Be Your Higher Truth Oracle Reading - May 15th - 21st

May 12, 2023

Be Your Higher Truth
In this week's reading, you are being reminded that as you tune in, remember that you are a unique and valuable expression of the divine. By being authentically yourself and expressing the higher truth of who you are, you can serve the world in a powerful way.

It's important to connect with your higher truth and purpose in life, so you can follow the calling of your heart and soul and be of service to the world. You may find that you have a special gift or talent that can benefit others. It may be something that comes naturally to you or something that you have developed over time. Whatever it is, know that it is an important part of your journey.

Sometimes, it may feel like you don't fit in or are misunderstood. But remember that you are here to be uniquely you. You have a purpose and a mission that is different from anyone else's. It may take some time to discover what that is, but trust that the universe will guide you. Be open to new experiences and opportunities that come your way, as they may be stepping stones to your higher path.

Make your life a moving prayer and be conscious of your thoughts, as they are actively creating your reality. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your experiences, so it's important to focus on what you want to create in your life. You have the power to manifest your dreams and desires, but it requires a conscious effort to shift your focus from what you don't want to what you do want.

Find spiritual practices that work for you and help you manifest what you desire. This may include meditation, yoga, journaling, or anything else that helps you connect with your inner wisdom. By taking time for yourself and nurturing your spiritual side, you can tap into a deep sense of peace and clarity.

Be in a state of gratitude and celebration for how far you've already come, as it opens the doorway to miracles. You have accomplished a lot in your life, and it's important to acknowledge your achievements. Celebrate your successes and the progress you have made. By focusing on what you have accomplished, you create a positive momentum that can help you manifest even more abundance and joy.

Trust where you are being led and do what you can to stay grounded and present, as it's hard to manifest when not grounded. Pay attention to your fears and doubts, as they can guide you to where you still have work to do. Acknowledge your fears and doubts, but don't let them hold you back. Take steps to overcome them and move forward on your journey.

You may feel called to places that have spiritual meaning for you to collect your energy and get activated by the energy of the land. Whether it's a sacred site, a natural wonder, or simply a place that holds special meaning for you, trust that the universe is guiding you there for a reason. Your body will remember the energy and you can tap into it at any time.

Remember that you are a powerful co-creator of your reality. You are able to connect with your higher self and the truth of who you are at any time, and the universe is always supporting you. Trust in the process and know that you are exactly where you need to be.

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