey 💖

During this program you will…

💖 Master your energetic boundaries as a highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive person. This is essential to have discernment, accuracy and not burn out!

💖 Develop your clairvoyance to read auras, chakras, past lives, family agreements, patterns energy of your business and relationships

💖 How to identify and heal patterns, fear, behaviors or any situation you want to understand and heal more deeply for (for yourself and others if you choose)

💖 Connect and Communicate with your own spiritual support

💖 Access the Akashic Records

💖 Learn powerful healing techniques to use for yourself and others

💖 Set the energy of your life, business, relationships, programs and how you want to experience it!

...And so much more!

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Hello and welcome to my community. I’m Jen Gilchrist, Spiritual Teacher + Transformational Success Mentor + Speaker

An Entrepreneur for 22 years and a Spiritual Mentor for 12 years, Jen Gilchrist has gone from Struggling Single Mom to growing a multiple 6-figure Business making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. She works with “Highly Sensitive” and Spiritual Entrepreneurs on a deep level, helping them to reclaim the confidence, trust, and tools needed to harness their intuition, align with their purpose and step into their next level of leadership in their business and life, so they make a bigger impact in the world while experiencing new levels of freedom of time, energy and money in their purpose driven business.

She considers being a mother to her beautiful and talented daughter her greatest joy and accomplishment. Her favorite personal pleasure is to swim with the wild dolphin pods in Kona, Hawaii. Jen has been on close to 40 different dolphins swims with hundreds of dolphins and says that it is both a playful and spiritual experience and that she has learned and transformed herself through these experiences exponentially.


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