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Feb 3, 2022

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Have you ever noticed some synchronicities of repetition? Some signs, symbols, or sequence of numbers coming out of the blue?

These all are angel signs sent to catch your attention and support you during challenging times. Learn more about the messages behind the angel signs sent to you and their meaning in the particular moment of your life.

Cultivate clear communication with your angelic advisors to create clarity, trust and confidence in the messages you receive and experience deep levels of transformational healing along the way.

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How to Identify an Angel Sign

Angel signs can come in many ways. You might be walking and see a feather just laid on the concrete in your path.

Sometimes your angelic signs will come in a very odd place like in your home or right in front of your car door as you step to get out. You might say “Okay, well, that did not just float in here. It must be a sign.”

You’re likely to see them in your everyday activities. Some people might see objects like coins, or a specific word on a sign, or phrase in a song grabs your attention with a timely message.

Some also recognize repeating patterns or numbers, this is another angel symbol or sign. For example, you might see number sequences over and over, or repeating numbers like 1111, or 444.

The study of Angels proves that those synchronicities of number repetition are all angel signs. When you see these sequences, angels want you to recognize and be aware that they are here to support you.

Often, we see angel signs when we are in times of needing some support, like feeling alone, feeling afraid, or needing to have some comfort in our world.

Angels in mythology often give you a symbol or a sign to help you know that you are not alone. Angels are here and want to catch your attention.

Angels in mythology also send us their symbols and signs whenever we are grieving or have a lot of stress. Angels signs may be surrounding you with their healing to let you know that angels are here and you are not alone in your suffering.

Once you recognize an angel sign and are in need of support, you can ask angels for their healing and comfort. As you grow accustomed to seeing angel signs you may get into a habit of asking them if there is a message for you. It’s okay to accept their presence as a personal relationship and then cultivate it with angels.

Angel Symbols and Its Meaning

Sometimes when you get an angel symbol or sign it just means that angels want to let you know that they are here, or a validation you're on the right path or even next action steps to take in your life or business.

Angel symbol is a validation of angels’ support. Feeling an angel’s presence in your life is helpful during life changes or when you are taking a leap of faith in your comfort zone. Angel signs can be sent to you in a time of despair.

Angel signs are helpful to know that you are not alone and feel comfort. When we start to stretch our comfort zone and take action, we may feel alone and isolated in the world. Sometimes Angels give us signs to let us know that we are on the right track and should just keep going.

Even though many angel signs are just validations of an angels’ presence and support, it is great to get in the habit of asking if there was a message for you behind that angel's sign.

Once you start consciously asking for signs,you will start recognizing more and more angel symbols and signs. You might begin to associate them more and they will start to feel more personal to you.

Once you have awareness of the angelic sign sent to support you, you may want to ask “Oh, is there a message for me?”

This is useful in discovering the personal message behind the sign. Consciously asking if there is a message behind every angelic sign can be a powerful way to cultivate your communication through your intuition. The study of angels shows that certain angel signs and symbols may attach a meaning.

When you notice signs coming to you repetitiously, you may start recognizing and validating them as signs sent to you from above by your angels. Once you do that angels will start sending you even more signs resonating with you to catch your attention.

You may start to assign your own meanings to the angel signs that you receive.

You might have personal things that you attach meaning to your angel signs. As you start to cultivate this conscious connection, you might start to have certain symbols, signs or numbers that mean something that is specific to you and yet might mean something different to somebody else.

It’s important to know that whatever method or form your angel signs come in, that they can come in many different ways and have different meanings for different people.

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What are Angel Numbers?

There are a lot of specific meanings tied to Angel numbers like 1111 or 444. It all depends on what frame of reference from the study of angels you choose to look into.

There are many different people who have written books around angel numbers. While angel numbers may have similar meanings in different references, there might be a little variance.

Most people associate angel number 1111 with an expansion of connection and connecting with a spiritual source and your spiritual support. 11 is an indicator of really being grounded and aligned above and below. Some people will see and interpret 1111 as you being aligned or getting aligned with your life purpose.

The number 1111 comes to people when they are in a spiritual awakening. Angels in mythology send humans this angel number when people are being called more into alignment with their higher path and purpose. A lot of times it is one of the first angelic symbols people will see.

It is worth mentioning that nothing is written in stone about the precise meaning of angel numbers. The meaning of 1111, as of any other angel number, depends on what school of thought or frame of reference you want to adopt and resonate with.

All you need to do when you are looking for the meaning of the angel number that is repeatedly sent to you by your angel is trust your intuition. It will guide you to the meaning of the angelic symbol or number that has that reference point that is going to match for you that day.

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Angel of Heaven: Who are They and When Do They Show

Angels interact with humans through angel signs. Angels in mythology watch after us and support us when we are in need.

I will share about three very powerful Archangels that hold a high position in supporting humans to experience more peace, heal and evolve in their spiritual growth. According to the study of Angels, each Archangel has a unique specialty and role as opposed to your guardian angels who are more specific to each person's needs throughout their lifetime.

