Developing Intuition Through Nature

Feb 17, 2021

one with nature

Everyone has intuitive abilities. Some people, however, are naturally tuned in to their intuition more than others. Developing intuition is easier when you’re surrounded by calmness and serenity. And there’s no other place than nature that has more calmness and serenity.

Think of developing intuition as peeling onions and your intuition lies in the center of the onion. To get to the strongest point of your intuition, you need to remove each outer layer of fear and doubt.

The two major requirements to develop intuition are intention and attention. That’s why using nature as your intuition development tool is so powerful.

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How to Have Intent and Attention for Developing Intuition?

Without realizing it, we have been saying no to our intuition, which means we don’t have the intention to listen to it. Once you develop the intention to listen to your intuition, it’ll come naturally to you.

Intuition arises out of feelings and knowledge. It’s always in the background. Once you pay attention to your feelings and knowledge, it comes to the foreground.

Here’s how you can connect with nature to develop intuition:

Commit and Change Your Mindset

First things first! Make a commitment to yourself to connect with nature. Making a commitment is the first step towards establishing your spiritual connection with nature. Without it, you’ll never be consistent in practicing all those things required for a deeper connection with nature.

Be in Solitude with Nature

When we are with other people, we tend to talk to them and behave according to social convention. As a result, we focus less on nature and miss out on connecting with it.
How to connect with nature? The best way is to spend time alone in nature and listen to what it says. When you spend alone time in nature, you tend to pay close attention to whatever is happening there.
Pay close attention to whatever is in front of you, ask questions about it, and ask nature to provide intuitive insights about it. Being alone in nature will amplify your intuitive abilities and reduce mental distractions that prevent you from receiving guidance, because nature brings you powerfully into the present moment.

Sit and Observe Your Surroundings

You may connect with nature while walking, which has its own benefits, but when you sit down your body is more grounded and your mind is at peace. Sit down, relax, and observe your surroundings.

Bring all your senses to work and try to see, smell, hear, and feel all details of your surroundings. Focus your energies on whatever draws your attention the most.

The Frequency of Mother Earth Induces Calm and Intuition

When walking in nature, you may have noticed how calming you feel after the walk or while you are walking. There’s something powerful about connecting with nature because we feel our internal rhythms harmonized and find ourselves at peace.

It’s no surprise why we find our intuition gifts heightened when we’re in nature. That's because we can elevate our energy by connecting with Mother Earth, which allows us to easily drop away fear based energy, emotions and mental chatter we may have absorbed throughout the day. When we connect with nature our energies oscillate the same frequency, which results in inducing the same calmness Mother Earth has.

Training Your Intuition in Nature

When using nature for awakening and strengthening your intuitive gifts, make sure to follow these three steps:

Develop Sensory Awareness

For developing intuition, you must focus on your senses to strengthen the neural network responsible for them. The senses you need to focus on include sight, smell, hear, feel, and taste. Developing your sensory awareness is the first step to train your intuition in nature.

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Get Practical Knowledge from Nature

To connect with nature and train your intuition with its help, you practice gaining knowledge from the natural world. There is powerful wisdom to glean within all aspects of nature. The elements, crystals, trees, oceans and even animals.
When you are in nature, center yourself in meditation, and begin to have a conversation with your chosen nature element.
Example: You can simply ask the tree you are leaning up against or the bird you hear chirping, "what message do they have for you today? "Then be present, and listen to what intuitive insights you receive.
Notice what thoughts, feelings, images or knowing come to you through this inquiry with nature.

Get Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Oftentimes, the barrier keeping us from awakening our intuitive gifts is fear of getting out of our comfort zone.

This fear of stretching your comfort zone and expanding into unknown territory can be the reason you can't tap into your intuition.

Here’s how you can get out of your comfort zone:

arrowFirst off, decide that you are open and committed to prioritizing awakening your intuitive gifts even though it may require you to stretch your comfort zone.

arrowOnce you have made this clear intention and commitment to yourself, it will be a lot easier to move through your comfort zone.

arrowSchedule out the time in your calendar to go out in nature so that you can begin developing your intuition.

arrowJournal your process along the way to see how far you've come. Each small step you take will add up in a short time.

arrowHold yourself accountable. Just like you would commit to keeping a Dr.'s appointment, stay committed to yourself and your goal.

arrowStay positive, be gentle with yourself and enjoy the journey.

Once you've committed to the process and stepped out of your comfort zone, you'll find out that the illusion of fear was bigger than the fear itself.

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Connect with Nature: Helps Reduce Stress for Highly Sensitive People

If you’re a highly sensitive person, you can connect with nature to realize the flow with the natural rhythm of life. Nature is never responding to life through resistance and, in turn, you’ll find yourself at peace.

As a result, we tend to understand the importance of orderliness and alignment that spiritual practices such as meditation and connecting with nature can give us. Just like a messy environment causes stress and agitation in us, the calmness and serenity of nature reduce stress and bring peacefulness to our mind.

Today's fast paced world and societies version of "success" often fosters a lot of pressure. From demanding workplace environments and troubled relationships, to crowded roads, a lot of things cause stress in our life.

Being under a lot of stress affects all aspects of our life. That is why it is so important to learn ways to cope with stress and reduce it whenever it increases to the point that our performance and overall sense of well being and happiness is affected.

One of the one of the most simple and effective ways to reduce stress is to connect with nature. Being in nature and observing its aspects reduces anger, fear, and stress. It gives a pleasant feeling and reduces the production of stress hormones.


How to Relieve Stress by Connecting with Nature?

If your body is exhausted and you feel stressed out, connecting with nature will reduce that stress, and help you to feel like yourself again. You can head out to the nearest hiking trail, garden, park, or any place that is in its purest natural form. Escaping the rat race and exploring nature can help you see a bigger picture and appreciate the great things that mother nature holds, by bringing your awareness to the present moment and attention to the beauty and grace all around you.

The Best Ways to Relieve Stress and Tension

When the mind is racing a mile a minute, it creates tension and stress. Only by bringing the mind to peace, we can relieve stress and tension.

Connecting with nature creates a sense of stillness in your mind and lets you be in the present instead of the past or future. When you are under stress and your body is tense, you tend to give up control of your body. Spirituality helps you to regain control of your body and mind.

One of the ways to practice spirituality is to meditate. Meditating in nature brings calmness to your mind and lets you appreciate and be grateful for what you have instead of overthinking about your past or future.

Final Words

Nature possesses calmness and serenity, which is one of the major requirements to tap into your intuition and awaken your intuitive gifts. By connecting with nature, you can bring the same calmness, order, and serenity to your life, helping you develop your intuition. You may also get Angel card reading for your inspiration in determining the right path for your life and career.



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