Energy Reading: Healing Through Accessing Higher Self

Jun 16, 2021

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In this article, you will learn about the sources of divine guidance, and the search for the meaning of life. You will know more about peace, the release of your past, letting God and access to your higher self. You will learn the benefits of energy reading that will heal you, and help you to live in the present moment, see the light, lay the foundation and divine plan. Finally, you will learn to harness the divine power of feminine creation.

Beginning is Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance comes through your intuitive reading. It is coming directly from the source. When you are getting divine guidance, it can be from your higher self, or from spirit guides, God, or the universe directly.

Divine guidance may not necessarily be coming from outside sources. It may come from your inner sources, like your intuition, your clairvoyance, and your discernment. All you need to do is sit down and look beyond the physical aspect of a situation or a person.

Diving Guidance through Intuitive Reading

Energy reading, or intuitive reading, helps to get divine guidance. It is typically how you are reading, where you are being led. Divine guidance, the same as intuitive reading, is happening in the present time when you are reading the energy of your own emotions, the energy of someone else’s situation, or even the energy of a room.

Energy reading will help you to get to the core root of what is actually happening. This is really helpful when you are feeling discontent or unwanted experiences . You may realize that your old life or your old situation that you would just be living, probably no longer fits you.

Then comes some space in between that can feel like no man’s land. It continues until you start to know that you are closing a gap on the energy level. When you start to feel and become aware of this, this is where divine guidance comes in.

Divine guidance means that the ideas you have been receiving are heaven-sent answers to your prayers. When divine guidance comes, you are starting to get the signs from yourself or the universe.

For example, you may want to read a particular book. Then you forget about your idea to read this book, but suddenly after one month, you read it. It is called space in between. This space can feel a little bit disorienting. Your past life did not work for you, but you do not know yet how.

Once you read that book, an epiphany happens. Energy reading shifts your awareness. It starts integrating into your awareness as a human. Now you have that new spiritual bounce vantage point grounded in and it is your new normal. This is more of spiritual growth.

As soon as you have awareness or epiphany moments you can just drop the programming, beliefs, or the patterning that you learned from your parents. You realize that you don’t have to do that patterning. They are not even yours. You do not really want to do that. This is how you can make an immediate shift, big or small.


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The Search for the Meaning of Life

It is common for us to search for meaning in our lives. Some may feel frustrated, stuck, and disconnected from divine guidance and seek to remedy that. Energy reading, or intuitive reading, will show you your spiritual path as you tune into your intuition. Energy reading is an intuitive reading that can help you to heal yourself.

Searching for the meaning of life can sometimes lead to procrastination, as you wait for something to happen to you. However, for most you just need an energy support for getting out of procrastination. Energy reading will help you to connect to divine guidance, and once you are connected, you will start receiving the signs of the universe that will guide you to your true meaning of life.

People connected to divine guidance learn to move through fears and doubts which allow them to trust themselves and the guidance they receive regarding the meaning of their lives and soul's purpose. They live in the present moment, without worrying about their past or their future. Follow your intuition, intuitive reading will lead you to your higher self or to spiritual guides who are the sources of divine guidance.

Energy reading is a healing work that will lead you to your true self and bring inspiration into your life. We are all energetic beings, we all have a soul, and we all are energy. Everything is energy before it can turn into physical matter.

Once you learn energy reading, you will understand yourself on the level of energy and such questions as the meaning of your life will become so obvious to you. When you are reading your energy, you are reading more than just your human self in your physical body.

Doing an intuitive reading, you are reading your emotions, your programming; you know the way to a higher spiritual truth. Once you see the way of being at a higher spiritual truth, your search for the meaning of life is complete.



Amplify Your Clairvoyance, Channeling and Healing Abilities While Releasing Doubts and Fear of Judgments

Release the Past

Sometimes it can be hard to find peace, release the past and stop regretting what happened earlier in your life. Energy reading can help to focus on the present moment and feel our point of power in the present. It will help you to be more in the present, and experience life from a higher, more empowered, more fulfilled, and abundant space.