The Archangels' mission for humanity is to bring more peace to daily life, inspire hope, and bring about the remembrance of who they truly are as spiritual beings. Archangels, God's chief messengers, send signs to initiate conversations and communication with people as a way to guide them into living their best life.

Archangel Michael is often known as the “angelic bouncer”. He is here to eradicate fear and instill courage with his warrior spirit. He is also the keeper of your life's purpose and will support you in awakening and having confidence in living your highest soul's path.

Archangel Michael has a blue/indigo light. You might have noticed a royal blue orb to catch your attention as a way for you to see that he is there with you.

Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger angel. While angels are in truth androgynous, most of them carry a more masculine or feminine quality. Gabriel is one who can be referred to and feel as both masculine and feminine. She is wonderful to support you in having clear authentic communications with others.

Gabriel is also here to support those whose life purpose involves sharing a message, perhaps through speaking or writing. Call upon her to help you align with your soul's work if you feel called in this way. She is also a great Archangel to help you connect back with your creativity.

Archangel Raphael is regarded as the “healing angel”. He is wonderful to call upon to support you on your journey with health and wellness. He is also very capable of helping people to release addictions at the root cause.

If you start getting the nudge to change your habits to eating more healthfully or adding in more exercise, he may be there guiding you to do what's needed on a physical level to heal and raise your vibration.

Archangels and angels in mythology repeatedly initiate communication with people. They send us their angel symbol and signs to show their presence, support, and catch our attention.

Anyone can talk to angels at any moment, but it takes consistent practice and cultivating your intuition to accurately hear and deliver Angels' words without their own ideas or fears interfering.

When you join Jen Gilchrist’s Soul Success Unleashed training program, you will learn more about recognizing angel symbols and signs to unlock your real potential. This supportive network of empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people are a part of this course where you will learn to recognize angel symbols to help yourself, friends, family, and even clients.

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Need an Angel Card Reading?

Angel card readings are a great way to start validating and stimulating your own intuition, your own intuitive knowing.

When you are reading angel cards, you practice cultivating your intuition. With an angel card reading you cultivate communication with angels and get their messages with your practice.

Angel cards are creative works of art. When you look at the Angel card you may see and recognize the angelic sign within the card. When you look at the angel card try to look beyond what the card says. Just try to notice if there are any certain symbols or messages from angels coming to you through the card.

With some practice, you will have your own library of angel symbols that you have created and agreed upon. When you see a certain symbol on the angel card, it can mean something specific and personal to you, beyond what is written in the Oracle deck or in the study of angels.
As a start, listening to an online angel card reading will help you gain a better understanding of the issues you are having, what you are going through, and the likely causes.

Jen Gilchrist with Soul Success Unleashed conducts a free group reading, where she channels messages for the group to guide you in aligning with your highest path and best next steps.

This group reading impact extends well beyond simply inspiring you to address the challenges. It will assist you in dissecting your problems and the causes your conscious mind cannot comprehend. This is due to the fact that the data is received and delivered outside of the physical reality and goes right to the root cause issue.

An online angel card reading can assist you in interpreting the situation as a whole, accepting it totally, and embracing the positive aspects that lie beneath. An online angel card reading can assist people to manage their lives in times like these when they are surrounded by uncertainty.

During your angel card reading, it is critical to keep an open mind to whatever your angel has to say. While we will be relaying the messages on the angel's behalf, they will be the ones leading the dialogue through the cards.

card readings can assist you in tuning into your subconscious thoughts and tapping into various emotions and visions, bringing you closer to living your best life.

The message you hear from your angel will be determined by a number of factors, including your overall health, your current state of life, your emotional and mental health, and others. You will undoubtedly benefit from an angel card reading, regardless of your current situation, as long as you remain open to the signs.

Angels are frequently caring, and their messages often reflect that compassion. Whatever they say to you will be grace-filled, but it will always be a profound experience to hear.

It is essential to be discerning and to seek help from an angel card reader who can tell the difference between channeled messages and their own thoughts and ego’s fear based projection. If not, you can get readings that aren't in line with your soul's true desires.

In your Free Angel Card Readings with Jen Gilchrist you can rest assured that you’ll receive a reading that is centered in spiritual truth and validation.

Jen is an expert at helping those who wish to be in tune with their intuition and has trained countless practitioners.


Angels send us angel symbols and signs to catch our attention whenever we need their support. They show us that we are not alone. Even though in many cases angel signs are just a validation of angels’ support, it is good to ask yourself if there is any message behind it. With some practice, you will learn to recognize and assign meaning to your Angel symbols and signs.

Angel card reading is a great way to communicate with your angels. During your reading, you may recognize the angel sign with the card and see angels’ messages coming to you. Jen Gilchrist at Soul Success is an expert Angel card reader who will help you to interact with your Angels and bring you closer to living your best life.

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