Soul Searching: Finding Direction when You’re Feeling Lost

Aug 18, 2021

Finding Direction when Youre Feeling Lost scaled

Realigning Your Soul

Soul searching ignites when persistent feelings of sadness, despair, confusion, apathy or misdirection are present throughout multiple facets of your life. Having the occasional irritation or fleeting negative thought is completely normal and to be expected when dealing with the anguish that life sometimes brings, but the key component to igniting soul searching is when the negative feelings are continual.

These feelings may be disheartening, but distinctly lie outside the realm of unwanted emotions related to mental illness, situational events, or a recent traumatic experience. The emotions I'm referring to are far more instinctual.

For example, at some core level, the individual may feel an imbalance in their gut or intuition. The feeling may be almost like a shadow; repetitive but may not seem harmful at first. The negativity may be hard to identify and since it is so minimalized it could blend in with other emotions or even seem like a residual effect of a minor event throughout the day.

The point is, a slight tug in your gut or a dreary aura hanging around, clouding up certain parts of your life, can signify that soul searching needs to take place.

Soul searching blossoms due to an individual being fed up with the negativity surrounding their life. A sense of harmony is craved.

Soul searching begins when an individual decides to examine their lives, especially the negative aspects of the pieces they want to change.

There is usually some major situation or element of someone’s life that is out of place and it yearns for transformation.

Being unfulfilled or lacking joy leads us to a new path of self-discovery.

What Does It Mean?

Soul searching is one of the first of many pit stops in your spiritual journey. Determine what you want to be added to your life. Some people desire increased wealth of material goods. Other individuals crave happiness, empathy, or a sense of passion within their relationships.

Recognize what facet of your life you wish to build upon and turn that into a goal. Soul searching not only involves increasing a positive aspect of your life to create the version of reality you wish to be a part of the most, but it also encompasses learning about yourself: both surface-level and deep within.

There are so many facets and layers within a single individual. On the outside, appearances may allude to certain beliefs or ideals held, while others only focus on the internal properties of their being. The whole objective is to decide which holds the most weight to you, as an individual.

There is no right or wrong, it is merely a journey and mission of self-discovery.  Periodically taking an honest assessment of what is working well in all aspects of your life and what is not is a powerful exercise to incorporate into your spiritual ascension quest.

Harness your beliefs and set standards, as there is no one to compare to but the previous version of yourself. You are on a path similar to some, but different than many. Understand that your experiences are unique and require their measurement, routine, and set of practices that are all instilled and put into place by you.

How you feel is a good barometer or signpost to utilize when pursuing our highest direction. Use your feelings as a tool or as a means of navigation; to wade through the possibly murky waters of searching for meaning in life.

Take note of including things that bring you joy. Knowing your passion and what brings you excitement will help you connect back with the larger part of yourself.

There could be a level of dissonance in awareness when you start to engage with your energy and begin to discover how to find yourself spiritually through creative or cognitive means. The dissonance arises from starting to awaken and recognizing which parts of your life lack fulfillment and need improvement.

Doing the little things that bring you joy can start to shift you in the direction of finding your way. Identify what brings you joy and what feels good to you. Choose to prioritize and make space for the things in life that bring you happiness. Unlock your spiritual gifts in the process.

Soul-searching coincides with living out your spiritual journey. Soul-searching is a stop on the spiritual ascension journey. While it may be a part of the earlier phases, it is still a necessary element to aligning with your highest self overall. Soul-searching most likely ignites at the beginning of one’s spiritual journey.

Commonly, exploring all the facets of how to feel your soul and the varying layers of interconnectedness between self-expression, discovery, and creativity leads you further down the path of redirecting towards the highest version you can be. 

A spiritual journey is the entirety of our existence, especially once we are awakened. Soul-searching is one of the first stages of this quest. It is typically seen towards the beginning of our spiritual quest, but keep in mind that everyone has a distinctive timeline of events and situations.

Once you feel your soul and discover how to find yourself spiritually, other elements of your spiritual journey will launch into motion. Healing, manifesting, conscious creativity, and reading energies are all, comparatively, advanced, latter components of a spiritual journey.