Once you are having that conscious connection with self in the present moment, it will strengthen your awareness of energy. You will begin to let go of the problems that were bothering you for months, instead of keeping carrying them to your future.

With the help of the intuitive reading of your own energy, with time you will be able to not feel overwhelmed by unconsciously managing the entire family’s energy and those around you. You will become aware of how to maintain your sovereignty amongst the emotions of those in your household, workplace or otherwise.

Intuitive Reading for Peace

Many people do it intuitively, without realizing what they do and what is happening. An intuitive reading or energy reading will bring awareness into your present and future life. Open your heart and it will make an important shift in your life.

Once you let your past go and open your heart, you can let God enter your life by asking for divine signs to guide you. You can start receiving intuitive gifts that can be divine messages. You can receive them anytime, sometimes while you are driving. They can be signs on the road, lyrics in songs, or a deep inner knowing that fills your heart.

Besides God, there are also Archangels that have their particular specialty. They carry a very solid energy signature for that particular frequency and that way they are overseeing different aspects.

If you are searching for peace, Archangel Chamuel is a wonderful angel to call upon. While Archangel Michael will help you release fear and step more fully into your courage and confidence.

It is normal to feel a bit of fear and uncertainty as you make big life changes. The more connected you are with your spiritual support team and your inherent intuitive gifts to guide you though, the easier it is to step into the new.

Let your past go, and let God, there is a more enriching future coming!

Access to Your Higher Self

The higher self is one of the sources for divine guidance. Higher self shines the spotlight of truth down upon your human self or the person that you are, you are speaking to, or reading. It creates a recognition and reminds the person or you, of the limiting beliefs and fears that are guiding your current actions or thoughts.

It’s like the human self says in this new awareness, “Oh, thank you, I didn’t actually know that was there, it’s been there so long that I didn’t realize it.”

You are able to show and shift your perspective to have a higher self, and spiritual vantage point as well. This is the point where healing is happening, and you can literally watch the energy change.

Intuitive Reading for Access to Higher Self

Intuitive Reading, or energy reading, is happening in real-time, and through the style of clairvoyant reading you can literally shift the energy into alignment in real time.

You still may get a channeled message and you still have your intuition working with the other clairs. However, being seated in your clairvoyant center is the place that actually helps you to be in a space of spiritual truth and neutrality, allowing you to be a clearer channel for the way all of your intuition is going to work for you.

This is life changing, especially for highly sensitive and empathic people who are used to processing all the energy through their body which can be very draining and overwhelming way to read energy.

Learning how to have energetic awareness and boundaries, learning how to energetically cleanse your space on a regular basis doesn’t have to take long, but energy reading will change your life greatly because it gives you the awareness to see what is your energy and what is not.

With intuitive reading, you will start to be connected to that higher self-energy. Your intuition will be speaking to you, and you will be able to guide your life from that higher perspective without being overwhelmed.

The beautiful thing about energy reading for someone in real-time is when you are connecting from that really high spiritual vibration, you are reading somebody and you are connecting between your higher self and their higher self.

During energy reading for someone else, the higher selves of two people are having a conversation. Basically, at the same time you are translating in a sense, you are literally reading the energy of what is happening in someone’s aura.

Energy reading gives access to a higher self and you are able to give people the core information without having a judgment or an emotional charge, or making it wrong, or anything like that. And that in and of itself begins to dissolve.

This is a win-win!  You are able to be of service to someone else which opens the door of connecting with your divine guidance and intuition. Simultaneously, you are receiving a shift and healing for yourself too, as the person you are reading for acts as a mirror showing you where you may have hidden blocks you didn't see before.

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Take a Break

Have you ever felt about your life as a constant run on the treadmill? Are you always busy and you do not even notice how the days and months pass by? It is time to stop for a while, get off the treadmill, and listen to yourself in the present moment.

When you are in a constant run, you cannot have that conscious connection with self. Once you stop and go through an intuitive reading or energy reading, you will have that connection with self and strengthen your awareness of energy.

Taking a break is very important to see the solutions to the problems that were bothering you for months. The practice of energy reading is not possible when you are running on the treadmill. You need to get off it and listen to your intuition. Only then will you be able to manage your emotions, and not be overcome by the emotions of others.