People often feel like there is something more meaningful about relationships and deeper expressions. Individuals may start to be aware of the idea that there is something higher and beyond but may feel disconnected with exactly what it is or how to reach it.

Things to Remember Before Beginning your Soul-Searching Journey

Be Content with Questioning

The catalyst behind soul searching is needing answers to questions regarding alignment and harmony. Asking yourself questions can begin your spiritual journey.

With questions, we seek out knowledge in creative ways. Sometimes, the answer to the situation or a key piece of information that is encoded in a feeling presents itself once the question is fully developed and asked.

Part of the beginning hurdle of soul searching starts with not knowing what to look for or what to ask. Start with simple questions about surface-level likes and dislikes. Then, progress to feelings around those surface-level components.

Eventually, build up an inventory of deeper-level questions regarding difficult feelings or prospects of the future. Each question will reveal a fundamental segment of your inner being.

The theme of the questions you ask connects with the reason for inciting your soul-searching journey. Once enough foundational knowledge is collected, a clear trope will be illuminated. For some individuals, their questions and the subsequent answers will allude to a yearning for happiness, while others will have more tangent, immediate goals.

Find Peace in Not Knowing Every Answer

While many of your queries will be answered, some elements of your being may not reveal themselves. This could be due to a variety of reasons. Searching for meaning or your soul’s purpose can get convoluted because of the intricacies of human emotion. Remember to keep it simple.

Do not get caught up in the aspects you cannot control. If the solution to a problem is not becoming apparent, trust that this is for a good reason. The universe always has our balance and equity in mind, so your spiritual community will always drive you toward the direction of your highest path and soul’s purpose.

Give It Time

Soul-searching is not an overnight feat. One could claim that it is a lifelong process that will take a range of different shapes and forms. The components of soul-searching morph into something new and unexpected as we evolve.

Growth of an individual shows that a discrete, additional part of life may need to be examined. For example, once the success of an individual’s career is achieved, they may feel a sense of loneliness.

This could correlate to the idea that while they have raised the quality of one aspect of their soul, another piece could need remedying. Relationships, monetary success, and emotional or spiritual growth are all interconnected but are different facets that require a unique duration of attention and timespan of care.

Determine What Your Soul is and What It Means to You

Distinguishing what your soul is from the physical characteristics of the self is an important part of the soul-searching journey.

While many of us have no issues with describing what we look like, certain individuals will find difficulty in relaying true feelings or the essence of our being. The first step is to recognize that exactly what your soul is, the function it serves, and how you define each of its components is entirely subjective.

Whether you depict your soul as your innermost feelings, your apparent wants, and desires, or even the likes and dislikes that have remained consistent over the years; it is all up to you.

Your soul is your energy and part of discovering your energy lies in the identification process. Once we realize what all of the things we think and feel mean to us, we have begun the soul-searching journey.

Signs of Soul Searching

Reasons Why You Need to Soul Search

Typically, feeling your soul and getting on the track to alignment through soul searching exists for two reasons. Individuals may either feel like they have lost an aspect of themselves, or they never found a particular part of who they are.

It is important to note that both avenues take a very distinct perspective. The individual that is searching for something lost could have a brief outline of what they are looking for.

They may be attempting to rediscover a long-forgotten feeling, delve into a passion or hobby that died out, or reignite an impactful, positive relationship that fizzled.

However, the person that is searching for meaning rather than searching for something lost, will find it necessary to discover the soul’s purpose through inventive ways.

Being able to feel your soul and recognize the missing elements that are necessary for equity and balance happens by getting creative.

The individual coming from this perspective may need to think outside the box, ask themselves questions that they would not normally ask, or even think of unique crafts or healing techniques to express and open up more of their essence.

Connect back to the aspect of the self or your life that you have been deprived of the most. The starved soul is often dense and heavy because of the imbalances in multiple parts of life. These parts can go unnoticed due to the flow between neutrality and negativity or prioritization.