Intuitive Reading to Get off the Treadmill

Energy reading or intuitive reading will help you to focus on the present moment and get off the treadmill. Using your intuition and intuitive reading will allow you to be more in the present moment, and experience life from a higher and more abundant space.

Practicing energy reading, or intuitive reading will help you to connect to divine guidance. Once connected to divine guidance, either through your higher self, or spiritual guides, you will find peace and balance in your life.

Start living in the present moment with energy reading. It is time to take a break, get off the treadmill, and connect to divine guidance. Follow your intuition, listen to your higher self and your spiritual guides. Life is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed.

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Laying the Foundation

Do you know that you can send light? You have an opportunity to make a change that your soul has been guiding you for a long time. When we continue to have spiritual growth, we lay the foundation and align with our divine plan.

Every time we ask for something more or create something that we haven’t created yet, there is a level of spiritual growth and awakening. It occurs through that process in order to shine the light. Spiritual awakening is when the lights are being shined on things that aren’t working for you.

Sometimes it may feel like things are working against you or you are powerless in a situation. Likely, in truth, there is some aspect of misalignment in your life or actions that are not true to who you are, or that require deeper healing in order to expand and open to the next level of consciousness, awareness, or receptivity.

Though you may not realize it yet, this is the first step of your creation process. We must become aware of these things and heal them at the root, so that we can make space for the new.

The powerful thing is that when we start to welcome the resistance that is coming up, and accept “what is” in the moment, we are then in our point of power to change it.

Taking full responsibility we can actually see that as an opportunity: “Oh, thank you for showing up, because now I can see something within me”. This allows you to heal at that next level needed in order to receive that which you are asking for.

When you have the right tools and support, you can actually see that as an opportunity.  Energy reading, or intuitive reading, is the right tool and support for this, it will help you to accept unwanted as an opportunity and change it at the root cause.

When we ask for more or decide to create something new, everything that is not in alignment, will show up. And sometimes they are bigger healing requirements than others. Bigger awareness can begin to shift more so than others. However, that particular moment of acceptance is the moment of another spiritual awakening that will allow you to create what you want.

Energy reading, or intuitive reading, is the way to send light and lay a foundation and align to your divine plan.

There are powerful archangels, such as Gabriel and Uriel to work with helping you to begin to channel the divine plan. Archangel Uriel is very powerful to illuminate the light so that you can gain clarity and see your next steps.

An archangels’ energy is able to help you tap into your knowledge and to illuminate the highest path or highest light. With the practice of energy reading, you will get divine guidance, and your spiritual guides will show you the way to your new life.

Harness the Divine Power of Feminine Creation

As you may know, regardless of our gender each of us has both feminine and masculine energy. We need both of them. These days we are going through a big shift on the planet in terms of how we lead businesses, how we manage the creation process, and how we are leading our lives.

All these spheres are very powerful by bringing divine feminine energy. The feminine energy is intuitive, creative, receptive, and attractive. In that way, it makes creating businesses, jobs, and goals much easier when we can allow ourselves to receive.

A lot of people are not used to receiving. We are taught to go out and get it, do it, and make it happen. The problem is that it often leads to burnout. That is why a shift of bringing feminine energy into our creating process is more important than we have been taught.

There is nothing wrong with masculine energy.  In fact, we need it too, but we are creating in a different way that is more balanced. We are shifting; we are leading from our inspiration, our intuition, and our insight. We are taking action based on that intuitive guidance, not our logic, not our mind, not the rules, and not what we have been told or taught.

This is a whole different level of trust. It will be a fast track to success and creating a life and a business. That is much more effortless and feels more fun, and you start to call in synchronicity all the people, places, and things that you need.

If you are stuck, if you want to activate your feminine energy, intuitive reading, or energy reading will help you. Practicing intuitive reading, or energy reading is teaching you to tap into your feminine energy.  This will be able to help you balance your feminine and masculine energies.

The feminine energy within each person can support you in creating anything: business or whatever you want. Energy reading is the key to the activation of your feminine energy and your ability to consciously create anything you want.

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