If healing yourself and reinvigorating your soul’s meaning is farther down on the list, other pieces of life will get in the way before you even have the chance to determine what the feeling is. 

Searching for something that your soul feels and aligns with is important for reincorporating joy back into your life. Positive feelings may have slowly drained and it is good to bring energy back to those elements of your life because true spiritual ascension is about the work, but primarily regards happiness.

Happiness can be seen as the absolute, all of the manifesting and healing practice is simply so jubilation can take place in every aspect of your life.

There are other goals beyond happiness that individuals may resonate with, but ultimately, everything boils down to creating a path with clear direction that leads to a positive mindset within our daily lives.

Tips for Incorporating Happiness into Your Daily Routine

Pay Attention to the Little Things

More often than not, what makes us happy can be put aside or go unnoticed for long periods. Life gets hectic and prioritizing family, a career, or success in some shape or form takes precedence over taking care of ourselves.

Take note of the times your body and mind are revealing an issue or inconvenience to you. While they seem minor, slightly uncomfortable clothing, consistently eating unhealthy foods, or even a small, inner problem you are not tapping into will combine and could transform into an actual issue.

When little grievances are ignored, we shut off a fraction of our soul and our innate desires, even if it is a seemingly trivial element. Listen to yourself and constantly change your environment to best suit the needs of your mind and body.

Make A Space for Positivity

Occasionally, searching for meaning and our soul’s purpose can get bogged down with idealization. Recognize that having a realistic depiction of situations and your lifestyle will bring you closer to discovering what a person’s soul is and how that translates to your existence.

Idealization can breed negativity since when we envision a picturesque reality, we tend to overlook the cracks that need to be filled to build a strong foundation for happiness.

Have a holistic perspective and realize that how to do soul searching lies within. There is no right or wrong, but the experience should be all-encompassing.

When we are realistic with our soul search and honest with how the soul feels, healing the broken pieces becomes easier. Once a sturdier ground is paved as negative feelings are mitigated, a higher vibrational frequency is achieved.

If a certain point is reached, positivity flows, and searching for something lost morphs into a search for creative, happy energy. After healing, the environment and space are more inviting for positivity.

This positive space is important for practicing meditation, manifestation, and intention setting within a beneficial energetic boundary.

Preserve Your Energy and Feel your Soul

This component of inviting happiness goes hand in hand with setting proper energetic boundaries, listening to the little things, and being able to feel your soul. Perceive what your soul is telling you about certain situations and your journey of joy.

Keep your energy in check and if too much is being put into a particular person or event, call it back.

Harness your energy and repurpose it for other needs that pertain better to your higher path and soul’s purpose. Use the free success kit for intuitive entrepreneurs to help expand your life and the life of others.

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Reasons of Soul Search

Signs You Need to Do Some Soul Searching

If you have a difficult time attuning to your inner needs and being able to feel your soul, it may be time to do some soul searching.

As mentioned previously, there are two primary reasons an individual may need to do soul searching. The first is due to soul loss, where an individual needs to reconnect with their inner being or at least a piece of who they are.

The other is from a lack of soul meaning or confusion in determining exactly what your soul is. It is a simple rediscovery, versus searching for something seemingly unknown.

A big sign that you need to go searching for meaning in how your soul feels is when there is a clear disconnect between your actions and perceived reality.

Occasionally, we rely on our egos or “false self” to make a decision and take action to determine the proper way to navigate through a course. The ego relies on the pleasure and stimulation principle. Meaning, the ego will subconsciously seek out solutions to situations that bring the most excitement or immediate satisfaction.

This can be a great tactic in determining your likes and dislikes or bare-bones desires but may become an issue if not fully tackled before complex issues arise.

Our egos reveal many unconscious desires. Tap into your ego to discover more about your inner wishes.

However, when complicated situations come about, it is important to recognize that we will need to reach beyond the ego. The ego is a fantastic source to pull from for surface-level problems. We will need to reach beyond, even outside the self on most occurrences, to understand the holistic view of a situation and make the best decision from the highest perspective.

Going beyond the ego puts aside pleasure, wants, and desires for practicality and reasoning. Although not the most exciting, making practical choices is a key component of how to find yourself spiritually and embark further on your ascension journey.

Going outside of the self and ego takes practice and patience because it is instinctual to want to solve a problem quickly and by using the simplest mechanisms. However, simple solutions do not always yield positive results. It is important to think about all aspects of the situation and then choose the higher perspective that may cause even more work but will remedy the issue at its core.

You can practice stepping outside of the ego to make more efficient decisions. This involves focused concentration and may take some trial and error. Utilizing certain meditation techniques will help you to ground and connect with your innate wisdom through your higher self.

Ruminating in the energy directly within your soul search will strengthen your ability center, increase trust in your inner beliefs, and create a platform for you to view situations from an outside, unbiased perspective. Once we ground and understand how our inner soul feels and decipher our soul’s meaning, we can choose the best decision that aligns with our ascension journey.

Often, we can get disorganized by the experience of being human. Human behavior and feelings have such complexity to them, that it is important to determine exactly how you feel your soul and how you steer through difficult emotions, especially the impactful ones.

Recognize what your feelings mean to you, how to do soul searching, and what your soul feels so that you can have clarity and consciousness for every emotion and decision.

Signs You Need to Tap into Your Soul

You Feel Consistent Tiredness or Exhaustion

Keep in mind, this will look different than other forms of typical sleepiness throughout the day or feeling sluggish due to a difficult event. This will be a persistent emotion that hangs over your aura.

Feel your soul and reach deep within to try to find a source of your exhaustion. If there is no apparent source, then your soul’s meaning may need reidentification. Figuring out how to do soul searching involves a more expansive dive within.

Feelings of Disillusionment Arise

This feeling could flood multiple aspects of your life. It may begin with a feeling of dissatisfaction regarding a career or choice or even a big move that you initially thought was going to be positive.

It is important to recognize that while situations and events will bring about temporary emotions, some more negative than others, they are fleeting unless another underlying issue is taking place.

These emotions will dissipate only if your soul is aligned and you are not searching for meaning in life. If they are repetitive, your soul may be partially fragmented, and collecting the pieces to begin your soul search is the best course of action for alleviation.

You Are Concerned with the Material Aspect of Life and Feel Negatively

While there is nothing inherently wrong with having a goal to make a lot of money, having nice material things or luxurious travel, being overly attached to the material world can come from a place of imbalance to satisfy the ego.

We can feel a false sense of connection to who we are and what we are doing if we strive for material things as an unconscious drive to fill a void.

You will know this is happening if you set a material goal, and when you achieve it or buy the sports car and you realize you still feel dissatisfied in life.

This is one form of escapism that can show up as an individual who is consumed with the superficiality of life, rather than achieving true happiness and creativity.

For example, this can happen when a person's desire for a certain income goal, car or professional title is born from an inner child wound of needing to prove themselves worthy in some way.

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Feel Your Soul: How to do Soul Searching

Soul-searching is about filling your own love cup. It encompasses prioritizing the needs of yourself before others, at certain times.

Sometimes soul-searching is not about filling in a missing component or discovering an aspect of the self that was previously unknown, but crucial to your identity.

Occasionally, soul-searching is about creating balance. Most of the areas people seek balance in are equalizing their work to home life or in the relationships they have with others.

Being able to feel your soul could look as simple as setting a boundary with another person. We often do not need to dispose of a relationship in its entirety but need to alter the parameters and expectations.

Preserving your energy and reorganizing the stream of its flow so it can travel through all aspects of your life produces a sense of rejuvenation.

Other elements that were slipping through the cracks are now revitalized with the repurposed energy that was salvaged by putting an energetic boundary in place.

Ultimately, searching for meaning in life coincides with how to find yourself spiritually. We must take an inner look into our being to determine not only what makes us happy currently, but what aspects of life we need to shed.

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Ways to Soul Search

Spend time alone with yourself in a peaceful and quiet space. Being alone with your thoughts will allow subconscious ideas to bubble to the surface. Thoughts and feelings you didn't even know existed will accrue into a new idea or innovation.

Solitude can also bring about true feelings. Journal or meditate to fully comprehend subconscious thoughts by enrolling at the energetic mastery programs.

Cultivate a new hobby or passion. Searching for something new can create a novel sense of excitement in itself. When that is coupled with exploring a new activity like drawing, painting, photography, dancing, or knitting, you will begin to feel your soul. You will discover what it means to find yourself by experiencing all of these new situations and interests.

As you grow, change, and continue searching for meaning in life, your likes and dislikes will become more apparent. Also, simply tapping into what you enjoy opens up the door to understanding more parts of the self and uncovering what it means to find yourself.

Meet new people. Sometimes, the individuals we meet bring new light and perception to our lives. Feel your soul by interpreting the soul of others.

Align yourself with people who also wish to expand and achieve more. Searching for meaning with someone aware of the same beliefs or ideas you hold can feel free. The new bonds you build may bring about a new perspective, even one that directly involves your soul.

Recognize that what it means to find yourself and exactly how to do soul searching is subjective. The only criteria are to look within and fully feel your soul. Dive deeper than you thought possible. Create lists, explore, and understand what brings you joy and fulfillment.

What Does It Mean to Find Yourself?

Finding yourself encompasses motivation, diligence, and excitement. Feelings of positivity will feel routine. A happier lifestyle will feel like the norm and when things go awry, it will be easier to determine the best response or choice to the situation.

A higher perspective is an achievable goal once soul-searching has become a part of your daily practice. Although other aspects of your spiritual journey will need to continue, you will no longer have to wonder what your wishes or goals that future create the paradise reality desired are. What you want to obtain will be clear.

Additionally, a new sense of direction will take place in your life. Clarity like no other will be commonplace. Even novel, spiritual abilities could awaken.

How to Get to Know Your Soul: Likes and Dislikes

Feel your soul by first defining what your soul is in terms of your spiritual journey. Discovering what a person’s soul is involves a holistic view of the self.

Determine if you define what your soul is as the knowledge you hold, the relationships you have built, how you feel inside, or maybe a different, outside component. Attempt to answer the question of what it means to find yourself.

Experience new adventures by meeting unique types of people, travel to places you have never been before, or even invest in a new hobby to discover what you truly like at your core.

How to do soul searching is distinctive to the individual. Each person’s self-discovery and soul search journey will look different.

When searching for something it is good to start with the fundamentals of who you are, how you perceive yourself, and your soul’s meaning. Beginning the journey of searching for something lost should start with taking inventory of the things that have already been found.

Searching for meaning and partaking in a soul search can ignite from a deep yearning to understand what your soul is.

Establish a list of all the superficial aspects you know about yourself. Taking note of physical attributes and materialistic likes will lead you further into the exploration of what a person’s soul is. This can look as simple as listing your favorite colors, clothing shops, and foods.

The next step is to create a more intense list of deeper-level facts that you either infer or know about yourself. Write down hopes, dreams, fears, core values and innovative ideas.

Discovering how to find yourself spiritually and what your soul has encompassed an analytic look at who you are. If you are unsure of an answer, take the time to meditate and revisit the question. Focus on spreading your energy throughout the body, envision a place of light and peace, and picture a version of yourself asking a question.

An equally important aspect to truly knowing thyself on a soul level is to consistently go within and feel the truth of who you are. Focus your gaze inward and feel into your heart and soul. You can recognize and experience your sovereign true self in the quiet times between the business of the mind and hustle and bustle of life.

Figuring out what it means to find yourself will allow you to feel your soul and place your emotions better. Resonate with your feelings and download the free soul alignment activation.

Do all of the things that bring you love and joy. Start the aforementioned hobbies. Go back to school. Take an international trip. Dive into who you are by putting yourself in new situations to observe your responses, reactions, and what pieces you like and dislike.

Continually add to the list of what your soul is and who you are. It will be ongoing and comprehensive for every individual who is discovering what a person’s soul is. Take note of who you are and who you are becoming. Searching for meaning in life can lead you toward the direction of what it means to find yourself.

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